Radio windbag Rush Limbaugh has built a career on finding something to complain about, and our current President has been a favorite target, which is understandable. Limbaugh is a conservative and his job is to put down the opposition. He does a darned good job at it, right or (mostly) wrong.

But apparently Limbaugh has had a change of heart about President Obama, and he now must think the President has powers far beyond those of mortal man. Powers the like of which we have not seen since Biblical days. The other day Limbaugh claimed that the earthquake that devastated Haiti “played directly into Obama’s hands.”

Now, personally I don’t think President Obama is any better or worse than most of the other men who have held his office. He’s a politician, so how good can he be, right? But I had no idea that the President could rally the forces of nature to further his political agenda! Can he part the sea and walk on water too? I’m impressed!

Limbaugh went on to say that the President is using the tragedy in Haiti to enhance his standing with minorities in this country and around the world. So I guess that when President George W. Bush sent aid to Indonesia, Taiwan, and the Philippines last year after typhoons devastated that region, he was trying to make himself look good in the Pacific Rim? In 2008, the United States sent supplies and rescue workers to Haiti, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic, in the wake of hurricanes that tore through those countries, because it was all a part of Bush’s plan to gain support in the Caribbean. In 2005, the United States sent $100,000 in aid to Mexico after Hurricane Wilma. Aha! Another Bush plan to win favor south of the border? And it worked! Look how many of them have been streaming across the border to thank us! How about the Marshall Plan way back in 1948-1952, when our country helped rebuild western Europe following World War II? What was that sneaky President Truman up to there?

Does everything have to be a conspiracy? If a Boy Scout helps an old lady across the street, is he getting ready to push her in front of a bus so he can steal her purse? Can’t anything anybody ever does be just what it looks like, and not some evil plot?

Isn’t it possible that in every case I mentioned here, as well as all of the other times our country has stepped up to the plate to help others in need, just as we are doing now, that it could be that it’s because that’s the kind of people we are? Compassionate people who just want to help?

Limbaugh’s remarks drew criticism from folks on both the left and the right who think he went too far this time. Of course, nothing fazes a guy with an ego like his. When a caller voiced his criticism over Limbaugh’s comments, the talk show host shot back that the caller was a blockhead, and a close-minded bigot.

Wow, that’s kind of like a guy my size calling somebody chubby!

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32 Comments on Can He Walk On Water Too?

  1. Jim says:

    Me thinks Harry Reid had something to do with that earthquake. Talk about diversion, Harry should get down on his knees and thank GOD that the networks have a new horse to beat.
    I’m not at all happy about that event ….. Harry stinks and needs more bad publicity.

  2. Dale says:


    To equate any one person with any kind of “natural” catastrophe makes you the perfect example of what Bad Nick talks about in this post.

  3. Bob Miller says:

    BO needs all the help he can get to devert us from his ways. The Quake was just another way to do this. Rush is mostley RIGHT very rarely WRONG Nick you must not listen to him much. Maybe you use the blogs to much to get your info Nick.

  4. Bob is swinging the other way too! Limbaugh is a verifiable idiot and a$$hole. However, his rantings and ravings are making him a rich idiot, so he keeps on. Thank goodness for Bad Nick for keeping us steady and giving us a clear view!

  5. Jesse Haman says:

    Rush told a caller he was a blockhead and a closed minded bigot? Rush must have called himself.

  6. Dennise Ziaja says:

    As Rushie sits on his new $400 million contract he is laughing his a$$ off at the folks who follow him…dittoheads have made this piece of filth rich and powerful. He asked a woman caller if her ears were stuffed “with tampons” when she questioned why he made such outrageous comments about the President. He also said that Haitians “had no value”…..Rushie said the President urged folks to click on the White House web page where they could find a charity listed on the page where they could donate their money to Pres. Obama…Rushie boldly claimed that the PRESIDENT would steal the funds to fund his agenda…does this man have no sense of humanity…? I figured that when he had chest pains they’d find nothing wrong, the man HAS no heart. I pity the world you live in Bob if you think that his man is right. May God have mercy on your soul….if you’ve not sold it to hatred yet.

