I’m sure by now most of you know that Friday night my wife and I returned to our motorhome to find an armed burglar in the process of ransacking our home on wheels. If you happened to miss that, rather than go through the whole story here, you can read two Nick’s Blog entries about it, A Violent Encounter, and The Day After.

For those who have never come face to face with an armed criminal, especially in a lonely, dark parking lot, I can assure you it’s an experience well worth missing.

After a lot of second guessing myself about how I handled the situation, and a lot of input from readers, including several veteran police officers, I have come to the conclusion that I did okay for an old fat guy. Yes, I could have backed off, if we had more time, but we didn’t. The guy was coming right at us with a loaded 9mm pistol. There was no time to retreat, and he may well have shot us as we tried to escape. I did what I had to do, and I’d do it again if I were faced with the same circumstances.

Several people have told me that if they had been in my place, they would have pumped a couple of rounds into the thug once I had disarmed him and he was fleeing. That’s easy to say, but unless you have ever actually seen what happens when a bullet hits a human body, you have no idea just how horrific it is. Especially if you are the one who fired that bullet! It’s not like the movies. They don’t fall down nice and neat, and lay still until the director yells “Cut!” They bleed, they scream, they crap their pants, their bladders release, and they writhe in agony. And you remember it for the rest of your life.

And if you do have to shoot somebody, you can expect to spend a lot of time in legal and civil courtrooms for years to come. If the perpetrator dies, you may well face a manslaughter charge at the very least, and if he lives, an assault charge. Even if you are not charged criminally, or if you are and are exonerated, you can bet the scumbag or his family will bankrupt you trying to win a civil judgment.

When I got out of the Army, I said I never wanted to have to shoot anybody ever again, but I realize that we live in a dangerous world, and I have been prepared to do so if I had no other recourse.

That being said, as the old Texas saying goes, “some sons-of-bitches just need killing,” and if anybody ever fit that description, it was the creep we met up with the other night. At the very least, I wanted to grind his damned hand off in that door, and then beat him with the bloody stump, just to get my point across! There is another old saying that goes “Never fight with an old guy, because if he’s too old and too tired to fight, he’ll just kill you instead.”

Coming into my home and stealing the things Terry and I worked hard to acquire was bad enough. Trashing and vandalizing the place while they were at it really pissed me off. Pointing my own gun at me was embarrassing. But threatening my wife in the process enraged me. I’m usually a pretty mellow guy, but this time around I really wanted to kill somebody! I’m still glad it didn’t come to that.

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28 Comments on Sometimes You Just Want To Kill Something

  1. george sharrer says:

    Very sorry for your loss. Glad you didn’t have to shoot anyone, for the reasons you mention in your blog.

    Hope everything works out for you.

  2. Cindy -- Wyoming says:

    Yes Nick, we say we will do something but really have no clue how we will react until we are placed in that situation. As the police officer stated, you saw, evaluated, and acted properly. Like you, I make it through “the situation” but am weak kneed for a period after — I think we have placed that in the correct order. This reminds me of dear Dave as well. I purchased a taser from him when I came to the realization that if I pull my gun, I better be prepared to shoot and kill someone. I will do that if they trap me inside my trailer. In other circumstances, I’ll taser the crap out of him/her. Poor Dave looked at me like he had made a mistake selling it to me when, after explaining it wouldn’t require holding the trigger down for long to incapacitate a person, I told him I intended to keep the current going until the batteries died and then shoot pepper spray into his open mouth and up his nose. Receiving his “look” I said, “Well, he would have scared me!” Someone scaring me so badly I had to use the tazer would tick me off so much, I’m afraid I’d over react on the side of punishment. And yes all of you, I know about heart attacks and tasers……………..but, the percentage of lethal outcomes using those vs bullets is much better. Then again, I won’t know what I’ll do unless it happens and God forbid that!

