Beginning July 1, the State of Utah is cracking down on welfare fraud by reviewing the cases of illegal aliens who are receiving public assistance in the form of food stamps. Under the state’s new policy, food stamps were cut off to some 2,200 families of illegal aliens, and thousands more have had their benefits reduced.

The measure is the result of the state’s new policy to fully count the income earned by all members of a household when determining eligibility for food stamps. In the past, only a portion of illegal aliens’ income was included in the food stamp calculation, due to limitations of the state’s computer system. In some cases, a family with several illegal aliens members, who did not report their income, qualified for food stamps, although a family of native Utah citizens, making and reporting the same amount of money, might not.

The result is that families with illegal aliens are showing up at food banks asking for handouts. “But, of course, I have to feed my family,” said a mother of five who is an illegal alien, who works as a housekeeper at a nursing home and recently lost $300 worth of food stamps a month, in an article in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Some of the illegals who have lost benefits, or had them cut back, are questioning whether Americans are being given preference over them.

Preference? What preference? Talk about cojones! These people are criminals, they are breaking the law just by being here, and they have the audacity to complain because American citizens may be getting preference over them! And yet we have people and legislators who still don’t believe that these freeloaders are draining our economy and our resources dry!

If that illegal alien mother doesn’t like the changes, here’s an idea. Take your kids and go back where you belong. I bet there’s an American mother who will be more than happy to take that housekeeping job! I bet there is an American citizen who could use that $300 a month you have been getting, that you have no right to.

Okay, let’s do some real basic math here. This is one family of leeches who were getting $300 a month in benefits, and Utah has cut off 2,200 illegal families. If we were to assume that each family was getting the same amount (and we have no idea how many were getting that much, or more), that comes to $660,000 a month that was being given to people who don’t even belong here.

But wait, there’s more! One newspaper report said as many as another 6,000 to 8,000 families of illegal aliens in Utah will now get reduced benefits. Just for the heck of it, let’s split the difference and call it 7,000 families, and we’ll just say they will all get just $100 less every month. That’s another $700,000 a month saved, if my calculator is working right. That’s over $1.3 million a month in just one state! A state that doesn’t have nearly the population of illegal aliens as Florida, Arizona, Texas, or California. Do you get an idea now of how many billions of your tax dollars these people are costing us every year?

The administration says it would cost millions of dollars to deport all of the illegal aliens in this country. No problem, I just found you $1.3 million in Utah alone that you can put to that effort. Multiply that by 50 states, and I think we can get the job done.

But we won’t, of course. Because unlike the maggots who are feeding off of all of us, and who then complain that our own citizens are getting preferential treatment, the people we have elected to office don’t have the cojones to do what needs to be done!

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24 Comments on Talk About Cojones!

  1. Dale says:

    Congratulations to Utah. I hope more states follow suit.

  2. Kathe K says:

    ‘Cajones’ are boxes…’cojones’ are balls.

  3. Connie Braidh says:

    I have always wondered how illegal aliens have US rights and privileges. If I go to Mexico or Canada or any where else in the world, they don’t give me welfare or any type rights in their country. In fact some countries won’t even let you work in their country if you are not a citizen or approved (ex you are working for an American company and are there for them). So how suddenly does everyone else in the World have US citizen privileges just because they got across the border? I agree with human rights for people but not my US citizens rights and privileges just because you came across the border. I notice all these illegals sure want what we have but they don’t want to pay for it, they want us (US citizens) to pay for it. That’s just plain wrong. And we can’t continue to support them and ourselves as well. It will and is bankrupting this country.

  4. Steve says:

    Millions of dollars to deport all the illegals sounds like a pretty good deal to me. They are wasting plenty on other things.

    The calculators in Washington don’t perform calculations. They are the lobbyists in K Street.

    Maybe if the legislators could find a way to use that money for their reelection campaigns, you would see some action.

  5. “I bet there’s an American mother who will be more than happy to take that housekeeping job!”

    I’ll take that bet. You have put your finger on a huge part of the immigration problem, companies and private employers are milking the system just like the illegal immigrants. They know darn well that no one would work for those wages unless they had no other choice. Another example of ignoring the root causes and trying to fix a problem by treating the symptoms.

    Oh, I forgot, those employers are making political donations aren’t they – ’nuff said!

  6. Don Damkaer says:

    Why should the American Citizen take the “Housekeeping job” and go to work when the government gives them plenty to live on so they can stay home and watch TV on their 52 inch plasma TV, cook T-bones on their barby, and purchase the junk food with food stamps. All things many hard working American’s can not do!

  7. Ken H says:

    “I bet there’s an American mother who will be more than happy to take that housekeeping job!”

    I’ll take that bet.
    When ya gonna pay up? There are plenty of people right here in my small town that would jump at a chance of work, any work. The idiots in Washington that keep saying the illegals (criminals) that are doiing work that Americans won’t do are using that mantra to make it seem true. Saying something over and over does not make it so.
    When are we gonna wake up and purge Washington? Wasting money to sue Arizona over SB1070 is simply stupid. SB1070 in no way infringes on federal supremacy. SB1070 only tells police how to handle the illegal he stops in pursuance of another contact with an illegal. When was the last time you were stopped by police and he did not ask for license and insurance? The license is prima facie proof of legal status in most states. When he checks by computer the number, if it is registered to Joe Brown and the person is clearly not Joe but Jose, should he not be suspicious? Makes me tired. Send ’em back, institute a guest worker program, let ’em come back legally to do the work, and tax ’em and don’t give ’em benefits belonging to citizens and over 70 percent of Americans will be happy.

