Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama must be feeling a little bit of relief tonight. Depending on your politics, for now at least, neither one is the most hated woman in America.

That much deserved title goes to Casey Anthony, the Florida woman (I won’t dignify her by calling her a mother) who was acquitted yesterday for the murder of her two year old daughter, Caylee.

I won’t go into all the details of the case, because we’ve heard it all, over and over. I will say that I wonder just what the hell the jury was thinking in this trial, or if they were even capable of cognizant thought. Evil does exist in our world, as does incredible stupidity, and this has shown us the worst of both. I only hope that there is a special place in Hell for people like Casey Anthony.

As sick as the acquittal was, I can guarantee you that we haven’t seen the last of this two legged maggot. How long will it be before she is cashing in on her “fame” with a book deal, making the rounds of the talk show circuit, and a movie of the week?

Something is very wrong in our society when we let vermin like this live among us.

At the same time, an eighteen year old Indiana high school student faces up to eight years in prison for a high school prank that got out of hand. Tyell Morton, a senior at Rushville Consolidated High School, left a blow up sex doll in a bathroom stall on the last day of school, and by the time it was all over, the bomb squad had been called, and Morton was under arrest on felony charges.

Yes, the boy pulled a stupid stunt. Who among us hasn’t? I’m glad we all never got caught, or the prisons would be full. Of course, the good news is that we wouldn’t have to share a cell with a child murderer. In America, we let them walk free.

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32 Comments on The Most Hated Woman In America

  1. Katie says:

    After hearing the verdict of “Not Guilty” on all murder charges, I was appalled at how this woman could actually lie and get by with murder. All of my emotions were driven by what I had witnessed in watching the trial every day and by the constant soundbytles and video bytes provided by the news media. This is a typical case where the media influenced and controlled the emotional mindset of people all across the world. The media kept the drama going while in its wake the Anthony family was torn apart with exposure of all of the “little dirty secrets” being cast in the forefront of every scenario. Casey’s behavior clearly was a “learned behavior” as expressed by the lies both Cindy and George told on the stand. Do I think that Casey is “Not Guilty”? No. But then again the Defense team managed to prove the Prosecution did not prove Casey had anything to do with Caylee’s death (even with all of the forensic scientific evidence). I do believe in karma and I know one day we will find out what really happened to Caylee. Why? Because Casey will trip and fall over her own lies once again! Judgement Day will come for Casey and I wonder if Casey will see the Light? Just my opinion.

  2. Pat and Jim says:

    This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time, that a publically funded legal team has failed to do their job against a private legal team performing an excellent job, which unfortunately resulted in setting a murderer free.

  3. Elaine & Mike says:

    I am with you on this low life of a women. I could not believe my ears when we heard the verdict. This women got away with murder, she is in the same league as an other murderer named OJ Simpson. The jury must have in lala land when they gave her the a not guilty plea. I hope they can live with their verdict of letting a murder go free. Her dad should also be in jail since he admitted that he was the one who disposed of the body.

  4. Ken H says:

    Well, I must have been in la la land when the dad admitted to disposing of Caylee. I missed that part. It never happened, he never admitted that at all. Just like the lawyer said Anthony was guilty of child abuse. When did he prove that? This has just been another travesty. She deserved hanging. Child gone for 30 days, and no call to 911, no call to her mom that the baby is gone? What the he!! was wrong in that jury room?

  5. Doug says:

    I agree that most likely Casey Anthony killed her daughter but it wasn’t proven in court. Her time ticket showed her at work when the child was supposedly killed. There was no DNA evidence on the duct tape. There was no other evidence of Casey Anthony around the crime scene. It could have been me or anyone else who killed the child. Yes, it is incriminating that she did not report her missing daughter but that doesn’t absolutely mean that Casey killed her. There just wasn’t enough hard evidence to point to Casey.

