Our country is suffering the worst energy crisis we have ever experienced, and it is about to destroy us. But nobody seems to realize it, or to care.

I’m not talking about fossil fuels, the artificial supply or lack thereof being manipulated only by price and greed. Nor do I mean solar, nuclear, wind power, or any other form of alternative energy.

I’m talking about the fact that our people are so busy devoting all of their energy to hating whoever is on the other side of every issue, from health care to same sex marriage, to immigration reform and abortion, that nobody has any time to actually accomplish anything.

The liberals see the conservatives as a bunch of narrow minded gun toting rednecks with an “I’ve got mine, so screw you” attitude; while the conservatives are convinced anybody who doesn’t agree completely with their views is a bleeding heart who wants to coddle welfare rats, criminals, and illegal aliens, all at taxpayers’ expense.

We have people claiming that the recession we have been sinking into for years is all the fault of a president who has only been in office for ten months, while ignoring the sins of career politicians who don’t give a damn about the people who voted them into office, only who is going to slip them the next big check for getting some pet project approved or government contract awarded.   

We have illegal aliens demanding the same rights as American citizens, and do-gooders who set up storefront legal clinics to help them beat the system. Yet, disabled veterans in Utah are required to provide proof of citizenship to qualify for property tax breaks.

We have people murdering doctors who perform abortions, because they believe life is sacred. We have Christians who supposedly believe in love for all claiming that anyone who loves somebody of the same gender is destined to burn in hell, and denying them the right to live together in a legal union. We have a military doctor killing soldiers on an Army base in the name of Allah, and janitors murdering priests in church rectories.

It’s an oversimplification to say “Why can’t we all just get along?” and yet, the old adage “divide and conquer” comes to mind. I think the great American philosopher Benjamin Franklin said it best, “We must hang together, gentlemen…else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.”

If we could all put our party politics, our prejudices, animosities, and hatreds aside and turn all of that wasted energy toward something positive, just think what we could accomplish. Instead we are so busy trying to deny responsibility and assign blame for the ills of the world that we cannot step back, look at the overall picture, then roll up our sleeves and accomplish something positive for a change.

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14 Comments on America’s Energy Crisis

  1. Linda Mason says:

    I have to agree with you big guy. No one can see the forest for the trees. Too many have the me mentality. Me, I am right. Me, what I do is right. Me, what I say is God. You could go on and on.

    I have always said the same thing about religion. If all the churches would work together, all the christian, all the jews, all the muslims, you name it and I do mean all. If they would put all that money and energy into taking care of children and old folks, none would be hungry or homeless or have to live alone or be mistreated.

    The same applies to our political ideals.

    So much energy, money, and time wasted. What will happen I wonder.

  2. Karen Knoll says:

    To oversimplify…if we all respected each other, there would be no wars, no shootings, no crime of any kind. Throughout history every great civilization that fell due to human action was related to greed. Think about it…

  3. SAL Bellomo says:

    Hi Nick your right we all should learn to live and be Happy because some are here for a short time and people always talk about the importance of cleaning their homes but they rarely talk about cleaning their minds and souls. What unwanted stuff are you carrying with in you at times. The world would be a better place if people would turn to “”GoD”” and not a “”Gun”” to do things.

  4. Rex says:

    Good ideas, but I think that you might have had one too many Pepsi Colas yesterday. As long as one church or government tries to inflict or convert people from what they are to what they want them to be, these ideas will not work. One religion, one government will not work until, like the song says: everything you think, do and say will be in the pill you took today. I think this is supposed to happen in the year 2525 or maybe 9595, either way none of us reading this today will ever see it.

  5. Gene Curp says:

    Nick, it is so true that extremists on both sides of the issues do notihing to solve or lessen the problems. Once the mind is closed no solutions can be found. There can be no discussion with someone who already is a committed believer of whatever stripe.

  6. All we can say is hooray for Bad Nick! If you ran the world…..

  7. Dale says:

    Rex: I think you missed Bad Nick’s point: each side is trying to convert the other to what they want them to be.

    Folks are following ideology at all costs. When I grew up, folks looked to pragmatism first as that what was needed to accomplish things, like teaching immigrants how to speak English so they could get jobs, etc., etc.

    We are in central Florida where it seems that English is the second language spoken, and not the language of our country. My family spoke their home languages at home only and learned English to be a part of America and to be able to communicate at their job. Nowadays, well, we’re back to what Bad Nick wrote, it’s me only and if I don’t want to learn, and you don’t want to accommodate me, well I’ll go elsewhere. Businesses then do that to get their business. So, it’s become a vicious cycle.

    And, it’s pretty sad when you have politicians voting against the wishes of their constituents, e.g., Senator Lieberman from Ct. Wouldn’t it be nice if politicians listened to their constituents who vote in their representatives to listen to them and their needs?

  8. Nina Seibel says:

    I so agree with you on this one, Nick. So many people are so full of themselves and their own petty beliefs they care nothing about anyone else or anyone else’s beliefs. If we truly cared for one another we wouldn’t be having all these stupid petty problems. Of course, humans will always have problems because of greed and politics and just plain ignorance.

  9. George Stoltz says:

    Well said, Nick.

  10. Jack Lutz says:

    How can we agree on anything when we have one side that is dedicated to the overthrow of the nation’s very morals and ideals? They have no interest in coming around to a sensible way of thinking, because they are steeped in deceit and treachery. Look who they elected!

  11. Jim Burnett says:

    Just food for thought …
    Your post invested a lot in what’s wrong and very little in what’s possible. Your last paragraph was a good start, but little more than a spark.
    Yes, there is an energy crisis and it has to do with exposing problems, not problem solving.
    And yes, I know this is the Bad Nick blog … and I do appreciate how your “rants” give us cause to think …

  12. Dale says:

    Oh, well, Jack, looks like you missed the point. This is exactly the point that Nick was making. Implied here is that the only sensible way of thinking is your way?

    Charity, love, compassion, taking care of others, religion, and more, belong to many folks, no matter their label – conservative, moderate, liberal, progressive, etc.

    And the definition of deceit and treachery is predicated upon your perception of same which in turn is based upon your background.

    E.G., whereas you complain about our present government, there are many across the country who spent 8 years complaining about our previous administration.

  13. Matt says:

    Dale thanks for jumping in and saying what I was about to write to Jack. This is my first post because Jack just sent me over the edge. Nick, my wife Syd and I enjoy reading your blog everyday.

    Liberal, Moderate, Conservative, none of these are bad as long as you can do the right thing for the country, and that is not always the most popular or the easiest. Life is hard and we all know that by the way things have changed so drastically over the last several years.

    Things can be fixed though if everyone can just use level headed judgement instead of the good old boy way of the world. Remember that famous song title, “Imagine”.

    Keep it going Nick, Syd and I will be hitting the road 1/1/2012.

  14. Larry Tooley says:

    I also agree Nick.

    My hatred inflames during every newscast. Being an old ex-Marine ‘Nam vet, I keep the warrior alive by thinking someone is always going to hit you in the gut.

    It takes God, my wife, a 12-step group, Vietnam PTSD group, pills and our preacher, to keep me sane and loving.

    I love reading your blog. You too are keeping us spiritual.

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