  8. It is way past time we enfore the laws already on the books in this country about illegal aliens. It is also time we take a clean broom to Capitol Hill & congress. OK>>>Do WE the legal citizens of this country have the cajones to elect representives in our government who will enforce those laws. Or ? Are we just going to continue to let the “whiners” continue to run this country. Hooray for states like Arizona…Who have had the cajones to take things under control. And we can now include Utah also. REMEMBER THE ALAMO & ELECT SHERIFF JOE FOR PRESIDENT

  9. Rex says:

    Like I said, declare open season on them and watch them haul butt back to Mexico.

  10. Orv Hazelton says:

    When will we Americans learn the difference between compassion and stupidity. I think Nancy and I will go to Mexico and apply for their wellfare benefits. Ya right. Geesh. . . thanks, as always, oRV

  11. wayne in Texas says:

    Bad Nick; your right on track,and by reading the response that your blog generated sounds like the everybody is in agreement on this. The November elections should prove interesting!!! Think I’ll go to Arizona for a vacation this summer!!!

  12. Stan M. says:

    God, when you put it in these terms, you really can see how much money is being wasted on the wetbacks!!!! I never realized it in those terms. Then add in the costs of the medical care, schooling their kids, the police and courts who are overwhelmed in many areas. Think about how much we could do for our own people if we were not paying all that money to help criminals. That should make you feel really good the next time you pay your income taxes.

  13. katie says:

    “I bet there’s an American mother who will be more than happy to take that housekeeping job!”

    Let me give you a little anectdotal example from CO. I have a friend (experienced architect with college education and all the appropriate certifications) that is laying slate this summer because he can’t find a job in his field. He’s the only person, with English as his first language, on the crew. I don’t know if his co-workers are legal or not but my guess would be at least some are not, since it’s a cash paying job. That job, the best paying he could find after a month long search, is keeping him off of food stamps and out of bankruptcy for now. Who says the illegals do jobs US citizens wouldn’t do anyway? I think times have changed in this economy.

  14. Gina Ellis says:

    I just do not understand why “we” are allowing illegals access to our welfare system. Are we nuts? Have lost our frigging minds????!!!!!

    And YES…we SHOULD have a national identification card for citizens. It would solve a lot of problems. As a retired police officer I can tell you that almost everyone carries photo I.D. almost all of the time. Yes, a few do not, but most do. So what’s the problem? My purse has my driver’s license, my AARP card, my Sam’s card (with photo), more credit cards than I need, and all kinds of other identification.

    Am I intimidated because I carry all that ID with me? Nope. And neither should anyone else be.

    Doggone it folks, three…count ’em…presidents of the USA have deported millions of illegals to improve our lot in life. What’s stopping that fellow that’s now in the White House?


  15. Mark Druisile says:

    We have only ourselves to blame for this mess. While I agree with you that Obama doesn’t have the cojones to take action, we have to remember that he is basically a figurehead. It is the Congress and Senate that make the laws. And those millions of illegal aliens here did not all come across the border since Obama got elected. For years the dunderheads inside the Beltway have let this go on and on and get worse and worse.

  16. Jim Long says:

    This is all bullshit! US citizens can’t get what they need, but illegal trespassers get the gravy train.

    The way to get rid of these SOBs is to do what Utah is doing and what Arizona is doing, and what that town in Nebraska or Iowa did. Make it hard for them to live there, take away the freebies, and they will leave.

    They have NO rights because they don’t belong here!!!

  17. Paul Dellenger says:

    Cojones? Face it, we’re a nation of eunuchs! That is why the rest of the world laughs at us and hates us.

  18. Macey Peterman says:

    You all sure are a bunch of intolerant, ignorant people! I hope you never fall on hard times and need some help. You would actually let children go hungry in this country just because they are not white like you? Someday you’ll have to face your God and answer for your selfishness and racism!

  19. Tom Reynolds says:

    Macey, are you brain dead? Illegal is not a race! These maggots are not people who fell on hard times and need a short term hand. They are freeloaders like Nick said, who lied about how many of them are working to avoid getting caught, and they don’t belong here in the first place!

  20. Jim says:

    Didn’t that famous cartoon guy, Pogo, sum it up? “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

    Lets vote ’em out ……. and ask Sheriff Joe to run for President.

  21. Jim says:

    Oh yeah …… Macey try moving out of YOUR comfortable nest and going to El Paso, Douglas, Phoenix, Tucson and any US border town to see what all those evil white people contend with every day. Nick didn’t lie, you just need to wake up.

  22. Dave says:

    My wife & I know many Mexicans. Legal aliens working here on a 16week J-1 visa (cultural exchange)& they all feel the same way about the illegals as most of us. They all pay SS, medicare like us & all go home after 16 weeks. 2 of them are very very wealthy with longer term visas. why are they here? So they can take their kids to Taco Bell without fear of their kids being kidnapped.
    How many law enforcement people in Az. are legals, maybe 40 or 50%?
    I bet they are happy also to send the illegals home.
    Gypsy! Help with my math, too many zeros for me to comprehend.
    If we paid our national debt (assuming it is 1 trillion,) that would save 60 billion annually in interest.
    If we would enact the fair tax act all illegals, drug dealers, prostitutes & so many more would pay tax. Trim a few billion from unnecessary foreign payola & we would again be the strongest economy the world has ever known without even trying.

  23. E. Buck says:

    Right on the American public need to wake up, stop spending so much time thinking about sports figurers as the major thing of importance, and see the elected officials who are picking their pockets, and taking the country to ruin.

  24. Roger says:

    And where is the story about the owners of the Nursing Home being fined or sent to jail for breaking the law?

    Same question for AZ Government officials about those tens of millions supposidly being paid to undocumented aliens.

    Could it just be that business folk just don’t want to pay a living wage to US Citizens?

    Of course those costs would need to be passed on so I sure hope none of those paying the nursing home are going to complain about the increase in costs.

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