According to news reports, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian man who tried to blow up a Northwest airliner in Detroit on Christmas Day, was known to have terrorist ties.

His name was placed on a watch list because of his contact with radical Islamics. Last month his own father, a respected banker, went to the United States embassy in Nigeria to report his son’s extremist views, and expressed concern that he might be involved in terrorist activity. Despite this warning, the 23 year old was still allowed to board an aircraft flying to the United States, where he almost incinerated 278 passengers. Why?

What does it take to stop these lunatics from entering our country, and to get control of those already here? Why don’t we, as a nation, have the balls to say “Enough is enough,” and take a hard line?

The administration says it is illegal to “profile” people based upon their ethnicity or religion. Why? I haven’t heard any news reports of white Baptist women over age 55 attempting to blow up airliners lately. We all know that the nutcases who attack us are young men of Arabic descent, or people like Abdulmutallab, who have expressed radical Islamic viewpoints. Why do we have to wait for them to actually commit an act of aggression against us before we can respond? What’s wrong with treating these potential enemies like the threat they pose, and not allowing them anywhere near our shores?

What does it take before we pull our heads out of our respective butts and understand that we are in a war, and that the first rule of warfare is that there are no rules? Do you really give a damn if we offend a million Islamics who already hate us, if it prevents an attack on a single America citizen? I don’t!

Why don’t we round up the radicals in our own country who are here on visas and expel them, and then close our borders to anyone who even remotely resembles a terrorist? Okay, we may single out a handful that are just spouting off and may never actually do anything, but I can live with that, too.

We need a policy that basically says “If we have reason to believe that you pose a threat to our nation, or may pose a threat in the future; if you have contacts among the terrorist community, or if you express radical anti-American sentiment, you are not our friend. You are our potential enemy, and we don’t want you anywhere near our country.” Then we have to do whatever it takes to keep them out.

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  1. Cindy -- Wyoming says:

    Well said Nick! Unfortunately, the pendelum of our country’s mindset has swung all the way to being politically/socially correct. I’m afraid it won’t swing back before it is too late for all of us.

  2. Jim Burnett says:

    I agree with much of what you have said. The only point that troubles me is the part about “…if we have reason to believe…” Who will be the “we” … people like George W of Dick C or perhaps good ol’ Joe MCcarthy, or …. we not so good at identifying our enemies … unless the agree to identify themselves by wearing a unique uniform or all have slanty eyes or all are blond blue-eyed …
    We dpn’t seem to be able to effeciejntly cope with our own criminal elements, they *even know criminals with records) continue to slip through the cracks.
    Seems to ne we need another Australia, but we have run out of room … is that perhaps the imperiative for going to the moon again? How about setting up quarters and send all the bad guys of any stripe there? Sounds like a dumb idea, I know, but none of our good ideas have worked yet.
    Seems to me we need a whole WHOLE new set of decision makers, wipe the slate clean and start over.
    About what Cindy said; unfortunately the pendelum always swings from one extreme to another …

  3. The meat of the problem comes from the bleeding heart ACLU lawyers.
    Because of their views we are all at risk,
    IMO to become a ACLU lawyer you should be made to spend 20 years in this country’s service and or sit in a plane as it is flown into a building.

  4. Claire says:

    Nick for President!

  5. Gene Teggatz says:

    Well said Nick. Profiling is a no-no, but aren’t there restrictions on immigration based upon country of origin? So we do have profiling then.

    Like it or not, an identifiable group has made themselves un-welcome in our land. We can help them by just closing the doors! So how long before our leadership has the guts to slam the door shut on all travel -of said group- into our country?


  6. MichaelG says:

    We don’t do those things because they wouldn’t work. There are kids in the middle east with no criminal or other records at all who could be talked into a suicide mission. The only way to keep them out would be to keep out everyone from the middle east. We are not going to do that.

    This doesn’t represent a “war”. It’s just random nut cases who think they can take down an airplane. If this was being directed by people with experience, the attacks would be a lot more effective.

    Face it, we live in an open country with thousands of miles of borders and hundreds of flights coming in each day. Anyone with determination and a little money can get into this country. Explosives are available here, or can be brought in. You are never going to be completely safe. Life goes on.

