Last week Arizona Governor Jan Brewer ignited a firestorm of controversy when she signed the state’s tough new law, which makes it a state crime to be in the United States illegally.

Under the new law, Arizona police officers have an obligation to question anyone they suspect is in the country illegally about their immigration status, and makes it a state crime if they are.

The law calls for the arrest of illegal aliens, who could be jailed for up to six months, and fined up to $2,500. They would also be turned over to federal immigration officers for possible deportation.

From the Grand Canyon State to San Francisco, to Washington, D.C., as well as in Mexico, people are condemning Arizona for what many are calling a racist, discriminatory law. President Barack Obama has called the new law “misguided,” while Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Eric Holder were critical of Arizona’s actions. Activists in Arizona and California are protesting, there are calls for boycotts of Arizona, and Mexican President Felipe Calderon says the new law will breed hate and discrimination toward Mexican citizens who enter the United States illegally.

Even Al Sharpton has vowed to come to Arizona to protest the new law. But what the hell, Sharpton will show up at a convenience store if he knows they have a security camera he can stick his face in front of.

Okay, now let’s go back up to the first paragraph of this blog. Arizona’s new law makes it a state crime to be in the United States illegally. The law does not discriminate against anybody except criminals. It gives police officers the mandate to enforce the existing law. What’s wrong with that?

People are claiming that this will give Arizona police the power to stop and harass Hispanics based solely upon their race. Ah yes, the old racial profiling claim. We knew that would pop up.

So why is it okay for police to conduct prostitution roundups and arrest women loitering in areas where there is prostitution activity who look like hookers, or to stop cars leaving drug houses when they suspect that the occupants just made a drug buy, or to conduct DUI checkpoints, but it’s not okay to stop people whom they suspect of being in this country illegally?

Yes, there will probably be some American citizens of Hispanic descent who get stopped and questioned, and it will inconvenience them. Just as I have been inconvenienced when I have had to stop at DUI checkpoints, or when passing through Border Patrol checkpoints in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. So what? If I’m not doing anything wrong, what do I have to worry about? To me, it’s a small price to pay to help enforce our laws.

To be honest, I imagine this law will be overturned or deemed unconstitutional by the do gooders. But maybe it will finally convince the Federal government that it’s time to actually do something to stem the flood of illegals pouring over the border.

President Obama has called Arizona’s actions a “wake-up call” for the Federal government to overhaul the immigration system, and that it points out the shortcomings in the nation’s immigration policy. White House officials have said that they fear other states will follow Arizona’s actions and create a “patchwork of state laws that don’t address core problems.”  Of course, this may well be just typical political bull crap.

The message that the President and the lawmakers in Washington should be getting is that people are fed up. They are fed up with illegal aliens coming into our country, they are fed up with the crimes that extend from the border outward, and they are fed up with waiting for the Feds to get off their collective asses and take action. I hope other states have the courage to emulate Arizona’s actions.

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28 Comments on An Uproar In Arizona

  1. Joe says:


    A being the first letter, let Arizona be the first of 50 states!

    What would happen if you were caught in Mexico, Canada, or any other country illegally? Do we not have U S citizens spending time in jails, and some doing hard labor in other countries for being there illegally?

    We Americans need to get off the “goody two shoes” ideals and get strict. And if racial profiling stops crime and prevents innocent people from getting hurt so be it!!!!

  2. As you stated:

    “People are claiming that this will give Arizona police the power to stop and harass Hispanics based solely upon their race. Ah yes, the old racial profiling claim. We knew that would pop up.”

    But if people would read the second sentence of the law it states

    “For any lawful contact made by a law enforcement Official”

    Which means the person must be doing something wrong before they can be stopped and questioned. The same as it is for everybody in the state.

    Homeland Security is the biggest violator of racial profiling, at the airports, but they try to cover their ass by shaking down an 80 year old lady in wheel chairs every now and then so they can claim everything is random.

  3. Mike & Janna says:

    Once again you are right on Nick! We fully intend to go to Arizona next winter in part because OF the new law.

