Last week, the news here in Florida was full of the story of a man who pulled a gun at a Panama City school board meeting and threatened several members of the board before the school’s security chief, Mike Jones, shot him. Jones’ bullets knocked the aggressor to the floor, where he then took his own life.

Also last week, Houston, Texas jewelry store owner Ramon Castillo turned the tide on three armed robbers who shot him and tied up his wife, while holding up his store. Castillo, 52, pulled his own handgun out and opened fire, then grabbed a shotgun and finished the job. When the smoke had cleared, all three hoodlums were dead. It was the third time the shop had been robbed, and neighbors in Castillo’s neighborhood all agreed that “it’s about time that somebody stood up to criminals.”

I agree. Crime is getting worse every day, in every corner of this country. All the police can do is respond to a crime scene after the fact, and if they do happen to catch the bad guys, more often than not the courts turn them loose, with a slap on the wrist, so they can prey on decent people again. Our system is broken, and since nobody seems to be in a hurry to fix it, people have to defend themselves.

Now, I can hear some people saying “yeah, but if we just outlawed guns, those burglars and robbers and rapists wouldn’t be able to commit their crimes.” Anybody who thinks that is, frankly, a nitwit.

A criminal will get a weapon, no matter where he is, or what laws are on the books keeping him from doing so. If you don’t believe me, let me ask you a question. Would you allow your wife or daughter to spend 24 hours walking around in a prison? I mean, after all, how dangerous can it be? The inmates aren’t allowed to have weapons of any kind! So she should be perfectly safe, right?

And don’t try to tell me that one can communicate with a thug and avoid violence. My older brother, Frank, was about the most mellow man who ever walked the earth. I don’t think he ever had a fight, even in high school. When I was sixteen, three punks robbed Frank and his neighbor while they were standing in his front yard chatting, then tried to kidnap his wife. When my brother tried to reason with them, they shot him six times and left him dying in front of his wife and three little kids. I’ve always thought that if my brother had relied on a gun, instead of words, he might still be with us.

I’m not advocating vigilantism, but I am saying that it’s up to you and me to protect ourselves and the people we love from the two legged animals of the world. Since we all can’t have our own personal bodyguard watching over us 24/7, it is up to us to provide our personal first line of defense.

Taking a human life is one of the worst experiences anybody can ever have, no matter what the circumstances. It will haunt you forever. But, if the alternative is to stand idly by and be victimized, or to have the people I care about victimized, I’m willing to shoulder that burden. Are you?

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27 Comments on Armed Citizens Fighting Back

  1. Tom Nieling says:

    Right on Nick, and write on…tom

  2. I have carried a hand gun since I was about 25 and even in
    scotland when stationed there in my house hid it in my house hold goods. I believe every house hold should get a hand gun and take a course on how to use it. I only had to shoot once that was a peeping tom and only put some bird shot in his butt he never came back Merry Christmas everyone

  3. Bob Fritz says:

    Great blog Nick! I would encourage all law-abiding citizens to get their CCW permit.

  4. Kay Brown says:

    Amen….youbetcha!!!!!This might as well be the wild wild west nowdays and we will not hesitate to defend ourselves and our property….

  5. Connie Braidh says:

    Self defense is absolutely a person’s right and responsibility. If we don’t protect ourselves, then criminals taking over, bullies and totalitarian governments result. The founding father’s of our country knew this and made the 2nd amendment to the Constitution to allow the citizen’s the right to bear arms. And no, I don’t believe that amendment meant just for a standing army but for each citizen to have weapons to be able to make up a militia when necessary. Remember the people who wrote the Constitution were rebelling against the government of England. They believed England was wrong and that the citizens had the right to form another government because the present one was not representing the people. A novel idea!!!!!!!

  6. MichaelG says:


    From the FBI U.S. crime reports:

    1991 24,700 murders
    2009 15,241 murders

    1991 1,911,770 violent crimes
    2009 1,318,398 violent crimes.

    1991 12,961,100 property crimes
    2009 9,320,971 property crimes

    Population in that period went from 252 million to 307 million, so the rate of crime dropped even more than the absolute numbers.

    Stop repeating these same old stories from 30 years ago. They aren’t true any more.

  7. Jan Mains says:

    In response to MichaelG, and others who use the FBI crime report, I must ask the question, “Although those figures show that reported crime stats are down, do you want to be listed as one of those stats?” Also, please note Michael, most of our states now allow concealed carry by responsible citizens. Now criminals must ask themselves the questions before attacking anyone, “Is this person armed and prepared to defend himself? and, Am I willing to find out by threatening him/her?” I believe concealed carry by responsible citizens has had a definite effect on the statistics.

