Being a parent has always been a hard job, but never more so than in today’s world. These days children face so many dangers that we must be vigilant every second of every day.

When I was growing up, we roamed the neighborhood all day long, never going home until it was time for supper. Not that we were unsupervised. Quite the contrary! I knew if I did something wrong, Dan or John or whomever I was playing with’s mother or father would grab me by the arm and “jerk me into a new attitude!” Just as my parents would do to one of my pals who misbehaved.

But these days there seems to be a pedophile or a drug pusher under every rock in the playground, and once the kids get into a classroom, we never know which teacher is going to want them to father their child.

But just when we thought it could not get any worse, now America’s children face an even greater danger. My God, the President of the United States wants to talk to them! What is this world coming too?

Parents across this great nation are understandably up in arms! They can see through the ruse and know that this is a thinly disguised plot to allow their kids to be brainwashed by the Democratic/Liberal agenda. What’s next, an organized e-mail campaign to the Third Grade promoting gun control? Baking pot laced brownies in Home Economics class? (Do they even still have Home Economics class?)

Come on folks, how about a dose of reality now and then? Look at the topics proposed in Obama’s address. Encouraging students to stay in school and get a good education. Telling them to be responsible citizens. To develop their natural talents. To do their homework. About overcoming the obstacles in their lives to accomplish their goals.

Aren’t these the same things we all expect of our children? Aren’t these the messages we try to send them? So suddenly why is this such a subversive threat? Because it comes from somebody we didn’t vote for? Are you really that narrow minded? If so, your children face a much bigger threat than you will ever admit.

I’d bet you dollars to donuts that many of the same parents frothing at the mouth over the President’s address to our nation’s schoolchildren don’t pay any attention to the music their kids listen to, which is all too often full of references to everything from suicide to mass murder, to the joys of drug abuse.

They let their kids worship Hollywood celebrities that spend half their time in rehab, and the rest hopping from mattress to mattress faster than a bedbug in a cheap motel.

But let’s not expose them to anything that might encourage them to be better citizens, or heaven forbid, actually think for themselves! From everything I have read about Obama’s address (aside from the nonsense the right wing and the e-mal wizards are cranking out), there is nothing in it promoting his political agenda.

But even if there was, is that really such a bad thing? A lot of the problems in this country are because nobody takes the time to think for themselves any more. Why should we? We have Ed Schultz, Al Franken, Neal Boortz, Stephanie Miller, Rush Limbaugh, and a platoon full of high dollar windbags to do our thinking for us.

Have you ever listened to the music your kids do? Not just the noise, but the lyrics? Have you played the video games they spend hours immersed in? Have you monitored the websites they visit, or the movies and television shows they watch?

If you want to protect your kids from harmful messages, turn off the damned television, break all of the CDs they listen to, throw the computer in the dumpster, and hand them a book! Better yet, turn off the show you’re watching on the boob tube and have a conversation with them! You both might learn something!

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15 Comments on We Must Protect Our Children!

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks, Nick. As a teacher in an elementary public school I wish I could show Obama’s speech to the kids so we could actually have a discussion about what they heard AND what they think. Unfortunately it’s not going to happen. But it won’t prevent me from talking with them about using their God-given brains to make their own decisions and not just listen to what the party line is. Gee, maybe if I do that I’ll get to take an early retirement … 😉

  2. Dee Seals says:

    Why are we either liberal democrats or conservative republicans? Why can’t we be human beings who try to reach a compromise. You along with the ones you criticize just keep this “crap” going. Neither side wants to give. Neither side wants to give up power. Personally, for the first time in my life I really have to step away. I care but I can’t deal with the worry and stress any more. Politically I don’t know where I am. But I do know both sides are idiots and I think they have truly lost that they are suppose to represent us. I think they are trying to achieve their own agendas not what is the best for this country.
    But you know what really struck a chord with me? I was at work listening to the inauguaration on my radio, and I heard people booing President Bush. I am not a fan of Bush’s but I was so embarrassed by the lack of respect and decency “we” showed the outgoing president. Maybe I have had my head in the sand but I don’t think we have ever had that type of “trashy” behavior at such an important event.
    FYI – someone needs to tape Limbaugh’s mouth shut and Obama needs to shut up for awhile. I quit listening awhile ago. I am really sick of all of them.
    Thanks for letting me vent.

  3. Cindy -- Wyoming says:

    In the “olden days” being addressed by the President of the United States would have been a huge event for students, their parents and their school systems. In our “present mind set”, it is them against us. Citizens do not trust their government nor their elected representatives. It seems unless you voted for the current President you don’t trust him. This country has changed and not for the better. Me, Me, I, I and what is in it for me? What can I get for free? I certainly understand why Dee feels she must step away during a time of turmoil, distrust, bias, and hate. However, this is the worst time to do it. RV travels have helped me feel better about my fellow citizens because I meet the great silent majority. IT LIVES! Unfortunately, the time has finally arrived for the silence to stop and to speak up against this insanity and use our voices and votes for change. Kids aren’t going to be brain washed in 15 minutes. Get a grip! The ACLU needs its butt kicked! Illegal aliens need to be sent home. We need to get our manufacturing back from Mexico, China, etc. We need to bring our troops home. We need to do whatever it takes to get our pride back in this great country of ours and make our government and our representatives accountable from city governments all the way up. I love this country but it is being pulled apart by the vocal and noisy few. The pendelum has swung too far to the left. Everyone is afraid of offending minorities, being politically incorrect, and speaking out with common sense. Everyone also expects government to take care of them — what happened to churches, non-profits and communities helping those in need? Affordable health insurance is good but national health insurance isn’t. We have so much intelligence in this country that can be used to come up with fair and equitible solutions for so many things. We cannot afford to rush, to be goaded or not to listen. The silent majority needs to speak up and say, “We can’t be brain washed in 15 minutes and neither can you or your children. Sit down, get a grip and listen for a change!”

