I hate the word closure. It’s become one of those warm, fuzzy words that are supposed to make everything better, and more often than not, it’s nonsense.

I have heard news reporters say, upon the sentencing of some monster that raped and murdered a small child, that now the family will have closure. I’ve heard victims of violence and sexual abuse say they want to face their assailant in court to get closure.

Horsepucky! Do you really think you can just close an emotional door on some terrible event and get on with life like it never happened?

When I was sixteen years old, my older brother was robbed and murdered in front of his wife and children. It was a crime that devastated my parents until their dying days. Knowing that the teenage punk who pulled the trigger was sent to a reformatory didn’t give them closure. And when he was released from custody upon his eighteenth birthday, there was no closure either. Nor when he was sent back to prison, this time for life, for murdering his own mother! What kind of closure can you get in a situation like that? Maybe closing the door on the gas chamber behind him would be nice, but it wouldn’t bring my brother back.

I’ve heard of Vietnam vets going back there to get closure. I think if I ever went back, which I never would, all I’d do is come away more upset than I was when I was there the first time. It would be like when I want to the Wall in Washington D.C. and saw so many of my friends’ names etched into those black slabs. I didn’t feel closure. I was just pissed off that so many fine young men died for nothing, and we didn’t change a thing in that cesspool of a country.    

But the most asinine thing I’ve heard yet was some airhead from one of the animal rights groups who was protesting ex-con Michael Vick’s return to pro football. She felt that before Vick should be allowed to play, he should visit the dogs he owned that have been placed with new homes, look them in the eyes and apologize, because it would help give the animals closure.

Give me a break! Closure? They’re dogs! They eat, they crap, they sleep, and then they start the process all over again. I don’t think one of them is off his Alpo because Daddy went to jail and didn’t send him a Christmas card.

I’ve had some damn good dogs in my time, and a couple that were smarter than a lot of people I know. But they were still animals. If I walked out the door and never came back, they’d have loved the next guy who came along and fed them and scratched their bellies just as much as they did me.

Personally, I think Michael Vick is the real animal, and they should have just fed him to his pit bulls. Now that would be closure!

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12 Comments on Close This!

  1. Cait says:

    Are you talking about the quote from Pamela at Bad Rap? It’s gotten misquoted to make it look like she’s talking about ‘closure’ for the dogs, but in the original statement, she specifically says that it’s ‘closure’ for the volunteers.

  2. Cindy -- Wyoming says:

    I agree with you Nick about closure. There is no closure or way to receive it. Time helps dull traumatic events but brought into a situation that reminds you of that time brings it all thundering back. If someone truly finds a way to receive closure for themselves, God Bless them. What I wouldn’t give for that gift. It doesn’t exist for me.
    I do disagree about dogs to a point. The woman stating that Vik’s former dogs would recieve closure from seeing him is a fruitcake. If anything, they’d be terrified they were to be given back to him. I do know of a few dogs who grieved themselves to death after losing a beloved human or canine friend. Others may move on but they don’t forget kindness or abuse. I like your punishment of Vik with the exception that he should be hung from a tree and poked with a cattle prod prior to feeding him to the dogs. Instead he has been rewarded with a multi-million dollar contract “playing a game he loves” while only losing a mansion and a year and a half of his life living with guys who probably idolized him. He’d do it all over again if he didn’t think he’d get caught. Dog fighting is run and attended by sub-human folks that love to watch animals tear each other apart bit by bit, ripping off limbs, tearing out eyes just to make their owners happy. The owner then kills the winner because he is now too ripped up to be any good in another fight. He uses the same method Vik and his “Pals” did on those dogs who weren’t winners or just didn’t have the “fight gene” in them. I’ve read it is just the basic instinct of “men being men”. If that is so, I’d like to be called an animal rather than a human being.

  3. Dale Pace says:

    I think Michael Vick should pay a percentage of his salary to animal rescues every year for the rest of his life.

  4. Kathy Walker says:

    I agree!! I would love to have seen Michael Vick in an inclosure with some pissed off Pits.

  5. MsKay says:

    God I love this column! And Bad Nick saying what he really feels! Keep up the great work!

  6. And now Michael Vick will be a multi-millionaire HERO all over again. Nick, I’ll bet you won’t add Michael Vick to your Today’s Hero blog!

  7. Jim says:

    I’m getting to like this Bad Nick more and more with each post. :-)


  8. Jeff Johnson says:

    Nick I find myself agreeing with you alot lately. (scary,huh?)
    A few friends and myself have decided we won’t watch the damm games! Think anyone will notice a drop in the ratings?

  9. Patty says:

    After my son was murdered at the age of 20 it took a long time(about 10 years) to even feel like it was ok for me to have a life. You can be sure I call the prison every few years just to make sure the animal that killed him is still there and has no chance of getting paroled. There is no closure when something like this happens, I just hope he gets to be somoeone’s B–ch.

  10. Dee Seals says:

    I’m sorry Nick, but just like people who have to grieve in their own way, do you not realize that what someone needs to find closure after a horrible event may not be what you would need? I cannot speak about the Vietnam war simply because I have loved ones who are still paying today. And I have loved ones who walked away and let go. That could blow your theory
    I had to attend a funeral monday for my cousins’s mother. I tried to find the right words to say but to be honest, what they feel and what I felt 2 years ago when my mom died may be totally different. I tried to be loving and kind. Who knows? Maybe it wasn’t what they wanted to hear.
    Now the dogs. Yes, the idiot who was concerned about Vick’s dogs was a little over the top. But do you realize your comparison could have been about a human baby? I live with 4 dogs who were all abandoned. Yes they are animals. No, they do not take the place of my human family.
    But it tears my gut out everytime Ruby hangs her head or runs from my male family members. We suspect she was beaten by a male. It bothered me for years when Lucky wouldn’t let you pet him unless you were sitting. When you towered over him he skulked away. Lil Bit craves any and all attention simply because she never had it. And old Sadie just eats herself to death because she never wants to be hungry again.
    Yes a dog is just an animal. But they are domesticated and are our responsibility. So even though Vick’s haters are over the top, we still have a responsibility to take care of these animals. Like you I don’t think his dogs would even know who he was but they possibly could sense it. As I write this Ruby just bumped me again for the 10th time tonight. She doesn’t know what she wants. She just wants. She’s not bad or evil. She’s just a dog whose owners abandoned her during Hurricane Ike. She needs comfort. So if bumping me every little bit makes her feel okay, then I’m here for her.
    You can be bad Nick and still have a heart. Thanks for letting me speak.

  11. Michael Druze says:

    It always amuses me when somebody says they will take their business away if they don’t get their way or whenever somebody disagrees with them. So Ron wants to cancel his subscription. What is that, 20 or 30 bucks a year? I don’t have an RV, but I’ll give Bad Nick that if losing Ron’s business will change his lifestyle. I read this blog because he speaks his mind. A lot of times I don’t agree, but I respect him for having the balls to say what he thinks in a world where too many people are afraid to. I suspect it would take a whole lot more than one disgruntled whiner to buy him.

  12. don says:

    Jeez, all these folks are talking about dogs – did they miss the whole point of the story? I guess I can forgive, maybe, but forget – NEVER!

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