Bad Nick is the alter ego of Nick Russell, the relatively mild mannered publisher of the Gypsy Journal RV travel newspaper and the author of a half dozen or so travel books. Before that, he spent his career publishing small town newspapers, and loved stepping on the toes of the local politicians who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar, or under the wrong skirt.

But alas, that Nick Russell married a good woman who got him housebroken, and he has mellowed with age. He’s hardly any fun at all any more. Sometimes he’s downright boring. These days he may go months on end without anybody threatening to punch him in the nose. What fun is that?

Still, as they say, you can take the boy out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the boy. There is still a spark of life burning in the rabble rouser he used to be, and thus Bad Nick was born. Bad Nick is a lot more fun than the other guy, who we shall call That Other Nick (TON) from now on to avoid confusion.

Bad Nick’s bulls&#$ tolerance level is pretty low, and stupidity offends him. And there is just so damn much of it going around today! Sometimes he just has to vent, and this is where it happens.

Bad Nick has no political agenda, because in a lifetime of covering everything from local town council races to national elections, That Other Nick learned that it’s all one big game, played by egomaniacs and control freaks who don’t give a tinker’s damn for the voters or the promises they made to them once they take office.

Bad Nick refuses to wear a label, because he prefers to think for himself, instead of letting someone else do his thinking for him. He is neither a Democrat nor a Republican, a Conservative nor a Liberal. He is pro-gun and pro-choice. He loves his country, but thinks most of the people running it are either corrupt or inept, and often both.

Bad Nick is a patriot and gets misty eyed when he sees Old Glory waving in the breeze. He supports our troops, but he has seen war up close and personal, and he hates it. He knows there are times when we have to fight, but he thinks the old men in Washington are too quick to send young men into danger for the wrong reasons.

Bad Nick hates bigots of any flavor, but he’s not a hypocrite. He will laugh at a good joke like anyone else, and he will never be politically correct. He welcomes those who come to America in search of a better life, as long as they do so legally. On the other hand, he considers illegal aliens intruders in his home, and he wants them sent back where they belong.

Bad Nick doesn’t care if you are white or black, gay or straight, which ticket you vote on, or how you choose to worship. What you do behind closed doors is none of his business. He takes a live and let live attitude, and believes that  each of us has the right to make an ass of ourselves in whatever way makes us happy. 

But Bad Nick is no pushover. He believes that your rights end where his begin. Step over that line and he’ll let you know it real quick.

Bad Nick is an optimist. He believes he’ll live forever, because Heaven doesn’t want him and Hell’s afraid he’ll take over. He thinks most of us take ourselves much too seriously, and a sense of humor will get us over most of the things life throws at us. 

Mark Twain once said “The duty of the press is to print the truth and raise hell.” Bad Nick thinks that’s a good obligation to take on. He won’t make you any promises, except for three; he’ll make you laugh sometimes, he’ll make you think sometimes, and sooner or later he’s going to say something that will piss you off.  If he can accomplish all three, he’s done his job.

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34 Comments on Who is Bad Nick, and what’s his problem?

  1. Dennis Hill says:

    Let er rip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Geter done…..

  2. Mike McFall says:

    Thanks for advising me!!!! I’m gona LOVE IT!!!

    Damn, sounds like you were discribing me to a “T”!!!!!

    Tell the DUMB bastards how it is BADNICK!!!!,,,,,I’m backing you up all the way…..

    Onward my Man!!!


  3. Rocky Frees says:

    It is about time “Bad Nick” came out of the closet! Berni and I have had the opportunity to see him in real actin and trust me, You will NOT be dissapointed!

  4. I have known Bad Nick all my life and believe me he can be BAD. It is about time the rest of the world gets to see what trouble you can cause. HA HA Love ya keep up the good work.

