An example of just how loony we have become in this country, and just how much of our freedom we have given up in the name of political correctness, is the recent incident in which a group of high school students visiting the Lincoln Memorial, in our nation’s capitol, were ordered by U.S. Park Police to stop singing.

Were these hooligans belting out the obscene lyrics of some rap song that offended the people around them? No, the song they were singing was the national anthem! You read that right. Apparently, the powers that be have determined that the area that is home to some of our country’s most cherished monuments, must remain “completely content neutral,” in the words of the Park Police.

A Park Service Police spokesperson said that the students were in violation of federal law by their spontaneous singing, and that  “We need to make certain that other visitors that don’t want to be a part of that, or just choose to be tourists, are able to do so in the same light that probably President Lincoln wanted – which is completely content neutral.”

Hey, if you don’t want to hear praying don’t go to church! And if you don’t want to see Americans showing their love for their country, stay away from our national shrines. In fact, just leave our country!

Right now, I’m thinking that many of our Founding Fathers are probably turning over in their graves. What’s next, prohibiting active duty military personnel from wearing their uniforms in public, because it might offend somebody?

How about the fact that I, as an American citizen, and as a veteran who served my country in time of war, am offended by the fact that my own people cannot express their love for and pride in our country in public without violating the law? What did we shed our blood for anyway?

This is the United States of America, damn it! If you don’t like being here, there are airplanes and ships leaving every day. Get on one. But don’t try to make me give up what I grew up loving, and expect me to live under your vision of a new world!

We have never been a “neutral” country. We have always been the country that stepped up to the plate and beat the dictators and bullies of the world back into submission when they tried to rule their neighbors. Now we are letting the namby pamby fringe quash all that we are, and all that we have been, in search of a vision of a world that is not now, and never has been, realistic.   

I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories, but more and more, I wonder just where we are headed, and what kind of world my grandchildren will be living in when they are my age. Frankly, I’m worried.

From the time I was a young man, I have always said that if our nation ever falls, it will not be the result of enemy troops invading, but rather from within. Sometimes I fear that day may actually happen in my own lifetime.

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27 Comments on You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!

  1. Walt says:

    You are so right, we are being conquered from within. Now the pretender in the White House has endorsed the Mosque at Ground Zero. Muslims building on top of conquered ground. I feel for our children and grandchildren

  2. Allan says:

    This political correction is causing a loss patriotism and it seems to be encouraged from the white house and some members of congress. I would like to see schools return to stressing early American history, the founding of nation and the constitution. It might make people appreciate the sacrifices that were made so that we can be free. I think too many people take our freedoms for granted. They get more carried away with political correction.

  3. MichaelG says:

    It’s one rule for everyone, and all these monuments are protest magnets. If you let people sing and dance and hold up signs, tourists will never get near any of these places, because they will be taken over by the usual loons.

    So if you want the law to throw those people out and keep the monuments accessible, you have to stop the singing of the national anthem as well. You can’t pick and choose.

    It’s not like there’s any shortage of places where you can fly the flag and sing all you want.

  4. Tom says:

    Dad didn’t finish the 6th grade but was a man of wisdom when he used to say “Be careful what you ask for…you just might get it”. The decay from within has indeed already begun Nick. Karen and I both have shed tears for what we have lost and what we will lose. As each day passes our greatest generations fade into history and a new generation is being created by education and media spin. I wonder if my great grand children will know the meaning of freedom…let alone the correct spelling……

  5. Tom says:

    Oh.. one more thing….MichaekG, its “picking and choosing” that sent the minute men to Lexington/Concord all those years ago to create America….I’m damm glad they did.

  6. We will only get our country back when we get the commies out of our goverment. and run them out of the country a liberal is a socalist is a commie

  7. Rex says:

    The kids, should have told the low life official along with the rest of the politically correct idiots that they were exercising their First Amendment Rights, so just go to hell. Like Nick said, there are boats and planes leaving everyday so if you do not like it here, leave immediately, Please.

    The young people singing at the monument are the ones that will one day step up to the plate for our freedom and I thank them.

    Remember if you love your freedom, thank a Veteran.

  8. Not sure if I agree with the policy or not, but Michael G has the “why” correct. Another case of the nut jobs making life more difficult for everyone else. The powers that be in the National Parks do not want to have to deal with protest events, so they forbid all activity of any stripe and thus their job is easier and the heck with the rest of us.

