I don’t know what they’re putting in the water these days, but I’m beginning to wonder if the whole world has gone nuts! I just don’t understand some of the things that are going on.

Georgia recently enacted a tough new law on immigration enforcement, similar to the measures Arizona enacted last year, which allows police to question the immigration status of suspects, punishes people who transport or harbor illegal immigrants in the state, or use false identification to get a job in Georgia. And it requires businesses to use the federal E-Verify program to ensure their employees are eligible to work in the United States.

In response to Georgia’s new law, Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Peru have filed court papers in support of the Anti-Defamation Leagues efforts to prevent Georgia from enforcing immigration laws. Illegal aliens and their supporters  claim Georgia’s new law will overburden public schools, jails and hospitals. (As opposed to the illegal aliens who are already overburdening America’s schools, jails, and hospitals.)

Since when do foreign countries have the right to tell American states what laws they can enact and enforce? How about if Arizona or Georgia files a lawsuit against Mexico and those other countries for not stopping their people from entering our country illegally? 

Has the whole world gone nuts? I just don’t understand it.

On another topic, just as dumb, in Big Bear, California, the new high school yearbooks have come out. Only after the books were distributed did anybody notice that in the background of one photo, taken at a school dance, a 17 boy has his hand inside a 15 year old girl’s clothing. Yeah, the camera caught him copping a feel.

The young couple had been going steady for over a year, and apparently the girl didn’t object, she didn’t file a complaint, and nobody knew about the “incident’ until the yearbooks came out.

But suddenly the police are involved, and have identified the girl as a “victim,” and the boy as a “perpetrator.” Huh? 

Now, if there is anybody out there who can honestly say they didn’t engage in a little bit of teenage hanky panky growing up, you’re a much better person than I am. Or a liar. I’ll admit it, I did some “perpetrating” in my randy high school days. Heck, I had a date with a girl named Debbie one time where I think I may have been the “victim!”

Was it appropriate to be doing something like that on the floor at a school dance? No. When I was in high school, that’s what parking lots were for. But then again, we had big old Chevys and Fords back in my day. You could do yourself some serious physical harm getting frisky in the back seat of a modern Hyundai or Mini Cooper.

But even dumber than trying to make inappropriate teenage groping a crime, the police have gone even further. They have demanded that students return the yearbooks, so the picture can be covered up, and threatened that if they don’t, they can be charged with a felony – possession of child pornography!

Hey, how about charging the school district with distributing child porn? It makes about the same amount of sense, doesn’t it?

Really, has the whole world gone nuts?

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21 Comments on Has The Whole World Gone Nuts?

  1. Pat and Jim says:

    Now in Georgia, as well as in Alabama, the new laws are causing the farmers grief because they don’t have usual numbers of illegal’s to send into the fields. The crops are rotting in the fields. Apparently in states where unemployment is a problem they can’t find anyone else to do the work for the money they can afford to pay. It’s all in how you balance it.

  2. Julee says:

    You know I have to agree with Pat and Jim. That is why we have these people here in the first place, because most Americans are too greedy to work for less than $10 an hour. In Arizona, the businesses couldn’t even find people to do the work at the restaurants and the motels that is performed by Mexicans..both legal and illegal. Its funny, I know so many retirees who go to Mexico to get cheap dental care, etc….yet those very same people don’t want to see people from other countries come here to make a living. Unless you are Indian…ALL of us in the United States are immigrants. How can we deny other people the right to get a better life?

  3. Paul Stough says:

    If a business can not afford to pay a decent wage for the work they want done, the business is a drag on the economy, and should fail. Counting on illegal aliens to do work for very little money is no better than slavery of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

  4. Donna Huffer says:

    Disagree Paul, if you can collect welfare and are able, WORK. We took a tour of the Valalia Onion processing plant. The owner was forced by the gov’t to hire citizens. She hired 20 blacks and not one last an 8 hour day. They all quit as it was easier work to go on welfare and food stamps. She went back to hiring Mexican’s illegal or legal as they could produce and wanted to WORK.

  5. Paul Stough says:

    That is a little different issue. I was talking about the pay the illegals receive. If there are truly no Americans who will do the work, then allow people to come into this country legally to do the work, and pay them a living wage, which I calculate to be a minimum of about $14.00 per hour.

    I am no fan of “welfare queens”, but I dont blame people for not wanting to work for minimum wage or less.

