I’ll be glad to see Tuesday come and go, if for no other reason than that we’ll finally see an end to all of the political ads on television, where every candidate tells us how terrible their opponents are, in wildly exaggerated claims, but never seem to get around to telling us what makes them the better choice. It’s so bad that I’m beginning to miss the ads for shyster lawyers wanting me to sue everybody from the doctor who delivered me to the company who made my toilet paper, because they damned sure must have done something to harm me in the process!

I make no secret of the fact that I don’t like anybody in public office, and no matter who we elect or who we keep in office, it will be more of the same. I think we should just fire them all and hire a bunch of trained chimpanzees to take their places. They couldn’t do any worse, could they?

I keep wanting to find somebody I can support for any office, but they all leave me feeling like I need a shower after I watch them talk. We have our choices of poison, when what we need is medicine to cure our country.

Everybody wants to blame President Obama for the state the country is in today, but just as I didn’t just wake up fat from gaining all of this weight overnight, we didn’t get where we are in the last two years. I was willing to give Obama and his crew a chance, and kept an open mind.

In contrast to a lot of readers of this blog, I supported a national health care plan, because my wife and I were among those screwed by an insurance company during a health crisis that wiped us out financially. I know that you can pay your premiums, play by the rules, and still get shafted. Not just welfare rats and illegal aliens need some sort of health care guarantees. There are millions of hard working, tax paying citizens who cannot afford health insurance. What about them?

However, that’s all I have seen come out of this administration that I can agree with. Obama has turned a deaf ear to the illegal alien problems that are, in my opinion, the biggest threat to our way of life, our security, and our country that we have ever faced. If we could get rid of the millions of leeches who do not belong here and are draining our resources in every area, from law enforcement, to health care, to education, and jobs, we could make life better for each and every American citizen alive today. We need a President with the balls to deal with problem, and President Obama obviously doesn’t have them.

Candidate Obama promised change, but overall, what change there has been has mostly been negative. The country is more polarized than it has been since the Vietnam War, and we need to start working together if we ever want to get back on track. I don’t believe that President Obama and the current House and Senate can give us that unity.

I have to be honest with you, in two years I don’t know who I’d want to see replace the current president, because nobody out there impresses me. There has been a lot of speculation about whether Sarah Palin will run in 2012. I know that a lot of readers here think Sarah Palin walks on water, but I just keep thinking she is a soccer mom who is more interested in making herself into a celebrity, than she is about doing the country any good. If she’d just decide that she’s a serious politician and concentrate on it, that would be fine.

But she bailed out on the people of Alaska when she resigned as governor, with two years left to go on her term. Next she was John McCain’s running mate in the last election. Then suddenly she is a Fox News commentator. Now I hear she is hosting an Alaska based reality TV program. I want a leader who is in it for the long haul, not flitting from opportunity to opportunity like a moth to the next brighter light.  

It’s time to fire them all, and start electing people who have our best interests at heart, instead of being self-serving crooks, jackasses who just follow the party line, no matter which party that is, and wannabe celebrities. But where do we find them? I have no idea.

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  1. Jim@HiTek says:

    Most of them run as independent or unaffiliated (as it’s called on the ballot here in Alaska.

    They do not have allot of money so seldom advertise but they are there on the podium during debates…if the presenter allows that. So, I’d say, there are plenty of choices of ‘other’ candidates, if you have the time to investigate.

    Sadly, most of us don’t these days.

  2. Bob Lewis says:

    You’ve got your timeline wrong on Sarah Palin.

    She was chosen as McCain running mate first, in August 2008, while still governor.

    She did not resign as governor until July 2009, citing the fact that multiple spurious ethics violation charges filed by Democratic supporters were costing the state and herself hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyer defense costs. As far as I can tell every charge was dismissed. I read somewhere that by the time she resigned she had over $500,000 in legal fees accumulated from this.

    Note that if she had been elected, she would have had to resign, just as Obama and Biden resigned as Senators after they were elected. Bob Dole resigned as Senator to run for President in 1996. He said he didn’t feel he could still be an effective Senator while running for President.

    Did he abandon the people of Kansas too?

    Clinton resigned as Governor of Arkansas.

    Did he abandon the people of Arkansas?

    Also, Obama said, after being elected Senator in 2004, he would not run for President in 2008, but then did.

    Did he abandoned the people of Illinois?

    Sarah did what she thought was best for the people of Alaska.

    Also, she is not doing a ‘reality’ show, unless you mean it’s not fiction. She is doing a 8 episode travelogue/documentary on Alaska to bring “the wonder and majesty of Alaska to all Americans.”

    She has written two best selling books. She is a FOX news commentator. She gives speeches around the country.

    Exactly how is this ‘flitting’? She’s doing a number of things at the same time.