  8. Dennise says:

    gee, this is a tough one. I do believe in the death penalty, but here in Texas a number of innocent folks have gone to the hereafter as totally exonerated by physical evidence(which totally ignored by pretty hair seseconist Perry who shoots animals on his daily run). Same thing happened in Illinois. The Fedexman has a conceal and carry permit and I am ok with it. I just wonder when one can determine if some punk just wants your wallet and is willing to kill you for it. What if he just wants the wallet and has no intention of shooting you? Is your life worth a wallet or a ring or a tv? Does the robber deserve to die for a stolen wallet? I surely don’t have any answers. In the above example the shop owner was justified. A kid pointing a gun at me? I’d prolly faint dead away and there would be no reason to kill me. I’m just saying there is no easy answer. In todays economy I bet there are a lot of robberies as desperate people try to feed their kids. On the other hand there are drug addicts who would kill their own mother for money for drugs. How can you tell the difference? Kill them all?

  9. Bill T says:

    Right on nick, i live in the state of california a tuff place to get a ccw. With the change of the powers in my county, ccw will be allowed again so in a little time i will have mine.
    As far as a wallet goes it is who ever is get robbed to make their own mine up if they are in fear of their life.You just don’t pull a gun and point it at some one unless you intend to shoot them.

  10. cc says:

    Does anybody besides MichaelG believe all the drivel/data that comes out of the government in Washington, DC?

    IKE’s response in 1960 to Francis Gary Powers U-2 shot down in USSR was, “…..a weather plane with an oxygen problem…malfunctioned”.

    George H Bush’s famous line, “Read my lips, no new taxes”.

    Richard Nixon: “I’m not a crook”.

    Bill Clinton: “I did not have sex with that woman”.

  11. Dave B. says:

    Shooting some one is a terrible act that one would never get over. If you had to defend yourself, could pepper spray maybe do the trick? I guess if the bad guy had a gun pointed at you then that wouldn’t work. (pepper spray) If I had to use my gun, then I will make sure the bad guy is dead. (too many legal problems).If no gun displayed by the bad guy, then pepper spray.

  12. Linda says:

    Well said, Nick.

  13. Berni says:

    I think a lot of people forget you don’t need a gun to kill people, you can use anything. So out lawing guns wouldn’t do any good. They will just find something else to use. I personally don’t like them but I agree we need them from time to time. My reasoning for not liking guns is not the guns it’s the stupied people who don’t respect them and have them, now that is scary.

  14. Nick Russell says:

    Michael G, I try not to reply to bog comments, even from you, who never seems to agree with me. But today I have to.

    You seem to have an affection for quoting statistics that may or may not be correct. But I live in the real world. In that world, in the small town of Show Low, Arizona where I owned the weekly newspaper for over 10 years, we had one murder in those 10 years. We had a few break-ins of summer cabins during the winter, mostly kid stuff. There was pot, but meth was unheard of.

    However, in the last five years they have had at least 2 murders a year. The meth heads have taken over and homes, businesses, and cars are broken into on a daily basis. My daughter lived a half block from the police station, and you could see it from her driveway. Yet, last year, the tenant in the other end of her four-plex was busted for cooking meth and the place was evacuated.

    Talk to anybody in Tucson, Phoenix, and towns along Arizona/Mexican border and ask them if crime has gone down. In 12 years of RVing, we never had a problem, until last year when we encountered an armed burglar in our RV.

    Your statement reminds me of my time in the Army, at the end of the Vietnam war, when the administration was telling people back home that “the war was over” and combat was ending. To those of us who were getting shot at (and hit) the war was still very much going on, and our combat was very real!

    So much for your statistics. For those of us who live in the real world, crime IS increasing!

  15. Bill says:

    Michael G:

    (Think of this as lovingly adding to your wisdom, not mere “piling on”)

    Even if you had successfully defended your statistics you still seem to miss the obvious logic that they bear:

    If you want to use the statistic you need to be able to tell us why, as well. Demonstable “Cause-and-effect” relationships would be your best defense of your treatise. Let’s see if we can help you:

    Less crime because —
    fewer people? no
    fewer guns? no
    more cops? no
    more honest jobs? no
    Better education? no
    More church attendance? no
    people are just nicer? no
    we all love each other now? no
    CCW permits up 15-25% /yr? Hmmm…..

    Well, sorry I wasn’t more help, Michael. Maybe you can work on it.