  6. Bill Daines says:

    Bad Nick,,I can only say sit on a jury and be in the position to be nit picking at all the evidence presented. Proper presentation by the Prosecution is critical to a case. To sit on a jury of such a high profiled case is a task no one would enjoy. But we have to remember that how a investigation is carried out by Law Enforcement then presented to the Prosecutor for the critical presentation of a proper trial. I agree she is scum, and her family too. But,,,,,the case was not presented properly by the Prosecution thus the JURY had no choice than find the not guilty.
    We have to put our selves in the individual chair of each jurror. Oh ya, we’d love to find this low life guilty however the Prosecution failed to fully proove his case, thus the finding of NOT GUILTY.
    I’ve lost cases because of mistakes I’ve made in the preperation for trial. Was I mad at the Jury or the Judge at the time, well yes, but it was my fault. If we should place the blame on a single area in the case, it should be PROSECUTION period!
    Would you want to be one of those jurrors who were selected, hell no I surely would not want that call because my call right up front would have been Guilty. Now those jurrors have to live with their call. We’ll hear from them sometime soon to explain and point the finger of blame, I guarentee. Bill
    (again another good one)

  7. Connie Bradih says:

    What goes round, comes round. Casey Anthony just like OJ will eventually get what they deserve. If she is innocent all will be OK but if she is guilty? Bad people don’t suddenly have halos around their heads. From every thing I have read, she was a drug using party girl who lied all the time. Once out of jail she will probably return to her former ways. With the drug use and the life style she won’t last long. Eventually she will get what she deserves.

    The real sadness is that a small child died: a beautiful and adorable looking small child. A child who will never have the opportunity to grow up and enjoy life. No matter what the verdict was that small child is gone. That’s the real shame of it all.

  8. As an ex police officer, said all along that I thought the prosecutor had overreached his charge. To convict comeone of death penalty murder, they have to prove the victim was murdered – not just dead – and who murdered them and how. That evidence was never submitted. The jury never needed to review who dunnit because if or how was never proved. They tried to get by on an assumed motive which is not a fully required part of the evidence. The verdict was legally correct based on the evidence presented not on the emotion toward an obvious poor mother and immature person. This is another example of an attempt by the press to try a case by other than constitutional legal jurisprudence. The defense counsel is a legal aid appointed DWI lawyer who had never tried a capital case before – not a high powered team of giants as in OJ and MJ but he did know the law and used it as intended. The burden of proof is on the state and they failed.

  9. Rob says:

    It’s fascinating to me that so many people are so anxious to convict someone of murder, without having access to or examining evidence or arguments. Since you were not in the courtroom, where did you get your information to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this woman is guilty. Were your sources testifying under oath? Were they subject to cross-examination?

    I’ve been on several juries, and was deeply involved in the court system for many years. I can tell you that what you see on TV and what happens in a trial court are vastly different things. If TV pundits had to stand for cross-examination, and be held accountable for their statements, the situation would be far different.

    The prosecution had the burden of proof, and the jury, which did see all the evidence and hear all the arguments, had the final say that they failed to prove their case. There is no better system of justice on the planet. Time to move on.

  10. Gene Teggatz says:

    Nick, you’re too much of a Nancy Grace fan. The charge that was not part of prosecution was “Improper disposition of a body”. We know that a little girl died. Was it an accidental drowning or an intentional killing. That was not determined. In the after math of the trial and based upon the life that Casey appears to live, I wish there was a way for the courts to say “Her tubes must be cut!” Let’s not set the stage for round 2!


  11. Dave B. says:

    It was all circumstantial evidence that when strung together proved that Casey was guilty. Many cases are proved with circumstantial evidence. Just add up all the evidence. Not reporting your child missing for 31 days is a huge point. It’s not just bad parenting, as some suggest, it’s a cover up. Why? The jury was not doing their job. No note taking, no adding up of the scientific info., and no lengthy deliberation of all the evidence. What a crying shame. The attorneys all did an excellent job. Do you realize that if Casey gets credit for time served, she will walk free. That means the only person punished in this case was the young man who made the hand gesture in court and was sentenced to 6 days in jail. Our system is broken.

