I know that a lot of blog readers are huge supporters of Sarah Palin, and at the risk of offending some of them (again), I have to say that I just don’t get it.

I’ve tried, but I still stand by my statement in a blog a month ago titled Choose Your Poison that to me she’s a soccer mom who can’t decide if she wants to be a serious political candidate, or just to cash in on her celebrity.

I was taken to task by several readers for calling her a soccer mom in that blog post, because there is more hockey than soccer played in Alaska. Okay, I’ll concede on that point, she’s not a soccer mom, she’s a hockey mom.

In that same blog post, I also wrote that she now has an Alaska based reality show on television. Again, Palin supports didn’t like that. One reader wrote: “…she is not doing a ‘reality’ show, unless you mean it’s not fiction. She is doing an 8 episode travelogue/documentary on Alaska to bring “the wonder and majesty of Alaska to all Americans.”

Okay, that would be fine if she was really doing that. Heck, it would even be something that I might watch, because I find Alaska’s beauty a lot more interesting than Sarah Palin. They almost had me there. 

But then she has an episode with Kate Gosselin and her eight kids. Yes, Kate Gosselin, of the “reality show” Jon & Kate Plus 8. When I read that Associated Press story, it only confirmed everything I’ve said all along. 

The story says that when Palin asked her daughter Piper “How would you like to go camping with Kate and her eight kids — that TV show you watch?” Piper “squeals with delight” at the idea of hanging with these stars of another TLC series.”

You tell me how in the hell that has anything with showing us the “wonder and majesty of Alaska?” Folks, it’s all about face time and spreading her own brand of “celebrity.”

Silly Sarah, you really don‘t know what you want to be when you grow up, do you?

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41 Comments on Silly Sarah

  1. Bob Lewis says:

    Two Words.

    Madame President.

    And her first name won’t be Hillary, either.

  2. Kathe says:

    An absolutely sickening thought, Bob Lewis.

  3. T & R Martin says:

    Barbara Bush said it all when asked about Sarah Palin; something such as she thought Sarah is a wonderful woman who loves Alaska and she hopes she stays in Alaska. Personally, I really do like Sarah, but also know the opposing party is salivating in the hopes that Sarah is the one competing against President Obama in the next election. Although Palin (& even Biden)is fodder for all the comedians, why is it that Obama gets a free pass? Very interesting! Bottom line: Stay home & support your Party Sarah.

  4. MichaelG says:

    If she looked like Nancy Pelosi, she’d be some crank making a nuisance of herself at PTA meetings, not a celebrity.

    I know some people want a President who’s not an elitist, someone who is “just folks”. Sorry, but people who are really like that don’t go into politics. If you vote for any politician, you are voting for someone who loves the sound of their own voice.

    They might still be good leaders, but they are also egomaniacs. Politicians just don’t come any other way.

  5. Nick it sounds like you’ve formed your opinion of the TV show from an AP story and other sources. If you’re going to be this critical of it don’t you think you should watch it first?

    I’ve seen 3 episodes. It’s entertaining, but it isn’t National Geographic. Of course it’s designed to bring her publicity, duh!

    On political questions I’m not a huge Sarah Palin fan. I like the concept of a “Sarah Palin”, I’m just not sure about this one.

  6. Steve says:

    I love how you stir the pot. I know your intention is to make people think, but some folks are so wrapped up in their party’s agenda, they are unable to think for themselves.
    I’m with you. I don’t get Sarah, and I have tried. Not that it matters. Qualifications for the job are not an issue. It’s all superficial noise.
    We need a president who is elite. Someone intellectually above the average, able to understand the complexity of todays world. What we get is no better than a high school popularity contest.

  7. Janna says:

    Totally agree Nick!

  8. Bill says:

    I don’t often agree with the Bush family, but I think Barbara was right on! :)

  9. Ann Geraghty says:

    The dumming up of America continues as I see the support for Palen.Republican voters will really split the vote if she runs, and if she should win we will be the laughing stock of the world

  10. T&R Martin wonders why “Obama gets a pass.” Come on, now. President Obama is getting crucified for allegedly being a racist, allegedly being a Muslim, allegedly not being born a US citizen. The right wingers are all over him. But President Palin? I shudder.