  5. Orv Hazelton says:

    Lurking at the keyboard in the great-room of his non-descript Winnabego is Bad Nick, the alter ego of our friend Jolly ‘Ole St. Nick. He has agents every where. . . keeping us straight. Indeed. . . he has the Ultimate Advantage. I’m aware, very aware. As always, Agent oRV

  6. Paul Anderson says:

    I’ve only seen Bad Nick a couple of times, and it was more “naughty” Nick. Have a good time with this one, I’m sure I will. 😉

  7. Jim Burnett says:

    Finally, the Nick we all knew was in there somewhere comes out in the open! As always, I look forward to invigorating and thought provoking perspectives and pehhaps a bit of wisdom and good ol’ down home common sense – all wrapped up in the rants and raves.
    Let ‘er rip Nick!

  8. Bess says:

    I will most likely take exception to some of your comments or totally dissagree with you but support your right to speak your piece.
    I do not agree with Pro-choice as the choice is keep your damn legs together if you don’t want to get pregnant or in other words don’t act like a bitch in heat!!!Murder is murder!
    So I’ve expressed my feelings.

  9. Bess says:

    I do think for the most part it will be a lot of fun,Nick

  10. Mike Steffen says:

    I’ve seen Bad Nick from time to time and it’s a joy to watch hime in action to say the least. Almost as much fun as waving a chocko shake under his nose and not allowing him to “sample” it –for his own good of course!

    Now to the real reason of this response – Bad Nick is often seen in the company of Nasty Nick, Obsene Nick, Macho Nick, Strange Nick, Funny Nick, Pissed-off Nick, Flaming Nick, Thoughtfull Nick and Goofy Nick as well as BOREING NICK – who is no fun at all. No matter which Nick you might find be sure that he can change into any of the other Nick’s in an instant – so be afraid, very afraid!

    Take this fron one who has known the group known as “Nick” for many years, do not attempt to challange him unless you want to me mobbed by Nick’s!!

    Mild Mike

  11. Cindy Du Bois says:

    Come on Nick we KNOW you aren’t housebroken which is why Miss Terry is sleeping on the side of the bed farthest from the toilet OR is the super duper absorbent Depends pads not working any longer?

    So Beth, what’s wrong with a “Bitch in Heat”?

    Let ‘er rip short stuff! Cindy

  12. Steve Prejean says:

    I have been following Nick’s Blog for some time and enjoy your adventure. I’m really looking forward to bad Nic it’s scary you sound a lot like me but with bigger ba@#$.

    I wish you the best

    P.S. Enjoy your new home!!

  13. Diane & Tom says:

    We’re sure glad that the U.S. Prosecutors Office sent you that mug shot back without the number under it, we always liked that picture.

  14. George Stoltz says:

    O.K., Nick:

    Enough of the explainin’ who Bad Nick is. Bring on the commentary!!!

  15. CoolJudy says:

    Congratulations on unleashing Bad Nick. Does he need a chaperon when out in public? Does he have a curfew?
    On a side note, I know that the site is supported by Google ads that rotate, but couldn’t help but smile when the first two ads I encountered were for (1) Congratulating the new Supreme Court Justice and (2) “Gay Republicans – Free to Join. 1000’s of pictures of Beautiful Republican Singles”. I wonder what ad Bad Nick would click on first. (Maybe this comment will get you more ad hit$.)
    – CoolJudy

  16. Charles Henry says:

    Finally, Miss Terry has a place to keep the bad boy. Ethel wants to know if you rent out rooms for other bad boys!

  17. Jesse says:

    i dunno, he doesn’t sound so bad to me.

  18. Linda Strid says:

    I am another fan of Nick & Miss Terry and Bad Nick and share your values!! Keep doing the good work, somebody has to open the eyes of the uneducated, it might as well be you. Go for it!!

  19. Kay F. Brown says:

    Hey there,
    I already can’t wait to read the other blog every day! Now there’s two! Good idea!!! I almost think I need one of these too!

  20. We’re all in for a rip-snortin’, rib-ticklin’ ride, and we’re gonna love it, even when we hate it! Anyone who can’t handle an occasional goring ought to skip this Bad Nick Blog.

    By the way, thanks for using that picture. We know where you got it!