  12. Jack Mayer says:

    Well, no doubt she did it or was somehow involved in it. I’m confident of that. BUT, if you look carefully at was presented to the JURY, and not what was said by the “pundits” on TV,then I agree with those who said the case was not even close to being proved. Emotions aside, you can’t convict someone just because you are confident they are guilty. The prosecution screwed this up. They for sure over-reached on the charges. And the forensic evidence was “nada” if you examine it without bias. It is incredibly hard to convict someone on minimal circumstantial evidence.

    But she and her family will get their “due”. I believe in “karma” and she certainly has bad karma…..

  13. S Heydrich says:

    Its comforting that basically everyone can still unite on one thing: hating Casey Anthony! I can see her first night of clubbing now: her in a slut skirt & breasts hanging out, with a big smile and sneer for everyone around her. She doesn’t have any friends now but that’s OK she’ll make more- its a busy night here. Slowly it dawns on her, something is different now: its too busy. Outside people fill the streets in every direction and a roar of anger is rising. Arrogant to the last, Casey tries to fight free but soon she is stripped and carried through the streets while a nation finally celebrates justice!

  14. sue says:

    Jose Baez won this case the same way Casey killed Caylee and got by with it. How do you defend a liar?……….With more lies. Jose and the whole Anthony clan was in on this scam, scheme, to save Caseys’ lying ass. And how? What else but more lies!
    I believe the anthonys were all in on the scheme, and Jose just told them to hang on because it was going to get rough. I think George got pissed, because he thought Jose was a little too much into his acting. Jose admitted in court, that he knew what Cindys’ outrageous answers were going to be to his questions. You can also rest assured that he knew the prosecution was not aware of her big fat lies she was going to give to the questions.
    Cheny Mason had to blow off about the media trying this case before it got to court. The defense, past and present members, didn’t waste any time getting their air time to try and convince people she was innocent. Neither did george and Cindy Anthony.
    Drinking champagne and giving people the finger, is how he mocks the legal system for knowing Casey Anthony got away with murder.
    Too bad he is such a mush mouthed blow hard smart alek. The defendant didn’t fall too far from the defense tree.
    Trial by ambush only works when you can manipulate the witnesses with the defendant. This is all the trial turned out to be along with hundreds of thousands of the tax payers money wasted on a circus. bozo had been resurrected.
    Poor little innocent Caylee has been lost in their shuffle.
    Little did she know only living to be approx. two and a half years old , how many people she would be supporting probably for years to come.
    R.I.P. Caylee. The only justice is knowing that the person that thought no more of her than she did raodside trash, can never hurt her again.

  15. diana says:

    I did not follow this case on a day to day or for that matter a month to month basis. But when I heard the prosecution charged her with first degree murder (Premeditated) because she wanted to be free of her child because she was a hindrance to her social life. I knew that the verdict was going to be innocent. 1st degree is very hard to prove because of the premeditated part of the charge. and to prove it beyond reasonable doubt is almost impossible based on the circumstantial evidence they had. Juries are more receptive to 2nd and 3rd degree charges, especially when it comes to the death of a child by a parent. Being a parent myself the thought of murdering my own child is unthinkable. In my most humble opinion the prosecution would have had a better chance of conviction if they would have charged her appropriately. The jury had no way out of this one, should have charged her with 2nd or even 3rd degree which is much more provable. But make no mistake I do believe she is guilty for the death of her child, and she will have to answer to God and family (what is left of it) in the end.
    I just hope and pray she doesn’t produce any more children.

  16. sue says:

    I have a better scenario of Caseys first weekend out of jail………..Her and her Mother enter a Mother/daughter contest at Fusion Nightclub for the biggest brass balls on females!!! Stay tuned for their pics to follow on FB. It would be a slam dunk!

