Just about the time I think I’ve seen and heard it all, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I’m proven wrong! Is there any end to just how stupid people can be? Apparently not.

Have you seen the You Tube video of Cathy Cruz Marrero, the woman who fell into a fountain at a shopping mall while she was walking along texting? It’s one of those incidents that should be on a television program like America’s Funniest Home Videos.

What isn’t funny is that instead of just walking away with her wet and bruised dignity, Marrero was on Good Morning America with her attorney, whining that “nobody helped me” and talking lawsuit.

Give me a freaking break! The best way to have helped this nitwit would have been to rush up and hold her head under water until the bubbles stopped coming up! Some people really are too dumb to be alive. Why is it the mall’s fault that she’s an idiot?

Or is she?

FoxNews.com reported in a story yesterday that Marrero, a self-described “born again Christian,” is looking at possible jail time, and $4,177 in restitution, for charges she ran up on a co-worker’s credit card. Marrero has not entered a plea in that case yet, and is hoping to get house arrest instead of incarceration when she is sentenced in April.

The online story reported that this so called “victim” also has a hit-and-run, and several theft charges on her record. 

A cynic might wonder if a person facing that kind of financial and legal pressure might stage an “accident’ in the hope of covering his or her legal fees. It wouldn’t’ be the first time a big company was ripped off in a slip and fall scam.

Of course, this may have been a legitimate accident caused by Marrero’s carelessness. I’m not inside of this woman’s head, so I have no idea what she was thinking, or even if there is anything inside of her head.

She may really believe that somebody owes her because she’s too dumb to walk and text at the same time. She wouldn’t be the first.

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12 Comments on I’m An Idiot, So You Have To Pay!

  1. Karen says:

    Oh, Nick, tell me how you “really” feel about this! hahahaha! what a freaking idiot!

  2. Tom Doyle says:

    Nick, the world is full of idiots including those of the news medoa who waste their valuable time on people like her.

  3. Gary says:

    I would guess it is obvious that she must have eaten a lot of paint chips as a kid. I saw her news interview and it was not hard to consider the source as the saying goes. Why am I not surprised.

  4. Tom says:

    Wonder when the gang inside the beltway decides to have a slush fund..read between the lines here..(money from more taxes)to cover these poor victums who sue for actions they caused themselves? After all their victums and they deserve it in the new toned down America.

  5. Rob Fox says:

    Well Nick, she is, as we say in the UK, “a right tit”. But regardless of her dubious background, this could be her lucky day. Why?….. Because some other “right tit” viewing the security video made a cell phone copy and released it to the world. It is that stupid act that has opened up the opportunity for the ambulance chaser.

    However, the counter argument may rest on how the “World” got to know the identity of this lady.

    Whatever, it’s another victory for the cell phone industry.

  6. Barbara says:

    Well she got what she wanted publicity. All these people want is publicity, stop putting their faces on the news. Every time someone talks about it makes them important in their eyes. What a waste of time and money. Who carea.

  7. Sal. Bellomo says:

    This women is out for the money and publicity that she get and is
    a Idiot and her past life in the past shows it. Glad that Bad Nick
    did not miss this one he said what on his mine .

  8. The real idiots are the news media who bother to show such stories. You’re right, it should have been shown on American Home Video so we could all laugh at her inability to walk and text at the same time.

  9. Dan C says:

    You’re all missing the point here. The real idiot is the lawyer who is representing the other idiot. The vast majority of “without merit” lawsuits, are filed by attorneys who have little or no moral standards. Even these kinds of lawsuits usually end up with settlements, and a financial gain for both idiots. And attorneys wonder why they are so vilified.

  10. bucky says:

    Dan C, is right on, the rest of us pay so these idiots and there laywers can profit from their phony lawsuites. Its another reason we need to get some old fshioned common sense to this country, before we all go down the tubes……

  11. T & R Martin says:

    Frivolous law suits are running the show & costing Americans a bundle. Isn’t it funny that the most needy folks seem to make the limelight? By hook or by crook??

  12. Howdy ol’ Bad Nick,
    This is so stupid it ain’t even funny!!! And someone else will try it someplace else.. If they ever let common people be the
    judges, the cases would NEVER be filed, much less come up in court, BUT AS LONG AS THERE ARE ONLY LAWYERS BEING THE JUDGES OK
    When I was getting larger(I never grew up) there was a Judge Richburg in Dallas,TX who would have put the lawyer in jail for even thinking of filing that kind of suit.. That’s the kind of
    folks we need on the benches!!!!

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