  11. Rob Fox says:

    Regardless of political leanings, it is completely incredulous that such a person could even be talked of as the leader of the greatest nation in the World, let alone it’s Commander in Chief. George Washington was qualified. Let the great man be a reminder of what is required.

    So having made my bias clear I consider that the “Sarah Palin” phenomenon raises several important discussion points for the nation. She has a popular following that would be wrong to ignore. Perhaps the most valuable lesson is to ask why she is popular. What is it saying about the state of the nation.

    Before we can do that we have to have a quick recap of the last 50 or 60 years. In a nut shell, America emerged from WWII with a clearly dominant position in the World. It was the industrial and economic engine for recovery. Japan would not have recovered, but for US stewardship. Germany would not be the European power house, that it now is, if the US had not poured resources in to “face off” the communist block. And, of course, my home land of England, would not have recovered if it were not for the generosity of the American people in providing an enormous loan (interest bearing, finally paid off in Dec 2006).

    After the inevitable difficulties of reverting to a civilian economy, the USA and it’s people went from strength to strength. The brightest and best from industry and universities from around the World were drawn to the USA to join to make there fortunes in the traditional pioneering fashion. You had colour TV’s, Elvis Presley, kitchen appliances, a man on the moon and a dominant computer industry. Capitalism had seen off communism and you were truly “masters of the World”. What could possibly go wrong?

    Well America is not the first nation in history to follow this trajectory. It’s happened to the Egyptians, the Greeks (oops), the Romans and the British. There seems to be an inevitability to this cycle.

    I get the impression that, in the gut of the Nation, there is a feeling that there is “something wrong” but that we can’t quite see what it is. I think that the “feeling” is getting to such a point that, having put up with it for a time, we are now seeking a “physician”.

    The real substantive issue for the USA is the economy. That means jobs and working out how the USA fits in the new World order. I’m afraid that our own experience of running a pocket book, a mortgage, a small business or even a distant northern state does not equip us well to understand the complexities of geopolitical economics (goodness, even the experts cant agree).

    The rumblings in the gut are getting so worrying to many that many are now ready to rally to the cause. To rally around a new Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Ethan Allen or George Washington. Someone who is “one of us”, who can see it the way we do and take us forward! It is such a person that will galvanise this Nation and make it great once more.

    Now, hand on heart, do you really think Sarah Palin is up to the task……… now really think about it!

  12. Rob Fox says:

    a couple of notes on the US loan to post war UK here for interest



  13. Rob Fox says:

    apologies for some poor spelling today

  14. Dave B. says:

    I think people are sick of politicians in general and like Palin as an alternative. We’re getting to the point where someday the most outrageous candidate will be voted in to prove a point. How could “Bozo the Clown” be any worse than what we now have?

  15. Don says:

    Nick – Stay with your RV stuff. Stay out of politicts. We are smart enough to make up our own minds. Personaly, I think shes great.

  16. Glen says:

    We visited Alaska for several weeks this summer. I expected to see evidence of support for her but only saw one small faded sign. In fact, I read an editioral in the biggest Anchorage paper that said, “I hope they keep her in the lower 48 where they like her”. I did see several T-shirts that were not very flattering. One had a picture of her with a big frown and the message was, ” Bailin’ Palin, she won’t quit till the work is half done”.

    She is an entertainer, and a good one. She knows how to make money – lots of money. She doesn’t want to be a politician. Why would one want to go from making millions of dollars per year to a mere $400,000 per year as president and be subjected to more criticism than ever before; and she has had a lot of criicism – all deserver in my opinion. Since I came to understand her status as an entertainer, I pretty much just ignore her and smile about all that she —————-

  17. Nina Seibel says:

    I agree, Nick. I tried to like Palin, but I really don’t think she is a very good person. I also agree with Ann Geraghyty and think we need to be promoting education more in our country. In our own community we have a chance for a wind farm with terrific income for our schools, but we have opponents that have no interest in our schools. Their biggest argument is they don’t want to look at the turbines. Yes, we need education.

