New York Governor David Paterson, no stranger to controversy, is a perfect example of why our country is in trouble.

When a caller to a radio talk show asked Paterson yesterday about the financial burden illegal aliens put on taxpayers, the Governor answered in typical political mumbo jumbo when he replied “There’s a difference between illegal aliens and illegal permanent residents. Illegal aliens obviously shouldn’t be here, and the only time that we aren’t as aggressive in trying to find illegal aliens is when it’s a health care issue.” The governor than told the caller “If you know any illegal aliens that are here that shouldn’t be here, then the important thing is to report it to the INS and let’s get moving so that we reduce that number.”

Huh? An illegal alien shouldn’t be here, according to Paterson, but apparently an illegal permanent resident is okay with him. Gee, the way I always understood it, illegal is illegal. Just like you can’t be a little bit pregnant, either you are or you aren’t. But apparently there are shades of illegality in New York!

The Governor’s comments ignited a firestorm of criticism from the immigration reform crowd. When asked if he agreed with Paterson’s comments, Rick Lazio, who hopes to replace Paterson said “No!” and added that immigrants should not be political scapegoats.

Not to be outdone, Paterson quickly released a statement in which he backpedaled from his earlier radio comments, claiming that they were  taken out of context. Patterson’s statement said. “Any suggestion that individuals contact law enforcement to report known undocumented immigrants would not achieve our shared goal to ensure a decent quality of life and the safety of all New York State residents, including undocumented immigrants. Anyone who knows my background, who knows my career in public service, knows that I have always fought for the rights of all people in New York.”

Okay, so the highest elected official in the state of New York is opposed to citizens contacting law enforcement to report criminals. And the rival for his job also obviously feels that it is more important to make illegal aliens and their supporters happy than it is to enforce the law.

You can’t blame this on political party affiliations, since Paterson is a Democrat and Lazio is a Republican. What it comes down to is that no matter who sits in the big office in Albany, they don’t hold the laws of this country in very high regard. And it’s not just in New York. All too many elected officials on the local, state, and national level have forgotten that their duty is to serve the citizens who elected them. They are too busy currying favor from special interest groups and lining their pockets with lobbyist money. It’s time to clean house, from Washington to New York to California,and every place in between. 

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15 Comments on And You Wonder Why We Have Problems?

  1. Redbear says:


    You’re talking about the most dysfunctional government in America. Neither of these two men matter – the State is run by one man, the entrenched Speaker of the House. It doesn’t matter if you are a Citizen, Assemblyperson, Senator, or Governor – you are powerless. (OK, maybe Senators have a fragment of power.) If the Speaker doesn’t like it, it doesn’t happen.

    As far as illegals, Law Enforcement works pretty closely with CBP and ICE. If you have a taillight out and don’t have a passport or visa in your pocket, the Feds will hear about it.

    And CBP shuts down the interstate from Montreal with floating checkpoints, just like they do on I-8 in AZ.

  2. Agree completely Nick. Check out the email forward I posted on my blog.

  3. Dale says:

    Although my views are probably politically incorrect, I have always felt that illegal immigration is one of the most dangerous “terrorist” threats we face. In addition to greed, illegal immigration just bleeds our country financially.

    I am all for helping folks out but I think it would be cheaper to help out the communities the “illegals” come from, rather than supporting them (and their communities) in our country. That way it could be done by charities and individuals or companies and not by our government. I strongly believe our efforts to help should be aimed at our country first in areas like the Appallachias and other severe poverty pockets. As the saying goes, feed a person and it’s one meal. Teach a person to fish and it changes a life, etc. If we help our own, we improve our economy… and the chain continues.

    For those who have not read the book Ismael by Daniel Quinn (it’s a fiction book), it is an interesting read and makes some very salient points about the situations we face today although the book was written many years ago.

  4. concerned in California says:

    Most politicians are only concerned about getting re-elected. And they say and do whatever they think will meet that goal. It is the eight wonder of the world that anything gets done in the governmental bodies: local, state and federal.

  5. Jim Palm says:

    None of the politicians know what they’re saying when they have a mike in front of them, just the other day Obama in a speech told the crowd that the new health bill will reduce their payments by 3000%. I’m still trying to figure out how you can reduce anything by more then a 100%.

  6. Bob and Molly says:

    OK….Let’s Nominate Nick for President….and form a new party…Gypsocraticans! :)

  7. Mel Harrison says:

    I totally agree with you Nick, illegal is illegal and anything else is bologna. I have no interest in the bleeding hearts of this country and other countries telling us that we are all brothers and sisters and we need to take care of each other. That is all high on my list of bologna. Our obligation is to care for OUR citizens first and foremost. Let the illegals stand up in their home country and fight for what they want, just like our forefathers did. Let’s get Nick and Joe, the Sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ. together and solve this problem for us. Man, what a TEAM.

  8. Gary says:

    I can personally speak on this subject from a law enforcement viewpoint. I spent 28 years working as an Officer in the Department of Corrections. Our prisons in new York could afford to close a couple of prisons if it were not for all the illegal’s presently serving their time for crimes they committed while visiting this high taxing state of N.Y. As one illegal once told me, who was soon to be released into the hands of I.N.S. He would do what ever he had to, to come back to N.Y. because just living in our prisons was better than he had it back in Haiti at the time. After all as NYers were all about providing three meals, a warm bed, the best FREE health care NYers can pay for, no responsibility, and the best part you can still get laid on the weekends. Lets see Arizona beat that.

  9. Carey McConnell says:

    Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself. — Mark Twain

  10. Earl Smith says:

    I have long believed that immigrants of any kind should ONLY be allowed into the country if they come from a country with Zero population growth. We don’t allow other countries to send us their surplus products so why should we allow them to send us their surplus people?

  11. Ed Buckberrough says:

    I agree with every ones remarks before me. We have enough people who are citizens that can’t make it in todays economy. Let these illegal people go back to their own countries and hold their marches. It frosts my butt that a citizen born in the US, I has to have a passport to return from a visit to neighboring Canada, yet all these illegals walk across the border, and demand we give them everything……..

  12. Jerry says:

    Nick, You’re the man! Question is: who put these people in office? If we can assume the elections are not rigged –
    I think they got into office because the majority of our voting
    population bought into their promises of “more free stuff”. Most likely the same types that throw their garbage out along side our roads. It that happening all over or is it just here in Wisconsin?
    The government can’t run a whore house (mustang ranch) but it thinks it can run GM, Chrysler and now our health care? We got change alright – in our pockets. Next we can look forward to the new tax program – how much did you make? Send it in. November should be interesting. In the meantime, Let’s clone some Nicks and Sheriff Joe.

  13. Tony says:

    I have a hard time being mad at illegal persons. Believe me when I say if I lived in a country like Mexico and was not part of the political elite or the small middle class I would be here just like the illegals. If you want to stop the vast majority of illegals coming to this country, fine the crap our of their employers. If the jobs dry up the incentive to come here goes away. Both the Dems and Reps want the illegals here. The Dems are looking for votes and since the Reps cannot outsource menial jobs they want to import cheap labor. Neither party goes along with the view of most US Citizens…send the illegals back to their home.

    I have nothing against legal immigration. If a person can bring value to the country they should be welcomed.

  14. Chris says:

    With Direct TV I seem to know more about NY and CA politics than I care to but I have always thought Patterson was a crooked politician (oxymoron, for sure!) Once again he has proven himself worthy of his title! GO Nick!

  15. Padraic says:

    It looks dysfunctional because it is a democracy system. It looks much prettier in China. But that is not we want. Currently illegal alien problem is too complex for me to understand.

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