  9. Dave B. says:

    When I worked for a school district, I was shocked to find out that our school could not put up a Christmas tree because it could offend the other non Christian people. My solution, instead of excluding things why not include things. In other words, let everyone display their religious holiday items. We could have a Christmas tree, a Menora, a Buddha, and whatever each group wanted. Kids could sing at the memorials in Washington & so could other groups. How great that could be! Everyone included and no one excluded. That kind of describes our country.

  10. George Wilburn says:

    So by that thinking, Michael and Dennis, we don’t want people running around naked, so everybody has to wear a hat and gloves, because if we let some skin show, we have to allow it all to show? We don’t want people fornicating in public, so holding hands or a quick peck on the cheek is illegal, because if one public display of affection is allowed, anything goes? What happened to common sense? Yes, I know, there is none anymore!

  11. Connie Braidh says:

    “Content neutral,” what a politically correct term. How disgusting!!!!!!!!!

    This country is the only country I know of in history who when we won the war gave the country BACK to it’s people(Germany, Italy, Japan as examples), AND gave them aid to rebuild. And I’m proud of it. And I will sing the national anthem and I will pledge allegiance (under God) to this country any time I want to. I have rights too (freedom of speech). Surprise!!!!!!!!

    What happened to our freedom of speech? If we are not vigilant and exercise our rights, we will fall from within!!!!!!!

  12. Matt King says:

    Short of taking up arms, what can we do? Obviously our votes don’t change things, because this leeching away of our nation didn’t all start with Obama, though it seems to have intensified. I don’t have an answer, and I don’t see it improving anytime soon.

  13. Karen Knoll says:

    Nick, I believe you speak for the majority of RVers. I would like to suggest that we “light just one little candle” and begin the Gypsy Journal Rally in Elkhart with the Pledge of Allegiance…just like we all did when we were in school those many years ago! I don’t think there would be anyone who wouldn’t join in, do you?

  14. The USSR leader said we will conquer you from wihin. That is just what you get when you vote the Dems in. It is your falt America. It started in the 60’s in our schools and colleges. It goes on to this day. Yes I feel sorry for our next generation and beyond. If you attact my thought you are the problem,but at least you have the right to still do it for now. A proud veteran who gave you this right.

  15. Art in Phoenix says:

    Obamba backing the construction of the mosque at Ground Zero is tantamount to spitting on the graves of the victims and in the faces of the survivors. Is he condoning murder now? Will he be invited to the new mosque to dedicate a plaque honoring the hijackers ?

  16. tom knott says:

    you all have to remembur that our so called national monuments now belong to the un because our representative gasve them away. democracy in action

  17. travelinfool says:

    I just found this Blog and Don’t know much about the Gypsy Journal Rally. But I agree about starting it with the Pledge of Allegiance.
    God Bless America.

  18. Squirrel says:

    This has been creeping up for decades. Under BOTH parties! Don’t we get what we deserve? If a politician says something we do not like we will not vote for him. Therefore we end up with these junior high finger pointing bozos. Only when the independents of the middle start to get riled up enough to stand up and start demanding accountability will real change happen.
    Instead of saying one side or the other is wrong, WAKE UP!

  19. Gina Ellis says:

    Well said!

  20. Dale says:

    The bigotry expressed here saddens me.

    To Karen: I do not believe that Nick speaks for the majority of RVers. He speaks his mind which is his right and the point of this blog and even though I don’t always agree with him, I value his opinions. Many folks who do not agree will not post a reply, as has often been my case.

    I too think it is a shame that those students were not permitted to sing; however, it is because of a small vocal minority that these rules have come into effect.

    During times of uncertainty, people act in fear and certainly this is evident from all sides of the spectrum. Be good people, be kind people and do to others as you would want others to do to you.

  21. Barbara says:

    I love that Nick has the guts to say what he says. Everyone is so politically correct, no one ever disagrees with the very vocal minorities who are undermining our country and it’s values. Even I often keep my mouth shut rather than voicing my opinions because of fear of retaliation, etc. But I’m slowly beginning to revert to what is real, not the politically correct version. Homeless, remember what they used to be called? Undocumented residents, they were and still are illegal aliens. I’m sorry if that offends anyone, but why do we have to put a smiley face on everything?

