I’ve had a lot of requests to make the Dumb A$$ Report a regular part of the Bad Nick Blog, and since our world never seems to run short of idiots and incompetents, what the heck, here goes!

One Dumb A$$ we have to mention is Evelyn Mastroianni, principal of Public School 52, Staten Island, New York. Last month when a nine year old student was discovered playing with his Legos, Mastroianni went ballistic because one of the Lego toys was a policeman holding a machinegun. Common sense be damned, a gun is a gun declared Mastroianni, even if it is a two inch long plastic toy, and the boy was disciplined and made to sign a confession that he had brought a gun to school. Your tax dollars at work, my friends. Aren’t you glad we have educators doing things like this instead of, oh, I don’t know, maybe educating our kids?

Another Dumb A$$ that had me chuckling was the idiot in Orem, Utah who stopped a police car to ask for directions after ripping off a convenience store. When cops arrested John White, he had the loot and marijuana in his possession. Go directly to Jail, you numbskull, do not pass Go!

You almost have to admire the audacity of our next Dumb A$$, David Decker of Pennsylvania, who borrowed his mother-in-law’s credit card to purchase a battery for his pickup truck, and then ran up an extra $472 in charges at a stripper bar, all on her card! Did he really think she wouldn’t notice?

Here’s a Dumb A$$ that I had to deal with myself just last week. I have a family member who lives on a fixed income and has limited financial means. When I learned that this person could not afford the co-pay on a prescription, I called the WalMart store where it was waiting to be filled and asked if I could put it on my credit card, and leave my card on file for future prescriptions. The girl in the pharmacy said no, I would have to physically bring the card in to put it on file with the store. When I explained that I was in another state, she suggested that I go to a local WalMart pharmacy, give them my credit card info, and it would be on file.

I did so, and after jumping through all kinds of hoops and running into one obstacle after another, the manager of the WalMart pharmacy where I was at finally called the first store, got the same girl, and asked her if he could just give her the info. She said no, it had to be in the computer. He explained that his computer system would not take the info for a prescription to be picked up out of state, and asked her what she would do if the computer system was down. She said she’d call him and ask for the info over the phone. Duh! Isn’t that what we were trying to do in the first place? Yes, but we could not call her, she had to call us! Eventually I spoke to a different WalMart employee at the store near my family member’s home, who said “Well, you could just give me the credit card info over the phone.” Damn, why didn’t I think of that?

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12 Comments on Dumb A$$ Report, Vol. 2

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  2. Gary says:

    The schools need to start a new class teaching Common Sense, which should be mandatory for every one. Every day we seem to see more idiots in positions that leave us scratching our heads wondering how they have managed to get as far in life as they have.

  3. Janis Thomas says:

    Hey Nick, Forget the chlorine,let’s just shock the gene pool. Janis

  4. Carey McConnell says:

    We need to get these Dumb A$$e$ off the street and into Congress where they can blend in.

  5. ken t says:

    I know this is a small thing but could be colossal for all those guys you have sent headed for the cat houses in Pahrump, my
    map and memory say it is off Hwy 160 not 150 And if you can pick
    your advertisement I would go for a couple of girls vice the gays! Ken

  6. Linda says:

    Oh Lord, you’ll have plenty of material for many, many articles. There is a total lack of common sense in our society and no end of idiots who couldn’t think something through if you paid them. Sadly enough, they are allowed to procreate.

  7. Kenneth says:

    Computers and lack of training is sucking the common sense from our people.
    I like that you help your family when you can.
    We help when we can, all of our family.

  8. Jeff Johnson says:

    There is plenty of subjects at Mall-Wart for a daily dumba$$ report! Both customers and “associates” as well.
    Recently I had a service call on a clothes dryer that wouldn’t heat. The bozo had decided to use a garden hose and a couple of hose clamps for a gas supply. I shut off his main gas valve and called his gas company so he didn’t kill himself and his family.

  9. ROTFL Nick. Keep it up!

  10. Eric Monroe says:

    Okay, here’s one for you. Neighbors clothes dryer caught fire because he has mickey mouse wiring and no plug, just wires stuck into an outlet. He was gone, his wife was screaming, and I ran over and put the fire out. Scorched the back wall of his garage where the washer and dryer were. A week later he tells me he is suing me because his clothes got ruined when I sprayed them with my fire extinguisher! Today he asked me to give him a ride to town so he could pick up his car in a shop! I hope he had a nice long walk!

  11. Cindy -- Wyoming says:

    Too bad we can’t have group meetings for them and help them drink the coolaid!

  12. Deb says:

    Nick did you see this on the news? Two bank robbers were apprehended last week at a bank in Fairfield CT. They had called ahead to the bank to get the money ready…and police were there waiting for them when they picked it up. Hello? Anyone home?

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