  7. Paul Stough says:

    Three of Limbaugh’s favorite methods of trying to put someone down are exaggeration, ridicule and name calling. Joseph Goebbels would be proud!

    There was a time when I didnt mind listening to Rush. That was when George Bush the Elder was President, and Rush was a conservative. I recall on numerous occasions of Rush really being upset with President Bush for not being a conservative, and rightly so, as neither of the Presidents Bush are conservatives.

    Then Rush was so wrong about Bill Clinton’s ability to get elected and re-elected as the President. Anyone else remember how Rush bragged on ad finitum about how if Bill Clinton were to be the Democrat Presidential nominee against sitting President Bush that the Democrats should “start drinking the cool-aid”? As I am sure most of you know the cool-aid reference was to the Jim Jones mass suicide in South America several years ago. After being so wrong, Rush became nothing more than a shill and hatchet man for the Republicans.

    If Rush was a true conservative, he would not have so strongly supported Arnold Swartzenegger in the California governors race. If anyone thinks Swartzenegger is a conservative, they need to look up the word in the dictionary. A true conservative would not have endorsed either candidate.

    One last thing; What is the difference between Rush Limbaugh and the Hindenburg?

    One is a flaming Nazi gas bag, and the other is a dirigible.


  8. Phil Brown says:

    Any body that thinks any mortal person has any thing to do with a natural disaster is an IDIOT.

    Pres O did exactly what the Pres should do. He just happened to do it a little faster than GWB responded to Katrina.

    Limbaugh,s idiotic comments just proves that he is an idiot and most of the garbage that he spews is just that garbage. Anyone who believes the crap that comes for the paid commentators like him and others should go take an IQ test to see if they are really that stupid.

  9. Kenneth says:

    “You are Correct sir.”
    As Ed used to say to Carnac.
    The book tile says it all.
    Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot.

  10. Leslie Sharp says:

    I’m confused. How did you go from bashing Rush, whch I agree with, to bashing overweight people, which is not funny at all?

  11. Don Ferrier says:

    You are obviously a socialist if you post crap like this. I was in the army during vietnam and did not have the honor or prvlidge of combat, but still served. How did you like hiding out in canada with you hippy frinds? I am proud of my National Defence ribbon for defending my country. Not tryng to destroy it. What do you have to show? A peace symbol? You and your kind make me sick! Go back to Russia where you belong!

  12. Ted Cooper says:

    Don Ferrier, anytime you want to start comparing medals with Nick, I’d love to see it! You need to get your head out of your butt and know what you’re talking about before you say something so stupid. I bet he’d have happily traded your duty in someplace like Fort Dix for some of the places he served. Any anyone who thinks combat is “honorable” or a “privilege” has been watching too many movies!

  13. Joe P says:

    If we had Rush as president this country would be straightened out in six months or less. Where do you get off criticizing the only American journalist with the balls to speak the truth?

  14. Sonya says:

    Nick, stop picking on Rush. There are a lot of people who can’t think for themselves, and they rely on him to do it for them!!

  15. Dale says:

    Where does anyone get off criticizing “the only American journalist with the balls to speak the truth?” The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The same rights that permit Rush Limbaugh to spout off about anything he feels like.

    Memories are so short. If a person opposed the Bush administration they were un-American. So, why is it now acceptable to oppose the current administration and not be labeled un-American?

    Oppose the administration if your beliefs so lead you, but respect should be shown and facts should be there to back up your opinion and Rush Limbaugh has shown no facts and no respect to anyone.

  16. Don Ferrier, when you make direct personal attacks you have to tell us who you’re attacking. Lots of folks posting here.

    If by some stretch of the imagination you’re referring to Nick, then you obviously know nothing about him.

  17. And now for a more general comment. I’ve grown sick of the unending propaganda from both the Republicans and the Democrats. Actually I’ve been sick of the Democrats since the Carter administration, but that’s a different topic. I started listening to Rush his first year on the national show, and I was a huge fan for many years, but he’s starting to sound more and more like the other bookend for Michael Moore.