    And as a side note, we dont have social welfare programs in this country because large numbers of poor people have demanded them, we have them because large businesses that profit from the programs lobby for their existence and continuation. For example, the food stamp program was started to replace another program that was designed to increase commodity prices to increase farm income. The fact that some people were then able to buy more food was a secondary consideration.

    Every dollar spent on welfare ends up in the pocket of a millionaire.


  6. Jerry Criswell says:

    If people can live consistently on welfare, perhaps the welfare benefits are too generous.


  7. Wanderer says:

    I agree with Jerry, but I also believe in the CCC concept. If you are physically fit then your welfare pay will be given for say 25 to 30 hours WORK. All be it gardening in city or state parks or sweeping the streets. We need to start getting a return for the welfare investment.

  8. Paul Stough says:

    Or perhaps the jobs available pay too little. Over the last 40 years wages and benefits have declined for millions of Americans, while welfare benefits have held steady or increased, so lets reduce welfare benefits. Sounds wonderful, if you want to live in a third world country!

    It all depends on what kind of country do you want to live in, and how you view people who work for wages.

    There seems to be two basic economic philosophies in place today. One is that people who work for wages are just another form of capital, along with monetary capital, and the two are almost interchangeable, just like the days of slavery in the old South. In this system those people who work for wages are taken advantage of by the huge over supply of low skilled and unskilled labor created by the unlimited illegal immigration we currently have, therefore concentrating the wealth of the country into fewer and fewer hands, just the same way as in the Old South that allowed land owners to build huge mansions, and own huge plantations.

    Then there is the philosophy that people who work for wages are human beings, and need to be treated as such, therefore recognizing that the best economy is one where money keeps moving through the system, so when good wages are paid, these people will in turn, spend this money with creates demand for more products and services, and most everyone does well.

    Sad to say, our country seems bent on returning to the ways of the Old South. albeit without officially having slavery.

  9. Buddy says:

    If a business can’t afford to pay a decent wage so that an American citizen can make a living, then let them go out of business. If they pay a decent wage, Americans will do the work. They did the work back before the illegals came over here and worked for nothing. Of course they can afford to work cheap, because I pay for their hospital care, including all the babies they have. I have a neighbor who has a business and he works only hispanics. The reason is that they work cheap and he does not have to give them any insurance coverage. Oh my neighbor lives in a house valued at 650,000 dollars and both he and his wife and children all drive Lexus.

  10. Frances S. says:

    I don’t appreciate your cavalier attitude toward teen sex. Yes, I can honestly and proudly say I DID NOT engage in “hanky panky” as a teenager. Not even a kiss. Sex is for procreation, not recreation. I imagine you would have gotten a cheap thrill out of the yearbook. Grow up and stop laughing about exploiting women and girls.

  11. Connie Braidh says:

    I’m in Scandinavia. Prices are twice or more what they are in the US. I bought a post card in Norway, cost $1.30 American. Stamp to USA was $2.60 American. Diesel fuel is $9.87 American per American gallon. They pay 30% of their wages in taxes. Americans are complaining????

    American Indians are immigrants too. They came from Asia.

    So what’s wrong with Georgia enforcing the law? What has happened to America. No guts any more. WHY?????????

    PS. Sex is fun. If it was not fun, no one would do it and there would not be any children. Biology works in amazing ways.

  12. Linda says:

    Good question, Nick. The world’s fine, it’s the humans who are supposed to be in charge who are nuts.

    A teenage boy groping a teenage girl is no crime unless she doesn’t welcome it.

    Mexico & Central American & South American countries should have their complaints returned to them stamped “None of your Business”. They PREFER that their undesirables go to the US illegally, reduces their costs. And since the Federal government won’t enforce the immigration laws the states should…after all it’s the law and why should the US care about the whining of foreign countries?

    As for Americans being too greedy to work for the prevailing wages, I only make $8.15 and hr. & my DH makes less than $12 and those are pretty standard around here. Of course we don’t live in a big house, drive new cars or take nice vacations. Anybody who can walk, talk, use their arms & legs, has fairly decent eyesight & hearing should not be getting ANY welfare at all. There are jobs if they will just take them and not have the expectation that they will live the false “American Dream.”

  13. Dale says:

    Linda: I don’t know where you live but from where we came from, you could not survive on those wages without receipt of government assistance ’cause you couldn’t even afford to pay the rent being asked by landlords.

