I upset a few people in my April 1st blog, It’s Time To Take Back Our Border, when I referred to Mexico as a “cesspool teeming with disease and vermin.” In the spirit of detente, can we agree that while most of Mexico is a good place, filled with good people, most of the Mexican border region is a cesspool? Come on folks, I’m trying, meet me halfway!

I also had people who agreed with me that the problems on our southern border are out of control, but asking what we can do to stop the border violence that is spilling over onto our side.

At least one reader suggested legalizing drugs, since so much of the crime and violence is associated with the drug trade. I’m sorry, but just I can’t buy into that theory. Yes, I know all about Prohibition, and what a failure that was. And yes, I know that people who want drugs will find drugs. But I still do not think the government should condone them. I’m not even a fan of alcohol. I’ve seen too many tragedies, and families destroyed, by substance abuse, be it alcohol or drugs.

Other countries execute drug smugglers and dealers. They don’t spend years on appeals and legal nonsense, they just try them, convict them, and kill them. But of course, we’re too civilized to do that, aren’t we? Maybe it’s time to change that thinking. No, executing a drug dealer will not stop the flow of drugs, but it will damned sure keep that particular scumbag from distributing his poison!

Someone else wrote to say that to rectify problems south of the border, “we have to change minds and hearts.” We tried that in Vietnam, and as I remember, it didn’t work out too well then. I don’t think it will be any more successful now.

Another reader commented that “The solution obviously is for both the USA and Mexico to work on and solve the problem. We can’t do it alone. If the Mexican authorities do not crack down on their side of the border, these drug and gang problems will continue.” I agree. However, that is a big part of the problem. The drug cartels own a lot of the Mexican politicians and police, and they are not afraid to kill those who are not on their payroll. 

Several people chastised me for my comments about Mexico, and wrote that the majority of Mexican citizens are wonderful, decent people. I don’t disagree. But I get darned tired of hearing about all of the wonderful, decent people in the world who stand by and let thugs and dictators ruin their countries, waiting for somebody else (read America) to come and make it all better.  It’s their damn country, they need to take responsibility for it, and take action, instead of being passive victims!

As I remember my history lessons, when we decided that we didn’t like the way King George was ruling the Colonies, farmers and shopkeepers grabbed their squirrel guns and muskets, and sent the British packing. Maybe oppressed people across the globe need to take a lesson from our past.

I knew an elderly Jewish man once, who wore the tattooed numbers of a Nazi concentration camp on his wrist. We used to talk about his experience growing up in the Holocaust. I remember him saying that he was bitter that his father and the other members of his community in Poland stood by praying for salvation, and awaiting the day that the British and Americans would come to their rescue, instead of taking a stand and fighting. “Yes,” he said “They would have no doubt all been killed by resisting. But they would have died like men, doing something! Instead they died like animals in the gas chambers and work gangs of the concentration camps.” 

The drug lords are not going to just quietly fold up their tents and go away peacefully. The problems on the border and in Mexico are not going to disappear, no matter how much we want to believe they will. As I said in my earlier blog post, blood will be shed. It’s inevitable, and anyone who believes otherwise is living in a dream world.

So what should we do? I believe that we need to bring our troops home from the other cesspools of the world, fighting endless wars that accomplish nothing, and concentrate them on cleaning up the cesspool on our own border. We have enough technology and military manpower to cover every foot of that border. Unfortunately, most of it is in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If you try to break into my home at night, under the castle doctrine in many states, I have the right to shoot you. Let’s practice that as a nation. If a criminal comes across our border, our troops need not only the authorization, but also orders, to use deadly force. Don’t whine to me about how cruel that is! That’s why it’s called a war on drugs! Don’t go crawling in my window late at night either!

The next step is to support positive change in Mexico. Not the smiling Mexican politicians who glad hand us in front of the cameras, and then turn a blind eye to the chaos the drug cartels have wrought in their country. The Mexican people have to clean house if they want things to change, and want a better country. If it takes a revolution south of the border to bring change, so be it. Revolutions happen every year, someplace. We clandestinely or openly support them all around the globe.

