I love writing this blog, but sometimes I feel like a tennis ball bouncing back and forth from one side of the net to the other.  A few days ago I was labeled a Liberal by somebody who didn’t like my blog Can He Walk On Water Too, and in response to the blog post Undocumented = Illegal, another reader called me a bigot. Can’t anybody believe that I’m just an independent thinker who has varied opinions on many different topics? Is the world so black and white that it’s always us against them?

Well, here’s one that will get my name moved over to the Liberal side of the board again, at least until next time.

I received the same e-mail three times yesterday, claiming that after 42 years, “Obama has denied a military fly-over at the annual God and Country rally in Idaho.” According to the e-mail making the rounds, President Obama himself halted the flyover, which honors new recruits and active duty military. The e-mail claims that the fly-over has happened every year for 42 years, until the current President refused to allow it. The e-mail further claims that the reason the President did so was because of the events’ “Christian nature.”

Like most of the crapola that comes around from both the Right and the Left, in this case the spin doctors twisted facts to fit their personal agenda. Yes, there will not be a fly-over, but no, President Obama did not refuse to let it happen. There is no evidence that the President said one word about it, or was even aware of the decision not to to approve the flyover. The President probably has a lot more on his plate than to personally approve or disapprove every request that comes into every branch of the government.

Department of Defense (DoD) policy regarding community relations, adopted in 2001 (gee, who was President then?) states: “Community relations activities shall not support, or appear to support, any event that provides a selective benefit to any individual, group, or organization, including any religious or sectarian organization, ideological movement, political campaign or organization, or commercial enterprise, to include a shopping mall or motion picture promotion. When DoD support is provided to one non-Federal entity, the DoD Component commands or organizations providing such support must be able and willing to provide similar support to comparable events sponsored by similar non-Federal entities.”

In the God and Country rally case, according to a story in the Idaho Press-Tribune, military representatives said that the decision was based upon the way festival organizers worded their request this year. According to Marine Corps Colonel David Lapan, director of Defense press operations, in previous years the request for a fly-over focused on patriotic-type activities, but this year the request had more of a religious-type focus. Department of Defense officials say that if the request is properly worded next year, approval probably would not be denied.

Okay, so how does the Department of Defense complying with a directive put in place during the Bush administration come back to President Obama being the bad guy? And don’t start telling me that it is because he is a Muslim dedicatied to destroying this nation’s faith in God.

The hard corps Conservatives always tell me that they stand on the United States Constitution. As I read that document, separation of Church and State was a basic tenet of our government’s foundation.

So what if they bent the policy this year? How would some of you feel if the Muslim community in the United States then demanded a fly-over or some other military appearance at one of their events? Would that be okay too? What if it were neo-Nazis? A Gay Pride march? Remember, it’s your tax dollars paying for the fuel and the manpower that makes these types of military participation available, and according to the policy set during President Bush’s tenure, if they do it for one, they have to do it for all.  Can I have a military parade for my next birthday?

Folks, as I’ve always said, you can’t be a little bit pregnant. Either we allow this sort of Department of Defense support for any group, or we adhere to the letter of the DOD policy and do not allow it at the God and Country Rally in Idaho this year. Which would you prefer?

I didn’t vote for President Obama. While I respect the office he holds, I don’t like or trust him any better than I did President Bush, or most of the others who have sat in the Oval Office in recent history. But the constant flow of propaganda coming out of the opposition crowd always brings the old William Shakespeare quote “She doth protest too much, methinks” to my mind.

If you don’t like the man or his party, tell me real facts, don’t twist and turn everything you have to say to try and make your case stronger. It just shows that you are not being realistic. Before you forward every e-mail that hits your computer, take a few minutes and do some research. It usually doesn’t take long to discover the other side of the story. And if, like a lot of people I know, you don’t even care to believe that the story has two sides, please don’t waste my time sending me junk, because I’ll just delete it, unread.

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39 Comments on The Tennis Ball

  1. Andy Stoneman says:

    I’ve been reading Bad Nick since the first blog and I agree about half the time. But I sure do admire your balls to tell it the way you see it all the time. Too bad we don’t have politicians like you. But then again politicians aren’t like you! That’s what makes them politicians!

  2. Tony A. says:

    Another home run post Nick! I was a dyed in the wool Republican for years, but more and more I got sick of the inflated rumors and twisted facts. They drove me away from the party. Now I am registered as an Independnet.