  3. Paul Weaver says:

    Yes, no one knows how they will “really react” until put in a threatening situation. You did well, my friend! I always thought, if someone threatened my wife or daughters, I would be so enraged I could blow them away without a regret. Thank God, I have not been tested! Our legal system is in such a mess, along with many other aspects of our society, that one would not benefit in the long run by eliminating a scumbag like the guys you met that night!

  4. Tom in Ohio says:


    Your written words say it all.

    Tom & Karen

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  6. Another Full Timer says:

    Your reaction to slam the door on the scumbag is remarkable under the circmstances. I can’t pretend I would know what I would do in that situation. My husband, a veteran police officer and a Viet Nam combat veteran, said he would have shot the scumbag. I can not imagine the day when HE would be taken away in handcuffs for defending US from a scumbag. You did the right thing. Otherwise, right now your RV family would be taking up a collection for your bail! Glad you both are safe and you’re not facing the lengthy court process.

  7. Gail Faries says:

    I really like bad Nick. I think him and could get along very well. I could probably even get along with the other Nick.

    My wife and I have been burglarized twice. (Sticks and bricks home). Being a victim does bring forth those thoughts of rage and revenge. I am a Texan, and yes, at that point I thought that some people jsut need killing. Your remarks on the consequences of shooting someone are right on. Our burlars were gone both times when we discovered the robbery. It is indeed a strange feeling walking through your home after you have been invaded. Our RV has never been burglarized, but I think about it alot. I always cary an extra handgun in my car for situations like you encountered.

    I am thankful you and your bride are alright. You are a true American. When difficulties came, you did what you had to do to take care of the problem.


  8. Darrell says:

    It’s easy to say would-da, should-da, could-da but, until you come face to face with that situation you never know exactly how you’ll react or what you’ll do. You did good, man!!!

  9. Bob says:

    Nick, A very tough experience, and I’m sorry it happened to you, but… I also have to point out the guy had a gun, (your gun) because you had left it where he could, and several others apparently, laying around where he could get at it. While I personaly think it would have been better if they had not been there at all, you should have kept these weapons in a locked gun safe. Your failure to secure your weapons could have resulted in what sounds like a arsenal being unleashed on the city of Elkhart. I hope as part of putting the rig back together you have a gun safe installed. Bob

  10. Nick_ Now. The real rip off is yet to come ! Your settlement with your insurance co. They are going to be the real bastards that you are going to want to shoot after they pay you 10 cents on the dollar for your claim. It will be real fodder for “Bad Nick”.

  11. Sam says:

    That guy sounds like he was coming in even if you were sound asleep in the RV. I pitty the person that wants to come in while i’m in here…I’d really enjoy the dance he’d do with a few bullets in him!! I would sleep just fine knowing one less ass isn’t attempting to mess with my family! Glad your ordeal turned out safe for all parties. Sam in Texas.
    Now get rolling! 😉

  12. Joel Buchan says:

    I’m very glad to know that you are “taking this in stride”. The after effects of such an invasion can be haunting and I was concerned for your well being, as well as for Miss Terry. The number of hits on the SKP’s Forum suggests that many people are equally concerned and most empathetic to this occurrence.
    As a long time follower, I have appreciated your candid thoughts of life in general, and the RV world.
    …a fellow “Brother”

  13. Dave Bossert says:

    On the news where we are at now, 5 young punks robbed a man as he was working in his garage at midnight. They killed the man, and it turned out he was an off duty cop. The cop managed to shoot one of the punks and eventually they were all caught. When the punks made their first court appearance their families all crowded the court room showing support for their punks. So the police all crowded the other half of the courtroom showing their support of the officer that was killed. I couldn’t believe it when the families were interviewed and said they were all good boys who played sports in high school together.Why were they out at midnight with a gun robbing people? Did the parents know what they were up to ? I guess the only justice so far in this case is that the cop managed to shoot one of the punks in the testicles before the cop died. I only hope that the guy Nick slammed in the camper door is also hurt and gets found out when he goes for medical attention. Hopefully this will slow the guy down a little before he does more robberies to others, or worse. Thank god Nick and Terri are OK.

