Don’t you just hate it when you open your mouth to make a point, and instead wind up biting yourself right in the butt? I wonder if some folks in Los Angeles were feeling that way this week.

The do gooders in the land of quakes and flakes are calling Arizona’s new law that authorizes police officers to arrest illegal aliens racist. I’m not sure when illegal became a race, but what do I know? But for weeks now officials in Los Angeles, and in fact all over California, have been on the boycott bandwagon, vowing to bring economic pressure on their neighboring state for its decision to enforce Federal law even if the Feds won’t.

This week, Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce reminded L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa that 25 percent of the city’s electricity comes from Arizona, and he’d “be happy to encourage Arizona utilities to renegotiate your power agreements. I am confident that Arizona’s utilities would be happy to take those electrons off your hands,” said Pierce. “If, however, you find that the City Council lacks the strength of its convictions to turn off the lights in Los Angeles and boycott Arizona power, please reconsider the wisdom of attempting to harm Arizona’s economy.”

I love it! I mean, after all, a boycott is a boycott, right? California gets about one third of its power from Arizona. I’d love to see the Grand Canyon State declare that turnabout’s fair play and pull the plug. It won’t happen, of course, but wouldn’t it be fun to watch the airheads on the Left Coast scrambling around trying to figure out what to do next?

If you wonder why Arizonians are fed up with the problems caused by illegal aliens, just look at these photos that have been circulating around the internet. These were taken in a wash near Tucson that the illegal’s frequent as they make their way north.


trash 2

The mess includes discarded water bottles, food wrappers, clothing, human waste, and thousands of dirty diapers. Yeah, these are the kind of oppressed hard working people I want to get citizenship and become my neighbors. How about you?

trash 3


But this isn’t just one isolated example. You can find the same disgusting sight from Douglas, down in Cochise County, to Organ Pipe National Monument, and all the way to Yuma. And that doesn’t include the drugs and crime the illegals bring with them, making Phoenix the kidnapping capital of the nation.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Mexican President Felipe Calderon asked the United States Congress to tighten our gun laws, claiming that American guns that get sold (illegally) to drug gangs in his country are responsible for the violence tearing Mexico apart.

Here’s an idea, Mister President; how about we keep our guns on this side of the border, and you keep your people on your side of it?

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20 Comments on Bitten By The Boycott

  1. Susan Hornak says:

    What a mess! That is sickening! Why don’t we see this on the nightly news, instead of everybody condemning Arizona?

  2. Chuck Wiedmier says:

    Gross! This is the side of the picture that everybody ignores. Damn pigs!

  3. Alan Pfeiffer says:

    I agree with you Nick, Arizona should cut off LA’s power. If they don’t like our “racist” state, they don’t need our racist electricity.

    As for the Mexican prez, a politician is a politician, no matter where he’s from. He should let us make our decisions and concentrate on his own country’s many many shortcomings instead.

  4. Trisha says:

    Between California and Mexico, the folks in Arizona don’t have to make any decisions. Just let the know it alls in those little Garden of Edens tell them what’s right.

  5. Tom Forman says:

    I saw a news story with some film like this. Think of the health hazards this presents. The reporter said the estimate was over $100,000 to clean up just the one area they were showing. Guess who pays for that? We taxpayers! And at the same time, Arizona has closed its state parks and rest areas because they don’t have any money to fund them.

  6. Orville Schinke says:

    I’ve never been able to understand why our laws are never enforced when it comes to the illegals but my granddaughter was not allowed to take an aspirin while in school in the ninth grade. “It was illegal.” I pine for the days when I had a Model-A Ford that I had to crank to get it started!

  7. Ken H says:

    My disappointment in this whole mess is that no one in Congress had the courage of conviction to stand up and walk out when the fool from Mexico denigrated Arizona. What right does he have to even comment on a law in the US? The POTUS should be impeached for his idiotic remarks, as well as AG Holder and Napolitano. To have the audacity to condemn something and then be shown a fool when they admit they have never read the bill. My Word!!!
    I just wish Arizona had the authority to pull the electric service to California.

  8. Sharon says:

    Amen, Nick. And I can’t believe that some US citizens think this law will be followed by a ban on speaking Spanish in our country and on offering ethnic studies courses by colleges and universities! I doubt they have read the law, either.

  9. Don Damkaer says:

    Nick you are right on! I have seen the trash first hand when we go 4-wheeling out of Benson, AZ. We try and pick up what we can; but the trash pile never ends. 25% less grid power in LA might help the solar industry in AZ as well!

