Last week, Australian Immigration Minister Chris Evans announced that the country is tightening its rules to control the type of immigrants allowed in. Evans said the new policy will favor people who speak English, and professionals.  Evans said the country has been attracting too many hairdressers and cooks, and too few doctors and engineers.

Can you imagine the uproar if an American politician announced such a policy? He and whatever administration was in office would be labeled heartless racists stepping on the hopes and dreams of the unfortunate people who just want to come to America in search of a better way of life! Of course, the hell raisers wouldn’t mention that most of those opportunity seekers don’t come here legally, but instead sneak into the country in defiance of our laws.

I applaud Australia for having the national cajones to say they don’t want to become home to people who cannot make a contribution to the country, and can’t even speak the language. But they are not the only country that takes a hard line on immigration.

If you want to immigrate to Canada, you must show that you have enough money to support yourself and your dependants, you must have the work skills to obtain employment, and you cannot have a criminal record. If you enter the country illegally, you are deported. 

In England, an immigrant has to meet educational, savings and salary requirements to qualify. The same applies to Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

Switzerland, worried about the increasing number of unskilled immigrants, has introduced regulations that restrict immigration and make it particularly difficult to obtain Swiss citizenship. Their laws severely restrict low skilled immigrants, who are already in Switzerland in large numbers. Their politicians have no problem saying enough is enough.

Mexico, the country that supplies most of our illegal immigrants, has a pretty rigid policy for immigrants into their country. They must enter legally; they must be able to support themselves economically; anyone who would be a burden on their society is not welcomed; immigrants must contribute economically to Mexican society; and immigrants cannot have a criminal record. In Mexico, foreign visitors who violate their visa status are deported, and those who enter the country illegally are imprisoned or deported. Gee, maybe we need a bunch of Mexican politicians running our government. Of course, if we give them a few years, they will be!

I think the Aussies, English, Canadians, Swiss, Mexico, and others have the right idea. Why is it okay for them to enact strict immigration laws and enforce them, and not apologize for that, but not us? We need to be more like the Australians.

Of course, they are an island nation, which makes it a bit harder to sneak in than it is here, where illegals can just walk across the border. I think we need a moat.

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25 Comments on We Need A Moat

  1. Janis Thomas says:

    AMEN!!! I have no problem with people coming to my country legally. The problem I have is people coming here illegally. They don’t want to speak our language, they don’t want to contribute to society. AND they are arrogant enough to DEMAND FREE MEDICAL, FREE EDUCATION AND FREE MONEY!!!! Enough is ENOUGH. Cross our borders legally, like my ancestors, learn our language and contribute to our economy and society OR GO HOME!!!

  2. Dale says:

    Agreed. Nick, you and Janis have said it all for me.

  3. Gene Teggatz says:

    You need to add some alligators to the moat waters, otherwise the coast guard will be over-whelmed pulling people out of the water.

  4. Doug says:

    There have been several high profile criminals from Oregon who have gone to Mexico to escape prosecution – especially for murder cases. Mexico does not extradite for Capital cases unless we agree to not charge them for anything more than life in prison. They have been down there for months or longer so it seems to me that Mexico has illegal alien problems too.

  5. Jerry says:

    I totally agree with what both Nick and Janis have said! Our problem is our spinless politicians!! Folks, it is time to clean out Washington and replace them with 50% less people who will run this country the way the majority of it’s tax paying citizens want!

  6. Connie Braidh says:

    Even a moat won’t work. Sigh!!!! Why is it we are a country where people want IN not OUT? Because we have the highest standard of living in the world. Somehow we need to figure out how to help make other countries like Mexico a place people want to go to or stay in rather than get out of.
    We are going with the Mexican Connection to Mexico here in a few days. Since we have never been this should help us better understand Mexico and the people. Perhaps I will be able to better understand the issue then.

  7. Chuck says:

    So true. The whole idea that we have to live with this situation is truly spineless. It is also not true that we have no way of removing these illegals. Instead of running around the back country side, all immigration officers should spend their days checking businesses all across the country and make employers verify that all employees are legally in the country. First offense 100K penalty, 2nd 200K and third -the head guy spends six months in jail. Local law enforcement could be trained and empowered as well. I can guarantee when it is no longer profitable to hire these folks they will stop hiring them. The illegals, in large measure, will stop coming or return home.