  17. Gabe says:

    It will be unfortunate that her death will probably not be slow and painful enough.

  18. Neil Laubenthal says:

    I’m finding all of the hand wringing over the acquittal very strange. While my personal opinion is that she was involved in the death somehow . . .when you get into court the only job of the jury is to determine whether the facts/evidence presented in court (and nothing else) convince them beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty. Obviously this didn’t happen. Acquittal does not mean innocent; but it’s beyond the juries responsibility to do anything other than what they are legally charged with doing.

    Additionally; nobody commenting here (including me) knows the full details about the evidence, the demeanor of the witnesses testifying, or how credible the jury found the witnesses. All we have is sound bites as presented by the media.

    Did she kill her daughter? Did she drown and the mother simply covered it up? Nobody but Casey (and maybe her parents) knows for sure. However, finding the truth is (as I said above) not the job of the jury . . .their sole duty is to determine whether the prosecution has proved each and every element required of the charge beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Add in that the DA went for capital murder . . .and the standard of proof that a jury demands is even higher. They might have gotten a conviction for manslaughter or negligent homicide . . .but the DA chose not to go that route. When you go for the home run . . .sometimes you strike out.

  19. Jim kilmer says:

    DNA About 20 years ago there was a high profile murder case that introduced DNA. The defendant was found not guilty and everyone was appalled. The jury in that case didn’t know about DNA. Now they do. As much as I hate to say this, there was a total lack of DNA or any other evidence to convict casey anthony. Don’t ever blame the jury. The jury in this case was sequestered from day one.

  20. T & R Martin says:

    Dave B. You are on target. Circumstantial evidence can be just as important as an eye witness in many cases. Follow all the circumstances & tie them together. I am amazed at the number of people saying the prosecution did not prove their case. Now if it is not like a TV show w/every aspect of forensics, people think a case is not proven. They believe “Beyond a reasonable doubt” means “Beyond ALL doubt, even a shred of doubt.” If that was the case, the prisons/jails would be empty. Hmmm, strange that you have dead people & nobody killed them?!!! People don’t realize that they can use their intelligence & common sense to come to a conclusion if the circumstantial evidence adds up. What a shame, we have CSI’d ourselves to death.

  21. All the voters for “she’s guilty” miss the point that if even one of the 12 members of the jury would have been convinced of guilt by the evidence – it would have been a hung jury. It was not hung – the not guilty verdict was unanimous 12 to 0. A jury is not a majority rules organization every vote counts equally and all must agree.

  22. Katie says:

    Casey Anthony will never be free as you and I are Her reputation as a liar and the “not guilty” verdict will follow her for the rest of her life. She can write books, sign a movie deal, give media interviews in an effort to make milions of dollars. In essence she will be paying the price “of her freedom” for the rest of her life. It is What It Is and quite frankly she deserves not ounce of my energy or refelctive thought. I would much rather be sitting in Fayetteville, AR retired and free to walk out my door without fearing for my life every second of the day. Casey made her bed through the choices she made in her life…so be it. Let’s all go outside and enjoy the beautiful day and enjoy our freedoms to do so. Have a wonderful day everyone.

  23. Bucky says:

    These cases are very hard for me to understand, as a couple who wanted children very much, but could not have them, my wife and I find it very hard to understand people like this. Why didn’t she just put that beautiful little girl, up for adoption. I know that there would have been many people, who would have wanted to give her a loving home…………………

  24. Jennifer says:

    To Doug, there was no “time ticket” that showed Casey Anthony was at work, because she didn’t work! She was a high school drop out that had been unemployed for years and living off of her parents, and stolen checks! She LIED for 2 years that she was going to a non-existant job. She even led investagators to Universal Studios were she said she was employed, then admitted that she hadn’t worked there since 2006. Those are part of the charges that she was actually found guilty of.

