Like most hardcore career criminals, captured Arizona prison escapees John McCluskey and Tracy Province, and their accomplice, Casslyn Welch, have proven that they are not only too  evil to live, which they certainly are, but too damn stupid to live too!

News reports of their bloody crime spree reveal that McCluskey, Province, and a third convict named Daniel Renwick, escaped from the prison July 31, with the help of Welch, who is McCluskey’s fiancée’/cousin. Soon after the escape, Renwick went his own way and was recaptured in Rifle, Colorado the next day.

McCluskey, Province, and Welch immediately proved that between the three of them, they had a combined IQ that would comfortably fit within two digits, when they could not find the getaway car Welch had stashed prior to the escape. So, using guns provided by Welch, the trio hijacked two semi-truck drivers and forced them to drive them to Flagstaff.

From there, they stole a car and drove to New Mexico, where the psychopaths spotted retirees Gary and Linda Haas parked with their truck and travel trailer at a rest area on Interstate 40. Deciding that they would be more inconspicuous in an RV, and have more room than in their stolen car, they kidnapped the Oklahoma couple and drove them up a lonely dirt road. There they herded Mr. and Mrs. Haas into their trailer and shot them. Then, to cover up their crime, they set fire to the camper, with their victims’ bodies inside, and drove their truck to Albuquerque and abandoned it.

Do you see the sick twisted thinking (or lack of thinking) on the part of these animals? They wanted the Haas’ RV, so they killed them to get it, then left their bodies inside of the RV and set it on fire to cover up their crime! Then they drove the stolen truck a short distance and just walked away from it!

It is absolutely disgusting that two innocent people were murdered by these worthless pieces of crud, but they didn’t even further their cause by killing them! It was all for nothing!

But that’s the way criminals are. They will steal from you, they will beat you, they will kill you without a second thought, just because you have something that they want.

Gary and Linda Haas were high school sweethearts who were married 35 years, and Gary was an Air Force veteran. They both worked for General Motors before retirement, and they enjoyed traveling and fishing. In short, they were typical American citizens who worked hard all of their lives, and were minding their own business when these three maggots spotted them and decided that their lives meant nothing. 

Now the taxpayers will spend millions of dollars to try them for their crimes, and then to house them until they are either executed or die in prison. Unless they escape again! Sometimes I wish we didn’t live in such a “civilized” society, because what they really deserve is to be strung up from the nearest tree. And that’s still a better fate than Gary and Linda Haas received.

These worthless cockroaches don’t deserve a trial, and they don’t deserve any mercy. They damned sure didn’t show Gary and Linda Haas a shred of mercy!

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20 Comments on Too Stupid To Live

  1. MichaelG says:

    If they really did the crime and the evidence is strong, it should be open and shut.

    Instead of wanting them to stripped of their rights and summarily executed (because you are sure they are guilty from reading about it in a newspaper), you should be angry at trials that cost “millions of dollars”.

    Although I think it’s only the celebrity trials, where the defendant has a pricey lawyer, that cost that much. From what I read, most ordinary criminals get a few minutes before a judge, with no jury and only a state-supplied lawyer (who has spent maybe 10 minutes with the defendant.) And then, guilty or innocent, something like 20% of them get raped in prison.

    I wish people were just as outraged when they read about prosecutors who withhold evidence of innocence, or cops who lie on the stand (as revealed when someone has independent video of the “crime”), or SWAT-style raids on the wrong house, etc.

    If you don’t like the system, push for change. Don’t be so quick to scream bloody murder and call for a lynching.

  2. Upon being found guilty7 they should be shot on the court house steps. We never had much trouble till the bleeding harts got into power. Timr to bring the vigalinties back?

  3. Dave B. says:

    Don’t forget that once sentenced, most will get a reduced sentence or early parole! Then they return to the streets to do it again. That’s the real crime here. How many times have we heard about some one killed by a criminal that was out on parole! In this case we should just buy them an old RV, put them in it and then burn it to the ground. A few cases where the criminals get exactly the same as they dished out may be a great eye opener. They may think twice before becoming so violent because they’d know they’d get the same in return.

  4. Mike & Janna says:

    As usual, Nick, you are right on! Let’s put them in an RV and set fire to it!

  5. Kevin says:

    The only problem with putting them in an RV and setting it on fire is the waste of a good RV.

