America was thrilled with the news of the recovery of Jaycee Lee Dugard, who was kidnapped eighteen years ago and resurfaced this week, but we were all appalled to hear the horrific details of her years as a captive at the hands of a sexual psychopath.

Jaycee was only eleven years old when she went missing, and two years later she had the first of two children fathered by the monster who kidnapped her. As more details of her ordeal come out, it is apparent that the system failed over and over when it comes to her kidnapper, convicted sex offender Phillip Garrido.

This sick pervert should have never even been on the street in the first place! Garrido was convicted of kidnapping and raping a woman in 1977 and sentenced to 50 years in prison. In that case, he was arrested when police interrupted him in the act and rescued his first known victim, whom he was holding in a makeshift sex dungeon in a rented storage locker. So why was he out on the street a mere fourteen years later to abduct a little girl?

And the story doesn’t end there! As the investigation unfolds, it is apparent that the system failed over and over again in Garrido’s case. Even though he was on parole, had to wear an ankle bracelet that broadcast his location by GPS, and was subject to surprise visits by his parole officer and police, nobody ever took the time to do a routine search of his property. Such a search would have turned up the sheds and tents where little Jaycee was being held and repeatedly raped for nearly two decades!

Even when neighbors discovered his background and complained to authorities that a convicted sex offender had little girls living in mysterious circumstances in his back yard, all the deputy who responded did was stand on Garrido’s front porch and talk to him for half an hour! What the hell is wrong with these people? It kind of makes you wonder who is living a few doors down from you children and grandchildren, and who is watching them, doesn’t it?

There is absolutely no excuse for this to have gone on for so long. I believe that the probation and police officers who made routine checks on Gerrido under the terms of his parole, as well the deputy who responded to complaints about the girls in his back yard, should all be fired, and quite possibly charged with gross negligence.

As for Garrido and his wife, who obviously took part in the kidnapping and sexual assaults on Jaycee, no punishtment is too harsh. It is obvious they are guilty. They do not deserve a trial and a lengthy stay in prison, or more likely a mental institution, at taxpayers’ expense. We are too “civilized” in this country to do to them what they deserve, but a simple bullet in the back of the head would do the job quick. I’d be happy to pull the trigger.

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14 Comments on No Punishment Is Too Harsh

  1. Cindy -- Wyoming says:

    You are so right Nick. People who molest, beat, torture children should just be killed — quickly. They shouldn’t be allowed any parole, institutionalized in a mental hospital, or put on death row. I don’t want my tax money paying to feed and keep them. I feel the same about people who torture animals. Michael Vick is only sorry he was caught, put in prison, lost his millions, and couldn’t play football for 1 1/2 years. Now he has a million dollar plus contract with an option of several million next year AND this is for playing a game he loves! (How sick is that folks that he is PLAYING a GAME for our entertainment!) The thought of those dogs being electrocuted with battery cables or hung from tree limbs (they were pulled up while they strangled)nausiates me. The warped mind that can do that and laugh while it is happening doesn’t deserve a second chance at anything. Serial killers and other sickos start by torturing animals. He needs a bullet too.

    You are correct about firing all those law enforcement and parole officers who didn’t give a damn about really doing their jobs and let that little girl suffer over and over for years. She feels guilty because she has developed feelings for her kidnapper. How else would you mentally be able to survive if you couldn’t find a coping mechanizm. I hope they will find excellent mental health professionals to help her at the city/county/state agencies expense.

    Sorry this is so long but Bad Cindy is on a rampage!

  2. Fred says:

    Nick I agree with you 100%. Both articles you have written so far is exactly how I feel. I guess that makes me a Badfred?

  3. Gary says:

    I would say you covered that subject very well. I feel that all who failed to do their job should be held accountable. However there is no monatary amount that could repay her or her family for all the years of suffering they have gone through. Of course they both pleaded not gulity, must have been the fault of the 11 year old.

  4. Helen Moll says:

    I’ll load the gun!


  5. Illinois Snowbird says:

    “I’d be happy to pull the trigger.” Nick, you would have to stand in another very line to do that job!