  14. Jerry Lamonte says:

    This wil get me flamed but I don’t care. My take on this is that you are a damed idiot. You can always run away and should have. Instead you tried to be a big tough guy and put your lives in danger. There was no excuse for that. All yuo did was make a bad thing worse. Did you try talking to the guy in a rational calm voice and assuring him that you meant no threat and were leaving? That might have made himn relax and he would not have been threating in return.

    As for the gun he would not have had it if you didn’t have it in the rv. Further evidence of your tough guy mentality. Criminals only have guns because citizens have them available to steal.Wake up, you almost got people killed for no reason at all!!!

  15. ken turner says:

    You are right no one knows what he would do in the same situation
    untill it happens.However I would have done a few things different! Your statement about firearms at airports is dead wrong!You know that no one is checked unless you are going down the concourse.You can’t go there unless you are a passenger with a ticket!It took too long but Fla. finally prohibits rental car co.from displaying anything that would target drivers as unarmed
    new arivals,lic. plates or other give-a-ways, Personally I would
    pefer to take a flight that required all right-to carry passengers with permits and proper training to be armed!
    also you left too many weapons in your abanboned rv ,had no alarms or other protection installed .The biggest deterant would have been KILLER the dog left behind in the rv.I know if you owned a big dog you would have big piles of crap to pick up!
    big deal,you might still have all your crap and not have the memory of the past.I can’t believe you left all those weapons
    in the rv !you need to invest in a couple of good boltdown safety
    lock ups , Thieves won’t stay around long if they can’t get it fast.Also invest in a couple of cheap timers that will turn on-
    off lights tv etc.If it looks like someone is home they won’t
    take the chance they could be armed!!!!
    I’m afraid I would acted a little differently than you did.I would have been armed and probably shot to kill! But then I’m
    still an NRA long time member and know from the past , That they
    are there to help out in these type of problem areas and if it
    wasen’t for the NRA we wouldn’t have the ability to protect our
    selves at all!!! Nor would any of us have right to carry !!!
    I’m getting old and have decided that the time has come to not
    take any crap from low-life skumbag SOB any more Your pal Ken

  16. Kathleen says:

    Stories like this make us even more determined to NEVER park ALONE. If there are no other rigs, we move on until we can be in a GROUP. (Even if it means spending the night at a motel…) Safety in numbers (most of the time, anyway).
    So sorry for this awful experience for the two of you.

  17. Joe says:

    Jerry can I have the address of that warm fuzzy world you live in because it sure sounds nice!!!!!!! Go back and read the comments from longtime street cops on Nicks other blog and they all said he took the best and probably only action he could to survive. Maggots like this dont respond to calm words because that just tells them you are soft and easy to take down. As for guns and crime there will always be guns in criminal hands because they dont follow the law anyway. They even have weapons in prison!! You need to get a real dose of reality to save your own life someday. You wernt there and you didnt have to face an armed robber so just shut up and stop criticizing the guy who was there and handled it until you have been there too!!!

  18. Pete Shaver says:

    Jerry Lamonte obviously has his head so far up his butt that he can’t see reality! Maybe Nick and is wife should have offered to cook the guy a nice meal too! Wouldn’t that have made him feel nice and guaranteed their safety?

  19. Jill Isley says:

    Jerry, you’re an ass! I know Nick and Miss Terry and have been following them for years now. Nick is about the furthest thing from a “tough macho guy” you’ll ever meet. He is short, round, jolly, and incredibly sensitive to the needs of others. He never met a stranger, and has literally thousands of followers who consider him and Miss Terry as family. The kind of guy you describe him as being is about the furthest thing from the truth there is.

    However, he is also a man who has proven himself fearless more than once in the face of danger. And he is not ashamed to say that once it was all over, a day later he got the shakes because he is humen. That’s the definition of a real “tough guy” to me.

