In a lawsuit filed this week, the Justice Department challenges Arizona’s new immigration law, claiming the law, which only seeks to enforce existing federal law, is too broad. The government says Arizona is unrealistic in wanting every illegal immigrant caught and deported. The government says that’s just too big a job, and that dealing with the estimated 11 million illegal aliens in the United States would overwhelm the system.

Instead, the Justice Department wants to continue with its policy of focusing on “dangerous” immigrants like drug runners, gang members, and threats to our national security, while leaving “law abiding” illegal immigrants alone.

Huh? How can you be both “law abiding” and “illegal?” Isn’t that kind of like being a “little bit” pregnant? Either you are, or you aren’t!

So how’s it going, dealing with those drug runners and gang bangers? According to every news report I read out of Arizona, not too well so far.

Each and every illegal alien in this country is a threat to our national security. They are undermining our economy and draining our resources. The monies that are spent having them here could be used to improve our national security and to improve life for our legitimate citizens. If we spent every dollar on putting soldiers on our border, and in hiring police officers, maybe we could do something about those drug runners and gang members the feds say they are so worried about.

The government worries that other states will follow Arizona’s lead, and that if they do, it would overwhelm federal agencies with illegal immigrants, costing the government millions of dollars to deport them.

Do you give a damn how much it takes to rid our country of these illegal invaders? We have a lot of pedophiles in our society too. Should we just ignore them, because it would cost less than to arrest and punish them? How about bank robbers? We could save a fortune if we just ignored them, right?

Americans are fed up with the federal government’s lack of response to this problem. One poll says that 70% of Americans nationwide support Arizona’s new law. An Associated Press news story released this week said that citizens from across the country have donated $500,000 to help the state of Arizona answer the government’s challenge to its law. Most of that was in donations amounting to less than $100. That’s a lot of people who are making it very plain that they are willing to put their money where their mouth is, even if Washington will not.

Doesn’t that tell the idiots running the government something? What ever happened to majority rule in this country? I hope people remember this, come election time, and that they clean house from the top all the way down. Yeah, it’s time for change all right!

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26 Comments on Do We Just Ignore Them?

  1. Rex says:

    These people are not illegal immigrants, they are invaders and should be shot on sight. Bring our troops home from around the world, secure our borders, run all those here illegally out and shoot anyone trying to come in illegally, require drug testing for those on welfare and put the 11 million Americans out of work back to work.
    Remember, never, ever vote for an incumbent. And also remember that if you love your freedom, thank a Veteran.

  2. Jan Mains says:

    The state of Arizona should counter sue the Federal Government for not enforcing its obligatory Constitutional responsibility to protect our borders. This could be a class action suit which could include any state that borders Mexico or agrees with Arizona.

    As to removing the illegals from our country, three previous Presidents sent masses (read millions) of illegals back to their home country when it was necessary to provide employment for our legal citizens. It can be done! The current administration is too concerned with “protecting the rights” of people who do not deserve this courtesy. Once determined to be illegal, (read, cannot prove citizenship or legal status in this country), these individuals should be returned without benefit of any trial. This requirement of a trial is what bogs our system down and only serves to enrich the lawyers.

  3. Ken H says:

    Bad, you are so right. Since obama is so keen on suing states and cities, why not file against the cities establishing “sanctuary” where illegals will not be arrested. HUH? Do not arrest lawbreakers? I think I need a break.
    Also, I propose the US establish reciprocal rules for immigration/visa residence with all other countries. We can’t take a Bible to the middle east, they can’t bring a koran here. We can’t go to Mexico and buy property on a waterfront, they can’t either. We can’t do state business in any language except spanish in Mexico, we don’t provide spanish services or documents in the US. All public schooling in Mexico is taught only in spanish, only english here. Seems fair to me.

  4. Bess Weber says:

    The DEMOCRATS are just mining for votes in the next elections and are determined to make of us another third world country . HOW MUCH WILL IT TAKE TO WAKE PEOPLE UP SO WE CAN CLEAN HOUSE IN WASHINGTON D C ,GET RID OF all OF THE INCUMBENTS SINCE THEY ARE ALL TRAITORS TO OUR REPUBLIC!!!
    Of course WE THE PEOPLE are to stupid to know what is good for us.

  5. “What ever happened to majority rule in this country?” You are a bit off base on your history Nick, our county is a representative democracy. We elect representatives to make sensible decisions (which they may or may not do!). Our government structure is set up to protect the “minority” from abuse by the “majority”.

