I think folksinger Woody Guthrie would be rolling over in his grave if he saw what was happening in the American Southwest these days. Guthrie won fame with his song This Land Is Your Land, but today we are losing our land to the drug smugglers and illegal aliens streaming across the Mexican border.

If you doubt me, take a look at this sign, one of several that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has erected along a section of Interstate 8 in Arizona, warning people to stay away from the area, due to the possibility of encountering armed smugglers. This is the same area in which a Pinal County sheriff’s deputy was involved in a shootout with smugglers a few weeks ago.

BLM warning sign

Just what in the hell is it going to take to make the United States government realize that it needs to take action to stop this invasion? And that is the correct word for it. Armed criminals from another country are invading the United States, and the federal government’s response is to post signs telling U.S. citizens to stay away!

If a bunch of armed Americans entered Mexico they’d probably be shot down. At the very least, they’d likely spend decades in some Mexican prison. But here, we just tell our folks to stay out of their way.

While the brain dead of the world, who live in some dreamland, are condemning states like Arizona for wanting to enforce existing federal laws about illegal immigrants, people in Arizona are living in a war zone, where even armed police officers are subject to ambush. Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of the nation, and second only to Mexico City in the world, and police statistics show it is almost all related to drug and smuggling activity.

But instead of addressing the problem, the Obama administration is now talking about challenging Arizona’s new law in court. What’s to challenge?

I don’t believe in vigilante justice, but I’m convinced that if Washington doesn’t take serious action to stop this invasion, armed citizens are going to get fed up and take matters into their own hands. And when that happens, nobody wins.

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25 Comments on This Land Isn’t Our Land

  1. Carl Schultz says:

    Dammit why do we just roll over and play dead when our rights and our very homeland are continually violated? I hate to see that happen, but I think Nick is right. Maybe it will take a few dead dope smugglers and wetbacks to get the message across that it has to stop now!

  2. Tom in Ohio says:

    Our elected officals are a prime example of the old saying..” Be careful what you ask for…you just might get it.” Our country won’t fail from terrorists ..it has already begun to fall from within… starting at the very top.

  3. Redbear says:

    I’m not taking sides on any of this, since one gang is usually just as bad as the other, but . . .

    The President was asked why he was suing Arizona. He replied, “I’m not – it’s the Department of Justice.” I always thought Justice was an executive branch that works for the Chief Executive.

    Eric Holder was asked what part of the bill he was suing. He replied he didn’t know, he hadn’t read it yet. At least that’s what I remember from the bobbleheads on TV, not the conspiracy folks on the net.

    For sure, at a public appearance, our Senator was asked if she had read the health care bill. She smiled broadly and answered, “No, but I will!” This was after she had already voted in favor of it.

    I know they are very busy, but you would think that our public servants would read at least the important laws they are voting on or reacting to. One of the reasons we are so divided a country is that there is often bad language in good bills, and good language in bad ones. Without discussion, you can’t tell if people are getting worked up about a particular clause or the whole general principle.

    Be careful what you ask for, indeed.

  4. Dave B. says:

    Now we know why the Tea Party is gaining popularity. If you don’t like what our politicians are doing, vote them out! It doesn’t matter what party they belong to. Both sides have leakers who only wish to do what they feel is going to keep them in office. They won’t stand up for what is right or what they really believe. That could be risky. Vote ’em out ! ! !

  5. Bobwhite says:

    I don’t want to spoil the party, you all seem to be having so much fun with this topic and with your fears. But according to Wall Street Journal which relies on FBI statistics, crime is actually down in Arizona. If you want more information go to the Journal article, link below, or just use your search engine for Arizona Crime Statistics.

    So, let the (tea) party continue, make up any facts you want,

    http://online.wsj.com/article/.....69618.html, and with your fears. But according to the Wall Street Journal (

  6. Ed Hackenbruch says:

    Bring our men back from overseas and put them along the border. Morale would be much better, they could do a month or two on duty and then take some time off to spend with family, and they would actually be doing something for us, instead of somebody else that doesn’t even like us. Let those other countries work out their own problems and let us take care of ours. We are too quick to stick our noses in other peoples problems and then get stuck there for years/decades. Better to die on home ground defending our country than thousands of miles away. After i got home from Vietnam i said that i would be one of the first to grab a gun if we were invaded, but that if they tried to make me go back in the Army and go overseas again they would be fighting me on my front porch.