    What do YOU think she should be doing now if she wants to be a ‘serious politician’ and run for President in 2012?

    But your biggest mistake might be calling Sarah Palin a ‘soccer mon’. She refers to herself as a ‘hockey mom’. For obvious reasons, they don’t play a lot of soccer in Wasilla.

  3. Chris says:

    Lots to talk about Nick.Obama and Congress watered down the so-called health care reform. For the small business owner like you and I we cannot get those lower premiums. We would have to go 6 months without any coverage to even apply! So we either pay the high premiums or go with no insurance. Who over 50 is willing to give up their coverage? Yeah right. As you well know you can’t believe only half the story you read on Sarah Palin. I have closely followed AK news since ’06 and largely thanks to one screaming liberal radio talk show host in AK, Sarah Palin had 100’s of unfounded lawsuits brought against her. She was in debt by over $500k in legal fees defending herself against these charges. Her family suffered too. So she threw in the towel. I am not defending her. Just wanted to share some facts from her AK Gov days

  4. Nick Russell says:

    What would I have her do? I think she, as well as Clinton, Dole, and the rest of them, have an obligation to fulfill the terms they were elected to. That’s what they promised to do when they campaigned for those offices. That’s what the voters trusted them to do when they gave them their votes. If they (any of them) aren’t willing to fulfill their obligations as Senators or Governors or whatever, why should we expect them to honor their commitments in a higher office?

  5. Rich T. says:

    Damn Nick, and you thought you pissed people off when you called the Catholic church to task? What was that your friend said about whacking the hornet’s nest? I think Palin has more fanatical worshipers than the Pope!

    And I agree 100% that if a politician will jump ship to run for a higher office, they have absolutely no crediblity. If one of my employees left me to go to another job and it didn’t work out, I damn well would not have them back!

  6. JB says:

    Because I am a Canadian I don’t get to vote in your elections but always watch them with interest. As I’ve said before what happens in your country has a huge impact on ours. And when it comes to politicians we have most of the same problems.

    I can’t help but think if they took these clowns off of TV and let them only run radio ads, so they actually had to have a platform to run on instead of relying on glibness and charm to get elected. Those are great qualities in a talk show host but I don’t care if my elected officials look like Quasimodo and stutter as long as they do a good job of running the country(s).

  7. Bob Lewis says:


    Even if the lawsuits had already cost the people of Alaska over a million dollars? How much of the Alaskan people’s money are you willing to spend?

    Apparently a lot more than Sarah was?

    And are you really saying that no one should ever run for a new office while holding another one? Besides Dole, when was the last time this happened, except when they are running for the first time?

    Are you also saying you will never vote for anyone who holds another office that they would have to resign from?

  8. Dennis M says:

    First of all I agree with almost all that you said. Sarah is an opportunist that does not have the intelligence to handle a national office at any level and she bailed on Alaska because she did not want to be stuck in a backwater as “just a governor”, much like Rod B. actually said in IL – “the world is passing me by while I am stuck in this job” (I paraphrase).

    As far as watered down health care legislation and watered down recovery programs go, the watering down was in response to Republican intransigence. Over and over the Repubs said “If you change this piece we will vote for it”. So it was changed and then they still voted no. Here in IL our Republican congressman Kirk held a press conference touting his support for a Democratic bill, then voted against it the next day. As Mr Obama said in an interview, he was walking to a conference with Republican leaders when they announced that they were against his plans before they even heard them or talked about them.

    Both the Repub minority leaders in the house and senate have stated in the last week that their job after the election is to see that Mr. Obama is not re-elected! Here I thought their job was to help govern the country for the good of everyone – not damage us for the good of their party!

    The US is slipping behind the rest of the world in many, many critical areas from education and health care to economic policy and all the Repubs care about is getting Mr Obama out of office and the hell with the rest of us!

    Very disappointing and very discouraging.

  9. Rich T. says:

    Bob, the “everyone else does it” attitude is part of the problem in this country. Thats why we have the quality of elected people we do… because none of them care about the promises they made to get elected if something better comes along.

  10. Bob Lewis says:

    Rick T.

    So you have never voted for, and never will vote for a candidate already holding another office?

  11. Allan says:

    I do agree with you Nick about being tired of all the negative ads on tv. I don’t agree with you that the national healthcare plan is good. Pres. Obama was not truthful about what it would cost the country or individuals and it is not lawful for the federal government to require people to buy healthcare. This is rightfully being contested now. I think any expansion of socialism to be harmful to the country. I hope that this election will demonstrate that the American people do not like what has gone on in congress and through the present administration. The country has foolishly increased deficit spending; that needs to stop. I hope that the new people elected to congress will help to see that it happens. The government needs to do a better job of doing what it is delegated to do like securing our borders and quit trying to expand their powers and taking control over businesses.