  25. JerseyB says:

    This is our “justice” system … or “injustice” system at work. I broke down and cried when I heard the verdict for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that a darling little girl is dead, and that a lying thief, murderess, poor excuse for a “human being” let alone a “Mother” is free to walk the earth and breath our air.

    I think part of the sentencing should have stipulated that NONE of them should be able to make any “moola” on this horrific crime!

    May little Caylee Marie Anthony rest in peace in God’s hands.

  26. T & R Martin says:

    Our melting pot has turned into a salad bowl. JUST ICE has melted into the idea that unless we have a video, audio & everything else that goes along with the forensics, then the defendant is “not guilty.” There have been cases of a conviction even without a body, because common sense prevailed. Thank God little Caylee was found. 1. She was dead. 2. The tape around face area proved neglect of a child. The MANNER of death was Homicide. The smell of death was in Casey’s car (smell of death can never be forgotten). Lesser proof was shovel borrowed (short period of time)& returned necessitating removal to a more hidden area than her yard. Casey never called 911 & I believe she never would have if Cindy did not do it. Fortunately for Casey, Caylee had decomposed, but the telling tape was still in head/face area. There is one thing that truly gives me hope in our Justice System & that is there are folks like you on this blog that can still reason. Even those that do not believe there was enough evidence to convict. God Bless all of you & God Bless the USA.

  27. Carol J says:

    We heard the jury–who found her NOT Guilty–which is not the same as innocent. Now it our turn to give our verdict: We need to boycott any book, magazine, news show, etc. that promotes this piece of slime and and pays or promotes her. She may walk free, but she should NOT be paid for her sociopathic behavior!
    Boycott anything that promotes or pays her!! That is the only way we will see justice for her daughter.

  28. Ann Moran says:

    Living close to Orlando, I could not turn on the TV for the past three years, without seeing and hearing ” The Case against Casey”. I was sick of it before the trial even started. She was not logged into work as someone commented, she even lied about having a job at one of the main attractions in Orlando, which proved to be yet another lie of hers. She may make money after her release, but she has to meet her Maker one day and that will be her sentence for all eternity.

  29. Katie says:

    Well the most hated woman in America walked out of the Orange County Jail a “free” woman this morning and hopped on a private jet owned by a California attorney who was supposedly on the defense team. For being declared indigent the “most hated woman in America” seems to be sitting in the gilded”bird” cage. What next? Free plastic surgery? Book and movie deal? Casey will never experience true freedom…just a life of always being the Most Hated Woman in America who killed Caylee. We know it and she knows it! We reap what we sow and Casey’s life is not going to be a bed of roses!

  30. Dee Proctor says:

    I watched the whole trail of Casey Anthory in my mind she is gulity of killing her daughter. Like it was said on Nancy Grace show why did’t the jury conect the dots? No body saw what Casey did. But I watch alot of crimeral shows like Snap and people are found gulity even if they can’t find a body. The jury has to peice the story together and decide if she was guility. I do not understand why this jury could not do the same. I will nevr pay anything that is contected to Casey. It was wonderful was Florida are making the wall to where Caylee body was found. It was wonderful to see her Grandparents there.

  31. I was and i am still deeply upsetted by the verdict of Casey Anthony! She killed her cute and beautfiul daughter, caylee and got away with it! i was at the dermatologist when i heard that casey anthony was not guilty………….i was shocked at first. now as i look back at it, im deeply disturbed! and sadden….how can a nurderess get away with murder? and she will get what is coming to her one day……..especially on judgement day when she say to account for god all the things she did whether it be good or evul like we all do. watch out casey, karma is going to get the best of you!

  32. Kevin says:

    The prosecutors office screwed this one up. If they had a lick of sense she would be locked up right now where she deserves to be. They went to far and got stomped on. If they had played there cards right she would be paying for her reckless self serving lifestyle, instead they made it possible for her to become rich on her babies tragic death. Its there own fault shes walking the streets free. Shes nothing but scum.

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