A Nevada couple has been all over the news following their ordeal when the GPS system in their car took them down a series of primitive Forest Service roads in Oregon for 35 miles, where they got stuck in the snow and were stranded for three days. In January, 2008, a man in New York followed the instructions from his GPS and turned directly into the path of an oncoming train!

Fortunately, in both cases, these idiots escaped injury or death, but I have to wonder how anybody this dumb ever lived long enough to achieve adulthood anyway. It really is time to thin the herd. The gene pool desperately needs it.

I mean how dumb do you have to be, when your GPS sends you off the highway and onto a series of unpaved snow covered roads away from civilization, not to think that maybe something might be wrong? What kind of a brain trust listens to a little mechanical voice and ignores an oncoming train? My doctor says it’s okay to listen to the voices in my head, it’s when I act on their advice that I get into trouble!

The news media is making the folks in the Oregon episode out to be survivors. Do you think maybe we should get some T-shirts made up for them that say “I Survived Stupidity”?

The GPS, a mechanical device, is being blamed for getting these clowns into trouble in both cases, but I think dimwits like this could get into trouble in an elevator. “The GPS made me do it” really isn’t an excuse for being dumber than a rock. Here’s a clue for idiots like these guys: You don’t have to do what the GPS tells you to do! Instead, you could actually think for yourself now and then! What a concept!

My first thought when I hear of things like this is to recall my mother’s words when I wanted to do something stupid, because Joe (or whomever), was doing it – “If Joe jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?”  Damn, I’m glad Joe didn’t have a GPS back in the old days!

The only thing that amazes me more than the news media putting these people in front of a camera is that the people themselves are willing to get up there and tell the world how dumb they are.

Yeah, I know, you can’t fix stupid. But, do we have to celebrate it?

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24 Comments on The GPS Made Me Do It!

  1. Orv Schinke says:

    Dumber than a rock! One time GPS told us we could get on the 99 in CA to go north. When we got there, we went under the 99 and it didn’t provide an entry. We could have tried to go up on the 99 and blame the GPS, but instead used our head and went down to another entry! It only takes a little bit of smarts to know that you should also follow your own brain instead of something mechanical/electronic.

  2. Martin says:

    The really sad part is these morons reproduce and probably have voter registration cards.

  3. JerrieLea Hopf says:

    Now they will probably sue Garmin and we’ll have another warning – like the one that coffee is hot. Plus the price of GPSs will go up for us because someone has to pay.

  4. Tom in Ohio says:

    Does anyone else smell a new law from Congress or a new tax on GPS’s? Gotta love the “take care of me cause your smarter then I”
    way some people are today. Thinking for yourself..what a concept!

  5. Joe Vagott says:

    Yeah,sometimes that lady in the little box is not very smart.

  6. Marnin says:

    When I first started full timing in July I looked at all the GPS units out there and because I am pulling with an Freightliner Sportschassis I wanted a truck GPS unit. I bought the Garmin trucker unit. Well not to make a long story it mis-directed me so often that I went and bought a Tom Tom. I used to own one when I had a car. Although not all GPS units are 100% Tom Tom is right up there in accurate directions. I would run both GPS units at the same time and laugh at Garmin when it wanted me to go a way that I knew was either wrong or out of the way and Tom Tom would steer me true. With that said we also plot our routes on Google Map and have a road atlas in the truck with us.

  7. Sally Reed says:

    Has anyone heard of a book with lots of maps in it? It is called an atlas. Rand McNally publishes a nice one. It is fairly hard to go wrong when following a map…

  8. Ken says:

    I must admit, I like some features of the GPS. With that said, when “Gloria Garmin” tells me to turn onto a dirt track or graded county road, I use the little sense God gave me and don’t. She really gets upset and repeats the “off route, recalculating” a lot. Ya just gotta realize that thing is just a device, and does not replace good sense.
    Sometimes the gene pool requires chlorine.

  9. BiLL says:

    If you can’t read a simple map then you should stay at home. If you want to play with the toys after learning a map then come on out!!! Why is it only 6% percent of drivers know how to drive?..Who is handing out lic. like candy.

  10. We’ve had a couple of “interesting” trips following our GPS. Fortunately the red necks out back of the barn didn’t come out with shotguns blazing, but their dogs sure looked mean!

  11. Debbie says:

    Nick, you’ll appreciate this because it happened in your backyard. Two summers ago we drove out to Elkhart from NJ to play in RV country. #1 on our list, the RV Museum/Hall of Fame. As we neared the campground exit, we drove right past the museum, clearly visible from the highway, with the exit sign directing us to it, and I pointed it out to my DH. Two days later when we left Elkhart Campground to visit the museum, I told him, “get on the interstate and go east to the next exit, the museum is right there–remember, we saw it?” No, no– the new Magellan toy is sending us a different way, we MUST follow it! It wound us all through downtown Elkhart until the unit proudly announced, “You have ARRIVED!”, at an empty corner–the FORMER site of the RV museum! Too bad the Magellan came loaded with out of date AAA info. Some people refuse to believe their own eyes (or their wife’s eyes!) and MUST follow the GPS.

    I also know of someone who followed his GPS home from a party at an unfamiliar country club and it took him onto the golf course. He refused to listen to the women in the back seat yelling “This is the WRONG WAY”, even after the water sprinklers came on. Personally, I think this is a Y-chromosome thing

  12. Bill says:

    Yea just wait congress will pass another law taking away some more freedom because a bunch of people can’t think for them self.
    When are we going to learn dump can’t be fixed by laws.