  4. Wanderin' says:

    Excuse me but isn’t it already against the law to be in the U.S. illegally? As usual the folks you see causing all the commotion are probably the minority but they do get noticed. The majority will probably be silent again. And, you’re right, the new law will probably be overturned. Good for Arizona! At least they are taking a stand.

  5. Doug says:

    I think the difference is that the DUI checkpoints stop “everyone” and not just those that look like they might be drinkers. In this way they say that they do not discriminate or profile. Personally, I believe that we need a certain amount of profiling.

    “To be honest, I imagine this law will be overturned or deemed unconstitutional by the do gooders. But maybe it will finally convince the Federal government that it’s time to actually do something to stem the flood of illegals pouring over the border.”

    I agree and feel that this is what the Arizona law will accomplish.

  6. Steve says:

    “For any lawful contact made by a law enforcement Official”

    That would be acceptable if all law enforcement officials obeyed the laws. Most do. Unfortunately, small minority will abuse their authority.

    “Home of the Free” is losing more of its luster. More of our rights are being abrogated in the name of security.

    I agree that the law will probably be overturned because it is unconstitutional. I see our lawmakers mired in political bull crap. It will take innovative thinking and action to address the immigration issue. Not much of that in government.

  7. Connie Braidh says:

    I agree. You have covered this issue before. If you are ILLEGALLY in this country, you should be deported. Arizona state law is only upholding what is the law now in the US. Interesting that Mexico thinks it will be terrible for relations between US and Mexico. How can Mexico support illegals in the US? Are they interested in the MONEY the illegals send or bring back to Mexico?
    And what’s racial profiling? What a crock. If a white person robs a bank and we only stop white people as suspects is that racial profiling? Of course not. We have eliminated blacks and Hispanics as suspects and aren’t wasting time looking at the wrong people. It works both ways. If a black person robs a bank, we look for a black person. If a Hispanic person robs a bank, you get the picture.
    How many little old white ladies have blown up airplanes? How many Arabs have blown up airplanes? Let’s get real! The more likely suspect is the Arab not the little old white lady. So frankly when I am on a plane, I sure want the nuts/fruits and Arabs looked at closely, not only for my and other people’s safety but also for the safety of the country.

  8. Ken H says:

    For one, I applaud Arizona for having the fortitude to stand up and do the right thing. I wish people would understand what the War of Northern Aggression was really about. Most people think the root reason was slavery. Sorry, that ain’t it. It was all about States Rights. Far less than 2 percent of all southerners owned slaves.
    Arizona is only affirming their right to enforce their own and federal laws. Again, hooray for Arizona. Wish the rest of ’em had the guts to do the right thing.
    Some people have reverted to sanity and read the law, finding nothing wrong with the way it is written, or the intent. Only the headline seekers and fools are spiraling into the overhead, shouting profiling and racism. Sharpton needs to shut the he!! up and stay home.
    Here’s a thought, if San Francisco wants to boycott Arizona, gather up all the illegals and send them to San Francisco. Let their taxpayers support the shcools and medical care for ’em.

  9. From another perspective; There are by official count. 3/4 of a million illegal hispanics in Arizona & Nevada. [not counting the rest of America] If we, [law enforcement] sent them all home down south. That would open up a vast number of jobs for the legally unemployed. It would reduce the overloading of freeloaders in our hospitial emergency rooms. It would drasticly reduce the over-crowded school house class rooms. It would save millions of dollars in outlay of welfare funds by the states. AND It would give those who cross our borders illegaly the exact same rights as the Mexician government gives to people who cross there borders illegaly.
    I for one am sick in tired of “Dialing 1” for English !!