  20. Gary says:

    Nick, sorry to hear about your run in with scum. Having worked for over 27 years with scum as a corrections officer I can attest to the fact that they always feel they can do no wrong. I hate to say it but until we in this country really take a strong stand against scum like this these occurrences will continue. Perhaps those in the Middle East who are willing to cut off a thief’s hand or take the life of someone who murders another my have the right idea. A thief will only be able to steal twice. As for the killer, I can not recall of anyone ever sentenced to death (that was carried out) that ever killed again. Sentencing one to life without parole does not keep them from killing a corrections officer or even another convict. Both have happened in the state of N.Y,s Department of Corrections.
    In your case I’m sure this was not their first misdeed nor will it be their last. Stay safe and like some of the other entries perhaps it’s time for you yo invest in a safe.

  21. Linda Mason says:

    Can’t say enough about how sorry I am and we all are at the incident that happened to you and Miss Terry. They didn’t have to trash the rig that you both were so proud of.

    What would I have done? No one knows until faced with the situation. I don’t own a firearm but am going to get myself one. I have a police officer here in our town that guarantees me I will know how to use it when he is done with me. Would I ever or do I plan on using it on a person. I don’t know. Like you said there are ramifications no matter which way you turn. Is violence the answer against violence. No good answer.

    I do know that in this day and time we are not safe anymore. Criminals gain the upper hand way too often. Too many lawyers to make sure the bad guy get’s treated fairly. It is sick. Just to make a buck.

    I think you did what you had to do in the circumstances. You took care of yourself and Miss Terry in the best way you could. Take care of yourselves. Stay safe. Linda

  22. Jack says:

    So, Lamonte, basically you’re just a far left pussy?

  23. Tony says:

    Nick, glad you and Ms Terry are OK.

    I find it interesting that the conversation is begining to digress into a lefty righty thing.

    I was in a situation where I had a gun at my side ready to use it. My dad taught me never to point a gun at someone unless you were pulling the trigger. That event scared the crap out of me. I have had a gun and a Knife pulled in the past. Both time scared the crap out of me.

    I agree, no one knows what they will do untill it happens.

  24. Barb Scrafield says:

    My heart raced and my blood pressure shot up when I read about your run in with an armed burglar. I was just beginning to calm down and read Bad Nick and some of the comments, when I read Jerry’s ridiculous post and suddenly my blood was boiling again.. I pity his wife if they should ever come face to face with an armed bad guy, bent of robbing and distroying their property…

    I would be interested to know how “calmly telling your assailant that mean no threat” works for him…
    Good grief.

  25. Karen Bennett says:

    Nick, what a terrible experience for you and Miss Terry. It makes my knees weak just thinking about it, I can’t imagine how you both felt afterwards. So happy that you are both in one piece and glad that you made the decisions that you did. In the heat of the moment I am sure that instinct is what takes over and yours were spot on.

    Like a few others have said, since you have so many guns, and cannot carry them all at the same time, you really do need a gun safe in the motor home. And I guess you should always have one at hand.

    Best to you both

  26. ken turner says:

    Nick, I know that you arn’t going to get a large Gun Safe Too
    much weight! That not what I was thinking of– they make small
    boltdown or flush mounted ones that go through the floor. One of these would be jimdandy to keep hand guns and/or major parts of large weapons such as shotguns. Bolts, clips and sure as hell
    ammo in! I have wanted for years to make me a gun with an extra barrel facing back at the shooter loaded with buckshot and leave it easy for someone to find in a situation like you had being carefull that children couldn’t get to it! this is only a dream of mine!! I do hear that the dog pound is looking for good homes for Vicks dogs !!! good luck with the VA I have had some pretty bad problems with them myself………Long time gypsy ken

  27. Dave E says:

    Holy Crap! Nick and Terri i just read your posts and now the comments. I cant believe you reacted as you did and i am so glad you are both safe. nice job in my opinion. Lucky in many respects. I enjoy reading your posts and met you a while ago in Arcadia. I read your blog as we are aspiring fulltimers. Safe journey and get to the warm!

  28. George P. says:

    Glad you both are well after dealing with crooks that operate in the night,now you have too deal with those that wear suits and operate in daylight.Good luck remember the bottom line is what they worship not fareness or what is right.

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