  18. Lew Jackson says:

    There was a slogan back in the 1950s for a car company that said “Ask the man who owns one.” I think that applies here too.

    I have lived in Alaska all of my life. I had Sarah Palin as governor, and saw first hand what a flake she is. As Glen said above, you would have to look long and hard to find many people up here who are fond of her.

    Away from the cameras she’s a shrew, and the rank and file Alaskans I know all have very little respect and affection for her. So when it comes to politicians, “Ask the folks who had one” before you put her on a pedestal and elect her to anything more than PTA mom.

  19. Bob Lewis says:

    To Lew Jackson: If she was such a ‘flake”, how come she had an almost 90% approval rating as governor, from Democrats and Republicans alike? And as far as not being qualified, go back and read some of the stuff said about Margaret Thatcher before she became Prime Minister of England. A ‘lightweight” and ‘stupid’ were some of the nicest things said. Yet she became the first woman Prime Minister, and one of the longest serving in history.

    To Nick: So we can assume you didn’t like Ronald Reagan since he was an actor and hosted TWO TV shows?

  20. Steve says:

    Guess what? Politics in this country is for ALL citizens, Nick and you included.
    Get a clue.
    I like Sarah, too. Not as president. More as comic relief. We need more than a “hockey mom” for president.
    Bob, Ronald Reagan was not even awake for most of his time in office. He was a fair actor who could take direction. I guess that is enough for you.
    As far as qualifications to be president go, I am qualified as I am a natural born US citizen over the age of 35. Section II, Article I of the Constitution.
    If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve.

  21. John Knoll says:

    To T&R Martin, when was the last time you watched Saturday Night Live? They do a skit on President Obama almost every week.
    I saw an actor in his 40s tell a reporter that he and his wife home school their children because the children are going to work in the entertainment industry when they grow up and don’t need to know History, Geography, and Math. That’s the Sarah Palin generation.
    God help us!!

  22. bucky says:

    She couldn’t be much worse then what we have had in the past Carter, Clinton, & Obama

  23. Dennise says:

    Sarah is Sarah and she is in it for the MONEY. The recent appeal for her to put “party” first was quickly snubbed by her and her supporters. Sarah cannot raise money or as she put it, to “beg” for money for the GOP…gee it must get in the way of paid political comedy on the Faux Network, her using her family for profit in this so called “reality” show where she shills her backasswards beliefs, or goodness, maybe she cannot get an outrageous speech circuit fee or book a signing peddeling her books, where she basks in the rays of hero worship. If she thinks raising money for her beloved conservative cause is beneath her, wait until shel’ll have to raise money for her presidential aspirations. Oh. Wait. Somebody else can do it FOR her. Maybe she’ll quite in the middle of her run, just like her history proves. She first must get thru the primaries…and just what are her fellow presidential nomination rivals gonna do to her? I just can’t WAIT1

  24. Denise Gray says:

    Sarah Palin was the idiot who started the rumor about Death Panels. Let Alaska keep her! Heaven forbid she is ever elected president.

  25. Bob Brewer says:

    She would make a good Titanic Captain.

  26. Jeff Madsen says:

    I always find it interesting that the guys who stand on the Constitution and call Obama’s policies Socialism immediately want to deny somebody else their freedom of speech the minute they say something your type disagrees with. Nick has every right to say and write whatever he wants to, just as you do. And you have the option of not reading it if you disagree, or posting a comment stating your point of view. But when you tell somebody to stop expressing their opinion, you show what a narrow minded idiot you are and lose all credibility.

  27. Judy T. says:

    Hee hee. Don said he’s smart AND he likes Sarah Palin! Kind of like Military Intelligence

  28. Darrell says:

    Hey, ya gotta love it. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up either. That’s why I’m kicking around the country in an RV. I don’t really think Sarah interested the White House, it would be too confining. She just loves the fame!!!