    Of the conservative talk shows I probably like Glen Beck most of all. He seems honest and logical — refreshing.

  18. Susan Cameron says:

    Excellent analysis, Nick, and I hope we Americans continue to be compassionate people who just want to help. Bob Miller and Don Ferrier: Thanks for your illiterate posts. You confirmed my prejudices and suspicions about the majority of Rush’s fans, and I am deeply grateful. Paul Stough: Thanks for the joke, which I’m passing along in about five minutes!

  19. Don Ferrier says:

    Yes I ment the author of this crap and I don’t care if he won the congresionl medal of honor, hes still a socialist and don’t belong in this country. Go back to Russia you fat slob!!!! Miss Cameron I may not be illiterate but at least Im a REAL Americnn and not a socialist!!!!!!!

  20. Pam says:

    Very well said, Nick.

  21. Bob Miller says:

    Most of the coments are from the ME generation. Nick you are a liberal because you were in Vietnam and are a product of the me generation. Also you were taught by the leftist teachers in college. I dare you to actually listen to Rush for at least 6 weeks and then come back. Maybe then your opinion will change. Maybe not. Ron White said it best (YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID) Some of the people I know are from the me generation!!!!!!!!! There writing proves it.

  22. Bob Miller says:

    Susan Camerion as O”Riley said you need to get off the KOOL AIDE. The joke is that you are a marxist and don’t even know it.

  23. Bill Joyce says:

    I didn’t realize Rush was the one who can walk on water.

  24. Bill Auld says:

    Let’s talk about socialism. 1. does not social security or medicare have socialistic leanings. I bet all of you out there that are against anything that has to do with socialism would not for one minute give up their social security or medicare.

  25. Paul Stough says:

    Along the lines of what bill Auld said; Would those of you who replied by decrying socialism; do you believe President G W Bush and all the Republicans who supported Medicare Part D(Medicare Prescription Law) are socialists and should go to Russia?

    Something to think about.

    I see there are those who have responded who are using one of Rush’s and Joseph Goebbels favorite tactics; that of name calling. The idea being that during a discussion once you call someone a name, they either have to defend the name calling, or accept the name calling and defend the the original argument. It is hard to do both.

    In my opinion once you start name calling you have admitted you cant defend your position, so you attack those on the other side of the issue personally.

    Great post and follow up discussion!


  26. Ted Cooper says:

    What’s next, Bob. You gonna sitck out your tongue too? How childish are you that you have to resort to name calling to try to get your point across?

    Nick was a Liberal because he was in Vietnam? He was what, 17, 18, maybe 19 when he went there? What kid that age has any idea what a Liberal or Conservative is?

    Oh, by the way, he mentioned more than once that he enlisted, he was not drafted. Now that’s a Liberal thing to do!

    And since when has it been the Liberals that go fight our wars? Aren’t us Liberals the peace loving Commie Pinkos?

  27. Cal Hall says:

    You sure spun em up this time.
    Well done even if I don’t agree with you 100%.

  28. Sonya says:

    I find it interesting that the “red blooded American veteran” wants anybody who disagrees with him to “go to Russia” while the owner of this blog allows that same person to call him things like a “fat slob” and does not delete his post. So which one is the “real American” who values things like freedom of speech? Methinks it’s the guy who fought and bled for that right, not the guy who never had the “honor or prvlidge of combat.” But that’s just me.

  29. Bob Miller says:

    Ted I am doing what the Dems do. Talk and make no since and snow them with words.

  30. Bob Miller says:

    Well I have had my fun!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Susan Cameron says:

    I am indeed a Marxist. Long live Groucho, Chico and Harpo! :) Good night, all.

  32. […] net to the other.  A few days ago I was labeled a Liberal by somebody who didn’t like my blog Can He Walk On Water Too, and in response to the blog post Undocumented = Illegal, another reader called me a bigot. Can’t […]

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