We recently spent a few days in Traverse City, Michigan, and our visit happened to coincide with the local primary elections. Since we don’t live in the area, and don’t know any of the candidates, I really didn’t care who won what. But, in listening to conversations among our friends there and what I overhead in restaurants and the line at the post office, I noticed a trend that seems to be the same nationwide.

Not once did I hear somebody say “I’m voting for So and So, because he (or she) is the right person for the job.” Instead, what I heard were things like “Well, Candidate A can’t be any worse than the incumbent. Look how he screwed things up.” Or, “I don’t like any of them, but Candidate B is probably no worse than Candidate A.”

Whether it be local, state, or national elections, apparently only an idiot would think we’re voting for the better man (or woman) these days. There is no good, so how can there be anyone better? Is it even the lesser of two evils any more, or do we just vote for whoever we think will do the least harm?

That’s a pretty sad state of affairs, and explains a lot of what is wrong with this country today. We don’t seem to elect many leaders anymore, we just have clowns filling a position because they weren’t any worse than the clowns running against them.

Blind party politics are bad enough, but in the last national election, I knew people who voted for Obama based solely upon the fact that he would be our first black president. I also knew people who voted against him based upon the same thing.

Isn’t that just as bad as voting for the lesser of two evils? (I think in some people’s minds, they were voting for the lesser of two evils.) Shouldn’t your vote be for the best qualified candidate for the office? Then again, these days, I wonder if anybody is really qualified for office!

Somebody asked me a while back why we have to choose from just two people for president, and over fifty for Miss America? That’s a very good question.

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  1. don says:

    Good point. I voted for Obama because I was seriously hoping he would change some things. Obviously I’ve been disappointed.

    We have a local election coming up. The only person I’m actually voting ‘for’ is the sheriff: he’s a professional in a field of amateurs. The county board candidates are either idiots or unknowns. Happy days, huh.

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