    You are doing exactly what the terrorists want — overreacting and turning air travel into a nightmare. They want us to piss off the majority of the people in the middle east. They think our actions, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, will radicalize the people there. We will do the job that they haven’t been able to do.

    The right strategy is just to keep on being a prosperous open society that makes their countries look like the poverty-stricken religious dictatorships they are.

  7. Bob Derivan says:

    We don’t do those things because of the ACLU and others like Jim Burnett and MichaelG who have no spine and think you can change these radicals minds by “Talking to them”. I wish we had George W and Dick C back. The only thing that will change the Liberals minds is when the Nuk goes off in Chicago or LA or NYC. Wake up and smell the napalm!!!

  8. Linda Sand says:

    “Why do we have to wait for them to actually commit an act of aggression against us before we can respond? What’s wrong with treating these potential enemies like the threat they pose…?”

    Battered women seeking protection have been asking those same questions for years. Restraining orders do not keep them alive, either.

  9. Dave C. says:

    “This doesn’t represent a “war”. It’s just random nut cases who think they can take down an airplane. If this was being directed by people with experience, the attacks would be a lot more effective.”

    Michael, I wish I could agree with you. But you are miss informed.
    These radicals do not want to convert you, they do not want to tolerate you, they want you and your family DEAD.
    Based on their attitude, if you don’t mind, I would classify them as an enemy.
    I agree with Nick. We need to take a much harder line. If we continue to be “politically correct” we are again going to pay with blood.
    Our administration needs that “Headorectumy” that Nick speaks of.

  10. Sandy Stoltz says:

    Michael G, do you have any political aspirations? Because I would vote for you. Well said!

  11. Part of the problem now could possibly be found in a quote from our President’s book “The Audacity of Hope” in which he reports “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Some just dont understand that we are in a war for our survival and that of our country.

  12. Ken says:

    Nick, coould not agree more. I think if we just expelled the ones with an EXPIRED visa, it would be a giant step in the right direction. Oh wait, that would expel obama’s aunt wouldn’t it?
    As some on here have said, we are not in a war. Why? Do we have to declare a war? W at least had the guts to say “War on Terror”, the present administration is spineless and calls it man made extremism. The muslim extremists have declared Jihad, which is holy war on the US. We should not wait on an act of terrorism to defend ourselves.

    Always heard, the best defense is a good offense. True in games, true in life.

  13. Jim says:

    Yeah, they let him board the plane, but when my nephew and his wife wanted to fly to Chicago from Connecticut, they wouldn’t let their 3 your old son on the plane because they said he was on a terrorist list. It was OK for his parents to board, but not him.

    They finally convinced someone that the 3 year old, of English descent, was not a terrorist and they let him on the plane.

  14. Jane Robinson says:

    The British denied this guy a passport last year, but the US did not revoke his US visa. Why not?

  15. Mike R says:

    He was on a terrorist watch list, he paid $3000 cash for his ticket and had no luggage. Yeah, Nick, what does it take?

  16. Connie Braidh says:

    This is a war. Not declared by us but by them (the radical Muslim extremists). If you don’t think so, look at all the attacks on people and property. If we don’t as a nation wake up and do as much as possible to stop these terrorists, we will eventually not have a country. They want the ENTIRE world to be Muslim of their persuasion. If you are not with them, you are on their list for death, both as a country and as individuals. They are playing for keeps. They didn’t listen to Churchill about Hitler. They listened to Chamberlain and look what happened, WW2. What if that had been nipped in the bud and Hitler had been stopped? Do we never learn from the past?

  17. John Pontsler says:

    My question is: Who does the checking of passengers? Here in the US it is the TSA. Were they part of the boarding process where the nutcase got on the plane? I don’t know, but every encounter that I have had with TSA has been an unpleasant one. Mostly they are thugs and incompetents.
    The fact that they are part of the federal government, and that the Gov. wants to do health care, banking, and car building scares me. I just don’t think that they are capable of running anything successfully.

  18. Michele says:

    I just want to know what logic they use when they confiscate nail clippers, lighters, and food but you can board a plane with explosives strapped to your body?

