The decision by Goshen College, a Mennonite college in Goshen, Indiana, to not play the National Anthem at school sporting events, has people talking, from Indiana to Arizona.

The school has allowed an instrumental version of the song to be played for the last year or so, with no vocals, but now they don’t even want that. The school’s board of directors feels that the Star-Spangled Banner, with its references to “rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air” is too violent and celebrates war, and could offend some students or visiting athletes from other schools.

Hey, what about me? I’m offended! Doesn’t that count?

I’m offended for my father, who was wounded while fighting in the South Pacific during World War II. I’m offended for my Uncle Chuck, who was killed in action in North Africa during the same war. I’m offended for my cousin Bob and his brother Burt, who were both wounded in Vietnam. I’m offended for myself, when I see the bullet holes and the other scars on my body. I’m offended for every American military man and woman, past, present, and future.

It’s because of the violence of war that these pinheads have the freedom to be offended by those words! It’s because brave Americans fought and died for them, that they can make such stupid decisions.

War is a terrible, ugly thing, and nobody hates war more than the guy who has had to fight it. But, unfortunately, war is also necessary sometimes. War is what won our freedom. War is what ended slavery. War is what stopped the Nazis. War is what brought down tyrants and terrorists like Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. The world will always have evil people in it, and sometimes it takes war to stop them. That’s reality, and if reality offends you, you need a lot more than a college education. You need surgery to remedy your bad case of cranial-rectal inversion!

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24 Comments on I’m Offended

  1. joe says:

    If brains were dynamite some people couldn’t blow their nose.

  2. Darrell says:

    It just goes back to what my ol’ pappy used to say. “The trouble with this world is that there are more horses asses then there are horses.”

    I’m offended too. The people who make these kinds of decisions need to live under a dictatorship for awhile, then they’d love the sound of the Star Spangled Banner.

  3. Phyllis East says:

    It always amazes me what some people find “offensive”. They need to get a grip. Scary where we are all headed as more and more of this stuff plays out.

  4. Don Hankins says:

    Most of the time I would agree with you on this. I am proud to fly our Flag and I do sing loudly the National Anthem when it is played. But right or wrong the Mennonite’s do not fly the flag, the Band from the High school my son attended rented a Mennonite camp each year and the one thing about that camp was there was no American (or other) flag flown. It was a religious thing – not a act of rebellion. The people I met there Loved this country. Remember the Mennonite’s and the Amish are terry close in beliefs.

  5. Doug H says:

    I am glad that they have the right to not sing the anthem, It means we still have some of our rights!! It is too bad that they do not recognize the freedom they have to play the National Anthem for the people attending the sporting events at that college.

  6. Dan Chance says:

    Glad you also picked up on this story Nick. The decision by the school would have been more palatable if they had never played the anthem. But, when they made the decision to STOP playing it due to protests of it’s reference to violence, then that’s when they became huge pinheads. I’m also offended!

  7. Marty says:

    Nick, I agree with you, but also disagree, We are free to have our own beliefs. But that freedom came from those who fought before us to keep us free. To honor those who fought for that freedom we now enjoy, we must support the freedom of others that we may not agree with, but has the same freedom to their beliefs that we do.
    Granted, I want to see the FLAG flown everywhere, but for me to force that belief on to others, is wrong and dishonoring those who fought to give me that freedom. I may not agree with you, but I will support your freedom to my death so that you may have your belief.

  8. JIM says:

    I am also offended since I fought in Vietnam. Goes to show everyone that another Socialist group is showing their face. Send them back where they came from. They don’t belong here. And they claim to be religous.

  9. Frank Serrao says:

    Let’s not be pansies. We seem to forget that our fighting men also fought for freedom and that includes freedom of religion.
    Whats offensive about that? Your relatives weren’t the only ones that died for this country and even though we don’t all brag about it we at least know what they died for. We don’t need somebody trying to tell us what freedoms we in this country should and should’nt have. Freedom is for everybody. Give me a break.

  10. Chris says:

    The Amish live in their own world and I guess those Mennonites do too. Do they have the right to live and believe in their archaic ways? Yes. Does that offend me? No. Do I agree with their decision re the anthem? No. But I am not offended. It’s their right. They are ignorant and as I said earlier, they live in their own small world.

  11. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy B.N.,
    Yes, I believe the school has a right to NOT play the song or to not fly the flag.. Thatz their freedom of speech..I think the ‘fringe’ element and socialist among us make too big a deal out of it to get media attention for their causes.. I am an American veteran and I’m proud of what my country ONCE WAS, but I believe that country no longer exists or won’t for very much longer.. I received a set of pics today of ALL of the last Presidents, giving speeches IN FRONT OF THE STARS & STRIPES; EXCEPT BARRY HUSSIEN OBAMA, WHO HAS AN ARABIAN (MUSLIM) BACKGROUND, WHERE THE FLAGS WERE.. HE HAS ALSO, REMOVED AMERICAN PICTURES AND REPLACED THEM WITH MUSLIM PICTURES AND TOKENS!!!

