I was watching the Tonight Show the other day, and host Jay Leno was interviewing Kate Goslin. About two minutes into their conversation, I found myself asking “who is this person. What did she ever do to make her a “celebrity””?

These days it seems like we have hundreds of celebrities who come out of nowhere, never accomplish anything of real meaning, and yet they are all over the airwaves, and their faces are plastered on magazine covers everywhere you look. Who the hell are these people?

The military has a term for officers who got their commissions by going to a fast Officer Candidate School and never “earned” their rank by attending one of the formal military academies, or by coming up through the ranks. They are called shake and bake officers.

Today we seem to be deluged with shake and bake celebrities.

As far as I can discover (and I didn’t spend a lot of time researching), Kate Goslin’s claim to fame is that after undergoing fertility treatments, she gave birth first to twins, and then sextuplets. This earned her and husband Jon their very own reality TV show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. Their relationship has since ended, but Ms. Goslin’s face and name seem to have become permanent fixtures in pop culture.

Besides being junk food for the brain, about the only other thing that reality shows have done for society is spawn legions of no talent shake and bake celebrities that nobody ever heard of.

Sure, it’s easy to say “just turn off the damn television and ignore them,” but that isn’t my point. What I want to know is, why do we, as a society, need these kinds of people? Are our own lives so shallow and empty that we have to live vicariously through them? Has our universal IQ sunk so low that we need to be constantly entertained by nobodies doing nothing?

I am no fan at all of organized sports, and to me, far too many professional athletes are overpaid, spoiled morons. But at least they can kick a ball, or swing a bat, or hit a basketball hoop. They can do something!

What do the likes of Kate Goslin, ‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman, Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney, or any of the hundreds of other “celebrities” of their ilk bring to the table?

Am I missing something here?

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21 Comments on Shake And Bake Celebrities

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  2. Jim Burnett says:

    Seems to me that these so-called celebs attract the same type of viewers as were attracted to the so-called freak shows of yesteryear … it is perhaps a mysterious blend of curiosity and not having a life of one’s own.

  3. Pam says:

    “What do the likes of Kate Goslin, ‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman, Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney, or any of the hundreds of other “celebrities” of their ilk bring to the table?”

    Well, Allison Sweeney is an actress. She’s been Sami Brady on Days of Our Lives since she was just a kid. Not an amazing achievement but certainly a step above Kate and the Octomom.

    Otherwise, I completely agree with you. It’s weird how many people these days are famous for being famous. It seems that the more dysfunctional they are, the more famous they become. It’s disturbing.

  4. Sally says:

    Boy Nick, you really hit the nail on the head about those reality TV shows. I hate them all. The networks want cheap unknown people instead of paying high wages to the stars for good shows. Whatever happened to the good variety shows and family comedies?
    By the way, I hope Terry does the cookbook. Sign me up for a copy.

  5. Joe Vagott says:

    Sorry,no comment. I’ve never watched a reality show.


  6. What is surprising to me is the number of pulp tabloids at every checkstand at grocery and drug stores — all exposing the “secrets” of these celebrities — whether they are shake and bake or “real” celebreties. And people actually buy them! Even when the tabloids contradict each other in screaming headlines. Yeah, I see the tabloids while standing in line, that’s how I know what they look like. Sheeesh!

  7. Darrell says:

    I’ve noticed that over the past several years that the news organizations have had a real crisis of identity. Local news is no longer local news but attempts to compete with the national news. National news doesn’t seem to realize what real news is and competes with the gossip shows (Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, etc.), hence, reporting on Kate Goslin and Tiger Wood’s martial problems as news items. And the entire entertainment sector is out of step with mainstream America – what they consider funny hardly brings a smile to your face as well as waaay too many unreal reality shows that we find extremely boring. Dancing with the Stars isn’t real dancing; it’s wearing skimpy clothes and shaking their booties. Yep, you’re right Nick, the mindless morons are taking over the air waves and that’s why we don’t waste money paying for satellite television.

  8. Don Harbert says:

    Bad Nick,

    Just tell it as you see it. They are all a waste of my time to watch them or follow them.

  9. Dave B. says:

    I agree with what everyone here has said. I guess I do watch some of these things on TV. The only reason I can think of is that it is just pure entertainment. Sometimes it’s funny and other times it is just weird, but it is interesting to me. I guess to me it is just a modern day sideshow and that is how I view it. As long as it doesn’t interfere with my daily duties or other interests like reading, I don’t see any harm in it.

  10. Connie Braidh says:

    It’s mindless entertainment for the mindless.
    “Reality” shows aren’t real, Survivor and copies are idiotic, who cares who dances with who, MINDLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It just shows the level of the masses in this country. SCARY.

  11. Elaine says:

    Kate Goslin is nothing but an attention seeking b—- who really cares why they divorced etc. If she needs money why not get a real job.The worse of these reality people are the folks on 19 and counting. I was appalled to learn that even though they are getting the big bucks for their show, they receive government assistance. All the money they earn is in tax free accounts in their kids names. We do hot watch a lot of these reality shows because they really do stink.

  12. Susan Wilson says:

    There are a lot more reality TV shows lately because they are way cheaper to produce.

    Nick, I am amazed that you even know these people’s names! (Why??)

  13. Nick Russell says:

    Research, Susan, just due to research LOL

  14. Kenneth says:

    You hear of the star of the moment and puff they are gone.
    I don’t watch these shows and very few regular TV shows.
    I do give the very few a chance.
    They are successful if I can watch half of the show.
    I find too much on the web or a book or a grand child’s story to watch some made up reality TV show.
    I guess by today’s standards I am boring, thank god.

  15. Nina Seibel says:

    I sure agree with you. Nina

  16. Jerry Criswell says:

    “Has our universal IQ sunk so low that we need to be constantly entertained by nobodies doing nothing?”

    Nick, you have hit it on the head. Public education has been dumbed down so much it is now worthless.


  17. don says:


    You are an old newspaper guy.

    1st – bad news sells
    2nd – happy endings don’t
    3rd – you have 17 responses already – why are these people watching something we all consider a POS?
    4th – And here I am adding another comment. LOL Bet you I won’t watch the POS show though.

  18. Allan W says:

    I do not follow any of the so called celebrities. They make no real contribution to society, they are just entertainers. I agree with Darrel about the news tv reporting on peoples personal lives just because they are entertainers. They have reported hours of coverage about Michael Jacksons death but do not even mention some real heros that have given their lives for our country. The news is so bias it is hard to get the truth.

  19. Tom Doyle says:

    Don’t watch “Reality Shows”, wouldn’t know where to find them and don’t even care what they are about. What i do know is that I am about as interested in their lives as I am about the loudmouthed jackass in any public place. I’m not.

  20. Bill says:

    In response to your question; “What I want to know is, why do we, as a society, need these kinds of people”?

    Need? well we don’t need them, we don’t need ice cream. we don’t need hawaiian shirts, we don’t need … Hell, we don’t need diesel pushers! (Boy! I’m in for it now!) We just like the rare and the strange. Museum pieces and people alike, we just enjoy ’em!

    ‘Taint complicated, doesn’t need solving, and a waste of a good grump session! So let’s belly-ache about the fact that there’s no ice cream museum!

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