A long time ago, I had a brother-in-law named Tom. Tom was married to a young woman named Jill. One day Tom and Jill went to the mall, and in the window of a pet shop, they saw a beautiful little Dalmatian puppy. Jill immediately fell in love with the dog, so they went inside to buy it for her. But while they were in the store, Tom spotted a pretty Siberian Husky pup that he fell in love with!

Being kids with their first apartment, their first paychecks, and their first independence, they solved the dilemma of which pup to buy the easy way. They bought them both! Jill named her puppy, appropriately, Spots. Tom, seeing himself as a rather macho kind of young man, named his puppy Yukon.

Tom and Jill loved having their puppies. It was fun cuddling with the puppies, and throwing them balls to chase, and getting those puppies kisses on their noses. But housebreaking the puppies, and cleaning up after them? Well, that wasn’t nearly as much fun.

Not being housebroken, the puppies naturally did what puppies will do. They did it all over the kitchen floor, on the carpet in the living room, in the hallway, and in the apartment’s one bedroom.

Sad to say, Tom and Jill were both a little bit lazy, and those good intentions they had when they bought the puppies seemed to go by the wayside pretty quickly. So they never got the puppies housebroken, and they both hated cleaning up their messes. Instead, being typical young people, they argued over the puppies and their messes.

If Tom found a new pile of puppy poop on the kitchen floor, he would tell Jill “Your dog left a mess on the floor again!” and Jill would respond “It wasn’t my dog Your dog did that!” It became a major bone of contention for the young couple, and both being stubborn, neither one would clean up the mess that each was sure was left by the other’s dog. Needless to say, pretty soon their apartment was not a nice place to visit.

Eventually Tom and Jill went their separate ways, for a variety of reasons, and I don’t know what ever happened to the puppies.

Politicians remind me a lot of Tom and Jill. The country is in a mess. Illegal aliens flooding across our border are draining our resources. Big corporations are ripping off consumers and investors, and big government is bailing them out so they can do it all over again. Criminals get slaps on the wrist instead of real punishment, and are turned loose to rape and murder again and again. The economy is in the sewer; home foreclosures are at unbelievable highs, employment is at an unbelievable low. Just like Tom and Jill’s apartment so long ago, there is crap everywhere, and you can hardly walk without stepping in it.

And just like Tom and Jill, instead of dealing with our problems, Republicans and Democrats are too busy bickering and laying blame and saying “It’s your mess, not mine! I didn’t make it!” Republicans say the Democratic administration is at fault for all of our problems, and the Democrats claim that they are just dealing with the mess the previous Republican administration left them. Meanwhile, nobody does anything to make it better!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t care who made the damn mess! I just wish that they would get off their lazy butts and clean it up!  

If the people we elected won’t do the job, I guess it’s up to all of us to clean house. I think the best thing we could do is throw out the trash on both sides of the aisle and start over.

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26 Comments on Just Clean Up the Mess!

  1. Robert says:

    Many ARE working hard presenting bill after bill trying to make it better. Others are spending ALL their energy effectively blocking the opportunity to even start debate on every bill that comes up… Which ones deserve getting the boot? Remove the clog in the drain, and the system will function again.

  2. MsKay says:

    Amen! Great idea!I think we should all vote! Participate or don’t complain!

  3. Dale says:

    I’ve said it before: if your representative is fighting for your values do you really want to get rid of them just because they’re already elected?

    There are some very good representatives in both houses. Unfortunately, voters don’t want to hear from, or about, anyone who disagrees with their point of view. E.G., voters are now working to vote out judges who issue decisions the voters don’t like. So what if these judges are following the law? E.G., a conservative commentator on television who came straight out and said a stupid elected official was better than a smart elected official whose opinions are wrong!

    BTW, a federal judge, appointed during the Bush administration, has ordered the reinstatement of Margaret Witt. Despite evidence to the contrary, one of our senators has insisted that the armed forces don’t read private email or go looking into the private lives of military personnel as regards DADT. Too many senators, scared of the voters, are wearing blinders in an effort to say only what they think the voters want to hear.

