Are you as sick as I am of the term undocumented immigrants? Political correctness be damned, what’s wrong with calling an illegal alien exactly that?

You can candy coat it all you want, but if they are in this country without going through the proper immigration channels, they are here illegally. If they are not resident citizens or legal immigrants, they are aliens. Doesn’t that make them illegal aliens? Let’s take it a step further – they are criminals.

Last week there was a major protest in Phoenix, Arizona in support of “undocumented immigrants” whom Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio routinely rounds up and turns over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The protestors claim that the Sheriff is violating undocumented immigrants’ rights by enforcing the law he swore to uphold.

What rights? They have no rights. They are not American citizens. Again, they are criminals who have violated the law by entering our country illegally. If you break into my home, you have no rights. You are a criminal, and will be dealt with accordingly. There’s a guy with several broken bones in his hand and wrist sitting in a jail cell up in Indiana who can confirm that for you.

The law is the law, and as long as the law says that we have an immigration policy, that law should and must be enforced. Rounding them up and deporting them is not only the right thing to do, it is required by law, no matter how much it offends the do-gooders who object.

Why do we even tolerate organizations that aid and promote illegal activity, like the ones that organized last weekend’s protest? How would we feel about organizations that supported burglars, drug dealers, or car thieves, and organized marches to protest when they get arrested? 

Those who support “undocumented immigrants” complain that not only are these people being deported, but in the process, their families are ripped apart when they have children who were born in this country. Isn’t that what happens when a robber or a rapist with children goes to jail? Isn’t his family ripped apart, as a result of his illegal actions? Here’s a concept – if you don’t want your family ripped apart, stay in your own damned country and have your kids there!

Call me heartless, but I don’t care how tough they had it back in their homeland. I don’t care that they are here to build a better life for themselves and their families. I’m sure the creep who broke into our place felt he had a good reason to do so. Why don’t they stay in their own country and work on resolving the problems there that make it a cesspool with no opportunities? Could it be because the places they come from don’t have neat things like welfare?

No, we shouldn’t back off on deporting illegal aliens, we should step up our efforts to do so. They are criminals, and we are fully capable of growing our own criminals right here at home. We don’t need to import them.

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55 Comments on “Undocumented” = Illegal

  1. Jim Burnett says:

    As I read through your rant, I had several reactions, one of which was – Hey’s it’s ‘kinda like the pot calling the kettle black. Who are we to kick out the undocumented illegal aliens? There’s only one group that has any real legal claim to being here … we call them Indians, Native Americans, Savages … whatever. If we could and did assume residence, rights and a sense of legality, why shouldn’t the modern day so-called illegals??? Why all the fuss to defend ourselves against what we once were. It does not make a whole lot of sense. Perhaps the only difference between us then and the aliens now, is that back then we had greater firepower with which to take over what was not ours to take. Just food for thought ….

  2. Joe says:

    Jim has a point, but we could second guess history all the way back to why did God create the heavens and the earth.

    We are here NOW, the illegals are here NOW. We need the enforce the LAWS or change them. Splitting families wouldn’t happen if the illegals where legal when they had their kids here.

    Illegals should have one right, the right to be deported back to their country.

  3. Darrell says:

    Hey Jim, back off. We stole this land fair and square and we need to be deporting the illegal aliens and we need to be doing it quickly. See what happened to the Indians, Native Americans, Savages, whatever… when they didn’t deport illegal aliens!!!

  4. Tom in Ohio says:

    Jim why not start a blog for them and collect money? Post a welcome to my neighborhood sign. Take more money from your pocket and buy then food and housing. Show you care. Its funny that most of the people who want them to be here don’t want them on their block. Do things the right way and most of the masses will agree. Ever notice when you try them the wrong way most of the masses disagree? As a nation we have drifed away from living by our laws. Its easy to voice an opinion when you have not been a victum of your cause. Perhaps you ought to get out of that perfect world you live in and come join the real world with us.