    For those readers who come from more rural areas, it is impossible to understand what city conditions and costs are like and for those who come from the city it is impossible to understand why rural folk don’t think like them. Our opinions and personalities are formed from the area we live in and we have to understand that neither side is wrong and neither side is totally right. It’s like the old saying – you have to walk in someone’s shoes to understand.

    As to Georgia’s new law (and Arizona’s), it is impossible to tell citizenship by the color of a person’s skin. There are many white illegal citizens who come from different areas of the world as well as those who are Hispanic in background. So, the only way to properly enforce these laws would be for the LEO to ask ANYONE they stop, regardless of skin color, for proof of citizenship. Is this really what Americans want?

  14. Allan says:

    I’m from Alabama and like Georgia and Arizona we have problems with illegal immigrants. The federal government is not doing a good job keeping people from any country from entering the US illegally. States have to make and enforce laws to protect the citizens of that state from finacial ruin or they will end up like the federal government with exorbitant debt. I have friends that have come from Mexico as well as friends of other races so don’t think that all people from the south are prejudiced. I think our country could come up with a better plan to let people from other countries come here to work legally on work visas as our country needs extra workers. These workers should have to return to their own countries after a certain time period or face permanent deportation. They should not be granted the same benefits as citizens of the US and they should have to go through the correct channels to apply for citizenship. We should not reward people for coming to this country illegally by granting them amnesty. People here legally should be treated with dignity but should have proper identification with them to prove that they are here legally. These are minimum standards that you would find if you went to another country. Let us ask the countries that are suing Georgia how they treat people that enter their country illegally.

  15. Allan says:

    Answer to Dale: I am a law abiding US citizen. I have no problem showing a LEO my drivers license if I am stopped for any reason. I am asked for ID when I fly, use a bank card or apply for a job. Many people have to wear ID hanging from their neck or pinned on their chest at their jobs. I would not be opposed to my license showing that I am a US citizen. I believe other countries can ask for identification when you visit them. I don’t see this as a problem unless you are a law breaker.

  16. Dale says:

    Allan: I agree because I would have no problems having to carry necessary identification with me. But so many people see that as a threat to their rights. That is why I posed that question.

    As to the need for undocumented immigrants to work in certain areas, I agree with Paul that better wages would help the situation. But non-citizen workers, no matter where they come from, should be required to pay to come to our country to work. At least that way there would be some funds towards the social assistance they seem to expect is theirs.

  17. Bill Daines says:

    Nick you sure pick some good ones. If I’m not wrong, you can fudge a little to get what you want out of a picture.
    I see nothing wrong with a work visa and when finished you have to go home where ever it may be. I dont care how much an hour is paid, you just cannot get some americans off their duff and work. In my younger years I picked grapes, got paid by the lugs I filled and not by the hour. I picked apples and cherries too. It was hard work. BUT it put money in my wallet.
    Just watch people work and you come up with some poor work ethics. I think a person should get paid for how hard they work, if they loaf, well they make less. If you bust your buttocks then your wallet will show for your hard work.

    I have to say,,,,,,give me a break! Some americans are just plain lazy!! I say you want hand outs, work for them! Bill :)

  18. Bucky says:

    I agree with Allen, I belive in the guest worker program, I remember seeing foreign workers help with the seasonal farming.. But they should have to leave the country at the end of the season. And should not be allowed to qualify for any goverment aid.

  19. Judy says:

    In answer to your question Nick, “yes”.

  20. Roy says:

    ,,,,If you go to Mexico illegally ,,,get caught,,,you’re going to jail my friend ,,and there are stiff penalties too,,,so,,why don’t we adopt the exact same policies that Mexico has ,,,that should stop all the junk coming from them ,,,ya think ?

  21. Renee says:

    Perhaps if our government would stop wasting money on things that are none of their business (a small example: forcing digital television programming on all of us, then buying converters for many folks so they can actually watch the new programs), in addition to sending billions in aid to other countries, the small businesses wouldn’t be taxed out of existence to support them. Then the small businesses just might have more money to go towards paying more. However, since there are way too many people happy to sit on their butts & get welfare checks every month, it really doesn’t matter what a job would pay them…they still wouldn’t do it.

    And the problem isn’t with “aliens” — it’s the ILLEGAL part that’s the problem. Yes, all our ancestors were immigrants, but they did it the right way and became LEGAL citizens.


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