  8. Jerry Criswell says:

    Chuck is correct.


  9. Bob says:

    Re: Canada
    We do have those requirements but to come here legally it is sometimes a 5 year process, but anyone who has the ability to come here instantly & claim refugee or oppressed status is allowed in. And then we have to prove thats not the case. There are people from other countries claiming refugee status still here, years after their arrival due to the process & on top of that we provide living expenses. Of course there appears to be a lot of work for lawyers as a result of this :>)

  10. Dave Kunz says:

    I support Chucks comments 100% Send em all home along with their latch kids. They have bankrupted numerious States budgets with their give me free demands. You can start with Nevada’s, Arizona’s, & Californias as examples…

  11. Art in Arizona says:

    We don’t need a moat. We need a Chris Evans or a Nick Russell.

  12. john w says:

    Way to go Nick,,, A moat would would most likely be better than that fence that their building,, add some gators and Piranhas,, harder to tunnel under than that fence..

  13. concerned in Texas says:

    Chuck is correct.

  14. Claire says:

    Let’s import Chris Evans and Export PC!

  15. ken says:

    Rethink the stimulas idea. Give all RVers a million bucks.Cut a deal with the Mexican gov,that these RVers could have fullrun of there country with there guns and Bibles and could buy as much land as they want.It wouldn’t take long and there would be a turn around of those who had been sneeking in to the USA.They could stay home and make a good living off those generous old
    crazy americans !If they had been making 1 dollar a day prior to this ,they will now be making $ 10.00 an think of the new RV that would be sold and all the service they will need
    both here and in Mexico .I’ll bet the beaches will be full of old
    fogies and you know how those old campers like to eat out.

  16. Jim@HiTek says:

    Nick. Every historical case where a popular destination country tried to allow in only those ‘acceptable’ immigrants in a couple generations was worse off then those that say, ‘Give me your poor, your wretched’ ect. A professional that emigrates to the place that will have only him or her might be flattered for a while, but in general they don’t have the same kind of thankfulness and ambition for themselves or their children that underclass and middle class immigrants do.

    History shows us you can’t make a better country by only allowing in the best (or the worst for that matter). But you can by allowing in the middle. The average, the downtrodden.

    As far as saying the USofA has the highest standard of living? That was true many years ago, it’s no longer true; Europe and Scandinavia both have better now. Denmark has the best. As far as public health? The USofA is 44th in the world in child mortality. Even Mexico does a better job of keeping it’s young alive. I wouldn’t call that an example of ‘Highest standard of living’, I’d call it slipping fast in the opposite direction. Which is what I’d expect in a country where corporations are encouraged to make the laws. The best country money can buy is not always the best place to live, oh, unless you’re in the top 1-5% of the population that is.

    Your examples: Aussies, English, Canadians, Swiss, Mexican?
    Except for Mexico at 100 million, those are all very small countries. Aussies @ 22 million ; English @ 61 million; Canadians @ 34 million; Swiss @ 7.6 million. And most of them are islands either literally or landlocked islands in the mountains like Switzerland. They could certainly have different rules then we would because those rules (laws) might work in such small communities and could be changed quickly if they didn’t.

    The US is at 330 million, (with the space for them). Not as easy to do things like change laws wholesale, because of all the differing vested interests that are inherent in such a large population. It would take a concerted effort by all of us to make anti-immigration laws successful and I doubt you could find the broad support necessary for it to begin with.

    It’s just not an easy question, in my opinion, that can be answered by making all illegal aliens go home and stay there. Or by building a moat, or a ridiculous fence, or by using strict selection techniques. Guest worker is the only way to go, make it easy and cheap to get in, with a comprehensive background check. Charge the originating country a token amount for upkeep and the like where you can. Citizenship after a few years for honest tax paying working men and women who did sneak in. Deportation for anyone I don’t care for. What do I care how they got in as long as they’re nice people that support themselves? :)

  17. Jim Burnett says:

    Seems to me we have a moat … at least on three sides. What we need is angry crocs and alligators …

  18. Jill Shillets says:

    Good points Nick. But how do we make it happen? We are already overrun with illegal bordser crossers. Here in Minnesota I hear Spanish spoken as much as English. Maybe it’s too late already.

