We are becoming a nation of wimps, and I’m afraid that someday it’s going to kill us all!

If you grew up in my generation, you remember those schoolroom drills where we all got under our desks to be “saved” from an atom bomb’s blast. You may have had a friend, relative, or neighbor who was stricken with polio. If you were a male, by the time you got into high school, you may have been looking at doing a tour in Vietnam.

But we took those things for granted and lived our lives. How many of you drank out of a garden hose? Rode a bicycle without a helmet and knee pads? Played in the dirt? Rode in cars without seatbelts? Shared a bottle of soda with friends, all drinking one after the other?

And we survived it all! Our mothers weren’t chasing after us with disinfectant wipes. If we got a cut or scrape, they might slap some Mercurochrome and a Band-Aid on it. But a kiss on our boo boo worked just as well. 

Not today’s kids. They are coddled, pampered, and smothered to the point where if a kid sneezes, his mom rushes him to an emergency room, and a Haz-Mat crew comes in to clean up the splatter.

The other day I was going into a restroom at a Sam’s Club, and a young, pregnant mother with a couple of little boys about ages four and six, maybe, was at the entrance. The younger boy started to get a drink from the water fountain, and his mom jerked him away and said “Don’t drink out of that! You don’t know who used it last!”

Then she spotted something in the older boy’s back pocket, and pulled out a pair of rubber gloves. “Did you go to the bathroom and not use your gloves? You know you can get an infection touching your pee-pee without gloves on!” Then she hustled the two kids off, probably to a sterile decontamination chamber out in her mini-van.

Can you imagine what kind of hang-ups that kid is going to grow up with? I wanted to grab him and tell him not to listen to his mom, because if touching our pee-pees was dangerous, no boy in the world would live past age fifteen!

In our society, we grab a disinfectant wipe when we go into a store, before we touch a shopping cart. The bathrooms have automatic soap dispensers and water faucets, so we never have to touch anything. Many businesses now have a trash can next to the bathroom door, because people grab a paper towel to open it with, so they don’t have to touch the handle. I’m all for personal hygiene, but sometimes I think we’re taking it too far.

After the first Europeans came to North America, Native Americans began dying in huge numbers from epidemics of the diseases the whites brought with them, for which the native peoples had no immunity. More Indians died of diseases than ever did in warfare again the people who invaded their homeland.

There is a reason Americans get sick when we go to Mexico and other countries, and drink the water or eat local foods. Because just like those Indians of long ago, we don’t have any natural immunity to the things the locals encounter every day.

And now we are so germaphobic that we are destroying any immunity we may have, to things in our own country. I fear it won’t be long until we’re one microbe away from an epidemic of our own, that will wipe out half of our pasty white civilization.

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22 Comments on A Nation Of Wimps

  1. T & R Martin says:

    Our bodies are losing the ability to build up immunities in our systems because they are never challenged anymore. Nick did you ever notice the power in a Mom’s saliva–best face-spit washing you will ever get & she used a kleenex or hanky right out of the bottom of her purse. Lots of OCD out there today, something I never heard of as a kid. By the way, exactly where does that “pasty white civilization” live?

  2. Julee says:

    Agreed, and we keep trying out new bacteria resistant strains of crops which ultimately just teaches the bacteria to be even stronger. Soon, we will have super bacteria that is resistant to everything!

  3. Joe Vagott says:

    Right on Nick,its comical. I grew up a real hillbilly in WV. Use to run around in the hills barefooted. The kids nowadays are afraid of the school of hard knocks. We knew how to be entertained without tv or computer games. Oh what a life scraping gravel out of our knees when wrecking on a bike or stepping on a nail while running.

  4. Dale says:

    Those super bacteria are already here – just ask any nurse or doctor working in a hospital. Too many people insist on antibiotics to treat a viral infection and that has also helped to create drug resistant bacteria.

    Too many people live in fear of everything around them and it indeed a shame that as a society we have not learned to live with nature.

  5. Jesse Haman says:

    I think I am going to go with using rubber gloves when I go to the bathroom. Maybe I won’t need toilet paper anymore. Could be a win-win.

  6. Elaine & Mike says:

    People today are ridiculous,and just asking for a super bug. Everyone need the bad bacteria. I knew a mother way back when our youngest was a baby who never let her kids play outside and they were always sick, kids need the sunshine. Our kids were always outside and getting dirty, and the closest I have ever come to being a scared mom when our youngest ate a bunch of worms at our babysitters, I did rush him to the hospital and when the doctor stopped laughing he told me that worms had protein which was good for him and the only thing hurt were the poor worms. Gloves when you go to the bathroom is so dumb, teach them to use soap and water to was the germs away. We are becoming a country of germaphobics.

  7. Donna says:

    I so agree with this…. scary isn’t it!
    Have fun

  8. Dave B. says:

    I think this is a common sense issue. There are some things that are needed for health reasons but going overboard with rubber gloves is ridiculous. Just use normal precautions like washing your hands and you’ll be OK.