  5. There are legal ways to enter this country of laws. When we Europeans arrived back then — there weren’t the laws on the books, at least none that we knew of. Of course the locals of the day may have had their own opinions. Not defending that time, but as Joe says, NOW is NOW, and we live in the NOW. Let’s find ways to make legal immigration work for both sides. But while we round them up and deport them, let’s be considerate enough to give them a place to sleep for one night, and a meal or two — than boot ’em out.

  6. Gail in Texas says:

    I am with you 100% Nick. Illegal immigrants are criminals.

    There is a big difference in our ancestors expanding into this sparsely settled area to develop the land and the illegal immigrants of today. Most of our ancestors attempted to do everything in a just way. There were no well known written laws that the indians had. The indians tried to claim land they took from others and they tried to claim vast stretches of land. They didnt pay for the land. They just tried to make a claim it was theirs even though they may have took part of it from other natives in the past.

    Todays illegal immigrants know the laws of the US. They know they are breaking our laws. Many are good hard working individuals, but they are willingly breaking our laws.

  7. Wayne says:

    Enter our country thru the Front Door not the Back!!! Like our fore farthers did. Looks like the Sherriff has the only real plan. The law is the law. Are we ready to give special rights to the terrorist too.

  8. SAL Bellomo says:

    Both I and my wife say send them back where they came from and take care of the people here . We have people here that need all the help they can get that cost us more then we need .If we go there they put you in jail and kiss your Asxxxx go by .

  9. George Stoltz says:

    Good topic, Nick. I support your point of view.

  10. Chris says:

    “There’s a guy with several broken bones in his hand and wrist sitting in a jail cell up in Indiana who can confirm that for you.”

    Whoa there….Hey did I miss something…..when did this happen Bad Nick.
    Please lets hear the story how he got caught.
    You and Miss Terri must be so relieved he’s been nabbed.

  11. Claire says:

    Nick for President!

    I believe in the Constitution and the laws of the land. Our taxes (our money) is paid to take care of our citizens and our land. You are welcome here if you are legally here. Illegal aliens are ILLEGAL and that means they are here against our laws. Doesn’t every country have the same laws? Maybe not; but WE DO.

    And, Nick, I’m glad to hear they caught that guy that gave you so much grief. I must have missed that blog.

  12. Jesse Haman says:

    But if we send them back, who is going to cut the grass?

  13. Rex says:

    The illegals are invaders and should be shot on sight. They are criminals just like the ones that broke into Nick and Miss Terry’s home.

    The American Indian did not control illegal immigration and as a result they lost the war and are now a defeated group of what was independent nations. If we do not control illegal immigration, we will experience the same thing. Another thing that needs changing is the anchor baby law. Currently if a child is born on American soil, that child is a U.S. Citizen and thus his guardian or mother can stay to take care of him. That is wrong. If the mother is here illegally, so is the kid.

  14. Paul Stough says:

    You are absolutely right Nick. Why do the open borders supporters call illegal aliens undocumented immigrants? As I have read somewhere else, should those that sell drugs that are illegal, be call undocumented pharmacists? Arent these terms just euphemisms to try and make these law breakers appear more acceptable?

    It is too bad that most of the discussion of illegal aliens is centered on whether they should be allowed to enter our country, or whether those that are here should be allowed to stay, instead of the damage the illegal aliens have done to our economy, not because they are inherently bad people, but the fact that the sheer numbers of them have created such a huge over supply of low skilled and un-skilled labor in this country, which has in turn driven down wages and benefits for millions of Americans in the last 40 years, and the subsequent huge increase in demand for social services for American workers who now find themselves below the poverty level, and not to be overlooked is the billions of dollars in social services that the illegals are able to garner.