  12. Rich T. says:

    Bob, did I stutter? Lets not hijack this thread to get into our own prolonged debate. You have your opinion and I respect your right to it, even if I disagree. I expect you to give me the same courtesy. We’ve both stated our position.

  13. Mary Jackson says:

    The election is Tuesday and I still don’t know who I am going to vote for. The incumbent in our Congressional race is a total waste who has been there way too long and done nothing constructive. His challenger has been exposed by the newspapers for taking kickbacks and other seedy things, and was caught with a mistress in a hotel room. Which is better? No wonder people don’t vote any more!

  14. Sandy Pelligrino says:

    I live in Alaska and followed the case of her harassment of Michael Wooten, her former brother-in-law, who was a state police officer, because of his divorce from her sister. She blatantly abused her office to punish the Public Safety Commissioner, firing him because he refused to fire Wooten. Don’t listen to the Tea Party flag wavers or the Fox News crowd, talk to some, of us who voted for her for governor and then realized what a mistake we made.

  15. Barb Harrison says:

    So would we be any better to have the bumbling George W. back? I don’t think so. As Bad Nick said, we didn’t get into this mess overnight. Why not give President Obama the same 8 years GW had and see where we’re at then?

  16. Bob Lewis says:

    Sandy P.

    Strange, but here’s what the Washingtion Post, CNN, AP, and the New York Times say about that case.

    “The State Personnel Board (SPB) hired independent counsel Timothy Petumenos, a Democrat, as an investigator. On October 24, Palin gave three hours of depositions with the Board in St. Louis, Missouri. On November 3, Petumenos found that there was no probable cause to believe Palin or any other state official had violated state ethical standards.”

    They don’t seem to agree with you.

  17. Rod Bahnson says:

    Have we all voted or intend to vote?

  18. Tim Lawler says:

    I agree we need some health care reform, but the present law needs to be repealed and rewritten. One problem is the bill is paid for, at least partially, by cutting down on medicare payments. Doctors can’t afford to take a 30% cut in payments that are too low to begin with.Therefore a number of doctors will be forced out of business. Let’s be more thoughtful on how we change things instead of passing unpopular bills late at night on the weekends. I don’t think anyone understands the whole health care law.

  19. Butch says:

    I too am a victim of our current health care/insurance system. I was sold a policy that looked and sounded very goo UNTIL YOU NEED SOME SERVICES.

    The new “Healthcare” Bill has so much “Pork” in it, that it should be considered a FARM BILL. And, it doesn’t address the real core issues.

    The big gripe should be (of both Democrats and Republicans) how can you vote for or against a bill, before it’s been released to read. The statement “You have to vote for it before you know what’s in it” is the true core of what is wrong.

    If any one disagrees, PLEASE send me a signed blank check (or several), after I fill it in and cash it, you’ll find out what and how much it was for when you receive you bank statement! Same principal.


  20. Quote from your post:

    “There are millions of hard working, tax paying citizens who cannot afford health insurance. What about them?”


    It is great to find a predominantly conservative blogger who recognizes that the health care gap is predominantly among the WORKING poor. The health care gap is a moral shortcoming of our nation, of which I have been ashamed for years. Twenty years from now, the Obama administration will be recognized for passing universal health care, and for the most compresenhive business control legislation since the great depression era. I believe free enterprise and free market forces are desirable in moderation, but we have left the robber barons in charge of the hen house for too long.

    I agree with you that the administration has not done enough to deal with the immigration issue, but the greatest threat to our national soverinty and security is the completely out of control drug violence on our southern borders.

    In closing, I will say unequivocally that I think Sarah Palin is a jerk.

  21. Nina Seibel says:

    I agree with Keith’s statement “I think Sarah Palin is a jerk”. When I first heard about her I was thrilled to have her in our political system. Since then I think she is truly not a person who cares about her country, but only Sarah as a celebrity. I am not a politician and don’t belong to a party. I always vote for the “person”. I am not especially happy with Obama, but our problems did not happen in the last 2 years. He walked into a mess with no good solution. The health care bill is necessary, but because of so much opposition, it is not what it should be now. I am appalled at Obama’s handling of the illegal’s coming into the country and draining our resources. I don’t pretend to have the answer, but Obama is our president and although we may disagree with him, and I do, I feel we should give him the respect and support a President deserves.

  22. Rob Fox says:

    As a Brit living in the USA, can I make these observations. Please be assured that I do not intend to insult anyone but I know that not everyone will agree.

    History has shown us that the rate of change, in society, has accelerated. The Roman Empire lasted approx 800 years; the British Empire lasted around 350 years and the dominant World position of the USA has been clear from the end of WW2. The power is now shifting East. There is an inevitability to this given that we have chosen a path of global capitalism. There real issue is how you handle the fall out.