  19. Tom in Ohio says:

    Many in our country have given up there fredoms to Washington DC.
    Many let the elected make their decisions and in part run their lives. Our country is fast becoming a place where more and more do less yet want more for it. Anger, distrust, hate etc replace respect and the traits that built America.
    Our past history is not being taught in our schools. Facts are spun to give credit to views of groups that don’t care for the good of all, just their agenda.
    For a brief time after 911 we returned to the spirit that has made us the greatest country ever known. We stood as one. People
    seemed to share that common goal. Kind of like how we were during WW2.
    I fear that those of us who stand up for our freedoms are a doomed group. I hear my grand children talk and wonder what kind of world and country they will live in the future. Communication works when both parties are open to such. When one is open and one is determined to keep a closed mind set, you have no chance for a peaceful conclusion. Terroists know that defeating their foe is the only way to win. When will we learn that too?

  20. SAL Bellomo says:

    Hi You said a mouth full that is true and some one should know there here for no good , and our Nation should wake up to it .
    Keep them out and no two way about it there no good for the

  21. Topfuel says:

    Hi Nick, I support your comments 100%. The reason they don’t do anything about it is because they listen to the State Dept., which is 100% socialist and the politicians are 48% socialist. We learned that in the last election where most of the young voters were brought up in socialist familys and given everything for free as socialism wants. Kruchef was right when he said we don’t need bombs to take you over, we will destroy you from within, and it is showing. I learned a lot of this doing intellegence work in Viet Nam. Wake up America.

  22. John Knoll says:

    When I was growing up in the 40s and 50s, my parents always warned me, “It’s not enough to be innocent; you must be free of suspicion. You will be judged by the company that you keep.”
    Now we have to be careful not to abuse others’ civil rights by accusing them before we have absolute proof that they are guilty. In the meantime they commit another crime.

  23. Tony says:

    Its funny how everyone likes the Constitution of The United States until it get in the way of their most recent fear or prejudice. What is being suggested is the same thing that was done to the Japanese because they looked different and easy to identify while letting the German descendents go about with their fifth-column activities.

    I still remember a favorite saying from the 50s. Better dead than read. Comes form the saying better dead than red. Joe McCarthy would be proud.

    As far as the ACLU goes their mission is to challenge the government on issues of the constitution. As I said earlier the Constitution is a great document that I believe in. Even when it is inconvenient.


  24. Bill Joyce says:

    Timothy McVeigh wasn’t Muslim.

  25. BiLL says:

    Thanks for the poor decisions at Air Port Security in Detroit…right after 911.. There was a man on board with ill intentions,sweating profusely and talking on the phone(which isn’t allowed) going through all compartments moving bags around. I herd him say “ala”. And i jumped up and went to the front to inform the crew…we were held on the run way then all of a sudden we were taking OFF!!! I didn’t take my eyes off this guy for the whole flight…and i believe he chickend out!! So with this I went out and purchased a really nice RV and I will never fly again being strapped into those missles and nothing you can do!!…I still get the shivers thinking about it today and now reading what has happened in Detroit!!

  26. Cal Hall says:


    Right on. I’m afraid that with the Socialists we have running the country now that we will have many more of these attacks. They don’t understand that you can’t reason or negotiate with terrorists becuse they don’t have anything to negotiate with. they just want to kill us.

  27. Paul Stough says:

    Interesting post, Nick, but not as interesting as the responses. It seems to many this is the first attempt ever of terrorism in the USA, and only happened because Obama is President. I swear that there is a certain segment of the population if asked about the weather today in Phoenix Arizona, would find a way to bring up how Obama and the “Socialists” are ruining this country!

    These people need to remember the two worst terrorists attacks on this country were during Republican Administrations. The 243 American Marines killed while sleeping in their barracks in Lebanon during the the Reagan Administration, and the 911 attack during the GW’s Administration.

    Then there is the outright innacuracies like the the supposed quote posted by Al Hesselbart.

    Check this:

    I agree more needs to be done to stop terrorists attacks. There is no way this guy should have been able to get on any airplane! Obviously, security in Amsterdam is lacking. As the old saying goes; a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

    I am sure the terrorists had a great laugh today as they once again saw the USA and the free world fall all over itself to increase security, and all that needed to be done is to see to it that current rules are applied.