    The most egregious of these social service costs is the cost of hospitalization of the mother and care for newborn babies of illegals as a result of the concept of “anchor babies”, which is based on a misapplied notion of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution. In California there are safe houses for pregnant illegals, who then go to the hospital to have their babies and the State of California pays all the bill, and the baby becomes an American citizen with all the inherent benefits of citizen ship including social welfare benefits. I heard the Governor of California say that in one year it cost his state over $400,000,000 for this one social welfare benefit! As and aside, it is no wonder California, and many other states as well, are in such financial trouble!

    The illegal aliens are killing the goose that lays the golden egg, and the businesses that hire them at starvation wages are getting rich!

    What is wrong with this picture????

    And when are we as a country going to fix it???

    One final thought.

    You cant have a country, if it doesnt have borders.

    Paul Stough

  15. Dan Chance says:

    Hey Jim. You’re the one who “does not make a whole lot of sense”.
    It’s hard to believe that some people just don’t get it. A civilized society by definition, must have basic rules, or you have anarchy. Your analogy that Native Americans lost much of their land, therefore it’s OK for anyone, and everyone to just walk across our border is tremendously flawed. Nick has it right, when he says that an illegal alien is exactly that.

  16. Sam says:

    The children of illegal aliens (anchor babies) have bankrupted the state of California:

    In 2009, San Bernardino County spent $64 million providing welfare benefits to U.S.-born children of illegal aliens.

    According to county records, during a typical month, close to 15,000 offspring of illegal aliens received either welfare payments or food stamps in 2009. Over 11,000 of those children received both forms of assistance.

    Assemblyman Steve Knight, R-Palmdale, told the San Bernardino Sun: “This is a huge burden on our state. Obviously, these kids are U.S. citizens and that’s fine. But when you look at it, these parents should have never been here in the first place.”

    Raymond Herrera, founder and president of We The People California’s Crusader, said: “The American people are fed up with illegal aliens depleting our tax dollars by overrunning our schools, our hospitals and our welfare system.”

    While $64 million more than the county can afford particularly during the current deep recession, it is but a drop in the bucket, when you consider what the entire state of California is paying-out to ‘anchor babies’ and their illegal alien parents.

    In August 2009, Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich made public the staggering amount which the taxpayers spend on illegal aliens, living in L.A. County. Last June alone, the county paid out $48 million to the children of illegal aliens, an increase of $10 million over June 2007.

    $26 million of that total came in the form of food stamps, while another $22 million was given to the illegal alien families in welfare checks.

    Assuming that June was a typical month for 2009, Los Angeles County spent nearly $600 million on those two programs last year alone. That is in addition to the more than $1 billion that the county spends annually on the medical treatment, education, emergency services, and incarceration of illegal aliens.

    These figures explain why not only L.A. County, but the entire state of California are now in financial ruin. Supervisor Michael Antonovich told reporters that illegal aliens continue to have a “catastrophic impact on Los Angeles County taxpayers.”

    In 2003, the American Southwest saw 77 hospitals enter bankruptcy due to unpaid medical bills incurred by illegal aliens. A staggering 84 hospitals in California alone, have been forced to close their doors because of the growing crisis. Hospitals which manage to remain open, pass the unpaid costs onto the rest of us, which translates into more out-of-pocket expenses and higher insurance premiums for Americans.

    With rising unemployment, huge trade deficits due to the loss of our manufacturing base, and a soaring national debt, we simply cannot afford to pay the bills for this nation’s illegal alien population. We can no longer accept elected representatives who choose to better represent a foreign national population, rather than those of us who actually pay their salaries.

    Illegal immigration is slowly but surely destroying this nation.

    Illegal immigration…a crime we cannot afford!!

    This article was written on Jan 20th, 2010 and was provided by:

  17. Cher says:

    They cannot use the excuse of “bettering” themselves. All the jobs are going to Mexico and the various welfare programs are going broke as are many states. If they spoke English, and could read our newspapers, they would know better than to come here.

  18. Deb Peters says:

    Jesse I would cut the grass, but nobody wants me for $8.00 an hour when they can get Juan for $5.00.