  7. Kenneth says:

    I agree Nick.
    It is just a matter of time and the response from some will be “How did this happen?”.

  8. Mike Conners says:

    Bobwhite, I don’t care what the Wall Street Journal says, come here to Arizona and watch the local news, or talk to some of us who have had our homes ripped off. The signs are not made up facts, the two illegals who robbed my son at gunpoint are not made up facts. That’s the problem in this country, people like you who are not here believe whatever you choose to instead of actually experiencing it.

  9. MsKay says:

    I too agree wholeheartedly with Mike Conners. Unless you have lived there, in that area, shut the …. up! We have wintered 3 years between Tucson and Phoenix on I 10. It’s getting a LOT worse. My girlfriend lives out in that area where the signs are. Was really close to where the deputy was shot. She now packs a gun in her purse and cannot go outside her home at night. Lives in fear…this is OUR country, not THEIRS. PERIOD. We have the right to defend our property, and I think we should…..a lot more “DEFENDING” is in order. If you think it’s so hot, go try to sneak into Mexico and see what happens to ya!

  10. Carey McConnell says:

    I’m your token bleedin’ heart liberal and, I will have to admit, you guys seem to have a good argument. In addition, I put much less value on what I read in the Rupert-Street Journal since its sale.

    When I see something like this — where it seems obvious that the government should be doing something, but they’re not — I try to figure out who stands to benefit from failing to stem the tide of illegals over our borders.

    Cheap labor is the main advantage of having illegals. I can think of no other advantage to having them here. Who likes cheap labor? Big business. Especially big agra. Who owns and pays the organized-crime we call the government? Big business.

    Small businesses can’t afford to hire illegals because, if they get caught, they can’t afford as much “justice” as a big business.

    Tell me if I’m wrong. I certainly have been before!

  11. MichaelG says:

    Well, you should hope that California legalizes pot this fall. That would take a lot of money out of the drug trade, which is what is causing the violence. I don’t think much of it is due to illegal immigration. The stuff I’ve read (and common sense) says that illegals want as little to do with the law as possible. Most of them are coming here to work after all, not rob Americans.

    Of course, if legalization does pass, I expect the Federal government to sue the state over that. Will all you law-and-order types come to the defense of California, since we have the right to do what we want, just like Arizona?

    California Marijuana Legalization Initiative

  12. MichaelG says:

    As for the crime rate, the actual statistics from the FBI say it’s getting worse in the rural areas and better in the cities. Since the border areas are rural, that’s consistent with what you are seeing.

    The rural crime rates overall are still lower than the urban crime rates though.

    Arizona Crime Statistics

  13. Janice L. Evans says:

    No I will not support California’s defiance of a federal law stating that the possession and use of marijuana is illegal in the United States. . .

    Yes, I will support Nevada in complying with a federal law stating it is illegal to sneak across our border without a passport. . .

    If I break a law. . .I pay a penalty. . .you can’t change the law to suit yourself. . .if you want to change the law to suit yourself, run for a political office!

  14. Elaine says:

    We agree with you Nick. We love to geo-cache in AZ when we are there in the winter months, we have run across one of these sites in the wilderness of Yuma, lucky for us no one was there we just made a quick retreat. Now we are thinking on not doing our fun hobby because it is to dangerous. The signs much be knew since we have not seen them on our travel in the state. Will they do any good probably not some idiot will still go camping on BLM land and get shot. That is just human nature to try something that is dangerous and you are told not to do it. Wait and see.

  15. Cal Hall says:

    I’m with you on this one Nick. I wish there was some way to wake up this administration as to the gravity of this border situation. We could use some of the troops from Iraq. At least then they would be protecting OUR country.

  16. L E Clark says:

    We spend 5-6 months a year in the Tucson area in our RV and have done so for the past 4 years. We also geocache and have run across the backpack dumps all over the desert. This year I started carrying a gun along in certain geocache areas due to the number of illegals. We have had up to 10 illegals run through the desert near our campground ( Vail area ) and it isn’t at all uncommon to see them run across the road on our drives.

    We also have seen the signs near Madera Canyon stating it is unsafe to be in the area due to drug running and illegals in the area. Pretty sad when the US response is to put up a sign rather than put an end to the drug/illegal traffic.