  16. MichaelG says:

    Nick, the Arizona numbers are a bit different than the national numbers:

    1991 291 murders
    2008 454 murders

    1991 25,152 violent crimes
    2008 31,274 violent crimes

    1991 252,559 property crimes
    2008 265,682 property crimes

    But the Arizona population has grown from 3.7 million to 6.5 million, a 175% ratio. If you multiply the crimes by that same ratio, murders would be 511 at the 1991 rate, not 454, violent crime would be 44 thousand, not 31 thousand, and property crimes would be 443 thousand, not 265 thousand. So even Arizona is getting safer on a per capita basis.

    I know you’ve had bad experiences and seen towns change. But unless you think the FBI is systematically under-reporting crime, or that all the police departments that report to them are under-reporting, then these are the numbers we have. And they don’t show that crime is getting worse. Just the opposite.

    If you think all these people are lying to you, why would they do that? In the Vietnam war, they had a clear reason to lie. With crime statistics, it’s high numbers that would increase their budgets and give them broader powers. Why would they under-report?

    You also talked about “more often than not the courts turn them loose, with a slap on the wrist”. Well those slaps on the wrist have led to a very high imprisonment rate. We have a higher percentage of the population behind bars than any other major country in the world.

    America is not soft on crime, and never was. So unless you think Fox News or Rush Limbaugh have their own, better source of crime numbers than the FBI, you’re just wrong.

  17. Bill says:

    There ya go again, Mikey! All what! and no why! (All heat, no light). Got lights?

  18. MichaelG says:

    Bill, there are all kinds of theories why crime rates have dropped:

    – community policing is cutting the rate.

    – “broken windows” arrests for minor infractions scare criminals straight before they go on to major crimes.

    – more money spent on police departments and jails are putting all the criminals behind bars. (unfortunately, police and prison guard pensions are also bankrupting states.)

    – the increase in legal abortion since Roe v. Wade has removed a lot of poor, unwanted kids from the population.

    – fashion in drugs shifts from uppers like meth to downers like pot, ecstasy or plain old booze, and violent crime goes down.

    – the country is getting older on average, and young people commit most of the crime.

    Guns are of course used in self-defense, but you guys definitely aren’t killing all the criminals with your guns. I don’t even think many arrests result from self-defense. The criminal usually just runs.

    Look, a drop in crime rates is GOOD NEWS. Some of you seem so wrapped up in the idea that America is falling apart and you are under siege that you won’t even listen to good news.

  19. Bill says:

    Yep, Next step is if you cant dazzle ’em, baffle ’em. Multiple marginally related points pulling in all directions, none potent enough to account for anything. Next step – accuse your opposition of owning your argument! Your “good news” statement is an attempt to put opposite words in your opponents’ mouths. People who think don’t buy it. people who only feel don’t recognize progressive debate tactics.

    And, to quote someone named MichaelG:

    “Guns are of course used in self-defense, but you guys definitely aren’t killing all the criminals with your guns. I don’t even think many arrests result from self-defense. The criminal usually just runs.”

    Thank you sir, That’s Bad Nick’s point – well taken!

  20. MichaelG says:

    Maybe you can do some research and come up with numbers showing CCW states have lower crime rates. Without some numbers or other evidence, you aren’t making much of an argument.

    I said that self-defense is probably a factor, but who knows how much? Those other causes I listed are the kinds of things serious people have offered as explanations for the drop in crime rates. No one has been able to prove anything one way or another.

    Like most of life, it’s complicated. Yelling slogans doesn’t help solve any of these problems.

  21. bucky says:

    Why don’t you move to Detroit Michigan, I am certain you could prove your point on the streets there, (If you survive that is……

  22. Jim GALLIVAN says:

    Is it wrong for a real man to say “I love bad Nick” ?
    Can you go into how a fulltimer can get a CCW. Happy Holidays.

  23. cindy says:


    Perhaps crime stats are going down because the populace is underreporting crimes. Fear of retaliation. Fear of crooked cops. A general concensus that reporting does little if any good. I would agree that the majority of murders are reported.

  24. Tom says:


    Where in the world do you haul all those “atta boy” you keep getting for being right on the point? We know that when your key board is in action, common sense is on the way again. “Atta Boy Bro”!!

  25. Cal Hall says:

    Maybe the stats are down just because criminals know more people are packing.

    Right on Nick

  26. Allan says:

    Michael G. can defend himself with statistics and wordy arguements. I would rather defend myself with something more lethal if I’m looking at a gun facing me. I will defend myself and my family, period. I will not get into legalities. I am not going to leave my family defenseless if traveling through a state that does not recognize my ccw. There is always going to be someone trying to take away my 2nd ammendment rights. I plan to “stick to my guns” but realize that this is very serious and would use common sense and recognize the value of life.


    There are more incedences of armed self defense happening everyday but the liberal news media will never report the positive use of guns

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