  19. Bob Derivan says:

    I totally agree with you on this one Nick and fully support Sheriff Joe. I voted for him in the past and will again in the future. I believe the reason we have the person we have in the White House now is because of John McCane’s stand on this subject. I usually don’t base my support on one issue, but in this case, this problem is so serious I did. He couldn’t even carry his own state because the people here realize what a serious problem this is. People need to really open their eyes and see what a serious problem to the future of this country this is. One only needs to look at history to see what results from this “open border” policy.

  20. Dale says:

    We used to live in Long Island, New York where illegal immigrants had their own communities and lived in slum conditions because landlords took advantage. When the federal government did nothing to deport the illegals and the local government stepped in, there was nothing but criticism leveled at it.

    What we need to do is to stay on top of our elected officials to enforce the laws that are already on the books. If we needed to hire someone to work on the house, we would not permit anyone without a proper VISA or documentation to be hired for the job by our contractor.

    Let’s all question the contractors we hire to make sure they do not employ illegal immigrants. I do not support the violence that has been directed against many illegals, but just about all of the money they earn goes out of our country, further weakening our economy.

    Why should we have to learn Spanish, for example, because immigrants, legal and illegal, refuse to learn at least business English? We are in the Kissimmee area where we feel like English is the second language.

    Let’s work to revise our laws to permit work VISAs for only those professions where we have shortages and let’s work to make sure that the only folks who earn privileges like social security are the ones who have contributed to the system.

    Nick, really glad to hear they caught the criminal who broke into your home!

  21. Jerry Hayes says:

    Well said, Nick! Why don’t you run for president and Sheriff Joe for vice-president? We need more people in this country that has the backbone to stand up and say what the majority of America believes and wants! Change the ACLU to MCLU and send them to Mexico to straighten THAT country out.

  22. Ed Buckberrough says:

    Two bad more Americans don’t voice there outrage about these protests of undocumented aliens. How can any one compare imigrants who enter our country following the rules, to people who sneak accross the border illegaly ?.

  23. Cal Hall says:

    Right on track as usual.

  24. Dave Kunz says:

    NICK FOR PRESIDENT. And his followers for his cabinate

  25. Connie Braidh says:

    Native Americans are also “illegal aliens”. They came across the land bridge from Asia during the last Ice Ages. They are NOT NATIVE either. They may have been here first but there was competition for this land and they “lost” or did they? I see lots of reservations and casinos where they are living and making money. It is their choice to take or not to take advantage of their opportunities. The same as any indiviual in this country has the choice in his/her life to succeed or fail.
    The point here is that the laws now state that you have to come into this country legally. If you do not, you are illegal and should be deported. And here I am going to express probably an opinion you may not like but I think if they deliberately come across the border to have their baby in the US and they are not legally here then their baby should NOT be a legal US citizen either. It’s time we all obeyed the laws. And if you don’t like the law, get it changed. But illegal is illegal.
    And I am tired of political correctness. I have rights too. Suprise!!! If I want to call a person spastic rather than “physically challenged” or use the word dwarf instead of “little person,” big deal. It is not derogatory. It is descriptive.
    Alba is the Latin word for white as in albinism. The word, negro, comes from the Latin word for black, nigra. Which is kind of funny because when “black American” was the correct word and they disliked Negro they were just using the American word for black not the Latin word for black. So these words are descriptive words not derogatory words.
    When you use words, no matter what the word is, in a nasty or demeaning way, then yes, I would say, “Stop using the word.” Otherwise, “Get a life. There are more important things to get in a dither about than what descriptive word is being used.”

  26. BoB says:

    They(illegals) want easy street…The one that was paved for them from BLOOD,SWEAT and TEARS for this country!! Some where people have forgotten how they have this pure freedom that now is turning so quickly to doom! My fellow people NEED to learn history before its all taken away in a blink of an eye! Give a prayer tonight for the fallen. P.S- There really isn’t easy street but there is street smarts. Use the brain, it likes to exercise.

