Since the Obama administration has seen fit to sue the State of Arizona and take the teeth out of the state’s new immigration enforcement law, maybe it’s time to fight fire with fire.

Since the Feds are ignoring the wishes of the majority of American citizens, who want our current laws against illegal immigrants enforced, maybe people should use those same courts to sue the Administration and the Federal government for not protecting our borders, for allowing illegal immigrants to drain our economy, and for not protecting us from the many crimes associated with illegal immigrants.

If there isn’t enough money in the Social Security fund to insure that those citizens who paid into it all of their working lives will get the payments they deserve in retirement, couldn’t a case be made that if illegal immigrants weren’t getting payments from a fund that they never paid into, there would be more money available for those who have? Yes, I know, the Feds have ripped off Social Security to pay for other programs for years, but still, the illegals are getting money that Americans are entitled to.

The same for parents whose kids are not getting the best education because school budgets are stretched too thin, to pay to educate the children of illegal aliens. Why can’t they sue, on the basis that if those illegal kids weren’t in school, there would be more for the taxpayers’ children? Could teachers who have lost their jobs due to budget cuts make the same claim, I wonder?

How about those who have been the victims of crimes perpetrated by somebody who is in this country illegally? Isn’t there an argument to be made that, if our borders were secured, those criminals would not have been here to prey on decent people? Especially when the criminals have been arrested before?

In fact, taking that one step further, anybody who was a victim of any crime, no matter who did it, might be able to claim that if the police department had not been stretched so thin dealing with the problems cause by or related to illegal aliens, those officers might have been able to protect them. I’m thinking that any self-respecting ambulance chaser could have a field day with this! (Is there such a thing as a self-respecting ambulance chaser?)

If you’re a hiker, backpacker, hunter, or camper, don’t you deserve to be safe enjoying your sport in southern Arizona, near the border? Since the Feds are ignoring the illegal invaders down there, making it impossible for you to do so, don’t you have a right to sue?

This could go on forever! If you live in a border state where your car insurance rates have gone up, because of the added risk uninsured illegals present to the driving public, shouldn’t you seek compensation? Can’t find a job? Maybe if the government had kept those illegal aliens out, you might be able to find employment. You’ve been harmed,and somebody has to make it right!

Hey, people sue for less cause than that everyday!

Okay, I can already hear folks giving me all of the reasons why this could never work. It would cripple our already overworked judicial system. Who could afford the legal fees involved? Who wants to take on the Administration, and have a battalion of Federal bureaucrats crawling down their throat in retaliation?

But still, I love the idea of giving them a dose of their own medicine, don’t you?

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15 Comments on Fighting Fire With Fire

  1. don says:

    Our “overworked judicial system” is the cause of 99% of these problems. Why does it take a simple DUI months or a year to get through the system? Because lawyers charge by the hour!

  2. Robert says:

    Hey Nick, I love ya man, because you’ve almost always got your facts straight. But this time you swung and missed on the SSA thing. Illegal immigrants can’t and don’t receive Social Security benefits. They can add to it using bogus SS numbers, but can’t reap the benefits… Robert

  3. Connie Braidh says:

    I was watching a news show and Obama was shown talking about the suit by the Feds of Arizona. He called the people coming across the border illegally “immigrants.” He did not call them illegal immigrants or illegals or criminals. He called them immigrants. There is the entire problem in one word.

    The Obama administration appears to want these people to come into the country, get amnesty, and be citizens of the US. WHY? My answer would be votes. Obama and company do not want to anger the already many Hispanics here who vote and his administration welcomes more Hispanic voters as they feel they will vote for Democrats. So the present federal governments has no interest in stopping illegals. We are in a heap of trouble in this country when the government is only interested in votes and not what the LAWS of the country say.

    What happened to doing what’s right for the country, not what’s right for my political party or myself? We are in big trouble as a nation if this continues.

  4. I see it as a simple understanding of English, our official language. illegal = against the law = criminal. These people are not immigrants, they are alien invaders who, in the minds of the Washington elite and some do-gooders, need to be supported in their invasion. I spent several years teaching in the local school system and listening to the children of these invaders (who still could not speak and read decent English by time they reached Jr. High and high school) defend their parents invasion as necessary – “they came because they had to” and we citizens were unreasonable not to understand. I need more money – banks have money – maybe I should get my gun and go get some because I need it.

  5. I read yesterday that the State of Virginia is contemplating a law similar to Arizona’s SB 1070, after a Catholic nun was killed in an auto accident — caused by an illegal driving under the influence!

  6. ZoAnn Lapinsky says:

    I’ve heard a lot of comments very similar to these, and what I think is missing from the discussion is that the judge said the AZ law was unconstitutional. Whether or not is a good idea, it violates our constitution.

    Our constitution is our most valuable document, and should not be taken lightly. It protects us all, when we are in the minority, from the “wishes of the majority.” Granted, illegals are not part of those that are protected, but in this case letting each State make their own immigration laws — and this was coming — would eventually impact legal immigrants in a negative way (can you envision checkpoints at the state borders?). The Administration was right to sue to prevent that.

    I don’t think the answer is to change the constitution — that is a very scary proposition. But if the enforcement of existing laws from the Federal Government is lacking, as Nick points out, then that is the problem. If our current immigration policies are inadequate, then that’s where our concerns and comments should be addressed.

    And, btw, illegals do not draw Social Security. They actually pay into the trust funds if they work, but are never entitled to draw from them unless they are later granted legal status. So they are actually a plus to the system, not a negative!