  9. Bill Daines says:

    There is the other side to this too. In our society we have some really infected individuals. Watch emergency responders when they arrive at a scene where first aid is administered. Our yearly class room re-training on Bloodborne Pathogen. The reminders for being careful are endless.
    I think some individuals go overboard a tad bit. I agree with how we acted when we were young. A cut or bruise was schrugged off. But now every thing is treated with an antibiotic and the good bodies are being killed to prevent the bad thus making deadly strains more difficult to treat.
    But, prevention should not be overlooked. Yes some go well overboard and some may just not give a darn.
    Then again why use rubber gloves at dump stations or first responders use rubber gloves in hands on contact with individuals.
    Common sense must be used in raising children and what Bad Nick said about the mother and son, I can only shake my head and wonder why she leaves the homey sterile bubble! I also agree with soap and water and teaching its use.
    Another great one Nick. Bill

  10. Dave K says:

    thank You Again Bad Nick for making my day start out on the High note. You sure have the nack of getting a feller chuckling so early in the day .
    Here’s ya a possible Tag for a follow up on this subject:
    Where did all these foolish ideas orginate ? Could it be?
    Mass advertising of goods & services to boost the $$$ in corp bottom lines… And lets not even address the advertising of the countrys Lawyers on TV to file all these Law Suits against ??
    Give em Hell Bad Nick>>>We Love Ya !!!!

  11. john says:

    When using the rest room I will wash my hands first before I pee.. I shower daily and I feel that area is cleaner than the my germ filled hands,, This is the first time I have ever shared this with anyone,,, Hey every one’s different…..

  12. bucky says:

    Right On Nick, my only difference to this is,I do wash my hands often and especialy after using the rest room. My mother insisted on it,and I am now 71, and never had any medical problems till my mid 60’s………

  13. Howard D. says:

    Nick, have you ever had hot coffee shoot out of your nose at 7 in the morning? It hurts like hell! You broke me up with today’s blog. According to that mom, I must have died at age 13!

    On the other hand, I’m sure my first wife was raised by her. Just sayin….

  14. Gina says:

    Once when I was little I got molded pancake batter mixed up with gravy, ate the molded pancake batter, never even got sick, mom called poison control, itI took her awhile to get an answer cause they were laughing so hard. I lived. I dont eat gravy anymore.

  15. Linda Sand says:

    I just wish public restrooms would stop filling their soap dispensers with anti-bacterial soap. I can avoid it everywhere else but there. I do wash my hands before leaving the restroom, though; I bite my nails.

  16. Ron Butler says:

    Love it Bad Nick!! One of the local tv news broadcasts had a blurb about kids playing in dirt. The kids that were allowed to play in dirt had built up a better immune system than those who didn’t get in it. The kicker was that it was the boys that had the better immune systems because they were the ones in the dirt, while the girls couldn’t or weren’t allowed to get dirty by their parents! Our youngest granddaughter shouldn’t have any problems – out in the muck all the time on their 5 acres!!

    I too wonder how any of us survived our childhood!

  17. Bigmurf says:

    My dad taught me NOT to pee on my hands.

  18. Linda says:

    A little dirt is good for us!! Case in point…my sister-in-law would have her kids in the tub three times a day if they got even a little bit dirty, and they were always sick. I let mine run and if they were dirty enough at the end of the day, they got a bath before bed and they rarely got sick.

  19. Muriel Daniels says:

    Love all the comments on this blog! I’m 72 and when I was a adolescent I was always barefoot. One day some friends went with me in the fields, all of us barefoot, and we played so hard we didn’t realize we were getting blisters on our feet. When my grandpa saw them he said the best treatment was to go into the pasture, find a warm, fresh, “cow pie” and put our feet in it. We did, it felt good, but stinky, and then when my mother found out what we had done, we all had to wash our feet at the well pump. The blisters healed, and all of us are still on the top side of the grass and healthy!

  20. Ed says:

    One day after using the Men’s Room facalities a man shouted at me. In the Air force they taught us to wash our hands after using a urnial. (I had used one of those wipes in the little packages). Not know who the SOB was I shouted back “In the US Navy they tought us NOT to pee on our hands”! There was a sudden silence and then a couple of Marines started cheering, “Way to go Navy”!

  21. Allan says:

    Parents need to teach their children good common sense sanitation like washing their hands after using the bathroom. Some men have never learned that and go out to shake your hand or prepare a meal for you. The women you mentioned is going way overboard the other way and she is doing more harm to her children than letting them make mud pies or eating dirt. I wonder what will happen if they go in the Marine Corp. and have to crawl on their belly through the mud with live rounds flying overhead. Go cry for Mama

  22. Cindy -- Wyoming says:

    I get so aggravated with bicyclists lecturing about wearing helmets. Neither I nor anyone else I knew as a kid fell off our bikes on top of our heads. We skinned up a lot of other things though. The difference being that we had raised handlebars so we could look around at all the great things going on while we road around our neighborhoods. Then came the dullards who turned their handlebars down so they could go faster while looking at the cracks in the pavement. Thus putting their bodies in a position where momentum would send them on top of their heads when they hit something they didn’t see because they were so intent on keeping their heads down for speed!…………….

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