Now I can hear my Liberal friends gnashing their teeth right now, and saying that I have gone over to the dark side, while my Conservative friends, who were cursing me a while back when I wrote in favor of President Obama’s health care plan, saying “it’s about time.” Being an independent thinker can be lonely at times.

But I truly believe that while the greatest majority of the Mexican people are indeed good and decent, I also believe just as strongly that if we and they don’t take real, harsh, ugly action to protect our common border and clean up their country, we will all lose in the long run.

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22 Comments on So What Should We Do?

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  2. MichaelG says:

    As you know, we have overwhelming military forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan. You might notice that we haven’t been able to stop opium production in Afghanistan, and we were never able to control the border in Iraq. And not because of legalistic restrictions on our soldiers. As that recent Wikileaks video of action in Iraq showed, our guys can kill a dozen people walking down the street just because they think some of them are carrying (not using) weapons.

    You could militarize the U.S. border and spend tens of billions of dollars there (more than all foreign aid put together) and still fail. Lots of tourists and commercial traffic go across that border every day. You would have to literally take apart every truck and car, and do body cavity searches on every person, Mexican or American, crossing that border. The total amount of cocaine used by Americans in a year would fit in a single semi trailer, out of all the tens of thousands that cross the border.

    I’m sure many people in Mexico want to end the drug trade, and they have put many people in jail. But the money made in drugs funds bribery (of our border guards as well as their politicians) and huge amounts of weapons. The simplest solution is to take away the money.

    If California legalizes marijuana, that will be a huge blow against the drug lords. I hope it happens.

    No one anywhere, not even hellholes like North Korea, have managed to completely close a border. There are some things you just can’t do, not even with all the guns in the world.

  3. Good old MichaelG — you can count on his opposition to anything.

  4. Bob Derivan says:

    I couldn’t have said it better. What are you smoking MichaelG? As Ray and Len once said “Amen Bad Nick.

  5. Bill Auld says:

    Maybe someone needs to ask MichaelG what he would recommend to rectify the border problem.

  6. Jim@HiTek says:

    Great response MichaelG, I agree with every word. It’s easy to agree with the truth.

  7. Ben says:

    The border problems we have are all related to MONEY. The drug war runs on money. Illegals cross the border to earn money to send home. The solution is to take the money out of the equation. Legalize drugs and sensibly tax them. Any business hiring illegals should be fined out of existence.

  8. Three cheers for Bad Nick**** He has hit the nail on its head again with the brutal truth.
    praise the Lord & pass the ammunition !!

  9. Bill says:

    Nick your right on ,if we bring the troop home and put them to doing something use full in this country, maybe the people living along the border in our country won’t be getting killed by theses drug lords.

  10. john w says:

    I think the biggest reason for the drug problem is the AMERICAN buyer,, and the cesspools through out America. fix these problems and the cartel money dries up…