    Nick, I agree that there is no reason that we should let so many people into this country who dont like our way of life, and continue to allow people who are not citizens to stay here who work to undermine our way of life. I believe not enough people understand the enormity of the problem, and therefore dont know how to deal with it.

  28. Tim Consil says:

    Well, yeah, Paul. Just a year ago with Bush in the White House we had full employment, gas prices were ten cents a gallon, there was world peace, no homeless people, and no illness in the world. Don’t you remember? Then that damn Obama came along and ruined it all for us!

  29. Redbear says:

    My definition of a terrorist is someone who makes you afraid to go about your business as normal because he/she can’t convince you to think his/her way. They create this fear by threats or actions, whether that action is blowing up an airplane, burning SUVs on a car dealer’s lot, ramming a whaling ship at sea, or trashing a research facility that uses any kind of animal.

    The Islamic terrorists have already won. We can’t go about our business as normal. A computer repairman can’t bring pliers or a screwdriver on an airplane enroute to a service call. You can’t go to the bathroom or finish preparing a presentation during the last 60 minutes of an inbound international flight. You can’t take your car and duck over to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls without a passport or enhanced driver’s license.

    To actually stop the terrorists who are bent on performing actions, we must be 100% effective. If we let only one slip through, there is damage. They can be caught 200 times and it doesn’t matter as long as the 201st gets through. They also have the advantage that they don’t care about civilian casualties, and we do.

    When we try to reach 100%, we have ‘collateral damage’ by ensnaring innocent people. Is it OK that Grandma can’t fly home for Christmas, because our suspicion level has reached paranoia, and we aren’t sure whether someone slipped a box cutter into her pocket when she wasn’t looking? To accept collateral damage is to agree to give up someone else’s freedom, and some of our own as well.

    In this last terror attempt, there is very little the US could have done. The Dutch did the screening. If we revoked the man’s visa and they let him on the plane anyway, what’s the point? Before we slam the Dutch, remember it was a Dutch passenger, not an American, who threw himself on the fire to put it out. There has been a lot of chatter this week in security circles about other countries that use more/less dogs and puffer machines than we do, but the bottom line is that we don’t control foreign airports.

    So the Dutch don’t allow US Air Marshalls on departing planes. They don’t prevent passengers from boarding. Maybe if we think it would help, we could train marshalls in unarmed combat and have them fly incognito, leaving their guns in the States.

    The answer to all of this is to just stop being afraid. It’s been said “Living well is the best revenge.” We are ALL going to die sometime, let’s not let terrorists or anti-terrorists make us so afraid of it that we become paralyzed into inactivity.

  30. Cal Hall says:

    You gotta love the Liberals.

  31. Kay F. Brown says:

    I have been on a rant for two days about this….We need to button down the hatches and get rid of all that even look like they might post a threat. I wouldn’t be suprised if they start making us strip and wear paper gowns to fly! This is rediculous. We need to grow some balls.

  32. Dale says:

    I think it is really scary how many people have the simple, unabashed views as above expressed and the following these folks garner. The die hard ignorant republicans are so quick to blame Obama and the democrats for this latest incident, but they conveniently overlook that this passenger boarded a plane in a foreign country and American security measures had nothing to do with it. And another thing is that if the general public only knew how many plots and “terrorists” are stopped on a daily basis, the one or two that slip through every now and then would not create such an outroar. One of the folks above was correct in stating that the terrorists have already won. Just take a look at the state of paranoia in the country right now.

    And, why is it that when someone disagrees they are quickly labeled a “liberal?” I disagree with some of the comments but I am not a liberal. I have many friends in the military and a son who is a policeman. I support helping our country first and foremost.

    I refuse to let the terrorists win by becoming paranoid. Like in Israel, it is imperative to be alert and aware. I agree that profiling must play an important role in preventing attacks but what it comes down to is this: Do you want fear to control your life? Take self defense courses, become volunteer police people, learn how to properly handle a gun, or learn what to watch out for the warning signs of a dangerous person. Do what it takes to be empowered, but slinging mud serves only to increase negativity when bridges must be built so that we can work together to avoid attacks and to defeat those who try to reign by terror.

  33. This brings me to an idea:…

  34. I cannot believe this will work!

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