  21. Sid says:


  22. Phil Brown says:

    Go,Bad Nick, tell it like it is. I think really going to like this.

  23. Cal Hall says:

    Way to go “Bad Nick”. Can’t wait to see what you tackle first.


  24. Michele says:

    Bad Nick is my hero. I want to grow up to be just like him. Give ’em he**. Adding this blog to the top of my faves list.

  25. Llana says:

    Okay, after all that build-up, I’m still wondering where, exactly, is “Bad Nick”?

    Of course, I agree with everything you just said. Maybe that’s why Bad Nick just sounds like a likable, sensible kinda guy!

  26. Ed Dray says:

    So glad to see “Bad Nick” get on the board.
    You have so much material to write about just watching the news, driving down the street, or just from personal experience.
    Let ‘er Rip, Nick!
    We can hardly wait until tomorrow…..

  27. Gary A Materne says:

    As a long time blog reader of yours. I enjoy reading when Bad Nick comes out. More than likely it’s because I’m a lot like you, I hate stupid people or the stupid things I see them do. Example idiots that will drive into high water then get stranded so that someone else has to risk their own lives to recue an IDIOT.


  28. SAL Bellomo says:

    Thank you for letting Bad Nick have a say about the stupid people, and things that some idiot that run this country do . I witch you all the luck and no you will do your best to say how it is. I enjoy all that you write it’s Great thank you .

  29. Dennise Ziaja says:

    Well, a real bad Nick woulda just let the clerk ring up all the merchandise and then say he changed his mind and walk outta the place. Bad Dennise did that with groceries…similar scenario, and THEN the clerk was “relieved” by another clerk for a break…changed register drawers, then she changed register tapes. I had my groceries on the counter for maybe 15 to 20 minutes because of this stupid dufus ahead of me…coupons out the yingyang, couldn’t find her discount card, several items on a seperate ticket and then the b*tch fumbled in her huge purse for her check book. I let the new clerk ring it all up and then said…”oopsie, I guess I changed my mind and remembered to go to ABC store down the street…they have CUSTOMER SERVICE. See ya!” and walked right out of the store. Big chain of grocery stores in the midwest and they never got my busines again.

    It never ceases to amaze me about dealing with a lot of people…they seem to think the world revolves around them and they have absolutely no concept of manners or even common courtsey.

    One more Bad Dennise story. I have to walk with a quad cane on occassion when my balance is particularly MIA. I was walking cane in hand, into a store and pulled the entrance door out to enter…all of a sudden a young teen boy thought I was holdng the door for HIM and tried to get in ahead of me. That darn cane just happened to move, all on it’s own and jeepers, right between that poor boy’s legs. That poor stupid ass went flying forward and landed smack on his kisser. “OH MY”…I exclaimed…what happened? Did you trip on something?” The kid looked at me and then jumped up and left the store. Tsk Tsk. I think I need to start my own Bad Old Lady blog, LOL!

  30. don says:

    Hey Nick, glad to hear you got this thing going. I’ve been reading the other blog for so long I feel like I know you personally. Now for my suggestion – what do you think about all the a**kissing going on about Ted Kennedy. I figure he should have done time back in 1969. Or were you too busy in Southeast Asia to hear about that?

  31. jim haveron says:

    hay you all nice to see you finally gave Bad Nick his 1st amendments rights way to go now the truth on important things jim &Lisa

  32. Ed Westerman says:

    Hi Bad Nick

    Love your Bad Nick Statements, like others have said, sounds just like me,
    I have had my share of rounds with other people, Keep up the good work.
    Best Regards Ed ( Honorman on rv net- Ed and Lou on Escapees )

  33. ken says:

    Ken doesn’t want to Kill Bad Nink ! He just thinks BAD NICK should get back to the job of helping good and bad RVers get their priorities in order and forget about POLITICS AND RELIGION.We see way too much of this on tv and everywhere else
    we look!

  34. SaraBeth says:

    Well, you sound like my kind of guy….think I will make some popcorn and set a spell.. 😉

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