    What we need is not necessarily to vote all incumbents out but to make the effort to find those who are willing to stand with their convictions and not just follow their party line.

  4. Sal. Bellomo says:

    We should start all over with new Elected Official that will get this country back on track “””NOW””” and not pass the buck .

  5. Frank Serrao says:


    For someone who doesn’t even vote you sure have a lot to complain about. Quit complaining so much and get off your duff and vote. Then you have the right to complain.

  6. No they’re not “draining our resources”. They’re over here picking our fruits and vegatables, mowing our lawns, and cleaning up our puppy crap. They contribute more than they consume.

  7. Wanderin' says:

    Well, I tend to agree with you, Nick! Boy, do I agree with you on this one!!

  8. Term limits – I truely believe that if all legislators had to do their job in a limit of 2 terms like the President does, they would quit the posturing and do their job. The career politicos who are so far removed from their constituants that hey cannot even speak the same language are the base of the problem – they spend more time and money running to keep their gold mine jobs than they do paying attention to the business at hand. If its good enough for the commander in chief, its good enough for the people’s representatives

  9. concerned in texas says:

    I’m with Al, except I thing the President’s term of office should be changed to one six year term No more. No possibility of re-election. Ever. That way we’d have a president who works for six instead of two years.

  10. Karen Knoll says:

    You hit the nail on the head!!! Listening to the political ads of politicians blasting the opposition instead of stating what they are going to do compares to a bunch of little kids on the playground!!! These are grown adults with educations that should have made them wise, shouldn’t it? I also agree with those above who believe that there should be term limits on all offices so sitting presidents, senators, etc. don’t take valuable time away from their offices on the campaign trail.
    (Frank, where did you get the idea that Nick doesn’t vote???)

  11. Nick Russell says:

    In the last three elections, there has not been anybody worth voting for, and I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils.

  12. Bad Nick besure to wipe your feet & take daily baths while you are in Washington D.C. next week. As you are going to be covered with the filth & corruption that prevails in that city.
    GREED>>> is the buzz word governing the residents of that city…..Honesty >>>is the Forgotten word there !

  13. Mary Lou says:

    I agree Nick. 6 year term limit for President would save money also. Nick, aren’t you voting for the person you don’t want to elect by not voting?

  14. Robert says:

    Nick, voting for the lesser of two evils may not bring immediate positive change, but not voing at all guarantees none.

  15. MichaelG says:

    Term limits are not a good idea. During the last term (when they hit the limit), they are completely unaccountable. Whether they are good or bad, take bribes or find jobs for their friends, they are not going to face the voters again. They have no incentive to behave.

    The problem here isn’t term limits. It’s not even corrupt or incompetent politicians. You will always get some of that. The problem is that we expect government to do too much.

    Tea Party types talk about balancing the budget and cutting taxes, but won’t list what they want cut. And it’s not just them — most people want their Social Security and Medicare. Most people are not willing to cut the defense budget. We have to pay interest on the debt. Subtract out those categories of spending, and there’s not much left.

    It’s not just a matter of saying “clean up the mess!” like there’s some obvious solution that people are ignoring. We’ve spent ourselves into a hole. The only solution people seem willing to consider is “tax the rich!” There will be a lot of that (and it won’t work) and then there will be a VAT tax or something that hits the middle class (because that’s where all the money is.)

    If you aren’t willing to make choices about spending, higher taxes is what you’ll get. And slower growth too, I expect. Or no growth.

  16. Nick Russell says:

    Mary Lou,
    That would be true if I wanted either of the candidates to win. But I didn’t want either. So if I don’t vote, somebody I don’t want gets elected, and if I do vote, somebody I don’t want will get elected. Go figure.

    And think about this; let’s say I voted for Obama. Every time I wrote something good about him, some people would say I was doing so because I voted for him. And if I wrote something bad about the other party, some people would say I only did so because I supported Obama. This way I can be objective and dislike them all equally.