  3. Don Ferrier says:

    You can wrap your bullshit in flour and fry it all day long but its still a turd! Like I said before go back to Russia! The FBI needs to investigate subversives like you who are ruining this great nation of ours.

  4. Ann P. says:

    This Don Ferrier guy writes like a sick and twisted man who needs help. Please take irrational hate somewhere else. (Idaho?)

  5. Mitch says:

    Nick, I’m a longtime lurker and first time poster. I got the same e-mail you did, and it really ticked me off. I had also heard the same thing on a talk show I listen to. And yes, I did forward it to everybody on my e-mail list.

    However, after reading your blog post, which also ticked me off when I read it, I did check the facts online. And I learned that you are correct. President Obama did not refuse to allow the fly-over in Idaho. You are also correct that the DoD policy was put in place during President Bush’s administration. The story was obviously distorted to further the anti-Obama political agenda.

    So I stand before you chastised, but a wiser man. I will be very wary of taking political statements and e-mails at face value in the future. I’m relatively new to the internet and I obviously have a lot to learn about credibility. I still do not like President Obama and I still think John McCain was the better man for the job, but I’ll man up and say that I was wrong and I learned something from this experience.

  6. Rachel Tinsmeth says:

    In reading about this, my question is did soembody new fill out the request for the God and Country rally and word it differently than in the past, to put more of a religious slant on the request? In that case it might be an honest mistake, and hopefully they learn from it.

    But if it was the same person or persons, why was it worded differently than in the past? Was it a simple error, or was there another agenda, one in which they knew the request would be declined, giving the anti-Obama faction new ammunition?

    Hey, my side can have conspiracy theories too!

  7. Tom in Ohio says:

    The bad thing about getting information out too quickly is that all to often its false. Look at the bad stuff on food one day and its changed a while later after more studies. Seems that a lot of people are looking for the negative anymore and its eaiser to believe what you want then to check into the facts.
    I still believe our country won’t fail because of outside threats…we will distroy it ourselves from within. Thank goodness our fore fathers worked together in the end to create America. Can you just see the Dems and Reps trying to hammer out a country today or the minute men arguing about who would do what when the British approached? If that was the case the question would be ” Do you want tea with those fish and chips”?

  8. Darrell says:

    General Norman Swartzkoff, during Desert Storm, said, “Never believe the first report.” I, too, receive more than my fair share of forwarded negative emails and, like you, just delete them unread. This whole current political process is stagnating our country and will ultimately bring us to our knees. I used to be a Republican but now am a nothing as I don’t like the political agenda of any (Republican, Democratic, Independent, etc.) party. They are becoming way too polerizing. By the way, democracy is messy, it was messy as this nation was formed and it has been messy ever since but it seems, maybe it’s me, that the word compromise has been thrown out of the entire process. I’m hoping that in upcoming elections that people start using their own minds to find out the real truth and quit depending on all this internet crap that gets forwarded to us. Don Ferrier’s first sentence does sum up my feelings toward all this forwarded email – other than that, “Keep on preaching, Nick, I’ll turn the pages!”

  9. Orv Schinke says:

    I never believe any of these type things that hit my inbox. It’s these kinds of things that have turned some of my grandchildren against me — telling me that I’m racist and that I’m outdated, etc. Too many people have been trying since way back in the Presidential campaign to smear Obama and I believe it’s primarily because he’s black (I didn’t vote for him, I voted for the other guy) and has Muslim ties. Why don’t people check things out before they accept everything that hits their inbox just because it’s something that appeared on the internet. That doesn’t make it true, as a matter of fact it’s more likely a drummed up item.

  10. George Stoltz says:

    Mr. Ferrier is incorrigible. But he serves a purpose and that is to show us just what a closed mind looks like.

  11. Well said Nick! If both extremes criticize you, you must be doing something right.

    Why do people like Don Ferrier even bother to read anything objective about anyone.

    And Mitch, thank you for having an open mind. Keep expanding it, you might surprise yourself!

    For myself, I’m an ex-Goldwater Republican who voted for Clinton, Gore, And Obama. I’ve been around the internet since Al Gore invented it (snicker) and I NEVER forward an e-mail of any kind without checking Snopes first and getting the facts straight.

  12. Glen says:

    Too much Rush, Beck, O’Reilly, etc., etc., etc.

  13. Michele says:

    “I will be very wary of taking political statements and e-mails at face value in the future. I’m relatively new to the internet and I obviously have a lot to learn about credibility.”

    “Why don’t people check things out before they accept everything that hits their inbox just because it’s something that appeared on the internet. That doesn’t make it true, as a matter of fact it’s more likely a drummed up item.”