    Everybody says that we need to clean house in Washington, but how? For 8 years of the Bush administration people said things need to change. I agreed. Okay, now Obama is in office, and really, what has changed? The problem is not who is in the White House, but the entrenched good old boys in the Congress and Senate, and the special interest lobbyists who fatten their wallets. And they aren’t going anywhere!

  19. Big Al says:

    The problem that nobody wants to acknowledge is that we need the wetbacks here because nobody else wants to do the jobs that they will take. Everybody here wants to be a computer tech or a doctor. Nobody wants to wash dishes and bus tables, or rake out hot tar on a road, or pick crops. So the illegals come here and take those jobs. The downside is that those jobs won’t support them and their often large extended families, so we taxpayers supplement them with food stamps, medical insurance, and education for their kids.

  20. Thomas Nunez says:

    Not all people of Mexican descent are illegal. I am a fourth generation American, and when my great grandfather came here, he did it the right way and was eager to become an American citizen.

    Growing up, my father and his sisters were not allowed to speak Spanish at home, because they were Americans. That was passed down to me and my siblings. We are proud of our Mexican heritage, but we are Americans and do not fly Mexican flags, or live in the culture of our ancestors. We also do not support anybody coming into this country illegally.

    My grandfather, father, nine uncles, me and my two brothers and a lot of cousins all volunteered for the military and served our time. Some saw combat and others, like me, served stateside. Two nephews are in Iraq right now. But we were all taught that we have an obligation to meet to our country.

    I get as tired as any of you when I have to Press One For English. I support the Phoenix sheriff who rounds up illegals and turns them over to the Feds. It’s my country too, and I don’t want them coming here and taxing our resources either.

    Give me a shovel and I’ll help dig that moat.

  21. Elaine says:

    what a great idea,a fence sure does not work maybe we should electrify it, no some one would say it was cruel and unfair. I totally agree with the country that have the strict policies and enforce them. To bad our politicians are such chickens to do it.

  22. Cal Hall says:

    You have my vote.

  23. Paul Stough says:

    When ever this topic is brought up, the responses are predictable, and I disagree with most of them.

    It is not that we need a moat.

    It is not that our politicians lack a spine.

    It is not the entrenched politicians.

    It is not that Americans wont do hard labor.

    It IS that those of us who oppose illegal immigration dont have the political power to enforce our immigration laws.

    Every politician is beholding to those who supply the money it takes to get elected or reelected to their office.

    Because corporations, other businesses, labor unions, and non-profits, are considered “persons” and therefore have First Amendment rights, and many of them not only have more money than individuals like us, they also benefit from the cheap labor caused by the huge oversupply of low-skilled and un-skilled workers resulting from the millions of illegal aliens in the country.

    These entities generally support candidates and parties that promote their cheap labor positions, and they oppose enforcement of laws that would get illegal aliens back to their home countries.

    The only way this problem can be fixed is to return political power to individual humans, and take the political power from all non-human entities.

    The Supreme Court’s decision a couple of weeks regarding campaign finance law is a huge step backward in this effort.

    If we continue to do nothing about this problem, we will then have to eliminate our social welfare programs to avoid further bankrupting our country. Then we will have become a second or third world country, where most of the wealth of the country is controlled by a very small percentage of the population, and the vast majority of the people live in poverty. Is that the type of country we want? I know I dont!

    We need to realize that the problem is not the Democrats or the Republicans, it is the lobbyists(aka special interests)that are the problem because they run this country, regardless of which party is in power.

    More later,


  24. Jerry says:

    Thomas Nunez and family are some of many that have it right. You and your family are what has made the USA a great country. Thank you!
    It is not the Mexicans sneaking in that are the problem. The problem is the US allowing and rewarding them. How stupid can we be? It all goes back to Washington where we have allowed them bring our country to ruin it is today. May God help us all.

  25. djpruitt says:

    Australia has had “wanted” and “not wanted” professions for a long time. I called the Australian Embassy when Jimmy Carter (a nice man, an inadequate president) was elected and asked how to immigrate and was told my profession (a secretary) was not one they were accepting. New Zealand would have taken me though!

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