    A lifetime in the small town newspaper business brought me into contact with everybody from local politicians, to presidential candidates, including John McCain and Bill Clinton. (Yes, they do campaign small towns when they are starting out and need support.) Neither of the above, and several others, impressed me at all.

  17. Paul Stough says:

    We will get better candidates when we get better voters.

  18. Denise Gray says:

    It is time for us to discuss patiotism with all elected officials. They were elected to represent the people, not a single party. These elected officials are putting themselves before what is best for our country. To me, that is unpatriotic.While we have our troops being injured or dieing, these selfish individuals are spending time and energy on bickering instead of working for the people who they have taken an oath to serve. I, for one, am tired of hearing all the lies and half truths. It is time for us to vote for people who will represent all the people and do what is best to get us out of the mess that we are in. That may mean taking unpopular stands on some of the issues. Unfortunatly, no one seems to have the guts to actually try to fix the problems. If they did, they could not get elected anyway, as the political parties pull away all the money to campaign, since good, honest people won’t put the party ahead of themselves. What a mess!

  19. Carey McConnell says:

    Campaign Finance Reform !!!

  20. Barry Getis says:

    Nick, when one refuses to pick up the dog poop; but instead blames the other for not doing their job, it reminds me of politics also. When one party cannot accept any responsibility but constantly blames the other party for the mess; they should be voted out. The nations economy needs to be fixed, perhaps by committies of business experts brainstorming ideas. Not by discussions with professors. Nick, you can vote for a party that wants to work to improve the economy in ways you can believe rather than blame and excuses. In that way you are not voting personalities you dislike.

  21. Roger Perry says:

    I stopped voting years ago after I was driving home from work in Gresham, Oregon and planned to stop to vote on my way. But the news was already saying that Reagan had won, and it was only 5:30 p.m.! How many voters on the west coast still hadn’t voted? So much for my vote counting!

  22. T & R Martin says:

    Nick, Please vote in the next election. You sound like a person who has strong American values, has served your country proudly, repects all Americans and is a hard worker with so much love for your country. The USA is desperate for people like you to help save it. Split your ticket if need be, but put your two cents in—you have EARNED that right. It is nobody’s business who you voted for, but PLEASE have your say in the matter by VOTING. Thank you so much for your blogs. This family really appreciates your opinions.

  23. Paul Stough says:

    First of all I doubt you can get many people to agree on exactly what the “mess” is. However, what I see as the biggest “mess” in this country is the huge over supply of low skilled and unskilled workers primarily caused by the millions of illegal immigrants in this country, and the subsequent economic damage that is the result.

    The reason we have this “mess” is that both political parties profit from it. The Republicans get the support of business who wants the cheap labor, and the Democrats gets the support of those who benefit from the social programs the Democrats like.

    Part of the answer is to limit the influence non human entities have in politics. That can be done by reverting to the original intent of the the 14th Amendment that up and until that time corporations did not have First Amendment rights including the right of free speech, and since the Supreme Court has ruled that money is free speech, corporations now have undue influence on elections, and that is who our politicians owe their getting elected to, and therefore who the politicians cowtow to instead of the citizens that elected them.

    More later.


  24. Angie Manson says:

    I confess. I’m another non-voter and another disillusioned American. No matter who runs or gets elected nothing changes for the better. The big reason is because like Nick said they are all too busy passing blame to actually do anything.

  25. Robert says:

    Paul, you make a lot of sense.

  26. Allan says:

    I agree that illegal aliens are a problem that the government is not dealing with. The government is bailing out businesses that are failing. The government should do what they were put there to do like protect our borders and stay out of business dealings. I believe term limits for senate and house members would help congress be more accountable to their constituants. Adding more taxes will not stimulate the economy. Increasing the country’s deficit will hurt the country long term. I will vote this election and every election for the people that will represent the Constitution and the ideals on which this country was established.

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