    If we step back to the founding of the nation (surely a mandatory topic for schools around the World); You were blessed with a group of critical thinkers who acted on reason and not fear. They acted, in the main, selflessly. They were concerned for the “free man” in all of us. They were concerned to put in place a system of government that would be self regulating and protect the people. All Americans should be justly proud of the job they made of it!

    I see and hear calls to go back to the principles of the past. I say: why have those principles not been followed? How was it allowed to get so bad?

    What I don’t see is any reason or critical thinking being applied. There is certainly growing fear and anger, although there remains mostly apathy. I contend that these last three emotions are, in reverse order, the tools used to subdue the people. It’s only when the bad guys can divert your attention that they can do their worst. They’ve enjoyed mainly years of growing apathy. In the seemingly never ending grown of the USA, life has been good and most people have taken their eye off the ball. Of course, now that growth has slowed and there aren’t enough crumbs to keep the populace amused, a new tactic has to be adopted. That tactic is the old divide and conquer; Pit brother against brother, family against family, state against state, religion against religion. Anything to divert attention to allow a continuing advantage.

    So whist you fight in an increasingly partisan way, you lose sight of the real issue. Your beautiful system has been systematically corrupted at every level on the alter of self-interest. It does not matter if you are a republican or a democrat; you are first and foremost a “free man”. That is worth fighting for.

    It is time for the apathetic to join the debate. It is time control emotions; to think clearly and critically and with reason. Nothing less than your freedom is at stake. The first step is tomorrow. You may be confused and not know who to support or what to do. The important thing is that you make a positive move. It’s time for free men to fight back and reverse the tide of corruption. You have a very long road ahead. I am reminded of a line from one of my countries great leaders, Winston Churchill, at a decisive point in WW2.

    “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

    Good luck America. Free men around the World look on with expectation.

  23. Dave B. says:

    I agree with Rob on many points. Things have been good so we’ve stood back and became complacent. The fox has been in charge of the chicken coop too long. It will take the regular people of this country to stand up and change things. The one good thing about the negative TV ads is that you get to see how bad ALL the politicians are. Oh, and by the way, we had bad weather here yesterday, that’s Obamas fault too!

  24. Bob Martel says:

    Hi Nick, I’m not sure that I’d agree with you that Obama has been all that useless. Check out this article:


  25. Debbie says:


    There is one of them already in the White House. You may not agree with everything Obama has done (I, for one, do not), but I really don’t think he can be considered a self-serving crook, jackass who just follows the party line, or a wannabe celebrity. He’s a serious thinker who has tried some serious solutions to serious problems. Unfortunately, most Americans are too impatient and expect every problem in the country to be solved immediately. The same people sign on for overnight weight-loss Miracle Diets, too.

  26. Dale says:

    Too many folks are reacting to fear, not reason. Without reason, it is near impossible to read through all the articles, listen to all the commentary and sort through all the b.s. Fear leads us to listen only to those views that fit into our comfort zone and not to make intellectually reasoned choices. If the founding fathers had reacted only with fear this country would not exist.

    Rob: Thank you for your thoughtful and caring reply.

  27. T & R Martin says:

    To Rob Fox: Thanks for getting us back on track. How fortunate we are to have our freedom. Your comments brought out the tears, for if we lose our freedom nothing else matters.
    To Butch: Loved your brilliant analogy.

  28. Connie Braidh says:

    Yes. I have already voted.

    I don’t like the negative ads!!!!!! I want to hear what each individual stands for not how bad they think the other candidate is. These negative ads allow the candidates to stay away from talking about issues. And that’s what the voters really need to hear is how does the candidate stand on the issues: economy, health care, jobs, immigration/illegal aliens, etc.

    Do you know how each of the people you are voting for stands on the important issues? It’s hard to find out because you have to wade through so much smoke (negative ads). And lots of people vote not knowing really anything about the candidates or they don’t vote at all in disgust because it’s almost impossible to find out what the candidate really stands for.

    We really need to STOP those negative ads and demand candidates tell us where they stand on the issues!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Frank Serrao says:

    Finally election day is here and the voters will be taking Obama out behind the woodshed with a nice big 2 by 4. In 2 years he and Nancy and Harry did a lot of damage to our country and to our economy. They can’t keep blaming their predecessors forever. Sooner or later they have to take some responsibility.
    Hopefully we’l be rid of Harry tonight and Nancy as Speaker and then we can work on getting rid of Obama in 2012. You can’t fool all the people all the time. Enough is enough. Hooray for the Tea Party!

  30. Butch says:

    To T&R Martin,

    Thanks for the compliment, BUT may I assume that you won’t be sending ME any checks?


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  32. […] tried, but I still stand by my statement in a blog a month ago titled Choose Your Poison that to me she’s a soccer mom who can’t decide if she wants to be a serious political […]

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