While I am tolerant of uneducated people who at least make an attempt to cope in this world, and I sometimes smile at the naïveté of many, I can’t help but observe that some people are  just dumber than a rock. I wonder how they manage to dress themselves in the morning, let alone cook breakfast.

I love people watching, because being a short, fat, bald guy, sometimes I need an ego boost. And I guarantee you that, no matter how bad your self-image may be, if you just take a look around you, pick up a newspaper, or flip on the television news, it won’t be long before you are shaking your head and smiling as you think “You know, compared to them, I’m not that screwed up after all!”

Taking this into consideration, Bad Nick has decided that we need an occasional Dumb A$$ Report to update us on the foibles of the people who somehow manage to walk upright even if they can’t chew gum at the same time.

The first Dumb A$$ I want to tell you about is a woman who ignored warning signs and barriers at a zoo in Manitowoc, Wisconsin to try to feed two Asiatic black bears. Apparently the bears decided that finger food was better than whatever this Dumb A$$ was offering them, because they bit off two of her fingers, and two others were partially severed. Her boyfriend was also bitten when he tried to pry her hand from a bear’s mouth. Authorities in Manitowoc say that alcohol was involved. Gee, ya think?

A close second for Dumb A$$ of the Week has to be the Israeli soldier who posted details of an upcoming raid his unit would be taking part in, including the time and place, on the social networking site Facebook. Damn, Sarge, how do the bad guys always seem to know what we’re up to and get set up to ambush us?

Of course, you don’t have to go all the way to Israel, or even Wisconsin, to find a Dumb A$$. A while back in my RV blog, I wrote that the State of Arizona is closing many of its state parks, including Lost Dutchman State Park, near Apache Junction. A lady wrote to tell me how much that news upset her, because she spends the winter in Apache Junction, and loves the view of Superstition Mountain out her window, and she just cannot imagine it not being there. Don’t worry, dear, as soon as the state replenishes its coffers, they’ll put the plug back in and re-inflate the mountain again!

The scary thing is, these people are allowed to drive cars, vote, and procreate!

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17 Comments on The Dumb A$$ Report

  1. Mike Carpeter says:

    Damn Nick, give me warning before you post stuff like that! I got to chuckling so hard I woke up the dog, who thought somebody was at the door and started barking, which woke up my significant harassment! Now all three of us, you, the dog, and me, are in trouble!

  2. Mitch says:

    How true! I see and hear so much stuff that nobody would believe! A while back I stopped to help a guy with a flat tire who had no spare no jack and no clue what either one was. He asked if I could take him to a gas station to get some air and then bring him back and help him put it in the tire!

  3. Kari Swenson says:

    Oh Bad Nick, you have to make this a regular feature of your blog! I love it! LOL

  4. Karen Lueck says:

    Yes those people have been voting!

  5. Joe says:

    I’m still trying to figure out why they built the Alamo right in the middle of San Antonio!

  6. Nick, After the rally when you have some time check out Randy Cassingham’s “This is True” website at http://www.thisistrue.com/. He does a regular newsletter that is right up there with the “Darwin Awards” (http://www.darwinawards.com/) “Honoring those who improve the species…by accidentally removing themselves from it!”

    It’s been a while though since I saw one that ranks with the Superstition Mountain story!

  7. You can see them everywhere! Adn yes, they do vote and, unfortunately, procreate!

  8. Wilf Blakey says:

    And they call themselves intelligent people?

  9. Tom in Ohio says:

    Or the lady that ask if she had to buy another RV because she ran out of propane?

  10. Dennise says:

    jeez…can’t politics stay outta stuff? To the commentors who added the “vote” comments, I can well guess your political affiliation by your words…how degrading and immature to label folks who don’t vote the way YOU want “dumba$$. If you really wanna see a dumba$$, go look in the mirror.

  11. Ben says:

    My current location is the outer banks of North Carolina. The causeway bridges over the Intracoastal Waterway rise at least 100 ft over the water. At the very top they have a sign that says, “No Jumping or Diving from Bridge.” To protect the gene pool, I think they should take those signs down!

  12. Karen Knoll says:

    When visiting the meteor crater near Winslow AZ, my husband commented (tongue in cheek) that “we were lucky the meteor missed the interstate by five miles.” Of course, there were several other visitors nearby who nodded in agreement!!!

  13. LR says:

    That last one is a perfect example of the need for a license for procreation. LMAO

  14. George says:

    I thought everyone knew they built the Alamo there to be close to parking, the River Walk and the I-Max. Sheez!

  15. Art in Arizona says:

    You folks are all right on. But dumb people are not something new caused by global warming. Take the Donner party for example.
    One would think that somebody would have suggested going back to Reno for the winter or take Interstate 80 on in to Sacramento.

  16. ken says:

    I once read somewhere where a dumba$$ said every town should be like Mobile alabama and just build a tunnel under every town!
    Little did he know there is no town over the Mobile tunnel,but rather the Mobile river and part of the bay.I guess it’s pretty easy to be a duma$$ after all! Ken

  17. Carol Shurack says:

    Many years ago we were at the north rim of the Grand Canyon and a tour bus pulled up and two wemon in dresses and high heels came next to us, looked into the canyon and one said to the other “It must have taken at least 200 years to create this.”

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