    We will go back to Tucson again this winter and enjoy the nice city and area. I will not let illegals ruin our trip.

    It is way past time for the Fed Gov’t to secure our borders. I have lived in and worked in a number of foreign countries and they all treated their border security much harsher than the US. We should establish the same laws here as the Mexicans do in their country.

    Sending 1200 unarmed National Guard members to the border isn’t a solution. What are they going to do, talk to the drug smugglers while they point automatic weapons at the National Guard.

    If Arizona needs funds to fight the US Gov’t lawsuit I intend to send them whatever I can. Hang in the Governor Jan Brewer.

  17. Chet Yarborough says:

    Your beating a dead horse. Why dont you just let it drop? Nobody cares. Its just not that big an issue in the overall scheme of things. Give it a rest and write about something interesting.

  18. Ben says:

    The border crime problem will be cured when the illegal drug problem is cured. The cure is legalization. Take the money out of the equation and the drug lords will lose their incentive for violence.

  19. Carole K says:

    We’re English and and have visited Arizona many times, especially the South East of the state. Although we will continue to visit, we are now very wary about where we visit and when we go, especially when we hike. Some hikes we’ve done in the past and wanted to revisit are no longer safe and there are many places we will now never visit.

    As for the new law, isn’t it illegal to be anywhere in the USA without a valid passport and valid visa/visa waiver?

  20. Eric Johansen says:

    Is Michael G for real, or is he Nick’s alter-ago that only comes out when he sniffs too much diesel exhaust?

  21. Allan says:

    In a one on one meeting between Senator John Kyl from Az. and Pres Obama, the Pres. said ” The problem is if we secure the border then you-all won’t have any reason to support Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” In other words the American people are being played to support amnesty. Don’t believe it now, just wait and see. The federal gov’t has already said it was going to sue Az. over the state law which is trying to do what the federal gov’t is failing to do.

  22. Allan says:

    Responding to Chet: This may not be an important issue to you but it is a very relevant and immediate issue to many paople in many different states. Closing your eyes to a problem does not make it go away. The dead horses are in Washington increasing our deficit.

  23. Snackmaster and Jan says:

    I’ve seen the reports about the crime rate in AZ declining. My response was “it proves the actions taken by the Governer are working”. Cease to give out all those “free” services, cease to hire illegals, make it more difficult for the illegals to be comfortable in your city/state – and they will leave – go somewhere else – or back to Mexico or the Middle East.

    I say it’s proof the new immigrant plan is working. Great job Guv! Keep it up!! We will support you 100% on this issue:)

  24. Ursula says:

    Nick, thanks for taking the time to post your feelings about the illegals. I am with you 100%!! I originally immigrated LEGALLY from Germany. Took me two years to get over here and in the meantime I studied English so that I didn’t expect the U.S. to hire German-speaking translators for me in stores, etc. At the time I immigrated I was still in a child-bearing age, but I didn’t “pop out” a child every nine months in order to get more money out of the U.S. for each child I had. I never asked for anything free, such as Welfare, Food Stamps, Housing, Medical, etc., and on several occasions I worked three jobs in order to make it financially. I paid taxes and I didn’t send all the money I earned back to Germany, the way the illegals send their money back to Mexico, while they don’t pay taxes and don’t contribute one penny to our economy because most of their food is bought with Food Stamps. When one reads the crime page in our local paper, most of the crime is committed by illegals. When one reads the page that shows the babies born, at least 80% or more are Mexican babies and often the parents’ home is listed as Mexico. Instead of them even so much as trying to learn English, they just give you that stupid look that is supposed to tell you that they don’t understand you. Many of them actually do understand you! So many Americans who want these illegals here are the rich, who get their yard work or house cleaning done by them for a cheap price. These rich ones say that if we send the illegals back, then “who is going to do all the work that Americans don’t want to do?” I say get the American deadbeats off Welfare and Unemployment and they will HAVE to get out there and do the work that supposedly the illegals are now doing. Maybe we should sterilize every Mexican woman after she has a maximum of 3 children, because once these children grow up, they will be the ones running this country, and are they going to speak only Spanish then? Instead of our stores finding a translator for them, force them to speak English! See how fast they learn English if we stop giving them everything free, especially if they won’t speak English. They sure know enough English to know just where to go to get everything free! It’s time for the American public to wake up!

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