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The California Chamber of Commerce and opponents of a proposed law to legalize marijuana in California say that it would lead to more workplace accidents by forcing employers to let workers smoke pot on the job. They also claim the law would make California companies ineligible for federal contracts, because employers could not guarantee a drug-free workplace. Nothing like having a high dentist drilling on your tooth, or a stoned mechanic putting new brakes on your car, right? Then again, based on what I have seen of a lot of people in the land of quakes and flakes, who would know the difference?

After three weeks on the run, prison escapee John McCluskey and his fiancé/cousin Casslyn Welch were captured Thursday, at a Forest Service campground about 30 miles from our old hometown of Show Low, Arizona. The good news is that they are in custody, and hopefully will be convicted in the murders of an Oklahoma couple who were found in a burned out camper in New Mexico. The bad news is that, based upon reports of conditions at the private prison near Kingman that McCluskey and two convicted murderers escaped from, there could be a dozen or more escapees running around the country, and the idiots who are supposed to be guarding them haven’t noticed it yet. A friend of mine who lives in Kingman told me that when the prison was first proposed, the State of Arizona and the company running the prison promised that it would only hold minimum security prisoners. But the escape revealed that there were over a hundred violent criminals housed there.

They spent weeks telling us that the Gulf Coast was being destroyed by the massive oil leak, and that it might never recover. Now the news media is reporting that there is very little oil remaining. One news report said that tiny microbes, that occur naturally, have devoured a lot of the light crude, and more has evaporated. So now I have to wonder which story to believe; did the news media blow the whole oil spill out of proportion in a feeding frenzy to cover the story, or are they underreporting now because the proposed Ground Zero Mosque is the new hot story and they have moved on?

In Ohio, a bear that killed its handler, at the home of a fellow who has a menagerie of exotic animals that includes wolves, tigers and bears, has been euthanized. Ohio requires permits for people who want to keep a bear on their property, but doesn’t regulate the ownership of non-native animals, like lions and tigers. Well, that makes sense, doesn’t it?  I love most critters, except for cats, French poodles, yappy little dogs, and snakes, but who the hell needs a bear or a tiger for a pet? These kinds of animals are dangerous even to trained zookeepers, let alone some yahoo who wants his own personal Wild Kingdom!

Finally, Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino says if he is elected to New York’s highest office, he will convert some of the state’s prisons into dormitories for welfare recipients, where they would work in state-sponsored jobs, receive training in skills to find employment, and take lessons in personal hygiene. What do you think his chances of winning an election are?

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11 Comments on Potpourri

  1. Greg White says:

    I’m telling Mister you don’t like cats. You’re in big trouble. He still has his claws, and I think he might outweigh you.

  2. George Stoltz says:

    Note to Greg White:

    I suggest that you buy Nick a kitten. Even big, burly guys who dream about menage a quatros can’t resist the charm of kittens.
    After Nick has “owned” his kitty for about a week or two he will be so won over to felines, that he will ask you and Jan to bring Mister over for a nice bowl of warm milk.

    And — NO, I am not smoking anything.

  3. Linda Sand says:

    Carl Paladino’s dormitories sound like prisons to me. Are they going to lock the doors at night? Who’s going to decide who stays there?

  4. Gina Ellis says:

    Nick, I was going to threaten to tell Mister that you didn’t like cats, but Greg has probably beat me to the punch. When and if you come to Canyon Lake you will have to arrive in secret. My 3 cats are gunning for you…and they’re all fully clawed! Plus, my two Chihuahuas are not thrilled with your declaration about small yappy dogs. They had some very uncomplimentary things to say about your article. Other than that, Nick, I enjoyed your article.

  5. Jerry and Suzy says:

    We’ll join you against small yappy dogs! Small non-yappy dogs are great, unless their keepers put little bows on their heads and carry them around in baskets. If that’s what they want for pets, buy a stuffed toy!

  6. Jim@HiTek says:

    Don’t see any difference between someone high and someone drunk. And I don’t assume that once it’s legal it will be any more likely that my dentist would be high on pot, or high on highballs. But the crimes that evoke memories of prohibition certainly apply to pot today. And the cure is the same. Legalize.

  7. Ken H says:

    You betcha, legalize. That way, they can arrest mor and more of them for driving while drugged. Would that be DWD? Yeah, that is just what we need.

  8. Dave B. says:

    Yes, under the influence is still under the influence whether it’s drugs or alcohol. I believe the blood test is used when one is believed to be operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs. Neither is OK.

  9. Steve says:

    Heavy sigh.

    Legalizing pot will not force employers to allow pot smoking on the job. Are employers now forced to allow alcohol drinking on the job? I have heard of no qualified evidence showing pot is worse than alcohol, only anecdotal repetition of scare stories.
    Anyone out there know the real reason hemp was demonized? Hint; follow the money.

    My Word! Violent criminals being incarcerated in a prison? Isn’t that what prisons are for? I bet telling the area residents that only “non-violent offenders” would be there is the only way they could sell it. Minimum Security? For whom?

    Oil is gone from the Gulf? Only according to scientists on BPs payroll. You starting to believe the government? Really? Wanna buy a bridge?

    I’m with you on the animal thing. Depending on preparation, I like cats and snakes. They taste like chicken. Not as pets.
    I’m KIDDING!

    Where does candidate Paladino expect to get the money for his brainchild? How about the prison rooms? I know! Legalize pot, use tax revenues to fund the project. Obtain rooms by releasing prisoners who were jailed for pot infractions. Right!

    Keep up the good work!

  10. Paul Stough says:

    How many people here would start using pot if it was made legal?

    How many people on here use legal mood altering drugs such as Paxil, or other anti-depressants, or anti-anxiety drugs?

    Of the general population what percentage of people who do not now smoke pot do you think would start and become regular users or abusers?

    My guess is the number would be small, as I believe that most everyone who wants to use pot is, and just like alcoholics and gambling addicts,those that would abuse pot have psychological issues that lead them to to their addiction of choice.

    Just my thoughts.


  11. Roger Marble says:

    Those opposed to legalized (and taxed) pot seem to want to ignore the fact that much of the Mexican Drug and gun problem is as a direct result of our irrational laws.
    You do realize that if you oppose legalization you are on the same side as Mexican Drug Lords in opposing the legalization?

    I have read that the projected tax income would yield $10 Billion to $100 Billion a year depending on the rate. This does not include the Billions to be saved with reduced prison costs or allowing police to focus on violent crimes.

    One has to wonder about the dichotomy of those wanting less Government interference in our personal lives (i.e. conservatives) also being the group most likely to oppose legalization.

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