So now President Obama’s aunt, who has lived in this country illegally for years, has declared that the United States has an “obligation” to grant her citizenship. 

“If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen,” Zeituni Onyango said in a television interview aired this week.

She came here from Kenya in 2000, and was denied political asylum by an immigration judge in 2004. In May, the same judge granted her asylum and said she could be in danger if she returned to her own country.

Onyango is the half sister of Obama’s father. She lives in public housing that the taxpayers foot the bill for, and collects $700 monthly disability, though there is no evidence that she has ever held a legal job in this country or paid one penny in taxes. Yet the taxpayers, you and I, are paying her more in benefits than many elderly American citizens who were born here, and worked all of their lives, are receiving.

Why? And why the hell does she think she is entitled to anything? She has not done one thing to be entitled to citizenship. On the contrary, she is a criminal just by being here!

We don’t owe this leech a damn thing. Nothing! Just like we don’t owe the rest of the illegal aliens receiving assistance, or taking away jobs that American citizens can’t get, a damn thing.

If nothing else points out the problem we have with illegal aliens in this country, this should do it for you. They really do feel that they deserve all of the benefits of American citizens, just because they came here illegally.

If some scumbag breaks into my house, does he “deserve” to eat my food, watch my television, and sleep in my bed? Hell no! And Zeituni Onyango is just one more scumbag exploiting our system and our generosity.

Reading this, now I understand completely why President Obama refuses to take a hard line against illegal immigration, and is opposed to states like Arizona doing the job that the federal government refuses to do. I guess it hits a little too close to home when your own family members might get the boot along with the rest of the illegals who don’t belong here. When members of the President’s own family are allowed to break the law of the land, and are then rewarded for it, what hope do we have?

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24 Comments on We Owe You Nothing

  1. Richard Treynor says:

    And there are millions more just like her getting away with the same thing. Yet US citizens do without.

  2. Cindy -- Wyoming says:

    Not only does this continue to make my blood boil but now we are supposed to help them celebrate Mexican Independence Day here in the U.S.A. One Oregon town is paying for this event this year – but had no money to give for the July 4th celebration there. If all these folks love Mexico so much, GO HOME!!!!!! They can be followed by our fellow Americans who support giving these illegals every benefit they could possibly want WHICH a lot of legal U.S. citizens can’t seem to qualify for. GO ARIZONA and SHERIFF JOE!

  3. Gina Ellis says:

    When I saw this on the news I cannot say that I was surprised. However, I did say out loud, “You bitch! Go home! Go suck the life out of your own country and leave mine alone.” Damn it, I don’t owe this leech one bloody cent and neither does any other tax paying citizen. Toss her out. I don’t give a hairy rat’s ass which country we send her to as long as it’s not this one. I’m sick of supporting people who don’t want to work and people who sneak into our country and expect all of the perks of citizenship without earning it. Can you tell that I’m angry? I hope so. My vote is sure going to say it for me.

  4. It is time we got rid of the bleeding heart retarded juges and immergration jerks and put some hard nose sob’s in power. if they arn’t legal they should be gone take them to gitmo and dump them on casstro as he dumped his garbage on us thanks to the Carter jerk

  5. Warren Chapman says:

    This country was built by immigrants, built on freedom, built on spirit, but by hard working people, not those looking for handouts. When our government stops its socialist leanings, we will all benefit, and maybe once again we can have only spirited hard working and legal residents. We must remain free, and we must continue to offer freedom to the world.

  6. Jerry Hedges says:

    She needs to go home and take her nephew with her….immediately

  7. Tom in Ohio says:

    Ground under you feel a little shakey? Thats the quick sand we are all standing in. I don’t believe all that I read or hear from the media today…but I do believe what I see. We are in deep trouble and its seen every where we travel. No jobs, people giving up hope and a lot of anger. Our county was built by hard working citizens. They did not expect hand outs or a free ride. They understood that it took WORK to plant the fields and WORK to bring the crops to harvest. Today we have way too many who sit on the porch and watch the crop grow and then demand their share. We are losing our American roots every day….when that happens the tree dies.

  8. Tom in Ohio says:

    Cindy…did you hear about the college professor in IL that now wants fans to STOP waving the American Flag at sports events? Seems he feels it will offend others. Hey professor. If I can’t wave the flag…. I know where I can put it!

  9. Kenneth says:

    And the beat go’s on …….
    And the beat go’s on……..
    Drum beats a rhythm, rhythm to my brain…..

