According to radio preacher Harold Camping, the world will end on Saturday, and the faithful will rise to heaven, while the heathens (that’s you and me) of the world will suffer for 153 terrible days before they perish.

Camping is not an ordained minister and is not associated with any church, but he does run an outfit called Family Radio, a network of low power stations in the United States and overseas. He has raised millions of dollars from gullible people who apparently think they can buy their way into Heaven.

Of course, predicting the apocalypse is not a perfect science. Back in 1994, Camping announced that the world would end on September 4 of that year. When we all woke up the next morning, he explained it away by saying that he had made a slight error in his calculations. Jeez, you hit a couple of wrong buttons on your number pad and everything goes to hell. Well okay, it doesn’t go to hell. But you get my point.

Now, I don’t believe for one second that this flake has a direct line to God, and I’m pretty confident that, barring a sudden stroke or heart attack, most of us will wake up healthy and happy on Sunday morning. But then again, I don’t walk under ladders or step on sidewalk cracks if I can help it.

So just in case I’m not here in a couple of days, or worse yet, I’m here, but you are gone, I’m going to miss you all. 

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14 Comments on I’m Going To Miss You

  1. joe says:

    It seems like my 153 days started early, or maybe I’m paying for my sins and I will see you in the big campground in the sky. I hope I get a good site.

  2. Francis Callahan says:

    religion has really messed this jerks mind up see you in the happy hunting gtounds lol

  3. Bill says:

    Nick – If Camping is a real Christian and I’m sure that he is, he might just go ahead of us and pave the way. Sort of smooth out the potholes so that we don’t blow any tires or twist up the alignment.

    Have a great day and hey to Miss Terry.

  4. Jim says:

    Send your dollars to god through me. I will throw them up and what stays up belongs to god and what comes down belongs to me.

  5. Dale says:

    Bill: How, may I ask, are you sure that this Camping fellow is a good Christian?

    If he were a good Christian, would he be prejudiced against those whose faith does not march exactly in step like his? Sorry, those who love God love their fellow man and do not think this way.

  6. Dave B. says:

    I can’t believe the number of people who really believe this stuff. But then again, look at the number of people that followed Bin Laden in the name of religion. What do they say, “common sense isn’t so common any more.”

  7. Jim says:

    Sorry Mr. Camping I ain’t going camping with you but here’s a couple $$ to grease your journey downward.

  8. Oh, this one was fun! We discuseed this proclamation last evening. My grandson announced that Mr. Camping had made four predictions of the end of the world that have already passed. Camping apparently believes this one is for real. See you all in the RV Park in the sky!

  9. Elaine & Mike says:

    well if the world is ending so be it. This crack pot and his predictions are funny, my question to him would be how in the name of=== did he come up with the 153 days we will suffer, we will probably be in that category,so be it. He has been wrong before. we will see you all at the big campground in the sky. Do you think he has reservation on the preferred list?

  10. Chris says:

    Lets all sleep in Sunday with a smile on our faces!}

  11. Dennis M says:

    Those 153 days could be a lot of fun without all those holier than thou do-gooders hanging around and putting a wet blanket on things.

    I also get a kick out of the “avowed atheist” who says he will take care of your pet if you are lifted up by the “rapture” – payment upfront of course.

  12. Bill says:

    Hey Dale – that was said tongue in cheek and a little sarcasm thrown in. That does not always come through as much as we would like.

  13. T & R Martin says:

    Bill, we all knew you were being facetious & I enjoyed the chuckle. Who wouldn’t try to get in one more laugh when you are just about to leave this world for good, & don’t forget about the 153 days EXACTLY!!!

  14. Religion has messed up most peoples minds. God did not create man. Man created god. Once humankind realizes that we can get on with the business of living the one and only life we will ever experience. Live it NOW!

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