  10. Bess Weber says:

    The B1070 bill signed into law by Gov. Brewer follows the Federal laws line by line!!! And as for the boycotting of AZ. by sports,visitors etc. we will still be better off when we are not supporting all the medical care they get for free(on our backs)schools overcrowded,accidents involving our on legal citizens
    and uninsured illegalls, you get the picture, and as you can see if the news is being correctly reported most of the protesters are high school kids and gang bangers with a few others. The hispanic Senator from southern AZ, is from a very small county on the Border and is representing the people who send there kids across the border to Az. schools paid for by our tax payers!!!Get off your A==== and look at the truth you vocal out of staters and see if you would like to live where you don’t dare open your door as it might be home invaders, or not go out at night for fear of benig caught in cross fire of gangs or drug runners as well as the human smugglers.
    Go Jan Brewer!!!

  11. What’s left to say? Protesters are like Al Sharpton — they notify the TV cameras when they are going to protest so they can be seen. Abd TV news shows accommodate them well, showing the same pictures of the same protesters over and over again, so everyone else thinks the whole state population is protesting.

  12. Ann Geraghty says:

    Yea! Go Arizona! I hope this gets the Federal Govt. off its rear and Washington starts to listen to “the people”. I won’t hold my breath. More Americans need to get behind Arizona and maybe we will finally see some light (however small) at the end of this tunnel. It seems to me Arizona is not doing anything illegal and if people don’t agree, then don’t go to Arizona. I for one will reconsider and on westward trips will not avoid that state.

  13. Mskay says:

    AMEN to all of it….I haven’t found any “legal” Arizona residents that have been against this law. All the drug cartel and illegal…when they sneak over they are “illegal”….stopped!Profiling? I went through a checkpoint outside Yuma going to CA. yesterday and was asked if me and my husband were U.S. Citizens? The white Grandma and Grandpa from South Dakota? The only problem with that is I couldn’t understand the question? He couldn’t speak very good english and I had to say excuse me? Twice! OK..they are doing their jobs. What’s up with that? What My how things change! My feeling is if they can’t speak English here, they need to practice sign language, because I don’t want to hear it!

  14. Elaine says:

    right on Nick, it is about time one of the elected officials stood for what is right and the law. I am sure that someone will not follow the rules but that is part of life. If you are not illegal then you have nothing to fear. I am tired of these people taking our jobs, using our medical facilities etc. More states should uphold the law. As far as Mr. Sharpton he needs to keep his nose out of it. I thought he was an African American not Hispanic or did he change his race?

  15. Don Damkaer says:

    You are right on Nick! We spend a lot of time in Arizona and the country of Mexico. In Mexico we abide by their laws and carry our ID.We stand out and do get asked to show our papers periodically. We have no problem with this. In Arizona we see almost every day the problems caused by the illegal entrants. The Federal Government must wake up! When something is illegal, that is what it is. We can not keep supporting everyone who comes into our country illegally. I am a first generation American and know what my parents had to go through to be here legally.There is a logical legal system that needs to be followed and then you are welcomed!

  16. Art in Arizona says:

    If you and Miss Terry decided to hookup the motorhome and head for Mexico to see the country, you would make sure your passports were in order. You would obtain Mexican auto insurance and leave your guns and ammo with Tiffany. You would convert some cash to Mexican currency. Don’t forget to get your shots and take all your drinking water. Once you get past the border you will be stopped every twenty miles, told not asked to get out of the vehicle while the army searches every square inch of your property. If they find your stash of cash, it’s gone. They won’t find any weapons because they’re in Show Low. But if you missed one bullet and they found it, your passports are gone, your motorhome and van are gone and most likely both of you will go to a filthy jail. If your family is lucky enough to find out where you are, it will take all of their assets, time and effort to get you back. I guess Mexico doesn’t consider that profiling. Hat’s off to Jan Brewer for doing what’s right. Now let’s make it work.

  17. It continues to amaze me that those of you who scream about defending “our Constitutional rights” are the first ones to step up and trample on the rights of others when they are not “us”. And I’m not talking about the rights of “illegals”, I’m talking about the rights of US citizens who are of Hispanic descent, who are already harassed for their skin color, and whose families have been here since BEFORE there was a United States.

    Think about it, what “reasonable suspicion” of illegality (of a person who is doing nothing illegal) is there other than race or color?

