Laser skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reducers, human growth hormone injections, facelifts, eyelifts, tummy tucks, cleansing diets, collagen pills – give me a break! Since the very first snake oil salesman rattled into the very first village with some concoction that promised to make gullible people look and feel younger, millions, even billions, of dollars have changed hands in the eternal search for youth.

It’s nothing new. Popular history tells us that Spanish explorer Ponce de León spent years searching Florida for the fabled Fountain of Youth. Mr. de León never found the mythical rejuvenating pool, and neither will the millions of people worldwide who can’t wait to reach for their checkbook the minute the next scam artist or quack promises to have discovered the secret to reversing the aging process.

Some say that they do it to compete in the workplace, to “maximize” their confidence, to feel better about themselves. Vanity by any other name. They would be a lot better off if they just learned to accept themselves for who and what they are.

I lost most of my hair at a very early age. I’ve known men that were devastated when they started to grow bald, but to me, it was just hair. Besides, now I save a lot of money that I used to spend in barbershops!

For some people, reaching a certain age is traumatic. I’ve seen 30, 40, and 50 come and go, and 60 is just over the horizon, but I’ve been able to handle them all so far. The way I look at it, every day I set a new personal record for the number of days I’ve been alive.

I think that the fear of aging affects women more then men, judging by the number of products I’ve seen advertised, and from the news stories I’ve seen and read. Why is that? Is there anything in the world more beautiful and sexy than a mature woman who has self-confidence and a lifetime of wisdom? You can have all of those hard bodies that Hollywood calls sex goddesses, I don’t want them. First of all, at my age I couldn’t keep up with them, and I need a good night’s sleep more than a romp with a bimbo. And besides, if I did survive the night, what the hell would I be able to talk to her about the next morning?

No thank you. Give me a woman I can have a conversation with, who appreciates good music, good food and good books, and who knows the difference between a colander and a calendar. Now that’s sexy!

Psychologists and doctors are finding that significant numbers of weight reduction surgery patients have since turned to drug and alcohol abuse, binge shopping, sexual promiscuity, and other compulsive behaviors. For many people, food is a crutch, and suddenly they find themselves post-operative with the new body that they dreamed would make them beautiful and happy, and guess what? They still have the same old problems, insecurities, and unhappiness they had before their procedures!

I wonder how many people who undergo cosmetic surgery and other procedures in the search for eternal youth are any happier afterward? Again, what is wrong with just accepting yourself?

I don’t know about you, but I’m proud of my scars, wrinkles, and age spots, and yes, even my bald pate. They are evidence of where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and what I’ve experienced. I see them as badges of honor of a life lived to the fullest.

We all age. Some fight it, kicking and screaming all the way, and some of us do so gracefully and with dignity. But we all end up the same place. Which route are you taking to get there?

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23 Comments on There Is No Fountain Of Youth

  1. Wait, there is no Fountain of Youth? I suppose santa isn’t real either….

    Guess us Russell Boys will just have to stay Fat, happy and balding.

  2. I am with you at 74 I couldn care less how I look. My is wife satisfied with me and that is all that counts and I am the same with her

  3. Connie Braidh says:

    So much of our culture is about external beauty. But if the person inside is not a nice and beautiful person, the exterior is useless.

    I love my husband because he is a great person inside. He is fun, likes many of the same things I like, is my best friend. We are both aging together. We are developing lines on our faces and flab on our bodies. But we LIKE each other as well as love each other. It’s makes life so much more pleasant. And while we don’t like getting older we accept it as part of life and just go on and enjoy each day.

    Isn’t that what life is all about, enjoying each day? I think so!!!!!!

  4. Marci Oswald says:

    Nick, I fall a little bit more in love with you every day! Give me a sensitive, caring, intelligent man over a muscle bound hunk who can only speak in one syllable words any day of the week!

  5. Sal. Bellomo says:

    Thank you Nick you said it all about getting old and having a

    women to be there that love you every day like we have,I loved

    her all these years and more now as we get older .

  6. Dennis M says:

    One of the things we laugh about is when one of us goes to the doctor with some minor complaint and he says: “Well, as we get older…”

    Once in a while I catch a glimpse of the back of my bald head in reflection or a picture and I go “Wow, what happened there?”.

  7. Janet M. says:

    A voice of reason in the midst of chaos! As you write, it’s all snake oil created to seperate desperate neurotic people from their money by playing upon their fears.

