A few days ago, at the post office in Williams, Arizona, we ran into a couple from California wearing T-shirts that said “We Are Buy-Cotting Arizona!” I commented on their shirts,and they told me that they made them themselves and were in Arizona on vacation, spending every penny they could to support the state’s tough stand on illegal aliens.

We have talked to a lot of people from California who want the world to know that, no matter what the idiots who get face time in front of TV cameras have to say, most Californians actually support Arizona’s new law, which enforces federal laws on illegals. In fact, according to a recent Los Angeles Times poll, the majority of California residents responding said that they support Arizona’s new law.

But Arizona is not the only place where local and state governments are taking action to halt the illegal invasion of our country. Nationwide, people are fed up with Washington’s inaction, and with seeing their jobs disappear and their taxes go up to support an influx of trespassers that nobody in power seems to have the balls to stop.

Last Monday, the citizens of Freemont, Nebraska voted in a new law that requires anybody who wants to rent a house or apartment in the city to first get a license. Before issuing the license, authorities will run a check to be sure the applicant is in this country legally. The new law also requires businesses to use the federal e-Verify database to ensure job applicants are not illegal aliens. Fremont took this action after it saw its Hispanic population rise from 165 in 1990 to 2,060 last year. Fremont residents say the law is not racist, but rather designed to insure that legal residents get the few jobs that are available locally.

So who will be the first do-gooder to boycott Fremont? Not me! In fact, when we start traveling toward the Midwest in a few weeks, I am going to try very hard to stop in Fremont and at least buy dinner and a tank full of fuel to show my support.

Arizona may be the leader in this fight, but a news report Friday says that at least eighteen other states are watching the issue closely, and lining up to follow suit. Laws modeled after Arizona’s have been introduced in Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and South Carolina. Lawmakers in Florida, Idaho, Oklahoma, Nevada, and several other states have suggested similar action for their 2011 legislative sessions.

So, will San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, the “entertainers” in Hollywood, and the rest of the clowns from the land of quakes and flakes who are talking boycott end up boycotting Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and the whole darned country before this is all over? Does anybody really care if they just stay in LaLa Land forever? I don’t.

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17 Comments on What About Them?

  1. Karen Lueck says:

    I’m glad to hear about the Los Angeles Times poll. It’s good to know not all Californians are kooks!

    If you get to Fremont and get a chance to go to Bellevue,(very close by) stop in at Stellas Hamburger Restaurant. It’s been in business as long as I can remember (and I’m old) and is the best burger ever! They even have a website now. Rumor has it the burgers aren’t quite as good now that “Stella” has passed because no one is there to patty the burgers in their armpit :)

  2. Darrell says:

    With the current public opinion poll results and the threat across the land to “vote the bums out”, Washington is still not listening. It may only be June but, November is coming. Let’s pick some winners who are from Main Street, USA and who will work “for the people”. That maybe difficult but they gotta be out there. We all just need to be a little more diligent during this coming election.

  3. Barry says:


  4. Carole Steinorth says:

    Both Lake Elsinore and Hemet, towns in So Cal have voted to stand with AZ in their law and when I queried Temecula City Council, I was assured by the mayor that Temecula was also supporting AZ by sending the band over for their festival, and they will spend at least $100,000 during their stay. He said Temecula was consider joining Hemet and Lk Elsinore in their stand. If enough communities stand up and speak out, others will get enough nerve to join in. AZ is only doing what the Fed Gov should be doing for their own law.

  5. Tom Rose says:

    Nick: You said the right word which most of our media don’t…INVASION.

  6. MichaelG says:

    Since you are getting rid of the illegals, you can sign your kids and grandkids up here:

    Take Our Jobs

  7. Ron Bertram says:

    We have lived in Modesto, California for over 40 years, and were raised in Riverside. We DO NOT agree with the boycott of Arizona and we wish California was not judged by the few airheads with access to a television news crew.

  8. Deb says:

    To Michael G and those like him:
    Here’s how short-sighted you are. The “jobs” illegals do aren’t just about employment. Hiring illegals who will work for less than minimum wage are a detriment to immigrants here legally and American low-wage earners by undermining their work-related advantages and their job security, especially during tough economic times and high unemployment.
    The narrative “Take our jobs” has been bouncing around the Internet of late, but what it’s doing is surmizing that illegals only do back-breaking migrant labor, which is not true. In fact, migrant workers and illegal immigrants are different groups, although a migrant worker can come here legally but become illegal if he/she overstays their work visa.
    Illegal immigrants from any country are hired as domestic help, by catering companies, restaurants, retail giants, by construction companies, etc. I’m sure many Americans would like one of those jobs.

  9. Nancy F says:

    You got it, Deb! It’s not just stoop labor. My son worked as a bricklayer until the company started hiring Mexicans with no papers who would work for less than half of what he was was paid, and take it in cash under the table. Now he’s driving a school bus and barely making enouhg to pay his mortgage and feed his family. He’s love to have his job back, but the illegal aliens have taken all of the construction work in this area. I know the company was turned in for hiring illegal workers, because I’m the one who did it, with a registered letter. Nine months later, nothing has come of it. So much for the federal hiring requirements.

  10. David Michael says:

    Another problem is the heavy burden they put on the locals in the form of free medical at the ER’s, schooling and all the perks from medicade on up. they seem to know the system. Every morning during the school year 2-3 minivans (nice ones) disgorge kids on our block to catch the school bus, and again in the afternoon to pick them up. they dont live in my neighborhood or pay our taxes.

  11. KC says:

    You can show your support for Arizona by voting on MSNBC’s site.


  12. Dale says:

    The problem does not just stop at who hires them. E.G., Bank of America changed their policies as to the requirements for opening a checking account so that “undocumented immigrants” would be able to open accounts and do their banking with them.

  13. Penny says:

    MichaelG says: June 26, 2010 at 1:07 pm
    Quote: “Since you are getting rid of the illegals, you can sign your kids and grandkids up here: Take Our Jobs” Unquote.

    Some think that it doesn’t work that way:
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  14. Paul Stough says:

    First of all it shouldnt matter whether the illegals help or hurt the economy of the USA.

    Illegal is illegal, and they shouldnt be here!

    Second of all, anyone who says they help or have a neutral effect on the economy, either does not understand economics, or is purposely lying about it!

    When you have an over supply of any commodity, it will drive the price of that commodity down.

    This over supply of low-skilled and and unskilled workers has drive down wages and benefits for not only those groups, but also millions of other workers as people try to climb the wage and benefit ladder in hopes of improving their economic condition.

    This over supply of low-skilled and unskilled labor has also driven up costs of college.

    One other point that cant be repeated enough is that Americans will do virtually any job if paid accordingly!

    It is not that Americans wont do the jobs the illegals take, it is just that Americans dont want to do the jobs the illegals are taking at the wages the illegals are paid.

    As I have said before, if wages in packing plants, where the jobs are mostly taken by illegals, had kept up with inflation, they would be paid about $25 an hour now, and I dont believe you would have much of a problem getting more Americans to work at these places at those wages.

    I am sure this is true most all jobs that the illegals take.

    More later,


  15. mike says:

    google “operationwetback”, it will make all the citys ,states,
    feds look like a bunch of sissys. Back in the 20’s
    &50’s the government had cajones.

  16. Greg White says:

    What’s really interesting about the Federal government threatening to sue AZ is the fact that Missouri has been implementing also exactly the same laws since 2007 and nothing has been said.

    Check it out HERE

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