    And by the way, being stopped and asked for “your papers” a lot different from going through a check point with everyone else!

  18. Cal Hall says:

    Right on again. I think Arizona is also right on. I wish Nevada, Texas, and California would jump on the wagon then maybe the feds would start doing their job.

  19. Blueinky says:

    I applaud Gov. Brewer for having the intestinal fortitude to actually fulfill her oath of office. Now if all 49 governors of the rest of this country would do the same. AZ, CA, TX, FL – yes they have big illegal immigration issues, but guess what, other states do also. Here in our lovely state of KY we have illegal aliens, drugs and guns brought daily into our communities directly from Mexico. Will the police stop these buses and let drug detecting dogs roam aboard – curses, NO! We wouldn’t want to make anyone feel “uncomfortable”. Maybe these elected officials feet should be held to the fire for this being allowed to spiral out of control. Just this month we had a University nurse killed by a head-on collision with an illegal alien who had been stopped THREE times before for driving without a license. What did the police do? They let the guy walk away from the scene with just a ticket to show up to court for driving without a license and insurance. I probably don’t have to tell you what happened next. The hispanic invader couldn’t find his way back to court so now they have a warrant out for his arrest. Good luck with that… picture, no fingerprints and I’m sure he’s on his fourth assumed identity. This is in the heartland. This is but ONE isolated case in the tens of thousands of those killed by illegal aliens that are allowed to walk free. So now, AZ is finally getting fed up and willing to do something about it and Obama is chastizing them for it?! Well, shame on the big O and shame on all elected officials that don’t protect communities. All compromised elected officials should be thrown out on their bumms across the border WITHOUT a passport…..Bye, bye! :)

  20. Dave C. says:

    ILLEGAL is not a Race!

  21. ken turner says:

    Let me see if I have this thing right.We are mad at Arizona because the state govt. is going to fine,arrest or deport anyone who they find has entered this country illegally.Sounds good to me ! The thing I can’t understand is why a state had to figure out such a complicated matter,as the federal laws said the same thing.Maybe there are other factors involved here,we are overlooking–If there were a lot of jobs that would appear as soon as all illegals were removed.Then we would have to insist that more people on goverment programs fill them,you know Obama
    promised jobs, That’s when Al Sharpton would object!!! As far as your President is concerned He shouldn’t worry as I doubt if they would turn him back at the border because he couldn’t produce some kind of a birth certificate.As for me , I’m just waiting for the time when there are more illegals here than in Mexico and I’ll have Acapulco or Cancun to myself and a few of you other Old RV ers Tally HO Ken T

  22. MichaelG says:

    All I can say is I hope they stop you six times on the way to the grocery store, Nick. You look Canadian to me.

  23. Nick Russell says:

    If that’s what it takes Michael, it’s fine wth me. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  24. Joan Weise says:

    You are absolutely RIGHT ON in my view! It’s always refreshing to read your “no BS” opinions…even when I don’t agree.

    I too bet that the law will be repealed but will apply pressure for the feds to make a move…or are we being too hopeful?

  25. gilcarvr says:

    Gabriella defends SB1070 at Tucson City Council Special session called to consider suing Arizona…

  26. Tony says:

    If the law is repealed it will not be done by liberals or do- gooders as many say but by the Supreme Court. You remember the Constitution don’t you.

    This law is some of the feel good crap laws that politicians are so good at passing while doing nothing constructive.

  27. Bruce says:

    ILLEGAL is not a Race!

  28. Randy says:

    I am frustrated with people using “race” as a ploy, again. They didn’t have a problem with the federal law. Hey it’s the same language, and now it’s “racist”. I will support arizona any way I can. I’m planning at least one trip there this year. If a city decides to boycott AZ, I will boycott that city.
    Mexico has a problem with illegal immigration from Guatemala and other Central American countries. Teir policy is zero tolerance. They have 117 detention centers in southern Mexico, and the standard sentence is 4 years.

    How long can we export jobs and import poverty? Keep in mind, we’re also importing crime and violence.

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