    We are guaranteed the right to a fair and speedy trial. I would like to see this extended to a public and speedy execution. As it is now there is basically no rammification for bad bahavior. Even when criminals are put in prison, they still get coddled, unless they live in Arizona. (High fives Sheriff).

    Until we make it worse to be in prison than to be free for these creeps there is no deterrent.

  6. A crime nearly as bad as that of the criminals is keeping them in jail at taxpayers expense for 15 or 20 years before the execution. Conviction to execution time should never exceed the length of the trial. Give the shysters that long to complete any appeal they wish to mount.

  7. George W. says:

    No form of execution is too harsh for these bastards! Michael G, instead of acting like your typical jerk self, how about you think about the terror their two victims experienced in the last moments of their lives. Prison rape is way too good for all three of them!

  8. Mary Geoff says:

    If Michael G isn’t a liberal politician he should be. Because he sure thinks like one!

  9. Paul Westfall says:

    Fifteen years ago sister and her 12 year old daughter were raped and murdered by two ex-con scumbags like these guys and I have absolutely no sympathy for their kind. Stick their asses in a trailer and burn them alive as far as I’m concerned. I’ll even bring the gasoline and matches!

  10. concerned inTexas says:

    Good blog,Nick, but on a very sad subject. I hope Arizona has the death penalty and exercises it to rid society of these worthless pieces of scum. We also need more prisons, more guards (that will help unemployment) so that full sentences can be served.

    Just 1/10th of the money wasted in Iraq could have been used to improve the criminal justice system.

    Note to Michael G. Go away!

  11. Paul Stough says:

    “Vengeance is mine”, sayeth the Lord.(from the Old Testament)

    While I believe that is true, I also believe in the outrage that has been expressed here, and that vigilantism can be effective, but the problem with it is that in some cases vigilantes make mistakes.

    The difference between our civilized society, and those that are not, is that though we feel outrage at these situations, we control ourselves, and do not act on impulse, and I wouldnt have it any other way!

    Nothing that we can do to these people, if found guilty of killing the two people, will bring the victims back, or prevent crimes like this in the future, even if you skin these perpetrators alive and feed them feet first into a wood chipper.

    One fact that seems to be over looked in this discussion is the fact that these people were in prison, but allowed to escape, and from what I read, it was a pretty easy to escape. I believe that the people in charge of the prison should be held accountable for their part in this tragedy.

    Another point; When did it become a “liberal” position to want to give defendants fair trials? Does that mean “conservatives” do not want to see defendants get fair trials?

    Just my thoughts.


  12. Carey McConnell says:

    I can’t believe you’re calling Michael G a liberal. Too much!

    Yes, if these people did the crime, then they should suffer for it. It was senseless, heinous, and incredibly evil. There is nothing worse than violent crime. However, I for one am not ready to give up any of my rights, or yours. There are just too many people on death row that turn out to be innocent. The average time it takes to determine this is 9.5 years. Let’s take our time and get it right; and concentrate our efforts and tax dollars on not letting them escape.

  13. Tom says:

    AAAH… Nick me lad its a fine lettle of fish ya stirred up this time! Seems it smells bad with the lid on or off. I can just see that twinkle in your eye laddy as ya sit back with that devilish grin of your face. Your lassy, Miss Terry with hands on her hips, is sure to be shaken her head at ya now.

  14. Stu McNicol says:

    The longer I live the more I believe some people should just be denied the same good air you and I breathe. This trio tops the list.

  15. Dale says:

    I am so saddened by the bigotry and intolerance expressed in some of these comments.

    It is not a liberal position when someone says that we must be civilized and not act like the way these criminals did: like animals.

  16. Carey McConnell says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

  17. Connie Braidh says:

    Animals do not act in a senseless manner. They kill to protect themselves, get food, in fighting for territory, etc. It is extremely rare that an animal kills for the fun of it. It is only humans (we are animals too) who kill senselessly (ex. torture, Holocaust, the criminals mentioned upon).

    I feel great sorrow for the Haas family and any family whose loved ones are killed in this fashion. But vigilante justice isn’t right either. Our justice system needs some reworking but usually it works after a fashion. Perhaps the solution is to repair the justice system and not be to quick to string someone up.

    I just hope the system works in this case and these insane people are removed from society and never allowed to hurt anyone again.

  18. Kenneth says:

    I agree 100% Nick.
    I have some rope.

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