  12. Debbie says:

    I’m offended that this is supposed to be a college, but the people who run it don’t understand English. Sure, the song is a poem, but is that an excuse? The “rocket’s red glare and bombs bursting in air” are not being “celebrated”, nor is the war being “celebrated”. The bombs and rockets are **providing the light**, which allowed the writer to see the flag during the nighttime battle. [Of course, that’s a great metaphor for Nick’s original point… that it is war, and the engines of war, which provide the light of freedom.]

  13. Marie says:

    I’m offended by the fact that, butterbean up there hasn’t heard of photo shop, and apparently believes everything they read.

  14. Terry Washburn says:

    It offends the hell out of me! This isn’t just a college for pacifist Mennonite kids. People of all faiths go there. So this is not a “religious” decision.

    But what offends me even more are the people who don’t seem to care that the values that made this country great are being eroded on a daily basis in the name of political correctness. All of you who say its their right to not play the national anthem forget that those rights are bought and paid for with blood of American men and women. To hell with “right” what about respect?

  15. Collleen says:

    Very well said Bad Nick. I apreciate that you have the backbone to say what you think, no matter what other people say or do. The school is wrong and anybody who suports them is wrong too. They need to take a walk through Arlington someday.

  16. Steve R says:

    Your an ass Frank

  17. Royce Fiske says:

    There is a right, and there is what’s right. And this is just wrong! Wake up, people! We need to honor our country and our past, not sugarcoat everything and live in a fairytale world.

  18. Charles Martin says:

    A lot of you will disagree with me, but that’s okay. I think maybe we have too many rights in this country. That right to free speech is what allows the hate mongers who show up at military funerals. The right to freedom of expression allows people to burn the flag or produce “art” that involves everything from dead bodies to excrement. Maybe we should trade a few “rights” for common sense.

  19. Richard Petersen says:

    As a foreign born naturalized American citizen, I am both delighted by the rights we all have, and appalled by how some of us exercise those same rights. With rights comes responsibility. And I think we all have a responsibility to respect our country at all times.

  20. Jeff says:

    YES, everyone in this country has a right to be ignorant.It amazes me how many “ignorants” there are though. Maybe Alabama will soon pass a law regarding monitoring/evicting immigrants, er I mean “ignorants”.

  21. Bucky says:

    Right on Nick, maybe they should also stop accepting Federal funds, collected from all other Americans who have supported
    this country and its flag

  22. T & R Martin says:

    The “religion” of PATRIOTISM as in AMERICANISM does not jive with the religion of the Mennonites which is a strange concept. We can accept that they are good people & I feel sure they are, but we cannot help but be OFFENDED that folks can enjoy the freedom while detesting how they got it in the first place. It feels hypocritical. Per Shakespeare: “If it be a sin to covet honor, I am the most OFFENDING soul alive.” Therefore, thank you to all who have served to keep us free; past, present, & future. Perhaps the words “Rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air” are referring to the “Rockettes of Radio City Music Hall.” Okay I’m sorry but I just had to say that, it’s what I do when I get OFFENDED. Perhaps the Mennonites can sing “God Bless America.”

  23. I served my country twice. First in the Air Force during Viet Nam, and second in the Navy during relative peace time. I believe I served this country to protect peoples right to burn the flag, or protest our country’s policies, or stay home and do nothing. I believe I served my country to protect the right of people to believe whatever foolish mystical things they wish to believe and practice that belief as they see fit (including bigamy). I fought for those freedoms for those people because I’m an atheist and I want to ensure that I retain the right NOT to believe. I want to make sure that people are willing to defend MY right to not believe in mystical magical beings watching over us, because I believe we are on our own (collectively, not necessarily individually). If that means that a group of pacifists refuse to sing the Star Spangle Banner, then so be it. It’s their right. I refuse to be offended by someone exercising the rights I fought to defend.

    Oh, and “God bless America” 8^)

  24. Dale says:

    Politics today reminds me of high school where if you weren’t just like the others in a “group” you were rejected, made fun of, ostracized, etc.

    This country has always been split between those who acted from fear and those who brave enough to rise above their fear.

    I do not agree with this school’s decision but I respect their right to make it. I do not agree with the hypocrisy I see in government today where folks state they want smaller government then seek to impose their moral values on everyone else. As repulsive as I find this (we lost many relatives at Hitler’s hands in WWII) I respect their right to think that way. But I fervently hope that they will respect my rights as well.

    The intolerance I see expressed here really gets to me. Our constitution came about because a loose confederation of states at the beginning of the U.S. did not work. But the rights we all rely on are not necessarily a guarantee (e.g. you can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater).

    To retain our rights, it is my simple belief that we have to learn to agree to disagree and find common ground upon which to move forward.

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