If you ever stop to wonder why this country is broke, it shouldn’t take you long to figure it out. As the old saying goes, the inmates are running the asylum.

But apparently, while the rest of us are scrambling to make ends meet, and facing ever higher taxes and less to live on, in Washington, it’s business as usual. Which means every man for himself, and screw the taxpayers.

Consider this – Vice President Joe Biden has found a way to make a buck (actually quiet a few bucks) off his Secret Service security detail. A news story has reported that since April, Biden has collected over $13,000 from the Secret Service for rent on a small cottage next door to his home, where agents stay during their off duty hours. And the VP isn’t even giving the Secret Service (or the taxpayers) a break on the rent, charging them the same $2200 a month that he did the previous tenants!

A Secret Service spokesperson said the agency does not pay rent to other protectees, but since the cottage became available, and was close to Biden’s home, it moved in.

Okay, from what I have read, Biden is a mere pauper compared to a lot of the other folks in Washington, with a net worth of less than $200,000.  The Vice President and his wife reported their gross income was $379,178 on their 2010 tax return. This included Biden’s annual salary of $227,300, and his wife, Jill Biden’s, salary of $82,488 as a schoolteacher. I ask you, who can  live on that kind of money?


I have to wonder how a guy making that kind of money has such a small net worth? What’s old Joe blowing his money on? And do we really want somebody who apparently can’t manage any better than Mr. Biden is on his salary helping to run the government?

Does it strike anybody else as wrong that we are paying this guy a salary of $227,000 annually, along with the other perks that go with his office, and now we’re paying him to provide his protection? Couldn’t he at least knock the rent down to, oh, say an even two grand a month? Come on, Joe, work with us! Times are hard and we all have to make sacrifices!

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11 Comments on And You Wonder Why We’re Broke?

  1. walt kaiser says:

    Nick, seems to me that I remember the Clintons doing the same thing ? BUT you are right, where the hell is Bidens money going?

  2. Larry Clark says:

    Ooops. I meant to say how much does the US Gov’t pay to rent the gatehouse used by the Secret Service for the ex Presiden Bill Clinton. $10,000/month a month is paid to the Clintons for rent. Must be a real nice gatehouse.

  3. Connie Bradih says:

    They are all like that, Democrats And Republicans. We think that there is some evil spell inside the Beltway in Washington, DC. You lose your mind when you go there. You lose your sense of reality and financial reality, too. While the rest of us live on a budget, inside the Beltway, there are no limits. The USA is headed down rather than up. Second class country here we come.

  4. Don Damkaer says:

    The Gov needs to purchase a motorhome and to heck with the cottage! I hope this cottage is in DE as his “home” in Wash DC is already owned by US the tax payers, as is the land around it! No cottage there that he is renting out, I HOPE!

  5. Linda says:

    If we made that kind of money, even if only for four years, we’d have a tidy retirement fund for living here in fly-over country.

    I agree with Don about the motorhome, though good old Joe would probably charge a hefty camping fee then. I think the only qualification for being a politician is greed, greed, greed.

  6. Paula Stuplich says:

    These people that we “elected” to represent us, “we the the people”, have no morals. Yes, Linda, it is all GREED! As long as they can line their pockets with green all is well. How about they give up wages for one year? Put the money back into Social Security, Medicare and Medicade. Fat chance!

  7. Terry Moyer says:

    Why does this surprise anybody? Biden is just another a-hole politician ripping off the taxpayers. Its petty obvious that if he has that kind of income and so little net worth that he is either lying, or he’s a flipping idiot who shouldn’t be trusted with a checkbook, let alone the nation’s checkbook!

  8. Amy M says:

    So you’d be happier with Bush back, ripping us all off in his way?

  9. Dennise says:

    A US Rep from Texas(R) is behind $117,000.00 in CHILD support, a certain lady running for President not only collects farm subsidies, her husband charges medicaid to try and “flip” gays by prayer and other voodoo, and they have a FHA mortgage. Another female political celeb has bragged about going to another country for free medical care, and now she and her daughter have trademarked their names. So every time I say her name do I have to pay a royalty? When your senator or rep brings home the bacon aka a public works project like flood control in a flood prone area, it’s a good thing for your district/state. When it is somebody else’s flood control plan or library or school, it called PORK. Closing corporate welfare loopholes are verboten but in new jersey mr. big is proposing that the cutoff amount for medicaid is an income of $5700.00 per year which is a tinsy bit more than $100 per week for a family of four. Mr. Big NJ spends more than that on table wine me thinks.

    There is NO justice in this world. It’s like living in a black comedy and the joke is on us, the middle class.

  10. Jack Mayer says:

    Well, there is not much good to say about the government these days (or possibly ever). But I don’t agree with this criticism. If he was renting the cottage previously for $2200 then why should he rent it to the government for less. Or for free. I wouldn’t. Seems like there is good evidence that this is the market rate.

  11. Carol says:

    I gotta agree with Jack Mayer. It is the going rate, a bargain compared to what the Clinton’s are charging, and he is declaring that $2200 as rental income on his tax form and paying his money just like the rest of us. Joe Biden is a good guy, I think.

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