With local elections coming up this week, the airwaves are filled with ads from political candidates trying to win voters. Because we travel in a motorhome, we get both east and west coast network television feeds by satellite, which means we get to watch political ads from both New York/New Jersey and California. That’s kind of like being hung twice for the same crime.

If the ads didn’t tell me which state the candidates are battling in, I’d never be able to tell the difference, because they’re all the same. Bulls#*@ is bulls#*@, whether it comes with a New York accent or in a laid back California voice. 

Have you noticed that political candidates never bother to tell us why they are the best man or woman for the job and why they deserve our vote? It’s because they don’t have the time, because they are too busy telling us how bad the other guy is instead.

It’s an old technique, tried and true. Do you remember when you were a kid and did something wrong, and you knew your sister or brother was going to tell your parents? What did you do? Did you come up with what you hoped was a reasonable explanation for your transgression? Did you deny it and risk two spankings instead of one? Or, like a lot of us, did you launch a preemptive strike by squealing about something your sibling had done wrong first, hoping to divert attention away from your own sins?

According to ads on the New York stations from two candidates running against each other, both have failed to pay their income taxes, while wanting to raise taxes on voters. In another ad, a candidate is talking about how his opponent took bribes to issue lucrative contracts, and appointed people to high paying jobs who donated large sums of money to his campaign fund. The other guy in the race claims his opponent cannot account for large sums of public money that disappeared during his time in office. Ahhh… mudslinging at its best!   

The ads that really irritate me are the ones where they didn’t do their homework well enough to even come up with a good lie. One series of ads claims the other guy is soft on criminals and refused to vote for legislation that would ban armor piercing rifles, thereby putting cops’ lives in danger.

Now, I’m all for keeping our police officers safe, but somebody really ought to tell these clowns that there is no such thing as an armor piercing rifle. There are armor piercing bullets, but the rifle is just the instrument for firing the cartridge that holds the bullet. I have to figure that if their candidate is too lazy to hire staff competent enough to do their research, he’s probably not going to do real good at choosing people to help him run the government if he’s elected.

Just once I’d like to see a candidate for office come out and say “I’m just a regular guy. I can’t promise I won’t ever make a mistake, or that I won’t say something stupid once in a while, and you probably won’t agree with every decision I make. But if you vote for me, I’ll do my best to be the kind of official you can be proud of, I’ll represent your interests to the best of my abilities, I’ll keep my fingers out of the cookie jar and out from under my secretary’s skirt. That’s about the best I can promise you.”

That guy would get my vote!

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9 Comments on A Campaign Ad I’d Like To See

  1. Cindy -- Wyoming says:

    I know where you can find that politician Nick — he is currently the Governor of Wyoming, Dave Freudenthal. What you see is what you get. He does what he thinks is best for Wyoming. He says he makes everyone mad at him daily. One group will love him one day and hate him the next and vice versa. Those folks who like to be uppity (think they are beautiful and important)don’t like Dave’s old downhome sayings. Each one hits the mark though and is darn funny! He has no ambition for a job in D.C. which I am glad as he’d never make it among the low life. He will be running for his third term next year. Oh, I forgot to mention he ran as a Democrat in a VERY REPUBLICAN state. I love Wyoming people because they vote for the man/woman. You’d like him a lot. I first knew him when he was our U.S Attorney for the District of Wyoming. I told folks to listen to what he had to say when campaigning not the label. They did and I think he will get his third term. Isn’t that refreshing??? I LOVE WYOMING!!!!

  2. Rex says:

    If 2 terms are enough for the President, then 2 terms are enough for every elected official from the dog catcher to the President. Hopefully, our current President will only have one term, but that is for another days discussion. Most of the politicians are wealthy people and thus either have their taxes prepared by a CPA, or use tax software to prepare their taxes and thus know immediately that they owe more money. Pay it. I think that if anyone owes back taxes, they should not be allowed to hold public office at any level. The reason they do not pay what they owe is simple, they are trying to cheat the rest of us that do pay our taxes.

    I do not mind paying taxes; I get a lot of value for my money. I get to live in a free country where I can go where I want to, I have beautiful state and national parks to visit, I have the best highway system in the world, I have the best underpaid military in the world and many more. But when these people, of either party try and cheat the system, they are crooks and I do not want them representing me. I want them in jail, I want their property confiscated and I want them banned from ever holding an elected office or government appointed office.

  3. Ed Hackenbruch says:

    Wow! i just found out i must be a wealthy person!!! I have someone else do my taxes. I always thought my checking account would have a lot more money in it though. :>)

  4. Ken says:

    I think they all (Republican, Democrat, Independent)take a lead from the president. He still blames everything from taxes, state of the economy, boils and acne on Bush. I am so eternally tired of all the lies and excuses coming from Washington. I tend to scream at the TV when one of them spouts the talking point of the day. If one of them ever had an original thought it would cause smoke to come from their ears.
    You seldom see someone with enough backbone to describe what they stand for, what they will do if elected, how they will do it and how much it will cost us all in taxes.
    The current Sec of Treasury should be in jail, along with the other tax cheats in the president’s cabinet and congress. Forgot to pay taxes my foot. Tried to get away with cheating on them is more to the point. Like Rex (above) says, we live in the greatest place on earth, and the taxes we pay are not onerous.
    The American people are not stupid (well, maybe the last election disproves that), and want to pursue their lives quietly and legally. When a candidate will be honest, he will be elected by right thinking people.

  5. Nick, if you ever settle down in one place, we’d vote for you. Like the Governor of Wyoming, you tell it like it is, and what we see is what we’d get! But then you wouldn’t be “free” to say what Bad Nick loves to say.

  6. Dave Bossert says:

    It always amazes me how during the campaign all the ads point out how bad these candidates are.But then once the election is over, everyone seems to forget quickly and stand behind this “wonderful elected official.” Which is it ?

  7. MichaelG says:

    What we need is a much smaller government. Then it wouldn’t matter as much that the kind of people who generally run for office are ego-maniacs.

    Remember whenever you look at a politician that this man (or woman) wants a job that involves standing in front of crowds and telling them how wonderful he is.

    Do you really trust that sort of person to do anything well?

  8. Paul Stough says:

    Why do candidates campaign the way they do? Very easy answer. It works!

    There is a certain percentage of voters who are swayed by the type of political ads you are talking about. Too many voters do not take their civic duty serious enough to find out the necessary information to make informed decisions before voting. Another problem is lack of reason and logic in making political decisions.

    I have always said, we will get better candidates, when we get better voters.

    However, the biggest problem with politics today is lobbying by entities that should never have been given the right to lobby; namely businesses, corporations, unions, religious groups, or any other entity that is not an individual human being. Before some court decisions based on the adoption of the Fourteenth, Amendment to the Constitution, only individual human beings were considered “persons” as described in the Constitution, and therefore had the rights guaranteed by the Constitution, including the right to petition their government for redress of grievances. Also, the courts have ruled that money is “free speech”. As my Mom used to say, “He who pays the piper, calls the tune”. These court decisions are what has lead to the “lobbying” by “special interests” which is the bane of our political system today.

    It is my belief that as long as there is a K Street in Washington D.C., those of us who live on Main Street USA, are going to get the short end of the stick on any legislation passed and signed into law by a President, regardless of which political party is control of the Congress or the Presidency!

  9. Great post Nick. As I’ve often said, there’s plenty of hypocrisy to go around with both the Republicans and Democrats.

    I’d welcome the candidate you refer to as well.

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