  10. LR says:

    That last sentence sounds like an excellent deal to me. When my cousin sent me those same photos I was shocked. People who sincerely want to become Americans wouldn’t trash our country that way. Besides, I think LA should spend a summer without the air-conditioning the Arizona power provides. Might change their tune a little.

  11. Mary Lou says:

    Why was the Mexican President addressing our Congress- we didn’t elect him? Why wasn’t he in Mexico making his country safe for his people to live?

  12. Dave Kunz says:

    I am all for the the REVERSE BOYCOTT idea that is going around on the inter-net. Everybody spends their summer vacation and leasure trips in Arizona. We pour all our dollars into their economy in support of their law. “Remember the Alamo”

  13. Just goes to show that all the “States Rights” right wing stuff is just so much BS – we are all in this together, states cannot stand alone on anything.

    My objection to the AZ law has nothing to do with illegal aliens, it is all about the constitutional rights of legal US citizens who will now be harassed for being of Hispanic descent, in spite of their ancestors having been in the AZ area before there even was a US!

    Illegal immigration is a problem and Washington has performed in their usual foot-dragging, see no evil manner.

  14. Kathe K says:

    Now that is a disgusting mess…all those people risking their lives walking through the desert and they don’t even think twice about dumping their trash instead of hauling it with them to put in the trash cans at the rest stops along the way. Why can’t they just wait a mile or so and put it in the dumpster after they have had a nice meal and some water and rest in a nice traveler’s hotel?

    Sheesh!!!! This is not about being messy, folks!!!! This is about people who have no hope in their own country….the folks who resort to sneaking in are not the private school educated middle class. These are people from tiny villages that might not even have schools looking for the same rainbow we all live under.

    I agree that something needs to change to deal with all of the illegal and uneducated people wandering into the US, but these photos are yellow journalism rag sheet propaganda.

    Whenever and wherever nations share borders, there are issues of one side wanting to get to the other for one reason or another. Millions of American retirees are taking their pensions to Mexico for a better quality of life while millions of poor Mexicans are reaching for a piece of that American Pie. Believe me, the world is not going to spin off its axis because of unequal distribution.

  15. Jim Landreth says:

    This is one of the few issues that I cannot just keep my big mouth shut about. We are currently basking in the sun in AZ and proud of it. The one issue that is constantly overlooked, and the writer feels it being the main one that prevents our self serving idiots in DC from addressing the problem, is that the the presence of the illegals degrades the value of the labor force and hence benefits large employers of low wage workers. It creates a slave labor worker group that either works for low wages or gets shipped back to wherever they came. This is just not a border state problem, thirty percent of the population of one county in central Washington State are illegals. When are we going to wake up, we are being invaded while we just sit around.

  16. Richard says:

    Kathe, since when is showing the truth propaganda? Just because something doesn’t fit into your personal view of the world doesn’t make it a falsehood. Are we talking yellow journalism here, or are you viewing the world thru rose colored glasses? Are you willing to go help clean up messes like this? My 4 wheeler club has held three desert cleanups and carried away truckloads of trash like this. Funny, I didn’t see you there. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

  17. Art in Arizona says:

    To Kathe T

    You’re pulling our chain right?

    There is no way that you can be for real.

    If you’ll give us your address, We’d be happy to dump

    a load of this “yellow journalism” on your front porch

    or in your trailer park at no charge. We have tons of it.

  18. Wayne Smith says:

    “these photos are yellow journalism rag sheet propaganda.”

    That’s what my German grandfather said about the Holacaust, and my Dad said about the My Lai Massacre.

  19. Linda Pestes says:

    I’ve got news for all of you…go to just about any wilderness area all over, Canada and the US and you’ll find that crap lying around….people aren’t necessarily illegal aliens, they’re just slobs. We don’t have any Mexicans here, so we’ll have to find somebody else to blame…or just pick up the mess like we do and carry on enjoying your life.

  20. Sucie S says:

    Whoa there Linda, I have camped all over Canada and I have never see anything like the mess above where I camped or passed through. What part of the wilderness did you camp in? As a guest in Canada when I camp I always leave my campsite cleaner than I found it. But I have never had to pick up water bottles or clothes or baby diapers. Pop top rings and cigerette butts have been the extent of the trash I have found in the wilderness campgrounds that I have stayed in.

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