I guess crime is what you make it, and while cops in some places have to deal with things like meth labs, gangbangers, and armed robberies, there are still places in America where things move at a snail’s pace. Or maybe I should say at a rabbit’s pace.

Police in Salmon, Idaho, population 3300, have ordered William Falkingham to stop wearing his bunny costume, after a woman complained that the 34 year old eccentric was peeking at her son from behind a tree and “pointing a finger like a gun.” Apparently, the kid was traumatized.

Give me a freaking break! He didn’t approach the kid, he didn’t say anything to him, he just peeked out from behind a tree. Nobody reported that the child was frightened. Hell, maybe he liked seeing the giant rabbit. I hope that mother never takes her kid to Disneyland, because Mickey and Pluto may send him straight into therapy!

It’s a good thing he didn’t grow up in my day. Those flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz scared the hell out of me!

Other neighbors told police that they were also disturbed by seeing Falkingham wearing his bunny suit in his yard. He has also been reported to occasionally dress in a cowboy outfit or a ballerina’s tutu. Sounds like my kind of guy!

While some may have a problem with him, other neighbors defended Falkingham, acknowledging that he may be a bit different, but he’s harmless.

Have we become so uptight and oppressed in our country that we now have to tell people they can’t dress up in a bunny costume? Really? Didn’t Jimmy Stewart have a six foot tall rabbit pal named Harvey, in the movie of the same name?

I’d rather have a neighbor who runs around in a bunny costume, than somebody with loud dogs or kids they never discipline, or somebody who plays his music at full blast when I’m trying to sleep. Bunnies are pretty quiet overall, and come Easter we may need him around.

Hell, I’ve been known to wear my pink negligee and bunny slippers around the house on occasion. (The next time you’re having a really bad day, picture that and I guarantee it will put a smile on your face.) Am I the next target? I think I’ll slip into my tutu and go lodge a protest at City Hall!

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24 Comments on The Bunny Did It!

  1. Katy Lewis says:

    Oh my god Nick, I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants on this one! Where was that mental image last week when I had to have a root canal? You are priceless!

  2. Greg White says:

    Just to keep things straight.

    Harvey was 6 feet, 3 and half inches tall, not just 6 feet.

    And he was not a rabbit. He was a pooka, who just happened to taking the form of a rabbit at that particular time.

    Nick, you of all people should know you have to get the details correct.

  3. Nick Russell says:

    Picky picky!!!

  4. Raymond G. says:

    It’s a good thing this guy doesn’t live in Canton, Ohio or their resident psycho cop would have blown him away for sure!

  5. Greg White says:

    No, pooka, pooka.

  6. Anna Charles says:

    Oh Lord, when I read this I had tears running down my face and I was laughing out loud! Just the image of Bad Nick in that outfit cracked me up! You made our night for this old gal and the rest of the night shift here at the nursing home!!! Love ya Bad Nick!!!

  7. Rod S. says:

    It takes a real man to talk about his negligee and bunny slippers! LOL Thanks for the chuckle.

  8. George Stoltz says:


    Will you be wearing those bunny slippers on stage at your next rally?

  9. Francis Callahan says:

    Small town small minds by the way thonly time I have had trouble with RV park WIFI is in Nevada and have traveled all 49 states love the story

  10. Bill Daines says:

    Nice one nick. And in a time of serious situations we need a laugh. Unless he’s on the sex list who cares! Folks need to lighten up. Enjoy life and the funny things taking place. I really think parents should teach their children how to laugh and when to be serious.
    There is a big difference with dressing up in a costume to get attention and get a laugh than being a peeping tom or sitting in a playground area watching children.
    Gee, wonder if I went to that town placed a rocking chair on a busy corner street and waived at passing traffic all day, they’d probably call and complain on me too!

    Life is too short we have to laugh off some things. That big bad bunny wants attention and he’s getting it. Its kinda like feeding a stray dog or cat. They keep coming back for more!
    If I was the Chief of Police I’d have told the complainers to ignore him then smile and be happy! again, thanks Nick for another good one. Bill.

    (glad to hear the good news while you were in TC).

  11. concerned in Idaho says:

    Don’t forget that John Wayne Gacy wore a clown outfit.

  12. Nancy says:

    Nick–as a newspaper man, you need to get your facts straight. That happened in Idaho Falls, Idaho–not Salmon. (Just don’t don’t want our small town to get a bad name!)

  13. Wayne Aanerud says:

    Well that’s just Great. Hey any body want to buy a Bunny suit, French Maid costume. Maybe these people should think about Getting a Life !!! I guess the Police have nothing better to do.

  14. Palmsrv says:

    Let’s remember that John Wayne Gacy started out as “Pogo the Clown” entertaining at children’s parties, before he decided to kill 33 of them and bury them in his basement.

    Also if the kids had pointed his finger like a gun at a classmate they would have locked down the school, called the Swat team and the kids would have been expelled from school for life.

  15. Elaine & Mike says:

    thanks for a good laugh, the mental thought of you in that outfit is over the top. Not everyone are perverts out to harm children. From the sounds of it,this person is just out for attention and not to hurt anyone. He may need a bit of therapy though.

  16. Denise Gray says:

    Thanks for the laugh Nick!

  17. Nick Russell says:

    I double checked Nancy, and you are right, it was in Idaho Falls. My aplologies.

  18. Judy says:

    Whitt says he’s “gouging out his mind’s eye.” .)

  19. Rachel Dewiere says:

    Yes, John Wayne Gacey wore a clown costume. But that’s the problem in America today. One evil a-hole does something wrong and from that day forward we all have to pay the price.

    As Elaine & Mike said, not everybody is a pervert or dangerous. Most people are a little wacky in their own way, but harmless. But we are so uptight and so afraid of our own shadows that we have no tolerance anymore.

    My Uncle Wally never grew up. Even though he was a successful businessman and philanthropist, he loved playing with the neighborhood kids, and it never surprised us if he showed up dressed as a pirate, a cowboy or Robin Hood to lead us off on that Saturday’s adventures. Today narrow minded people like this would claim he was a pervert. No, he was a man who embraced his inner child. We could all do well to learn that lesson.

  20. Bill says:

    Not that I am condemning it, we are working on joining it, but our lifestyle of mobile living is eccentric to some. “How can you live not having a house…. etc??” But I do have a house, it just has wheels under it!

    Enjoyed the visual of you and the pink TuTu. But what kind of Bunny slippers? The scary ones?? LOL

  21. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy BN,

    I thought that was a funny story when I read it in the news, but not as funny as the way you tell it and I DARE NOT THINK of you in the tutu & bunny slippers or I’ll have a coronary and you’ll have one less reader!!!!! But you know there are some strange ‘people’
    in the ‘mountings’ of ID; that shoot at the FBI & such stuff..

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes !!!!!!!

  22. Cheryl Keeffe says:

    Ouch! That visual image is now burned into my corneas! Great post today, loved it.

  23. Jerry Criswell says:

    OK, Bad Nick in a pink negligee and bunny slippers. Maybe if I wash my eyes out with bleach I can “unsee” that sight.


  24. Roz says:

    What a visual image!!! Perhaps you should participate in the next Gypsy Journal beauty contest as something other than your emcee role.

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