  8. Kathy Terras says:

    I love the new TV show Mike and Molly because it’s about two overweight people falling in love with each other as they are. It’s a refreshing change of pace from all of the “beautiful” people on most shows.

  9. Gina Ellis says:

    It’s like my mother said: I’ve earned every one of my gray hairs and wrinkles and I’ll be damned if I cover them up.

  10. Donna Huffer says:

    We were just saying last night that at 70 how much younger & active we are compared to our parents and earlier generations. Wonder if it’s our lifestyle in that we are out DOING instead of sitting on our duffs in a stick built.

  11. Suzy used to follow the fashions of the day when we were younger, but usually only with her hair. She went through all the stages, of wigs (in the late 60’s to early 70’s) and re-coloring her hair (both before and after the wig stage). Several years before we retired, she decided to late nature take its course, has turned to a natural silver grey and lets her hair essentially style itself into a graceful wave. Now she gets compliment after compliment, from both men and women, who wonder where she gets that lovely color! As for size and shape, we are both working toward slimming down, but for our hearts’ sake, and so that we don’t have to go to King-size or Queen-size shops and catalogs to buy our clothes. Fashion? Youth? Hell no. Comfort and better life expectancy? Yes!

  12. Linda Sand says:

    I only wish I had continued walking miles every day. When I did that I was fairly healthy. When I stopped I gained about 3 pounds a year–for 40 years! Now I’m fat and my body protests everything I ask it to do. Three pounds doesn’t sound like much, does it?

    As to my hair, when I decided to stop coloring it I went to a beauty school to have it frosted so I wouldn’t have a stark line as it grew out. Those kids couldn’t believe I wanted them to give me gray streaks in my hair! :)

  13. Jeff says:

    It’s like my wife’s grandmother used to say:
    “A little powder, a little paint,
    will make you look like what you ain’t.”

  14. MichaelG says:

    Some day, they really will cure at least the signs of aging (most of it is in the skin, I think.) And future generations will look back at us as if we all had leprosy.

  15. Nina Seibel says:

    You said it Nick and we couldn’t agree with you more.
    John and Nina Seibel

  16. Dave B. says:

    I think it is both a female & male thing to try to look younger. Did you ever see a balding man with a pony tail in back? (he’s compensating) Or how many women that have to have the latest “bobbed” in back hair style. I guess we all want to be young forever. But you know, getting old is better than the alternative.

  17. Elaine & Mike says:

    My mother used to tell us that beauty is only skin deep it is what is inside that makes a beautiful person. When we were much younger Mike use to tell me he would divorce me if I ever got fat. Well he must have changed his mind because I weigh more than I did at 17. I use to color my hair at the first sign of gray, then one day it dawned on me I was not a young chick and why am I spending all this money to give the impression I was not as old as I am. We have both improved with age, we love each other and he is my best friend and yes he is much heavier than when he was in the service but he is still the person he was way back when.

  18. Art in Phoenix says:

    Right smack dab in the middle of the blog was an ad by Goofle I mean Google that offered a cure for hair loss using a laser process. Bizarre!

  19. Bob Martel says:

    The balding part isn’t so bad so long as you remember to bring your hat!

  20. Bob Martel says:

    @ Art in Phoenix, that’s so funny!

  21. Kathy Terras says:

    Google’s computers look for words that will give them a clue to the topic and places ads they think are appropriate. Sometimes they goof in very funny ways!

  22. Howdy ‘Bad” Nick,
    You got it right there.. There ain’t no fountain of youth or
    free lunch!!!! In West Texas ALL OF THE MEN ARE BALD(at least the cowboys are) because of wearing felt hats all summer.. I grow my ponytail down to my waist and then send it to LOCKS OF LOVE FOR THE CANCER PATIENTS TO MAKE WIGS OUT OF…
    When I worked for the Garland Daily News, in Garland, Texas, (running boxes)my cars looked just like your GORGEOUS NEW EXPLORER DOES with the Gypsy Journal in it.. I’d deliver the GJ for you, if Ms Terry will let me drive it…
    I let this old woman that hangs around here and does ALL of the ranch work, know each and every day, SHE IS THE BEST LOOKING OLD WOMAN IN THE WORLD !!! At 72 she ain’t no ‘chick’,
    but shez a HELLUVA OLD HEN and MORE VALUABLE !!!! and don’t
    look all that bad, either!!!!

  23. Bucky says:

    Your absolutely right Nick, Since I turned 70, I am only concerned with the medical problems old age seem’s to bring.

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