  10. Sal. Bellomo says:

    You said all the right words about it ,but it still go’s on all round the country more and more , and those people think it’s “””OK”””this is a free country . The same thing on the phone
    press one to talk and press two and get mad . Why we are in
    America do we have to press a number to talk to some one here.
    I have worked here all my life and now Retired would like my
    fair share like all the rest of the Americans in this country.Our country was Build on Hard Working People that became “”LEGAL –
    CITIZENS “” and did not ask for a free ride .

  11. What a world we have created. Sad. :(

  12. Connie Braidh says:

    Illegals are just that illegal. Time to send them back to where they came from. But the present administration wants them to become citizens, why? They will vote for him, that’s why.
    Take from the rich (read legal working Americans) and give to the poor (read illegals and folks who don’t want to work). If this continues there won’t be enough workers to support the “poor” in this country. And then what, third world status for the USA?

  13. Dave Kunz says:

    Thank You again Nick for your wonderful editorial on this subject. I have but one comment to add to all of these other folks WONDERFUL comments.

  14. rex says:

    Those here illegally are invaders and should be shot on sight.

    That may seem harsh, but if we blast a few of them maybe the rest will get the idea and leave.

    Those that don’t should have all their assets confiscated, then deport them.

  15. Rod Bahnson says:

    Am old enough to remember Kennedy’s quote (paraphrasing) “let not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. It is now all about me, poor me, give me!!

  16. Mike P says:

    Obamas personal net worth is in excess of $1 million dollars. Why doesn’t he take care of his aunt? Oh, I know, because the taxpayers will instead! You have to wonder about a man who won ‘t care for his own family, and who is supposed to take care of the whole country. If this doesn’t tell you where he is taking the country, nothing will.

  17. Carey McConnell says:

    MAN!! Y’all are such a bunch of haters! :)

    Although I agree that people who are here illegally are breaking the law and deserve none of the benefits of citizenship, as you can see by the information below, it’s never simple.

    Onyango’s legal status
    According to AP, Onyango’s refusal to leave the country is an administrative, noncriminal violation of immigration law, meaning such cases are handled outside the criminal court system.

    Onyango’s public housing status
    Although Onyango entered the public housing system under federal guidelines in a federal development, she now lives in a state-funded development. State law forbids the authority from even asking Onyango about her immigration status. That means the federal deportation order has no bearing on Onyango’s eligibility for the state-funded project where she lives.

  18. Richard Treynor says:

    So what you’re saying Carey is that she “refused” to leave the country which is a “noncriminal violation of immigration law.” How can you violate a law and it not be a criminal act? And she now lives in a “state-funded development.” Gee, whose taxes “fund” that development I wonder? You can sweet talk it all you want and whitewash it to hell and back, but the long and short of it is that she broke the law by being here illegally, she refused to leave and now she is living on taxpayers money. End of story. That’s not hateful. Those are the facts. Or do you consider hearing the truth hateful?

  19. Amanda Teakes says:

    I voted for President Obama and was a strong supporter during his campaign. I support his health care bill. However, he has lost my support and my future vote because of this issue and his stance on illegal immigration. Our country is being taken over and the government is helping the outsiders do it.

  20. Mary Lou says:

    I don’t think that either party will deal with this problem. There are too many people making money by employing illegals and the US government doesn’t want to deal with the fallout from the Mexican government. This has been a problem long before the Democrats took office.

  21. Roger says:

    Sounds like a situation that needs to be addressed and I agree that the President needs to clean up his own backyard.

    Have to wonder why regressives blocked debate on the “Dream” act that would advance toward getting a green card those that served in the military. Guess we have too many in the armed forces now that we need to keep more out and to kick out many that already serve.

    Maybe if we started to prosicute thoes that employed undocumented aliens and that failed to pay appropriate taxes we might see some progress but Mary Lou hit the nail on the head with the probable reason.

  22. Jim@HiTek says:

    Yeah, and how about getting rid of those corporate leaches like Haliburton and those ‘security’ companies that got billions from no-bid-contracts handed out to Bush’s friends by the gang of four in the past white house? Hundreds of billions in unpaid taxes never collected. Hundreds of billions of MY TAX MONEY stolen by corporations, hundreds of billions stolen because of the rush to make government smaller by eliminating regulations and oversight. I don’t blame the immigrants for turning this country into a 3rd world country, I blame big corporate America. What immigrants get here, legally or illegally is a single molecule in the bucket.

  23. Ray Scrafield says:

    I guess we should be glad she isn’t living in the Lincoln bedroom in the White House. With her illegal nephew and his family.

  24. Lela says:

    Just remember there is an election coming up soon. Get out and vote.

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