What is it about rich and/or powerful men that makes them blow it all over a quick roll in the hay?

Why would anybody who was obviously smart enough to work their way up to positions like state governors, or even President of the United States, be dumb enough to throw everything away for a chance at some bimbo?  Why do talented athletes who are worth millions, are married to beautiful women, and have the world by the tail ruin their reputations for a piece of tail? We see it over and over, and I just don’t understand it.

Yeah, I have heard that money and power are an aphrodisiac, but since I’ve never had much of either, I can’t tell you if that’s true or not. I can see why some women whose bust sizes are larger than their IQs are eager to jump between the sheets with anybody resembling a celebrity. It’s their one chance to get their fifteen minutes of fame (not to mention, a big chunk of hush money to stay away from tabloid reporters).

But what makes a man like South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, or New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, or golfer Tiger Woods willing to risk everything just to get laid? Okay, correction, apparently Governor Sanford found his soul mate (but he did get laid in the process). I can only assume that they let their ego take over and think they are above reproach. Truth is, we all know that something else took over and made their decisions for them.

Now, I’m just a fat old guy who will never see the limelight, but I’ve been bumping my way through life long enough to understand that there are a few basic rules you must live by if you want a long and hopefully peaceful life. About the time I sprouted chest hair and realized the difference between boys and girls, my father gave me some very good advice.

My old man was a quite a character, and the older I get, the more wise I realize he was. Dad was, among other things, an ordained minister (bet that news set you back a bit, huh?), and a chaplain for both the Border Patrol and a couple of police departments he worked with. In that capacity, he performed many marriage ceremonies. Dad always gave the young men he married a couple of private words of advice and encouragement, the same ones he gave me so long ago. Among them were “Always open doors for your lady and treat her like you did on your first date” and “You’re going to be tempted someday, but remember that nothing you can find out there is better than what you already have at home, so keep it in your pants.”

I think a lot of politicians and celebrities would have better lives if they had known my old man.

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8 Comments on Keep It In Your Pants

  1. John & Doni says:

    I’m with you, Nick. Just don’t understand why these guys let the Little Tiger do the thinking for the Big Tiger. It’s just not worth it. As a boss for GM, I saw many times when other bosses dated workers and it never ended well. Right out of college an old engineer told me you never get your meat where you get your bread. I followed that rule in and out of the factory. I just don’t understand what these guys are thinking. John

  2. Mike says:

    Nick I agree with you. However I do think the media makes big a deal over it. What was done or not should be between the guy and his wife, it is not anyone elses business. Just leave the public out of it.

  3. MichaelG says:

    People get used to what they have, and then the thrill is gone. You’ve got the fancy car, the big house, the multiple trophies, the fashion-model wife, etc. Give it enough time, and none of that really means anything anymore.

    So these guys fall back on the most basic reward of all — women for the taking. I guess that never gets old!

    They are generally surrounded by yes men and fawning fans anyway, so it’s hard for them to believe they are really going to get in trouble.

    That might be part of it too — testing again and again, to see where the boundary is. What can I get away with? Kids do that, so I guess rich celebrities might end up doing that too. Their lives have to be pretty unreal.

    A better questions is, why do any of us care?

  4. Tom in Ohio says:

    It took me a while but I finally figured out the difference between sex and love. Its possible to have both, but without true deep devoted love…anything else is an empty glass after you dink the contents. Dad Russel was one smart cookie.

  5. Connie Braidh says:

    It’s all so sad. There are women as well as men who are basically sick, (they have what I call serial sex disease). The more times they have sex with different partners the more “great” they feel. But it’s temporary and notice they continue to need it like an addictive drug. But they are never happy. They hurt other people (spouses, children, family, the public in this case and themselves). They are very selfish and self absorbed. It’s all about me, me, me.
    If Elin takes Tiger back she is a fool. Not only will she be emotional unhappy (can she ever trust him again?) but what about VD (now called STD), what about how this will effect her kids? She could get HIV or any of the venereal diseases in a heartbeat. What if she dies and the kids are left with such a selfish parent? UGH!!!
    These sexual deviant people are missing the entire point. Sex is wonderful, BUT even more wonderful in a monogamous LOVING relationship. The glow and happiness are not temporary with one night stands and promiscuous behavior but full time with love and sharing with your partner. They are missing out on the best part of this earthly life. That’s why I say it’s sad. They are looking in all the wrong places for love and fulfillment. It may be working in the short term but eventually they will get their “rewards” for their behavior. Tiger is just beginning to find that out. What goes around comes around.

  6. Sid says:

    Mike says “Just leave the public out of it”, it seems that the public is in it on the way to the top and they will be in it as they skid back down. Just part of being rich and famous. But really it is no different than every day people…same talk goes on just not as many people are involved because less people know us.
    Bottom line is we all make choices and no one makes the right one 100% of the time..My bad ones “seemed like a good idea at the time”!

  7. Bad Rex says:

    Remember the old saying, ‘Variety is the spice of Life’.

  8. Charles Howad says:

    Another suggestion: Don’t name your child “Tiger” if you expect chaste behavior! :)

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