  7. George Wilburn says:

    Robert, we have a family of Hispanics on our street. The mother gets SSI disability, and she gets assistance for her three kids because her husband died. Last week her oldest son (17) was arrested for auto theft and it was revealed that he is an illegal. So if the son is illegal, doesn’t it make sense thet the mother is, and the others kids too?

  8. Paul Stough says:

    I am glad that this issue is finally coming to the forefront again. I just hope we dont get the same result we did in the 80s, when President Reagan gave amnesty to the illegal aliens in the country at the time, and President Clinton did same during his time in office.

    I too, am disappointed in President Obama’s response, but not surprised, to the issue of the illegal aliens. By the way, can anyone discern any difference between Obama’s view on illegal immigration, than Senator McCain’s when he was a candidate for President? Remember McCain-Kennedy? So no matter which one became President we were going to get the same immigration policy.

    The problem is it appears that the basis for for both party’s economic plan is for there to be millions of people in this country living in, or near poverty, so the rest of us can lead a comfortable life.

    Part of the solution is to enforce the original intent of the 14th Amendment which was never intended to allow non-human entities, such as corporations, other businesses, labor unions and non-profits to be considered “persons” under the Constitution, and therefore have the “right to petition their government for redress of grievances”, which is the basis for the lobbying industry in this country. I have concluded that it is the lobbying industry that runs the country, not our elected representatives. The only thing that changes when we elect new representatives, is which lobbyists run the country.

    When the lobbying industry is cut down to size, so that “we the people”, will regain the political power we should have, those industries that bought and paid for politicians to keep from enforcing existing laws will be gone, and illegals will no longer be able to get and keep jobs.

    The second action that needs to be taken is to enforce the original intent of the 14th Amendment when it comes to defining who is entitled to be a citizen of the USA, to eliminate “birthright citizenship”.

    With no jobs, and no “birthright citizenship”, illegals will no longer have a reason to come here is droves, and the ones here will self-deport.


  9. Roger Marble says:

    One item I do not hear much mention of is the fact that the increased “security” at the border has made it more difficult to go back South for those that in the past came in, worked in fields then went home.

    Has anyone considered offering transportation, without the fear of arrest back South? Of course that would mean they would need proof of citizenship in Mexico but maybe that could be worked out.

    Do US Border guards stop and ask questions of those trying to leave the US and go to Mexico? I don’t know.

    Separate but related item. I have heard about the major problems with drugs and gun violence in Mexico caused by the market for drugs here in the states and the ease gun runners can obtain guns i.e. AK47 etc in the US and take them to Mexico which has more restrictive purchase polices as I understand.
    Could it just be that we US Citizens are a small part of the problem?

  10. Carey McConnell says:

    The money contributed by us for Social Security is first used to pay out benefits. Any left over has to, by law, be used to purchase Treasury Bills. The money paid for T-Bills goes into the general fund of the feceral government and is all spent. Every penny. When a T-Bill matures, if the Social Security Administration cashes it in, the government must either borrow or print money to pay back the Social Security Administration. So, there is a SSA Trust Fund, but it is made up entirely of T-Bills. Nice…

    Maybe we need to give the 14,000,000 illegals amnesty so that they can start helping pay for our so-called retirement?

  11. Lon VanOstran says:

    The Supreme Court has already ruled that the police have no responsibility to protect us against criminals. I think all courts will reject your suit on that basis.

    One would think that the people would wake up, once the Supreme Court rules that government has no responsibility to provide the services that the taxpayers have charged them with providing, and realize that business is a better choice in almost all cases, since we most certainly can sue THEM for such fraud.

    But most of them are too busy drinking the Kool-Aide.

  12. Kenneth says:

    We need a Teddy Roosevelt, who will take on big business and tough issues.
    But we the people do not vote for those who would do the right thing.
    We vote for the face and sound bite.

  13. Allan says:

    I agree with you that American people should fight back and not just accept the federal governments unconcern about our nations problems with illegal immigrants. One federal judges ruling does not mean that this law is unconstitutional, that is her opinion. I think other states should continue to pass their own laws like Arizona to try to enforce the immigration problems within the borders of their states if the federal government doesn’t enforce the law. I also think that states should sue the federal government for not protecting our borders. This immigration question will come up before the supreme court one day for a ruling. Unfortunately Kagan was just appointed to the supreme court and she will rule with President Obama. The majority of Americans agreed with the Arizona law [regardless of the media slant on reporting] and they will not forget when it comes election time. We need change.

  14. Roger Marble says:

    When it comes time to vote in Nov. maybe a little research is called for.
    What was the position of those currently running in 2008 or 2006?
    Have they changed their position for the 2010 election as many current candidates have?
    Which position are they willing to swear on a bible, in public, on video to accomplish or resign if elected in 2010?

    Is that position at all reasonable?
    Saying you support an ammendment to the Constitution is easy to talk about but look at how difficult it is to really accomplish.

  15. Candace says:

    Zoann – you said “(can you envision checkpoints at the state borders?)” …. truck drivers go thru that every day. What do you think the scales are for? They aren’t welcome centers, I can assure you!

    Other countries have checkpoints too. Why SHOULDN’T there be check eoints in the US? Did you ever travel Mexico? FOREIGNERS in other countries have to present documents to prove who they are and that they are LEGAL …

    Why should the USA – Arizona especially – be a dumping station for ILLEGALS who are coming here ILLEGALLY (meaning NOT legally) for their backpacks, water jugs and change of clothing?

    We live 20 minutes from the AZ-MEX border and many of the private properties are covered with debris (garbage) the ILLEGALS leave behind as they cross thru. If these dumping stations were in YOUR backyard or next door neighbors’ side yard you might see why many Arizona residents say “Thank You Jan Brewer – for having the cojones to do what the good ole boys haven’t.”

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