  29. Dorothy Garreilsen says:

    I’m sorry but I just don’t think Palin’s aww shucks public persona is what we need representing us as the leader of our nation. Every time I see her giving her silly thumbs up sign I want to tell where to stick that thumb up.

  30. Toni Sherman says:

    Don wrote: “Nick – Stay with your RV stuff. Stay out of politicts. We are smart enough to make up our own minds. Personaly, I think shes great.”

    But Don isn’t even smart enough to SPELL politics! We won’t even get into his lack of punctuation skills.

  31. Kay Brown says:

    Well, I can’t resist here….the show, reality? You betcha. What you see is what you get…whether she’s kayaking, shooting caribou with her dad or doing political stuff.. nothing to hide (I like that) she’s putting it all out there,for all to see. Then she is also raising a disabled child and the rest of her family. She has definite opinions on what needs to happen with this country and what is happening right now. She made some definite good things happen in Alaska and I really don’t think she could do any worse than what’s happening now. She’s never been sucked into the Washington bowels of the corrupt sewer called our “Government.” Only one bad mark that I can see, and that is that she resigned the Governorship. I can’t see anyone else on the horizon that I would even consider giving my vote. A scary thing. After the muddled mass of “just words” that came out of our President’s mouth today, I can only shake my head and ask you a question? Are you so much better off now than you were two years ago when the Silver Tongued Devil took office? Do you think you will be tons better off in two years down the road? I think not….(he only has words) but a new fresh face with genuine,sincere, experienced ideas could be a refreshing new start!

  32. Bob Lewis says:

    To Denise Gray:

    Sarah Palin started ‘rumors’ about ‘Death Panels?

    Check out this info I posted on Bad Nick previously.

    They already have them in Great Britain, they just call them ‘Death Pathways”. Sound so much better than ‘Death Panels”, doesn’t it?

    Then Google ‘Death Panels’ and ‘Berwick’. You’ll find out that Donald Berwick was President Obama’s selection to be Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

    He says he wants to model our Healthcare on Great Britain’s. He says “The decision is not whether or not we will ration care – the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.”

    Rationing is what gives us “death panels”, and here’s how well it’s working in Britain and the US.

    Here’s what Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s Labor Secretary said in a Sept 2007 speech at UC Berkeley: “What An Honest President Would Say About Health Reform”.

    “And by the way, we’re going to have to, if you’re very old, we’re not going to give you all that technology and all those drugs for the last couple of years of your life to keep you maybe going for another couple of months. It’s too expensive…so we’re going to let you die.”

    Robert Reich is now a personal consultant to President Obama.

    And here’s the YouTube video link.

    Click Here

    Don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want Robert Reich deciding my fate.

    Now we’re told that we should look to the UK to emulate their system. Right!!!!

    Here’s a guy in the UK who was wrongly diagnosed and left to die without food, water and medication except painkillers. Of course there wasn’t a death panel involved. They called it a ‘death pathway’

    Click Here

    And here’s another person who was left to die in the UK after the “Liverpool care pathway plan” decided the 80 year woman only had a few days to live. They left her to die without food and water until her daughter intervened. She’s still alive 9 months later and doing fine. Of course, this was a “pathway plan”, and not a death panel.

    Click Here

    And this gentleman in the UK has been trying to get his broken arm operated on for 10 months.

    Take a look at his picture on the link. His arm looks like a pretzel.

    Click Here

    And he’s still waiting.

    Sounds like a healthcare plan I’m looking forward to.

    And lastly, here’s a woman who was a speechwriter for John Edwards, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others, preparing speeches, talking points, op-eds, and debate prep material on the topic of healthcare.

    Click Here

    As a self-employed person in Washington DC, she had a great healthcare plan with an HMO that she loved. It cost her $220 a month plus $10 for a dental discount. Note this was not an employer-supplied plan. She was able to buy this on her own.