  11. Connie Braidh says:

    We in the US are in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why? In Afghanistan the Taliban gave Osama bin Laden a base to attack the USA. We absolutely needed to clean out that problem. We still need to be sure that radical Muslims do not use Afghanistan as a base. If we leave there now, the radicals hiding in the mountains will come down retake control and attack us again. This is jihad. How soon we forget the attack on OUR shores. Sorry, I don’t vote for removal of troops from Afghanistan.
    What about Iraq? Saddam Husein and his 2 boys were sure winners. They tortured and killed thousands of their own people. They attacked Kuwait. They were dangerous and evil. So you want to leave them in power? I guess we should have turned our heads and just let them start WW3 by inciting war in the middle east. Iraq is a real problem. Winning the military battles was easy. The hard problem has been how to set up a stable government which is good for the people of Iraq and consequently the rest of the world including us. So I vote we leave troops in Iraq too.
    I know we can’t be the policeman for the world. However, we need to keep OUR safety and interests clearly front and center in dealing with the rest of the world. I believe it is in the best interests of US to be in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lots of you will disagree. That’s what freedom for personal opinion is all about. I think that being isolationist as a country and letting the world run along without us is very dangerous. I don’t want WW3. Being involved in the world puts out the small fires before they become the large fires.
    Thanks, Nick for pointing out that your comments were for the border areas being cesspools. I can agree they are a mess. But unilateral action by us will not work. Unless (authorities and people)in Mexico cooperate to stop the drug trafficking the problem will continue. I am not in favor of legalizing drugs except for marijuana by prescription only or for any illegal drug which has medical uses by prescription only.
    I don’t have all the answers. I don’t think anyone does. But we need to look at past history for clues to what might work or not work. The Mexican wall doesn’t work. The Wall didn’t work for communists countries either The patrols we have now aren’t enough and don’t work. How about putting some of these unemployed to work (after proper training) to work on border patrols? Increasing the number of border patrols might help. How about the Mexicans cleaning out the mess on the border? Raze those shanty towns and move everyone farther away from the border. Make a no one zone 20 miles wide (no tunnels then). Have constant flights (the military boys could use it for real live training)over the zone to watch for illegals. How about a no one zone on our side? Not feasible? Food for thought.

  12. Paul Stough says:


    Radical Muslim is redundant.


  13. Paul Stough says:

    If we really want to end the demand for illegal drugs, we need to understand what causes millions of Americans to want to use them, and fix those issues first. Unless we are willing to do that, then anything else we do is wasting time.

    Does anyone believe that if miraculously the drug lords in Mexico suddenly went out of business, that would be the end of illegal drug use? I hope no one is so naive!

    We live in a drug induced society, some people use drugs that are legal, and some us drugs that are not. If you have a good drug prescription plan or otherwise can afford drugs, you get a doctor to give you a prescription for almost anything you want, many of the legal drugs have nearly the same effect as illegal drugs. Ritalin, the drug that is fed to thousands of kids, has the same effect on the brain as cocaine.

    How many millions of Americans take Paxil, Lexapro, adderal, ritalin, Prozac, Zoloft, Cymbalta, and the many other drugs that change our mood or perception? What is the difference between getting a buzz from any of these as opposed to getting high from pot?

    The two most commonly used, and legal drugs in this country count for more death and destruction than all the illegal drugs combined! What sense does that make?

    The reason people bring up prohibition when talking about the use of illegal drugs is because it is very instructive, and impossible to argue with.

    When booze was illegal the most common form of alcoholic drink was moonshine, 180 proof grain alcohol. Why? Because when something is illegal, the tendency is to have the most potent form, so it will take you less to get buzzed than a less potent form, and the less volume you have, the easier it is to conceal from the law. The same is true for meth. Once law enforcement started cracking down of pot users, and those that still wanted a buzz, but didnt want to risk getting caught with a bulky bag of pot, or having a drug that stayed in their system for up to 30 days, they switched to meth or cocaine, both only take a fairly small quantity to get high, so it is easier to hide, and both our out of a person’s system in a few days, not weeks.

    This aint rocket science folks!

    More later,


  14. Cal Hall says:


    Right on again.

  15. Kenneth says:

    We should setup a Ellis Island at the Mexican border and screen those who wish to enter like we did at New York.
    A fence would take the place of an ocean.
    Drugs are a bane to our civilization.
    We should treat the users and incarcerate the dealers.
    Kill the producers and punish the countries that turn a blind eye.
    But we are not GOD but are just people who have dreams so we must struggle with this problem until we can find an answer to WHY we use drugs to blind the pain or boredom that causes people to use drugs.
    We can do anything if we as a people decide to fix a problem within our society.
    I have little hope of this happening with the division we have now. I find little commitment from the far left or right except to win their little battles while destroying the fabric of the American community.

  16. Eric Monroe says:

    I think you have the right idea, Bad Nick. We can’t do it all from this side of the border. The problem is getting the Mexican people to take action. I’m not sure how we can prod them into doing so.