  4. MichaelG says:

    Obama’s little speech won’t make any difference, and the kids probably won’t remember a word of it a week later.

    But still! When did we get this idea that the President has some special insight into the nations problems, or should have some special influence on kids? When did we decide it was normal to line up millions of school kids to hear Dear Leader speak?

    I thought this country (and young people in general) prided themselves on being individuals and not just part of the herd.

    You want them to think for themselves, but all listen with respect while some politician dishes out platitudes? Which is it?

  5. Gene says:

    The revised presentation for the students is apparently very good. What got every one excited was the original published intent of the presentation was to get the students to support O’bama’s agenda. That was taken out, but in the meantime, no one trusts our President now!

  6. Camille says:

    I didn’t vote for Obama but I think his address to school children is a good thing for them. No matter our political views, he still deserves respect as President and children should be taught that. In an age of disgraced sports figures like Michael Vick and entertainers like Chris Brown, how can it be unhealthy to showcase the first black President in our schools as a positive role model?

  7. Jim says:

    The entire text of the remarks the President will read today are on the Whitehouse website. I read every word last night. The “version” that was “leaked” by wing nuts was never real. It was fabrication to stir up controversy.
    There is little doubt that things need to change. Maybe we can let it start here, today.

  8. Karen says:

    I have been working in campgrounds for more than 9 years. I have seen lots of families with kids in those campgrounds over the years. What Mama and Daddy seem to be teaching their kids these days is that if you don’t like the rules, then they don’t apply to you. If what I have seen firsthand is any indication of the way the future will be when these kids grow up, then it will be a lot of people who disregard the law, who disrespect authority, and who have no thought for anyone but themselves.

    The same parents who are up in arms over our president giving a speech that their children might hear, are teaching those same children that as long as you don’t agree, it is ok to disobey. And then they wonder why their children don’t obey them.

  9. Dale says:

    We must teach our children to think for themselves, provide the best role modeling we know how, love them, and most importantly, trust them and let them know we trust them and believe in them. One of the most destructive situations I’ve seen are parents who do not trust their children to be able to achieve on their own.

    If parents disagree with President Obama and his politics, then this speech is a useful tool to start a discussion with their children about politics and people’s belief systems. This can be done by showing respect to their President, yet explaining to their children why they believe differently.

    All beliefs, whether political or religious, while personal, should be strong enough to withstand questioning from oneself or others. Confidence is contagious and confidence will ultimately gain more support and strength than fear and intimidation which can be defeated.

  10. We liked Dale’s viewpoint — use this address to teach children that, while this is our leader, one we chose, we don’t necessarily have to agree with everything he says, but we’d better have good solid reasons why we do or don’t agree. Those reasons need to be well thought out, not just parroting what the doomsayers and pundits bray at us.

    Thanks, Bad Nick, for starting this thread of discussion. It should be read and followed in every household.

  11. Jim Burnett says:

    Thanks Nick, well said …
    On another tack, I use gmail and it wass interesting to see what ads Google attached to this message – five were for bullet proof vests and jackets, one for firearms training, and one for making your own electricity. Wow, did they miss the point!
    Keep up the good work.

  12. Phil says:


    I also cannot figure out what is wrong with these American parents and school’s, attacking Obama’s message that he is passing on to our under educated and mis-led youth. They do not seem to realize that President Obama is trying to put this country back on its feet and may someday become as famous as some of our better past Presidents.

    We really enjoy Bad Nick and agree with most of his thoughts.

    Keep writing.

  13. Deanna Tolliver says:

    Thank You! Thank you for your comments on the President’s speech to school children. I still haven’t figured out what the big hoopla is all about. Read the speech, and ….where’s the controversy? I don’t get it! You made me feel better. Keep it up! I read your blog(s) every day….

  14. Glen says:

    Yep, I watch the cartoons they watch and regulate it when necessary. I listen to the music they listen to and regulate that when necessary. I take an active part in their life. That includes letting them know what I think politically at an age which makes sense (about the 5th grade). The first two are set in concrete. They are allowed to discuss politics. But not until after the 5th grade. Before that they are too easily swayed by promises of something shiney. At about 11 to 12 they start to realize that advertisers tell fibs. So do politicians on both sides. Nobody gets a free shot at my kids until I have reviewed the message.

  15. don says:

    Great post, as always. If anyone thinks listening to the President speak for 20 minutes or so is going to hurt their kids I think they are just plain nuts. Some commented about teaching kids that it’s ok to break laws if you don’t agree with them. Here in our small town a guy wrote a letter to the editor blasting the police for ticketing him for speeding and saying it ruined the evening for him and his niece. Happily about 5 people responded pointing out that he was teaching his niece to disobey the law. It’s one of the things I like about this town. There are several “Bad Nick’s” around to keep things honest!

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