Despite the August 31 deadline to end combat operations in Iraq, and President Obama’s declaration that the U.S. combat role had ended there, yesterday American troops found themselves in the middle of a gun battle, when insurgents attacked their base in Baghdad. Combat knows no calendar.

According to an Associated Press news story, twelve people were killed and dozens more wounded in the attack. Fortunately, no Americans were killed or injured in the fighting.

Obviously, no matter what arbitrary date the President decided combat ended on, from the safety and comfort of the Oval Office, our soldiers who are still in Iraq are still in danger, and will be, even if the Administration insists that they are only there in support roles, and as advisors to the Iraqi army. Apparently the enemy doesn’t read or listen to U.S. news reports and is unaware that we have pulled out all of our “combat” troops. Otherwise I’m sure they would do everything they could to insure the safety of our people who are still stuck there.

But what can we expect? Korean War hostilities officially ended with the truce signed on July 27, 1953. Since then, some 50 American soldiers have been killed and dozens more wounded in skirmishes with North Korean troops along the 150 mile long strip of land separating South Korea from the North, and our men and women continue to patrol the border as “advisors” to the South Korean army.

Those soldiers guarding the Korean border are just as dead, or just as injured as they would have been if they had been wounded before the truce was signed. Just as our “support” troops in Iraq are in just as much danger as any American serviceman or women was before the White House decided that the war was over.

It’s only over when the last American leaves the country for good.

Combat knows no calendar.

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9 Comments on Combat Knows No Calendar

  1. MsKay says:

    The words you utter have never been truer! Those people have fought for thousands of years and unfortunately, we are not going to change that…in 6 or 10 or even 25 years. They say the last “Combat” troop came home….my son was in the First “Combat” Troop to go there….those that are left are in even more danger as the bad guys tactics have gotten more sophisticated. They can call those troops “Peace Keepers” and “Assistants” but they still know how to shoot and defend. Our prayers need to stay with them and we need to not forget that our troops are indeed still over there, even though the news coverage focus’s elsewhere.

  2. Dave B. says:

    I used to think that the Iraq war was just like the Vietnam war. Now I realize it is actually just the opposite. In Vietnam first we had advisers then the combat troops. In Iraq we had the combat troops then the advisers. Sadly, the end will be the same though!

  3. Nancy says:

    Our son has been there for 6 months & is still there–driving convoys from Kuwait through Baghdad–and things have gotten a lot worse since the withdrawal. The number of IEDs that have been found or exploded increased dramatically on his last mission (August 30-Sept.1) I think the insurgents are testing the new ‘security’. He is headed north again today; may God protect him; I don’t expect the Iraqis to.

  4. Tom Doyle says:

    And if our president had done nothing, would you be on his ass for that. It’s a damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t situation. Personally I’d rather see him doing something rather than just pretending that the mission was accomplished. Yes our troops are still there and they know that they are dealing with a people whose only way of dealing with a problem is to kill. Maybe some day they will make it into the 19th century. All we can do is Pray.

  5. Dale says:

    People have not evolved as rapidly as technology and the only thing that has changed is our greater knowledge of the world around us.

    Isolationism did not protect us (e.g. Pearl Harbor). Unfortunately, the only thing respected by most powers is strength and unless we maintain our armed forces and our strength, the U.S. as we know and love it will not survive.

    I believe it is us to us civilians to support our troops, no matter how we believe on the matter of war. I also believe that we must all learn to offer more respect to those we don’t agree with – this disrespect that is become all too prevalent these days is one of the greatest threats we face.

    This disrespect and intolerance leads to the political deadlock we see in Washington. People must learn to think for themselves and not just be led like a flock of sheep and what I see around me are lots of people being led by fear and not reason – a formula for going backwards, not forwards.

  6. Ed Hackenbruch says:

    We need to pick and choose where we get involved a lot more carefully. We tend to jump in somewhere and get embroiled for decades. Those that are the first to say we should go kick somebodies ass should be the first to go….they are the ones that never go though, they just send somebody else to do it…..if only we had put the resources and lives that have been wasted over the last 60 years to a better use at home, this would be a much greater country with a lot fewer problems. Sadly, i doubt if we will ever wise up.

  7. Chris says:

    The withdrawal announcement was media and political hipe. As long as our troops are there we will have casualties. Nuff said (thanks!)

  8. Ed Hackenbruch says:

    Same thing happened in Vietnam. First withdrawal was in 1970, they announced that the 25th Infantry Division was coming home. What they did was go around to all of the other units and take all of the guys that had less than 30 days left and transfer them into the 25th. All of the rest of us in the 25th that had more than 30 days left were transferred to other units. Looked good on paper but didn’t really change anything. Took another 5 years before the last Americans left the country.

  9. JC says:

    Whether or not we should have gone to Iraq, we are there. We are also are in a holy war with militant Islam. They call it jihad. You probably didn’t know that because the current mainstream media is worthless. Anyway, if you look at a map, from a military standpoint, Iraq is the perfect place to be. It is right in the middle of the muslim world within air strike distance from the Mediteranean to eastern Afganistan to Saudi Arabia and other Red Sea countries. Militarily I hope we are there forever because we need to be.


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