Sometimes I think oops is the only response you can have to the things we see in the news. Well, maybe that and a good chuckle.

In Bluff City, Tennessee, computer network designer Brian McCrary didn’t get mad when he got what he considered to be an unfair $90 speeding ticket from one of those traffic cameras that are popping up in cities and towns across the country. Instead, he got even. McCrary did some research and discovered that the Bluff City Police Department had allowed its website address to expire, so he quickly paid the fees to the domain provider and grabbed the name for himself. So now when you go to, instead of getting the police department’s home page, you get McCrary’s opinion about speed cameras, and a lot of comments from drivers nationwide venting about the cameras and whatever else is on their minds. I bet the police chief is not real happy, right about now.

I know that with fax machines and e-mail, the US Postal Service is having a hard time keeping up their normally dismal standard of service these days, but I had no idea things had gotten so bad that they were taking prisoners! In Willis, Michigan, a 52 year old women retrieved her mail from her post office box at the post office’s box lobby, which was open even though the main lobby was closed for the day. But when she tried to leave, she discovered that the door lock had malfunctioned and she was trapped inside. It was four hours before she managed to catch the attention of a woman who was mailing a letter outside, who in turn called police to free the trapped woman.

Jail officials in Wenatchee, Washington have seen a lot, but nothing in their experience compared to the amount of contraband an inmate was able to smuggle into the jail recently. A jail spokesperson told the local newspaper that the prisoner hid a baggie of tobacco the size of a golf ball, a cigarette lighter, rolling papers, a second baggie of marijuana, an inch long smoking pipe, a bottle of tattoo ink, and eight tattoo needles in his rectum. Okay, forget oops… let’s go with ouch! Eight needles?

I just love dumb crooks. In Jacksonville, Florida, an idiot was caught on security cameras when he drove up to a closed gas station, smashed the window, and stole several cartons of cigarettes. The video camera also recorded the rear license plate falling off his car as he drove away. Police traced the license plate to 49 year old Gary Browder, who was not hard to locate, since by the time they had his name, he was already in jail on other charges.

In Oklahoma City, a man had to pass through the courthouse security checkpoint to get to his trial. When the deputy on duty asked him to empty his pockets and put his stuff on a tray before going through the security monitor, he placed a bag of marijuana on the tray. When deputies tried to arrest him for the drugs, 28 year old Vaughn Ray Jones, Jr. ran away. But he returned to the courthouse to finish his business, wearing a baseball cap for a disguise. Now he won’t have to worry about checkpoints for a while.

4 Comments on Oops!

  1. You find the greatest stories to tell!

  2. Elaine says:

    Thanks Nick, we really enjoyed the Oops report we love starting our day with your reports especially the funny ones.

  3. Chris says:

    Reminds me of what Ann Landers used to say(paraphrase) She could never have enough imagination to make up the DUMB stuff that people really do!Thanks for the chuckle, Nick.

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