    Then she moved to Massachusetts, a state with universal healthcare, that President Obama has held to the nation as a model for America. And she was very surprised at how her plan had changed.

    The same basic plan that cost her $220 in DC would now cost her $550 a month in MA. And now she can’t afford her healthcare anymore. Because MA has the highest health insurance premiums in the country. Isn’t ‘Universal Healthcare’ wonderful?

    And yet the ideas that worked so well in MA are supposed to save us money and make healthcare affordable for everyone.

    RIGHT !!!!!!

  33. Nick Russell says:

    Bob, we have had “death squads” in this country for years. They are called insurance companies. Ours decided that my wife’s life was not worth the expense of care when she was diagnosed with state 4 cancer, and denied her coverage based upon a technicality.

  34. Allan says:

    I think Kay and Don made some valid points.
    America voted in a president that promised change and he certainly has brought change, unfortunately that change was not for the better. I respect the office of the president but I sure disagree with his policies and his basic ideas of what America should be. I hope we can survive the next 2 years until we can elect a president that will really help America be great again.

  35. Henry Davis says:

    Bob Lewis who said Palin has such a wonderful approval rating? Not me! I have lived in Alaska since 1969. I’m a hunter, a trapper, a gun collector, and a proud conservative. My friends all share pretty much the same viewpoints as me, and none of us who lived here during her governorship would give you a nickel for Sarah Palin.

    I bet you can get a poll to say whatever you want it to. Go to my gun club meeting and take a poll, and you can say that 100% of those polled are pro-gun and pro-hunting. That doesn’t make it the nation view point. Go to a barrio in Phoenix and you can probably get 100% response that all illegal aliens should be given US citizenship. Does that make it a true viewpoint?

    Like somebody said above, ask the people who had Sarah Palin as our governor what we think of her. I call her Sailin Palin, because the minute she gets a new or better opportunity, she forgets her commitments and she goes sailin away!

  36. Jim says:

    Sarah scares the hell out of NBC/MSNBC and all it’s yammering idiots.
    She should stick around and continue to make waves, but when it’s time for the nominations she should stay in Alaska. Then the question is WHO is capable of beating the Anointed One?

  37. Dennise says:

    I just read that her recent moose “kill” took five, yep five shots to bring it down. Somebody loaded her gun for her, and she took off on her zippy ‘lil atv and somebody else cut the carcass up. Hunter, my a$$.

    I don’t mind that people admire her. It makes me giggle. I just want to make sure you Sarah folks hurry up and get your letters into Santa…you know it’s getting close to Christmas and those poor little elves just have so much time…

  38. Bob Lewis says:

    To Henry Davis:

    Maybe you didn’t like her, but a little Googling will give you dozens of articles about her popularity.

    Here’s an article from your own Anchorage Daily News, certainly no friend of Sarah Palin’s, that says her approval ratings had dropped…from the 80’s, after she was nominated.


    And here’s an article talking about how popular she was in Alaska…in 2007, when most people had never heard of her in the lower 48.


    And here’s an article from Wikipedia talking about her 93% approval rating.


    Isn’t hindsight wonderful.

  39. Bob Lewis says:

    To Dennise:

    So you ‘read’ that about her ‘recent moose kill’, did you?

    And you trusted what you read from this source?

    You do realize she was hunting for, and shot a caribou, don’t you.

  40. Carol S. says:

    I am sick of Sarah Palin. She is a dingbat who should never have gotten the notoriety she now so obviously enjoys.

  41. Penny T. says:

    We didn’t know an awful lot about Sarah Palin when she was running for VP, but now we know more.

    She OK’d the shooting of hundreds of wolves from choppers, leaving pups who weren’t shot, to fend for themselves, so many died horrible deaths. I lost any respect for her right there. Don’t Mess With Mother Nature.

    Now, she is getting ONE MILLION DOLLARS for each episode of her ‘travel’ show, where she is just overacting and trying to be cute. And failing miserably!

    Who would want to be governor or VP when she can bring in that kind of money?

    It’s all about the dollar.

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