    The only way the Arizona law would work is if we all started carrying government issued IDs and produced them on demand. Is that the country you “freedom loving” folks want to live in? It’s not the one I want to live in!

  6. Jerry Ray says:

    WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE!!! All americans I know DO carry ID at all times and have NO PROBLEM showing it as needed. Do you carry a drivers Licience? how about an ID card if you don’t drive? maybe all you carry is a Medicare card or a Social Security card. ALL OF US carry some kind of ID with us at all times so where is the problem !!! I for one have no problem producing ID when using a credit card at the stores or If I should happen to get stopped by police for doing something wrong. So what’s the problem!!! I am a “freedom loving” folk and that is the country I want to live in.
    It’s an old saying but we all should remember that “FREEDOM Isn’t Free”

  7. Dave B. says:

    Nick, when you say “it’s time to clean house from top down”, you sound very much like a member of The Tea Party. I believe their platform is for change, whether Democrat or Republican, vote them out. This has a lot of politicians in office worried. What I like about that is there is finally some accountability for these guys. In the past, once elected, the guy you get is sure different from the one we saw during the campaign! I’m not a Republican, Democrat, or an Independent. I vote for the candidate that I feel will do the best job representing me. As for the high cost of securing our border, isn’t that one of the most important aspects of our safety? If we brought our troops home from the Middle East, we would have more than enough troops and money to do the job. The middle east will end just like Viet Nam any how. I’m off my soap box now.

  8. Janice L. Evans says:

    I support Arizona. . .and since the City Hall in El Paso got a bullet through it, the AG in Texas finally got off his duff, and is speaking out. . .’bout time, still haven’t heard much from the Governor of Texas though. . .I think it’s time for him to go too. The only problem with that is, his opponent established a sanctuary city in Houston, so, things are not looking up for our great border state either. . .the Governor of Arizona has more cahoneys than all the other border state governors put together. . .you go girl!

  9. Steve says:

    Mad as hell is not conducive to clear thinking. Whipping people into a frenzy with lies, damn lies, and statistics does play into the hands of radicals, both left and right.
    I don’t understand why Arizona wanted a new law to enforce an existing law. Just enforce the existing law.
    I do not agree on Justice (what a misnomer) challenging that law now. It’s a waste of time and money, just what our government does best.
    Deportation without trial is an excellent idea. Shooting them is really a messy solution. Though, maybe after 3 returns an exception can be made.
    I want to keep a couple of my elected representatives. Not that I agree with everything they do. Heck, I don’t always agree with everything I do!

  10. Nick Russell says:

    Dennis said – “The only way the Arizona law would work is if we all started carrying government issued IDs and produced them on demand. Is that the country you “freedom loving” folks want to live in?”

    Yes, Dennis, it is the kind of country I want to live in, since I already carry identification at all times to drive, etc. A country that enforces its laws is exactly the kind of country I want to live in. Not a country that rolls over and plays dead because it doesn’t have the courage to enforce its own laws.

  11. MichaelG says:

    Arizona might as well try the deportation approach. I’m definitely in favor of letting the states experiment.

    I expect that identity theft will explode and businesses will flee the state because they can’t afford to pay the higher wages. There will be the usual SNAFU’s with the e-verify system and we’ll see stories about how it rejects citizens when the info is wrong, how it is easily fooled by illegals, and how employers think it’s a huge, expensive hassle. Hispanic citizens will stop cooperating with cops because they fear hassle or deportation of their friends/family. And people will continue to stream over the border looking for a better life.

    My fear is that like the drug war, deportation will fail for years and yet people will support it anyway out of ideology.

    Still, I don’t think a federal solution will help. The rest of the country should just watch Arizona fail, and then we’ll know what NOT to do.

  12. Claire says:

    WOW! It sure was refreshing reading all your replies! It helps me know I’m not alone. Nick, you are right on! I live in a solid blue liberal community. I seldom am associating with people of my own thinking and I proudly say my piece when others all around me are whooping up the greatness of this administration. I’ve never been “political” in the past but today I cannot wait for November. Bring it on.

    My motto is “No LIDs” (Lawyers/Incumbants/Democrats)! OUT WITH YOU ALL!

    If it’s too troublesome and cumbersome to enforce the law, if people need work, put the job stimulation money towards taking care of the problem!

  13. Pam says:

    “Yes, Dennis, it is the kind of country I want to live in, since I already carry identification at all times to drive, etc.”