  13. MichaelG says:

    Well, the item I read said they had food and water for 3 days, so give them credit for that.

    If they were just looking for the shortest route home, they might have done the same thing with a map. And you know how it is — you are going down a road, and conditions are getting worse, but you have to choose between just keeping on or turning back. If you wait a little too long, you are stuck.

    I haven’t seen any interviews, so perhaps they were idiots, but things like this can happen to anyone.

  14. Kay F. Brown says:

    If I become deaf dumb and blind, I may resort to using a GPS, but for now….as long as I can follow a map…I will find my own way. We have one, and I have named her Betsy Bitch and when I drive, she has to be silenced. More times than not, she’s either recalculating or telling us to make a “U” Turn….I really don’t like them at all….but no…your first clue would be to stop if ya turn off the paved road!That means they are dumber than rednecks!hahahahaha

  15. Marge Schinke says:

    We use Delorme Street Atlas and when it wants to take us on a tiny thin thread of a road, I say NO, and redirect it! I’m the navigator. GPS is JUST a tool!

  16. John Pontsler says:

    Last year while traveling in Canada we were looking for an RV resort in Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia. I always use paper maps and GPS, so when the Garmin told me to turn left too soon instead of right, I knew something was wrong. I continued the direction that I knew the resort was located in. Sure enough I found the resort right where it was supposed to be. Interestingly enough three other rigs we were going to meet at the resort were coming from the north. Garmin told them to turn, and they followed the directions. They went through the wrong town in the middle of a Canada Day parade in 40 footers with towed’s and eventually wound up in a pasture at the end of a dead end street.
    For me the worst was last year, we were in Hattiesburg MS. The friends we were visiting with led us into town for dinner. After hugs and a finial good bye, they left in their car and we got in the truck to go back to the camper. I started the truck but the GPS didn’t come on. Dumbfounded I tried everything, nothing worked. Was in a panic, I had no idea where the trailer was from where we were at! I saw a Radio Shack across the street and drove there. Took the device in but you know how that went. No help with the GPS, but at least they directed me to the interstate, (Paper Maps!). From the interstate I could find the Campground. I handed the GPS to my Darling Bride while I sought the refuge of the freeway. Somehow she managed to bring Garmin back to life. But it has never been the same for me. I still always used paper maps and the GPS.
    I love the technology, but like anything something can always go wrong.
    John Pontsler

  17. Claire says:

    Ah, yes. The GPS. We call her Crazy Mary and she lives in a cabinet under our dinner table! We haven’t let her out since she told us to turn left into a cornfield! We had a CD playing at the time with Irish music. It was playing Crazy Mary from Londonderry. We looked at each other and said, “She’s right here in our RV!”

    I use Microsoft’s Streets and Trips on my laptop, plus maps by the dozen. Sometimes we do go “off-road” on purpose. With our old 31′ class C we took the old railway alignment behind Fort Bridger in Wyoming while following part of the Donner Party’s route on the California Trail across public land. We had maps from 1846 and current. What a blast when the sheriff stopped us and asked us if we were lost. We showed him our maps and he shared his with us and told us we were on the right track, the so-called road was good and to call him at home if we had any problems. We successfully found our way to Echo, Utah and discovered old bee-hive kilns along the way.

  18. John Knoll says:

    We have a Garmin and keep the navigation setting on “truck & bus” and seldom have a problem. It’s in the tools menu.
    Now to your article. This is why I hate 4way stop signs. People will sit there trying to decide if it’s their turn. With no green light telling them it’s OK to go they freeze. I use a 5 second rule. If it’s your turn and you don’t move in 5 seconds I take your turn. If you’re in front of me I hit the horn.

  19. Linda says:

    You’ve just repeated what I’ve been saying for years…thin the herd, can’t fix stupid, etc. I would imagine that pretty soon stupid will be judged to be a disability and the gov’t will actually send them checks.

    I don’t have a GPS (I can read a map) but I do know that Mapquest can be WAY off. I always double check on Google maps, and if I’m even vaguely familiar with the territory, compare both of them to what I know to be true. But then, I’ve never been accused of being stupid and if I did something really stupid I sure as hell wouldn’t go on TV & tell the world about it. LOL

  20. Jan Chilson says:

    Five seconds and you hit the horn!? You must honk a lot:)

  21. Chuck says:

    I agree 100% and what does that make the morons in the media??

  22. Connie Braidh says:

    We love “Jill” our Garmin. It has been a marriage saver. But “Jill” is not always right so you have to use, as so many of you have said, common sense along with an atlas to verify where you are going. I must say that “recalculating” it her nauseating voice is well, nauseating.
    However, these idiots lost in the snow will probably sue and win. And discussing the ambulance chasing attorneys in this country is another Bad Nick Blog. The company sued when it looses will simply pass on the cost to all other consumers. Don’t people get it? Many of our items cost more due to ridiculous litigation. The lady with the McDonald’s coffee between her legs comes to mind. She sued and won. How ridiculous is that?

  23. Tim Consil says:

    People traded the ability to think for themselves for convenience a long time ago. That’s why they love toys like the GPS and idiots like Rush.

  24. Dan Sheppard says:

    This reminds me of an incident that I read about in the Seattle Times about two years ago. A charter bus was travelling through the Seattle Arboretum. The roadway travels under an overpass about 10 feet high. Well, guess what. After ignoring several low clearance signs he hit the overpass at about 20 mph. Fortunately, there were only minor injuries on the bus. However, the bus suffered major damage. The driver told the Seattle Police that the GPS told him to go that way.

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