  27. Orv Schinke says:

    You’re absolutely right, Nick. The law is the law. Our officials went out of their way to prevent my granddaughter from taking a necessary aspirin while in school because “that’s the law.” Well, isn’t it “the law” that “illegals” are just that, “illegal” and do not belong here. Our nation is getting more stupid every day!

  28. Ray Schneider says:

    Right on Nick ,If they want to live,work here enter the country the legal way.Why can’t or won’t our U.S. Government adopt the concept of the good sherriff.

  29. Elaine says:

    I agree 100% with Nick,we need to send them all back to Mexico. If they have a kid here then they need to take them back also. I am tired of hearing about the poor people who are so mistreated. California is now called the new Mexico since the illegals seem to outnumber us. Spanish is the first language and everyone is expect ti seems to learn it and not English. there needs to be more sheriffs like the one Nick talks about. By the way prisoners also have more rights than the honest people. This I know from working the prison system.

  30. Jerry Criswell says:

    You said “Are we ready to give special rights to the terrorist too.” Yes we are. Keep your eye on the upcoming trial for the terrorist in NYC.

    And I agree with Bob. McCain is a democrat who calls himself a republican. Arizona should not re-elect him.

  31. John Knoll says:

    If, as the bleeding hearts would have you believe, these illegals have been here for years and therefore should be given amnesty and allowed to stay, does that mean that if I can prove that I have been supporting my family for the last 10 years by robbing banks that I should be given a pass and allowed to continue?

    Also, why not deport all 12 million illegals and make the able- bodied people on welfare take those jobs. Does anybody remember the “manpower” programs? Oh, yeah, the political party in office would probably lose all those welfare votes!!!

  32. Lu Larson says:

    We lived in AJ for over 20 years, and have always agreed with what Sheriff Joe says and does. Wished we had a “Sheriff Joe” up here in the pacific northwest. Too many illegal aliens in this great country of ours, useing benefits that they haven’t even earned. My brother is one of the armed maricopa posse members and loves every minute of it.

  33. Hector Garcia says:

    Racist bullshit! To you all Latinos are illegal! But our numbers and power base grow everyday.

  34. Bill Auld says:

    That last post says it all.

  35. Bill Auld says:

    Hector, thank you for your insight on your true feelings. I hope that all Latinos do not feel the way you do.

  36. ken says:

    Just a little info. I consumed while traveling around the World !
    As a U.S. citizen in another country,should your wife give birth
    in said country ,this does not make that child an instant citizen!!! In all cases I’m aware of that child has a dual citizenship. At the time that child is 21 it must pick just where
    it wants to claim citizenship!!!!! As far as I know it has always been this way. Where everyone got the idea that anyone can come to the good old U.S.A.Have a child and we call it a citizen is beyound me. Lets check it out! Ken

  37. MichaelG says:

    So if the law changes and we legalize them all, you people will shut up about this?

  38. Marianne says:


    Right on target.

    Bank Robber=Undocumented withdrawal

    Sheriff Joe for Senator!!!!

  39. Susan Cameron says:

    I’m with Chris, Nick! Excuse me for going off-topic, but your next post should be about the capture of the guy who broke into your Winnebago. Did the cops catch his running buddy too?

  40. Lu Larson says:

    Why should we shut up. Its the LAW…If they learn to speak ENGLISH, learn our history and laws, fly the US flag. Then come on in…

  41. Patsy C says:

    I’m disappointed, but not surprised, to see you take this position, Nick. I thought, or at least hoped, that you were better than that.

  42. Tony says:

    This is a topic where I agree with Bad Nick. However if anyone thinks their elected reps are going to do anything, think again. The Dems want the illegals for votes and the Reps want them for cheap labor. With both parties wanting the same, more illegals, get ready for a lot of new citizens.