  6. I don’t believe in shooting ’em, but what are you going to do? It’s either that or we pay for them for the rest of their miserable lives in a prison or mental hospital. Maybe we could send them to Gitmo and let our government “not” torture them!

  7. John & Doni says:

    Lawyers…..Because of the fear of being sued, police are afraid of stepping on some perv’s rights, doctors order tests not really needed to cover their buts, even neighbors are afraid to get involved. Lawyers are needed to settle disputes and defend or convict criminals but lately have gone too far in the past 10 years or so. I could not be a cop, most criminals are out of jail before the cop gets the paperwork done.

  8. Dennise Ziaja says:

    We agree with you Nick…and the cost to keep these monsters in prison is a joke…They should all be extradited to Texas…we know how to handle them in the Lone Star State!

    Paul and Dennise

  9. don says:

    Like someone else said, you’d have to stand in line to shoot those sick bastards but it might be worth it!

  10. Joy Waldrop says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the sickos that hurt or kill our children and animals but what is the REAL answer? We can all bellow at the moon about the injustice, pound our chest and say “kill em” but we all know that “ain’t” gonna happen. SO … what is the lawful and practical solution? You are smarter than me … all you great minds speak up!

    Whatever it is, it should be quick and cheap and however it gets done, the mental cases (or their families) should have no recourse.

    We need a test that gives law enforcement a 100% true answer that would tell us whether the sicko is guilty or not. then push the button, pull the trigger or open the trap door … whichever is the most effective and the cheapest. SAME with monsters who torture and kill innocent animals! They are no better than the child molesters and killers IMHO!

    I’ve probably said more than I should but I can’t help but think that a species that can send people to the moon or blow up a whole city with one bomb could figure out how to get these perverts dealt with in an efficient manner. Sign me up!

  11. debbie says:

    How’s this for an idea??? Let the government sell lottery tickets with the winner getting to be the one that pulls the trigger/pushes the button/injects the drugs. It would be a win-win situation. The government puts some needed money in their coffers and the bad guys aren’t on the loose nor are they using up more tax-payer money in the prisons and the liberal lawyers will go broke!

  12. Paul says:

    You know most of these so called “police/ parole officers” always have a chip on their shoulders, and even when they fail at their jobs they appear arrogant like saying “what are you going to do”, let’s face it, she saved herself, she was not saved by the authorities. Does anyone believe that the authorities were still investigating her disappearance? The car used in her kidnapping was in the backyard, the lazy ass cops didn’t even bother to go through the backyard when the information indicated that kids were living back there, they didn’t check local schools to see if the kids were going to school or even asked to see the kids, no report to child protective services, boy how lazy can you be and still pick up your public service check, not to mention the parole officers who failed to visit and find out where this freak was living and what he was doing, amazing, simply amazing.

  13. Paul says:

    Yes, I agree he should have served all the time for his first offense, but don’t let our authorities off the hook. It gets worse after you read more about the facts. I guess she was taken in 1991, and in 1993 (only two years later) after violating probation he spent for 4 months in federal prison (California have yet to release any details of that violation or explain why he was again released into the community). Nevada officials said they were never notified of Garrido’s parole violation, which would have allowed the state to revoke his parole.

    Had California parole inspected his home in 1993, we would not be here now asking questions, we would be saying our system works, now I am not sure of anything. Because now I wonder how many more of these freaks are in our country doing the same thing under the noses of our so called authorities.

    I can only say if you have a neighbor that fits this profile, call and call again to try to ensure that this does not happen again. Simply amazing.

  14. Jim Burnett says:

    I agree with much of what you said and I do think the authorities dropped the ball, but I’m not sure they are wholly to blame. If the neighbors really had an inkling what was going on, why were the not more vocal, more insistant, keeping pressure on the authorities? What about investigative reporting? Were was the media – why did those supposedly in the know – not inform and keep the pressure on the media? It’s clearly not enough to point fingers at the legal system. this was and is a neighborhood and perhaps a community problem. People need to speak out repeatedly and get involved.

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