    Oh please. You whined like a baby when that cop in California asked to see your driver’s license. I can’t even imagine what your reaction would have been if he had asked you to prove your citizenship.

    “A country that enforces its laws is exactly the kind of country I want to live in.” Unless, of course, you think it’s a stupid law or you happen to be the one breaking it.

  14. Richard Fuller says:

    I bet you are the kind of person who thinks all these illegals are just hard working people wanting a break, aren’t you?

  15. Sondra Temmins says:

    MichaelG, maybe Arizona will fall on its face, but at least they are TRYING to deal with the issue instead of sticking their head in the sand and ignoring it like the federal government has done for years.

  16. Josh Crews says:

    Bad Nick, my sister’s husband turned me on to your blog a while back and I really respect the fact that you are not afraid to say what you think no matter who it pisses off. I find that I only agree with you about half the time but its damn refreshing to see somebody who tells it like he sees it. Is there a way to send you a donation or something to help defray your costs of keeping the blog up?

  17. Nick Russell says:

    Thank you, but no donation is necesary, we fund the blog through the commissions we make on the little ad links you see in the blog posts. I’m glad we agree half the time at least. Sometimes I discover that I disagree with myself too!

  18. Those who object to ID laws need to come to Indiana – our wizards just instituted a law that says EVERYONE purchasing carry out alchohol of any kind must produce a photo ID. A lot of 70 year olds object but that is our law now. I support the Arizona law and e-mailed the governor to tell her so.

  19. Elaine says:

    Right on Nick, We agree 100%. If these people who whine about this country, there is nothing stopping them from leaving.

  20. Dale says:

    It may come as a surprise to learn that the Obama administration is deporting more folks than in the Bush administration. That’s not the kind of stuff that makes it onto the news.

    As to carrying identification, just remember, all types of identification can be forged. In order to prevent racial profiling, all citizens will have to be checked. In a state further north than Arizona, legal identification was ignored by officials who decided the identification papers did not look real and the citizen, born here, was arrested.

    As to voting out all incumbents, what about the senator or congressman who you agree with who is already an office holder? This person has already shown that they vote the way you like – do you really want to take a chance with someone who does not have a voting history of supporting legislation you agree with?

    Be careful what you wish for.

  21. Kevin says:

    Why do we need to deport them? We did not import them. They came here because they saw a golden carrot. Let’s remove the golden carrot.

    Every employer who hires an illegal gets an immediate 10K fine per hire. No excuses.

    No public assistance. Send notice with all the checks to the “kids” getting the checks (because we know the illegal “parents” are not getting any public assistance) that those funds are immediately cut off if they cannot prove legal presence. That will make it necessary to de-legalize the kids that should not be legal anyway just because they set foot on this soil.

    Remove the incentive and the rats will leave the ship. Coyotes can run both ways across the border.

  22. Allan says:

    I agree with you on this Nick. The Arizona law helps Arizona protect its people and economy that the federal government is failing to enforce. The federal government could finance the deportation and border security if it used the money that it is spending on the illegals in the USA. Arizona knows that the illegals are a drain to the states economy and other states will realize this too. The present administration would like to give amnesty to the illegals which would cause an even bigger drain to our already shaky economy. Vote the incumbants out and vote in candidates that will represent the people and won’t raise taxes or deficit spending. I plan to join the support for Arizona’s defending their state law. I also will not do business with cities boycotting Arizona.

  23. Bess Weber says:

    To Steve,
    The Arizona LAW is necessary BECAUSE the FEDS DO NOT ENFORCE THE LAW!!! understand?

  24. Ed Zimmerman says:

    Right on, Nick! Quoting from the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Newspaper: A column compiled by the editors of Harper’s Magazine: Percentage of Mexicans who, in a 2009 survey, said the “primary loyality of Mexican-Americans should be to Mexico” was 69%. Remember the big group that paraded in L.A. several years ago, and how they were waving the Mexican flag? They kept on doing it until some politician told them it was hurting their cause.

  25. Wayne Paul says:

    It looks to me like the Arizona U.S Representatives and U.S. Senators are sitting on their duffs and not passing reform in Congress. It seems to me like you should be blaming them for not doing anything at all.

  26. Bill says:

    OK – Now that you have had your say – check out this article in the NY Post –

    Basically – the Federal Government is / has been federalizing the State and Local boys since 1995 under something called 287 (g) to do exactly what they are seeking a ruling to stop them from doing. A real Catch 22 situation. Government hypocrisy at it’s best.

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