    Both good comments.
    Having been on the internet since back in the Commodore computer days I have to say that I’ve seen so many FWD e-mails circulate every couple years or so with the same info just new names, etc.
    I make it a point not to send on FWDs even if I might get rich, have my wish come true, see a long lost love, phone will ring with great news, be blessed with good fortune, etc. I guess I’ll just take my chances. You have to remember that there is just a human creating these e-mails and I’m guessing they don’t have that kind of power. I’m not opposed to a good joke although I haven’t seen any new ones in a while. Always research your info before FWDing bcause if you just send it on it’s no different than the old term “gossip” we used to use before e-mail existed.

  14. Wayne says:

    Nick, Once again you hit the nail on the Head!!! Our world is made up of dreamers and BS’er I see you brought out the Ditto Head too. Thanks Wayne

  15. At least gossip was just one or two or three folks at a time. These FWDs can race around the world in minutes and touch so many thousands.

    Now, good friends, if we can’t trust all this crapola that comes on the Internet — can we still trust Bad Nick? Ask yourself that question honestly. I for one DO trust Bad Nick. He’s been in my home, he is my friend. I don’t always agree with my friend, but I do always trust him.

  16. Dale says:

    Just yesterday I received a forward email from a friend seeking petition signatures to go to Pres. Obama so legislation permitting social security to go to illegal immigrants will not be signed by him. I had to write back to my friend with the snopes.com “url” which explained that no such legislation had been passed and which further explained that the email was false.

    Whenever there has been a crisis, Americans come together and solve problems better than anyone. It’s time for folks to become insistent upon learning the facts behind any email they receive, or article they read online. It’s time for folks to learn to respect each other’s beliefs and not just succomb to fear. I believe that we must agree to disagree so that we can come together to solve one of the biggest problems we have: greed. Greed – both economic and political.

    Nick, thank you for your call for facts.

  17. Dave B. says:

    When ever there is an email that comes my way with a smear message, I always look for the hidden political agenda. Usually you can see through it if you slow down and think about it. Does anyone really believe the President has the time to approve all of these things? No, of course not. So right there it shows that someone is out to smear the President again. Why ? Politics ! The only good that comes out of it all is that we can see just how twisted people can get and be more cautious when dealing with people we don’t know. Nothing surprises me any more.

  18. Sandee says:

    Nick, You might consider a blog recommending truthorfiction.com or snopes.com . I run all “those type” emails thru one of those first before even thinking about sending them to friends. There are still MANY folks that don’t know about those two websites.

    I may not always agreed with everything you say, but stand by your right to say it.

  19. Dave C. says:

    Nick says,
    The hard corps Conservatives always tell me that they stand on the United States Constitution. As I read that document, separation of Church and State was a basic tenet of our government’s foundation.

    The 1st Amendment actually is:
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise there of, or abridging the freedom of speech or the press or the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    Nick, your statement says “separation” of Church and State. I do not see that phrase in the 1st amendment. It says that “Congress shall make no law to establish a religion or prohibit the free exercise there of.”
    Their purpose was to prohibit a formal government Church as established in England, ie: The Church of England. The Church of England and other European government sanctioned churches were the cause of the persecution that caused them to immigrate in the first place. That’s the reason for being included in the 1st amendment. (I’m a history buff).
    Being a master of words, I find it hard to believe that you have not discovered the difference between “separation” and “establishment”. No where is it stated that Government cannot recognize a religion or participate in a religious function. The government may elect not to, but that’s another discussion.
    As far as President Bush’s directive to the D.O.D., I must agree. All citizens must be treated equally whether we like a specific group or not.

  20. There you go again Nick, being a Flaming Independent! :-)

  21. Bill Auld says:

    Don Ferrier, you do not like Nick’s point of view, I or we would like to read your perception of how things should be handled. Also explain why you think Nick is a subversive person if you are man enough to explain yourself.

  22. Bill Auld says:

    Nick you are a free thinker and a free thinker was the individual that believed the world was round not flat.

  23. Bill Auld says:

    One more thing. God speed Nick and keep up the good work.

  24. Cindy B says:

    Not enuf of Beck, Hannity, and Rush!!!!

  25. Don Ferrier says:

    Anybody who wants to destroy this country is a subversive. Look in Webster dictionry Bill Ault!!! That includes the entire socialst Democrat party and liberals and the guy who writes this crap too. I have forwarded several of these posts to the FBI with a full report so if you have any sense at all you will be very careful what you say on here becaue it is being monitred by the feds now!