    Remember not all illegals are from South America. There are numerous Europeans, Indians, Canadians (though I don’t know why).

    I do know one thing, if I had been born into poverty in Mexico you can bet your last dollar I would be an illegal myself.

  43. Phil Brown says:

    Right on Nick. They are all criminals and shoud be rounded up like animals and sent back thier own country. They should have no rights in this country unless they enter legaly and then just the right to work. If they want all the rights that US citizens have let them enter legaly and go through the process of becoming a US citizen.

  44. Bill Auld says:

    Patsy, what makes a person any better or any worse for taking a position you do not believe in?????? Please explain your rational for your last post.

  45. Clyde Pruitt says:

    Nick, you have hit the nail on the head on this one. We also need to stop giving Welfare money to people who do not deserve it such as illegal alliens and women who have babies in order to get a larger Welfare check and the children never benifiting from the money and give the money to disabled veterans and other truly needy people. I have diabetis because I was exposed to agent orange in Viet Nam and I only get $240 a month plus I have had flasbacks (Post Tramutic Syndrome)for years that has developed into bouts of severe depression that leads to suicidal thoughts and I am having difficulty getting help from VA while illegals and women with multiply kids get money hand over fist. I also have a beef with our Social Security system. I paid into SS for several years while working in factories and Utility work and my print out shows that I should draw between $700 & $800 per mo but because I went to college and became a special education teacher and have a small teacher’s retirement check from Kentucky my SS ck was cut to $388 per mo.

  46. Patsy C says:

    How can I explain the obvious? I would hope that someone with Nick’s common sense and previously stated opposition to racial discrimination would be true to his word and not a hypocrite. This post shows that I was wrong, and that he is just as bigoted and narrow minded as so many people these days, even though he proclaims not to be.

    Undocumented immigrants are human beings who only want to improve things for themselves and their families, which is a basic human right. Instead they are treated like animals, hunted down and forcibly deported. America is big enough for everybody, even if many minds here are not.

  47. Bill Auld says:

    Patsy do not take me wrong, I also believe everyone has a right to try and better there life(human rights), but do it within the laws.

    What you are basically saying is let everyone into this country be it undocumented or not. If I am reading your post right you are saying that being a potential threat(a human being) is alright with you. Patsy, I understand what you are saying, but there are laws that should obeyed.

  48. Bill Auld says:

    Patsy, one last thing. I think you are an understanding person, but calling someone a bigoted person has a harness to it. Maybe intolerant would be a better word.

    Thank you for your time—Bill

  49. Connie Braidh says:

    Patsy, Nick is not being a hypocrite. He is merely asking anyone (not just Mexicans) who comes into this country to do it legally. This country can not support everyone who just wants to come into the country willy nilly. There is such a thing as overpopulation. Look at India and China who have approximately 1/2 of the world’s population. While we may have sympathy for third world country residents, there are rules (laws) about immigration to this country. People (presently many Mexicans) are ILLEGALLY flooding across the borders. We are asking them to obey the laws of this country and enter legally.
    There are many Mexicans here legally. I applaud them for entering the correct and legal way. I am just asking that the US laws be enforced; return illegals to their home country. This is not racist as it is not targeting any specific racial group. It is simply the law. As I said before if you don’t like a law you get it changed, you just don’t ignore it and do what you want. That leads to anarchy and chaos.
    I assume you drive on the right side of the road. Why? The law says so. What if tomorrow you decide to drive on the left side of the road just because you want to? You want to only obey the rules you like and you don’t like to drive on the right side of the road. You think the left side is better and you don’t want to obey the law. Chaos, Patsy, Chaos. That’s why the illegals need to return to their home country. The law says they are illegal and need to return. Otherwise this country will have chaos. We are moving that way anyway with many people only obeying the rules they like and ignoring the ones they don’t like or want. It doesn’t work that way if you want any civilization at all.

  50. Bill Auld says:

    Connie, well said.

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