  17. Kathe K says:

    Let’s talk business here…because that is what this argument is all about…business…money…

    How does the drug business work? In order to sell product there has to be a demand. The demand can come from a ‘push’ or a ‘pull’ marketing strategy.

    A ‘push’ strategy makes use of a sales force to create consumer demand for a product. In the US the sales force is on every street corner and in every school yard providing free samples until you have the consumer hooked on using the product.

    A ‘pull’ strategy requires that you build up consumer demand for a product. If the strategy is successful, consumers will ask their retailers for the product, the retailers will ask the wholesalers, and the wholesalers will ask the producers.

    We have both strategies working in the US and the producers and distributors are just filling the need….just like the producers of alcohol and gambling casinos which are similarly destructive but legal addictions.

    It is all about the money…take the money away and the incentive to create turf wars to control the product distribution routes disappears…like magic….POOF

  18. Judy says:

    YES, YES, Yes….we must do something and YES, it will require action from both countries. I contend if there is less DEMAND from our country, the SUPPLY from Mexico will have less value. SO, if we really got tough on the druggies in our own country, maybe just shoot ’em – ala Bad Nick, there would be no money to be made by the Mexican drug cartels. If the demand for drugs dries up, problem solved.

  19. Bill Tourtillott says:

    You’re right about our need to step it up along the border. Mexico has been doing this for years, and we don’t even seem to get around to saying “Thank you”! We’re too busy trying to solve the problem with baloons, kites and radio-controlled toys!

    It’s amazing how people pop off without any knowledge of fact. So many descriptions of Mexico are apparently third-hand guesses by people who have never grown enough “hair” to even visit the place. We spent two months in Mexico (from Texas down the east coast, around the yucatan, into Belize, and all the way back up along the Sierra ridge. We experienced daily meals in restaurants, market places and street vendors. We dealt with local grocers, auto mechanics, and inn keepers. We had amiable chats with young Mexican soldiers at least weekly as they stopped us and searched our rig. Please accept my observations that Mexico is doing FAR MORE drug enforcement than we. (Were you stopped last week?) Please also consider my observation that Mexico’s drug and violence problem is within the thin band of the border region and not in the rest of their country. Without our border, our appetite for drugs, and our lazes – faire attitude towards our own decay, Mexico would be considerably better off.

    It’s time we do the neighborly thing and step up to the problem and put some boots on the ground for the sake of ourselves and our neighbor to the south.

    Best –

  20. Tony says:

    One thought I heard here was kill the dealers. What happens when your son, daughter, grandson, or daughter decides to sell a joint so they can purchase more for themselves. Kill them since they were dealing? Its easy to talk this stuff without much thought. Quit buying sound bites people.

    If you want to take the money our of drugs then stop the seizure laws also. Police departments make a lot of money claiming property. And there are many cases of the wrong property being seized. Try getting your property back when they raid the wrong house.

    None of this is simple. I get tired of knee jerk responses to complex problems.

  21. Kathe K says:

    On Steve Cotton’s blog he discusses this same topic. He is a very well educated and thoughtful man….you might consider reading what he has to say at http://steveinmexico.blogspot.com/

  22. Jim Burnett says:

    Troops on the Border? One part of me likes the idea and then I remember there is not just one border. Seems to me that if we militarize the US/Mexican Border and curtail the drug traffic there it will simply shift to the East and west coasts and we will have to line the beaches with troops and then there’s the Canadian Border.
    Seems to me that a “war on drugs” would entail a war on both the distribution within the States as well on the use of drugs. We are not fighting the war at the source of the drugs, troops on the border would only serve to disrupt the supply chain somewhat. Fighting the war on the border is fighting a symptom, not the cause. I wish I had the answer, I don’t. Troops on the border might be a start, maybe even a good start, but it is in and of itself not the solution.
    As I try to wrap this up a wild hare hops through my head … let’s seal the borders, secure them with troops, enforce/toughen our laws against using and then export each and every convicted user to the cesspool just on the other side of the fence ….

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