  22. Pam says:

    This is a classic case of “be careful what you wish for…”

    As usual, the right-wing nut jobs want to blame the Dems, liberals or even Obama for this but these policies came about because the general public complained about demonstrations at the monuments. People didn’t want their day of tourism spoiled by that group of “dirty hippies” singing “Give Peace a Chance” or the black students singing “We Shall Overcome” or any of the other of the multitude of groups who used to gather to express their support or dissent.

    I hate these laws that require a permit in order to exercise your right to free speech. I miss the days when a trip to DC meant you were pretty much guaranteed to see a group of people expressing their support or dissent for any number of issues. I suspect most of the wingnuts here who are shocked that the white “patriotic” kids got told to stop singing would rejoice if they saw the park police breaking up a similar gathering of hippies or blacks or immigrants.

    It’s easy to defend speech we agree with but where were we when the free speech of the “others” was being stifled? This policy has been in place for many years now and this is not the first group of singing kids to get told to “move along.” But keep listening to Glenn Beck and Fox News and Limbaugh and keep whining about the state of this country while completely abdicating any personal responsibility for the role we each played in getting to this point. We are reaping what we have sown.

  23. Steve says:

    What part of “Freedom of Religion” are you against? Do you wish to take that part out of the constitution.
    It was not the Muslim religion that took out the towers, it was fanatical crazies. They can be home-grown, too. See Oklahoma City.
    Please, if you cannot spell or use proper grammer, your opinions do not have credibility.
    Nick speaks for himself and many like-minded individuals. A majority? I’ll take that under advisement.
    I’ll pledge allegiance to the flag and leave out the “under god” part. I happen to believe in one less god than many. My Right.
    Defend that.
    I still get choked up when I sing the Star Spangled Banner. I love this country and what she stands for.
    I wish she stood more for Peace and understanding, though.

  24. John Watson says:

    Just a note about active duty US Military wearing their uniforms in public. Sorry Nick but that is already restricted. We visited 29 Palms CA a few years ago and noticed that all the young people who were obviously military by their manners, politeness and haircut were generally not in uniform. We were told that it is at the discretion of the facility commander. Personally, I think that the commander is missing out on an opportunity to show off some fine young men and women.

  25. Allan says:

    People in America should be able to sing historically patriotic songs on public sites. The guards could still enforce not singing any other type of songs or unpatriotic displays. I’m sure they didn’t have this problem during world war 2. I doubt that the nazis would have been able to erect a monument in New York City during that time also.

  26. T & R Martin says:

    Thank you Nick for your service to our country. We love the way you think. Most of us of a certain age remember how patriotic it used to be. We are septuagenarians so our time can be running out soon. I hate what we are leaving to our Grandchildren. As for the Ground Zero Mosque, it is a victory mosque to the Jihadist terrorists. Many Muslims are afraid of them so they clam up & PERHAPS feel they are doing Allah’s work. Our leaders should not be calling our dissatisfaction w/the GZ Mosque as an issue of RELIGION, but an issue w/its LOCATION. Don’t forget the planned Memorial in Shanksville, PA (Flt. 93) where the design was called “The Crescent of Embrace” The design was to be A Red tree-lined crescent of Red Maples w/the opening of the crescent facing Mecca. Tom Burnett’s father did not want his son Tom be represented or mentioned at that Memorial site at all as he knew it was a victory memorial to the Jihadists. The name of that memorial has changed because of all the publicity, but I don’t know if the design has changed that much!! When the controversy happened again at the WTC, NY I knew it was no coincidence. God bless all the RV’ers as you are all good patriotic Americans. Keep a Rolling. Remember Todd Beamer’s “Let’s Roll” and a thumbs down to Nancy Pelosi’s attitude of Let’s Roll Over!!!

  27. Mary Fox says:

    Nick/Terry the Singing at the Capital on the steps of the monument included a granddaughter of mine-these kids sing as a group of 100 at all our churches all summer to make money to go on these trips=they were indeed run off by a police man saying they could not sing there because they might offend someone!!! now these kids are not to use drugs etc and are sent on their way when someone breaks the rule which does not happen very often .who says we have freedom of speech in this great country!!

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