A few days ago, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a bill into law that makes the Colt Single Action Army revolver the state’s official firearm. This makes Arizona the second state in the country to have an “official” firearm. In March, Utah made the Browning semi-automatic pistol its official state firearm. Brownings are made in Utah.

There was quite a bit of debate in both states over the issues of an “official” state firearm. In Arizona, those opposed to the legislation said it was ill-timed, coming in the wake of the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and nineteen others, six of whom were killed, in Tucson in January.

The Colt revolver was the favored weapon of cowboys, soldiers, lawmen, and outlaws as Anglo society pushed ever westward. A state representative who is a member of the Navajo Nation protested the proposed legislation, saying that it would honor a gun that killed many Indian people during the settlement of the Old West.

Okay, I’m a gun owner. Some would even call me a gun nut, depending on their politics. I have even owned a few Colts in my time, as well as a Browning pistol. They are fine weapons. But still, I just don’t get the point.

We’ve got illegal aliens swarming across the border, drug dealers taking over our small towns, record numbers of home foreclosures, hardworking people who cannot afford medical insurance, and a litany of other woes. Yet, the politicians in two states have time to waste naming an “official” gun. What’s the point?

What does it accomplish? What message does it send? Is it a bone to throw to the gun lobby? A statement that this is still the Wild West and we refuse to be sheep like so much of the nation? Or is it, as I suspect, just a waste of time? Somebody help me understand it, please.

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13 Comments on What’s The Point?

  1. Francis Callahan says:

    Iguess they didn’have anything else to do so came up with the new law. My self I like a nice 38 special with158 gr hollow points 9mm’s are like a pellet gun lol

  2. Phyllis East says:

    Yup, just a waste of time. If they concentrate on something simple, they don’t have to work on the more difficult issues.

  3. Stu McNicol says:

    You don’t need any help understanding this…you already do. Silly “feel good” stuff is just that, only many times it doesn’t feel good!

  4. Dave B. says:

    I think it makes the politicians feel like they are doing something. They realize that they can’t solve the serious problems, so they need to do something to justify their positions. Now they can go home at night,, kick off their shoes, and look back at all they had done that day.

  5. Ken H says:

    Maybe they thought naming an official gun for the state wouldn’t attract Holder’s attack squad and cause them to have to fight another court battle. Seems like every time they put a law into place, Holder and the Fed Gov’t comes after them.

  6. Dale says:

    It’s a microcosm of what’s happening in Washington. Rather than deal with the up-front problems, they wrap themselves up in social or other issues that do not create jobs – the one thing that was pledged would be done.

  7. Dave K says:

    Possibly this is the folks of Arizona’s and Utah’s way of saying that the Second Ammendment is live & well out here in the West.

  8. Paul Stough says:

    We as a country are returning to the days of the Wild Wild West. Even here in Iowa you are now seeing more and more businesses that have signs on the front door saying, “No Firearms Allowed”, since the passage to basically an unlimited “right to carry” law. It is one thing to have the right to carry, but quite another to think you need to.

  9. Greg White says:

    Actually I’m very happy to have them keep busy doing useless things like this.

    Otherwise they end up passing laws that really screw things up.

  10. Bill Daines says:

    Nick, they did it knowing you’d post this and get folks talking. Actually it makes no difference to me. All the states have done bone head things worse than this. But would we rather have them sign a law prohibiting our right to own one? Might they now say the states language is ? :) I agree today they have better things to occupy their time which really would benefit the states population. Bill.

  11. Connie Bradih says:

    I’d rather see each state and our federal government establish an official language: ENGLISH.

  12. Paul Stough says:

    Pour que?

  13. T & R Martin says:

    Using high-tech & instead of human guards protecting the border, we need to have huge billboards showing that “gun” info (along w/pictures & using the most popular languages) on those billboards. “Have gun will shoot only illegals.” Hopefully no innocent folks will get hurt. Okay, I know it is no longer the WILD WEST. It is now the Politically Correct West. Makes me wonder–what’s the point?

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