So now both Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee have announced that they won’t be running for President in 2012, opening the field up to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and whoever wants to challenge him for the Republican nomination. The talking heads on TV are asking themselves if this will be the year Sarah Palin makes her bid for the highest office in the land.

Of course, in the long run, it really doesn’t matter who runs on either party’s ticket, because if you scratch just beneath the surface on any candidate, all you’ll find is a politician. (If you do scratch a politician, be sure to wash your hands in hot, soapy water as soon as you can.) 

I don’t like politics or politicians, and I have yet to see any one of them who wasn’t a self-serving opportunist who is much more concerned with acquiring power, and all of the perks that come with that power, than they are for the good of the nation and the citizens who elected them. We don’t matter to them, we’re just a means to an end, and that end is to get enough of our votes to get elected. And once they get what they want, they’re done with us until next the time.

You see, politics is a dating game. Just like the dating games we all remember from high school. And just like a horny teenage kid groping some sweet young thing in the front seat of his old Chevy at a drive-in movie theater (am I dating myself here?), they will promise anything to get into our pants.

They will tell us they love us. They will pledge undying loyalty. They’ll swear that we are their one and only. They will vow that we will always come first with them, if we’ll just give in. And besides, everybody else is doing it!

And of course, just like that teenage couple with the raging hormones steaming up the car windows at the drive-in, once we give in and give them what we want, we’re screwed!

Some things never change.

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13 Comments on The Dating Game

  1. joe says:

    You been talking to my wife?

  2. Chris says:

    Have to admit your analogy fits but how in the world did you come up with this one?? Must be the cold weather or not enough sleep!

  3. Francis Callahan says:

    The only honest politician I ever met eas Sen George Aiken from Vermont he would put a notice in the paper he was running and both rep and dems voted for him for many many years the rest are all crooks

  4. Paul Stough says:

    As I have said many times, we will get better politicians, when we get better voters.

    We have seen the enemy, and he is us.-Pogo

  5. Dave B. says:

    Have you considered writing a romance novel? I think you have a hidden talent there.

  6. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Nasty Nick,
    Man,oh man, you hit it on the head with this one!!! IF WE CAN EVER GET RID OF THE PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS, WE MAY BE ABLE TO
    On the other thought, drive-ins, I worked at our neighborhood D-I ‘hopping’ cars , for the snack-bar, asking if they needed anything.
    We always ‘targeted the ones with the steamed windows’;they’d
    order just to get rid of us or cuss us out!!! Had to run a few times!!!
    Sorry about the rain, but IT NEVER RAINS IN CALIFORNIA!!

    Smooth roads & balmy breezes!!!!!!!!!

  7. Vegas Dave says:

    this isn’t politically correct either. Sounds like you have been talking to Harry Reed while you were in southern Nevada.
    And Thanks for sending the rain over to Lake Mead. The Golf Courses in Las vegas need the water.

  8. Ed Ferris says:

    It was magic — I met a fairy today who said she would grant me one wish.
    “I want to live forever,” I said.
    “Sorry,” said the fairy, “I’m not allowed to grant wishes like that!”
    “Fine,” I said, “then I want to die after CONGRESS gets their heads out
    of their asses!”
    “You crafty bastard,” said the fairy.

  9. bucky says:

    Your right Nick, only problem is in this society, even the good ones turn bad, after they gain the office. To much outside

  10. Linda Sand says:

    Paul Wellstone continued to do right by his voters right up until he was killed in a plane crash. We could use a LOT more like him.

  11. Bill Daines says:

    Is it possible to have good politicians? Then again where do you get one? The first thing I’d suggest is outlaw TV ads, yard signs and political ads in print. And put a limit on contributions to one dollar! I still say I’d vote for Bad Nick!Bill

  12. Paul Stough says:

    Again, dont look at the politicians, look at those who vote. I believe that less than half of the people old enough to vote actually do. Many of those who do vote are so easily swayed on the issues, that there vote is not a reflection of reality. One example is that in survey in Iowa recently 42% of the Republican respondents stated they didnt believe that our President was born in the USA. No wonder some shyster in California can make millions and while convincing thousands of people the rapture is coming this weekend.

    As a politician, how would combat this naivete, ignorance, or just plain stupidity?

  13. I’ve got one for you. How about Bernie Sanders (I) out of Vermont? You may not like his liberal leaning attitudes, but you can’t call him corrupt or self-serving.

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