  26. Nick Russell says:

    You are corrent, Dave, but as I understand things, the intention was clearly there. Thomas Jefferson, as president, wrote a letter to the Danbury Baptist Association of Connecticut in 1802, whch actually contains the first known reference to the “wall of separation”. The essay states in part:

    “…I contemplate with solemn reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church and State…”

  27. Bill Auld says:

    Don Ferrier, you are so beyond delusional that it is pathetic. DICTIONARY—SUBVERSIVE. Treading to subvert or advocating subversion—in an attempt to overthrow or cause the destruction of an established or legally constituted government. Please explain how Nick or others are trying to overthrow the government. The more you write the deeper hole you are digging.

  28. Bill Auld says:

    Don, since you have a deep hatred for all liberals maybe we need to let the FBI read your post. It seems you have this need to send all liberals to Russia which means you want to send the President and the Democratic party, which by the way are liberals, to Russia. That means you are a subversive–overthrowing the party that holds office. I am a moderate conservative so you, Don can not call me a liberal.

  29. Cal Hall says:

    You got em thinking again. Good work.

  30. Paul Stough says:

    Don Ferrier wrote:
    Anybody who wants to destroy this country is a subversive. Look in Webster dictionry Bill Ault!!! That includes the entire socialst Democrat party and liberals and the guy who writes this crap too. I have forwarded several of these posts to the FBI with a full report so if you have any sense at all you will be very careful what you say on here becaue it is being monitred by the feds now!

    Don, who is the “Feds”? Wouldnt that be Democrat President Obama, the Congress, controlled by Democrats, The Department of Justice, headed by a Democrat, the head of the CIA, a Democrat, the FBI appointed by a Democrat, Federal Prosecutors, appointed by a Democrat? So who do you think they consider subversives? Liberals and Democrats, or people like yourself? I believe you should be the one worried about the “Feds” reading this blog.

    If someone is following you, can you still be considered paranoid?

    Paul Stough

  31. Don Ferrier says:

    You can all say what you want but the truth is that your all the same kind and your day will come! I proudly served this country in the army and how many of you can say that??? Not many I bet!! I know about the insidius ways your kind use to infiltrat the citizens. I know your all laughing at me but I dont care becaus Ill have the last laugh when you all are rounded up and put in prison for your treson!

  32. Bill Auld says:

    That hole is getting deeper Don.

  33. Bill Auld says:

    Don, I am not laughing about your concern how you think that our country could be going down the wrong path. Know one is saying your not a patriot, but you need to try and understand that Nick is just writing his point of view. Does that make him less of a patriot then you Don????? Nick also served his country just like you did.

  34. Jim Mossman says:

    I am with you again Nick….too much twisted bullcrap,
    I normally delete them and do not forward. Some I will check out on Snopes and return to sender with the Snopes link attatched.
    I am about to tell friends to stop forwarding anything political to me.

  35. Matt says:

    Don, I really think we all feel sorry for you and your tunnel vision and backwards way of thinking. It is a sad and lonely life you lead. Oh by the way the use of a good spell checker might add some credibility to your line of bigoted, narrow-minded, ignorant garbage. I believe you are a patriot and have the right to your opinion but you should check your facts before getting behind the keyboard.

    Nick, thanks for getting us all sharing and fired up. This is the best blog on the internet, except for your daily maybe.


  36. Bill Auld says:

    Don,Even though you where disrespectful by calling me subversive, I would like to apologize for being intolerant to your views. I have no doubt that you would be right up front if our country where attacked as would others. All I am asking is that you would open your mind to other views weather you agreed or not. I think I will go back into my hole and just read Nicks posts and be silent.

  37. Nick Russell says:

    It would be a real loss to the blog if you stopped leaving comments. I hope you will reconsider. I appreciate and value your input, and I hope you will continue to leave comments.

    Nick Russell

  38. People like Don are all for free speech as long as it agrees with their own opinions and world views. If any faction could be said to be subverting the basic values of our country it would be the right wingers like Don who want to silence every opposing viewpoint. So very sad. Many of the founding fathers they worship were considered to be liberal extremists in their day.

    I do wish he could spell better though.Must have been those “liberal” teacher who let him down.

    Don’t leave us Bill, I agree with Nick.

  39. Tony says:

    Folks I think it is time to stop responding to “Don”. You are giving him his reward. If the other readers are like me, you came here to discuss/debate Bad Nick’s words and the responses of the sane people.

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