Sarah Palin should be very grateful to Michelle Bachman. In fact, if I were Palin, I’d be sending the Republican presidential hopeful bouquets of roses. Because if anyone can take the heat off Palin, it has to be this numbskull.

Earlier this week, during an appearance on the Today Show, Bachman claimed that the Gardasil HPV vaccine, which can prevent cervical cancer in women, was responsible for causing mental retardation in a young girl who received the vaccine.

Despite no proof of this supposed girl’s existence, even in the face of a $11,000 reward offered by two bioethicists, Bachman insisted the story was true, because a woman at a Tea Party gathering had told her so.

Well, hell, that’s all the evidence I would need before I went on national television and made a compete ass of myself with a statement like that!

The other night, I watched Jay Leno’s conversation with Bachman, and three times he asked her about the tale of the retarded girl, and if she regretted passing on the unsubstantiated story. Not once did Bachman give a direct response. Instead, she repeatedly said that the real problem was Texas Governor Rick Perry, who she said was trying to force girls to get the vaccination, because his political cronies stood to make a fortune off the drug.   

As I recall, this is the same person who once claimed that the movie The Lion King promoted homosexuality, and who said that the gay community is specifically targeting children.

Now don’t you all feel dumb for picking on Al Gore, when all he claimed to do was invent the internet?

I think Barack Obama is going to go down in history as one of the worst presidents the United States has ever seen. For a while there, I thought anyone would be a better choice for the Oval Office. That was until I started hearing about Michelle Bachman. This lady is a fruitcake!

Yeah, that’s just the kind of person we need in an office that controls much of the world’s fate. If she ever does get elected, I hope nobody ever says “Man, those Japanese are killing us in the auto industry,” because she might just nuke Tokyo off the map!

Hey Michelle, your village called, and they want their idiot to come home!    

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32 Comments on Sarah Should Be Grateful

  1. Harlan Sprig says:

    I started out thinking that Bachman be a viable candidate to unseat the current president, but she quickly disabused me of that idea. I don’t know how she ever managed to get as far as she has politically. I look at her, I look at Obama, I look at Palin, and a lot of the other possibilities, and I’m not sure who is dumber, them or the voters who elected them to their various offices!

    We desperately need new blood, but so far, I have yet to see anybody I could support.

  2. Molly Daniels says:

    You are so incredibly wrong about President Obama that it is pitiful. You obviously buy into all of the Fox News propaganda. I think history will actually show future generations this President is on a par with such great men as Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.

  3. Robert says:

    Your vision on Bachmann is clear Nick. She never ceases to amaze with her almost incoherent response lines to legitimate straightforward and relevant questions. I tend to align more with Molly however with regards to your opinion on Obama. While I’m not yet ready to go as far as she in placing him as high in ranking as Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln, he is one extraordinary and intelligent man with a good handle on the issues and an amazing composure and clarity in this current storm of worldwide calamity and the unprecedented blind obstruction and opposition by our Republican Congressional representatives compelled to see him fail even if it means the same fate for our beloved Country. She’s also correct that one can usually safely draw the link between opinions such as those you express here, and the shrewd propaganda, distortions and outright lies of the Rupert Murdock media empire, but I’ve come to have more respect for you than to lump yours in with those of the hypnotized masses. While I have my own list of disappointments during Obama’s tenure, mostly related to his insistence to continue to reach across the aisle in the futile attempt to work with those whose primary goal and apparent sole purpose is to see him fail, he has made some amazing achievements in spite of them.

  4. Sandy Stoltz says:

    Sorry Nick, I so totally agree with Robert and Molly’s comments. I couldn’t add much to Robert’s well-spoken comment; but “one of the worst President”, hmmmm I guess you are forgetting about Nixon?? Are kidding me? Or how about LBJ that got us knee deep into the Viet Nam war? Oh, don’t forget about Bush Jr. now, he got us into the Iraq war. The list goes on, I am certainly not an American history expert, but the “worst”???
    I am so proud as an American that I can listen to our current President who is intelligent versus those that can’t complete a sentence without a struggle.

  5. Hear, hear, Molly, Robert, and Sandy. Well said. ‘Nuf said.

  6. ron says:

    Obama is the worst president in history,worst yet I fear is the mentality of the average voter who put him there.

  7. Tracey says:

    I agree with you Nick. I think history will show that Obama’s presidency will have been a total failure. Not necessarily because of his shortcomings as that the divisions between us have only widened and deepened to the point of no return.

    I also agree that the Palin haters, right or wrong, have a whole new whipping girl that will take the focus off of her. Bachman is a total idiot.

  8. Dennis M says:

    I’m 100% with Molly, Robert, Sandy, and J.C.!

    Eric Cantor said his “job” for the next four years was to make Obama a one term President, at least I give him points for honesty. The Republicans are so consumed with hatred for the man that they do not care how much damage they do to the country – much the same way they were blinded by worship for G. W. and his disastrous actions. Truly a sad state of affairs and I am disappointed that you buy into the Faux News hokum.

  9. Andrew J says:

    Had to laugh when Molly said you follow Fox news. Last week someone called you a Liberal twit! They don’t get that you hate ’em all equally! Fox loves Bachman and you bashed her but that’s ok. But when you pick on Obama in the same blog, you are a Fox fanatic.

  10. Kathi says:

    Part of the problem is, the people who love Obama apparently don’t EVER watch the news. They have no idea the kind of things that he and his cohorts are doing. Even people who you’d think would be interested have no idea. When I try to engage my liberal friends in a conversation about the gunrunner scandal or the Solyndra thing, they have no idea what I’m talking about. As for his speeches sounding so intelligent, it is only when he is reading the words of others, left on his own it is all awes, and, and more awes. But do agree Bachman is a nut.

  11. Chris says:

    NIck, it worries me that there are so many folks out there that are blind to Obama’s agenda. Keep spending money we don’t have in a recession that is not turning around; make the masses more dependent on big government so we can all be like the Russians were in the 60’s with no jobs and bread lines a mile long. Don’t tax big business or the rich, only the struggling middle class. The end of his term can’t get here fast enough in my opinion. Comparing Obama to other Presidents? Surely he is in a class of his own. NO other president has put our country so in debt that it will take several generations of hard working Americans to pay it all back. Wake up people! Smell the horse doo.

  12. Marty says:

    If Eric Cantor and friends feel that his/their “job” is to make Obama a 1 term President, then Obama is doing his job correctly, as he was the one that was elected by most of the citizens of the U.S.

    When/how does Cantor & friends speak for me???

    HOWEVER, where is the “NONE OF THE ABOVE” button on the voting machine.

  13. Vegas Dave says:

    Thanks bad Nick….You have made my day. there’s nothing like a big chuckle to start the day on. Keep stiring that pot ..Your stew is fantastic!!!!

  14. I like the idea of None of the Above! Like some others, I disagree about President Obama being among the worst. Yes, his presidency will probable be a failure, but only because our congressional representatives aren’t representing the people, they are representing their inflexible party lines. If they were to began to look at what they are doing to us, and start to become statesmen instead of politicians, then we’d be better off!

  15. Bob Miller says:

    You realy got the Obama nuts out with this one Nick. Just goes to show Ron White was right you can’t fix stupid!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Dave B. says:

    I’ve heard that President Obama’s approval rating is down to something like 41%. Then they said that congress’s is something like 12%. It’s become obvious that the politicians don’t consider what the people of this country are saying. Sounds to me like they are all failing, not just the democrats but the republicans too! As far as this president being the worst, what kind of mess did he inherit? The country was well on it’s way to financial disaster when he stepped into the mess. Bush was no expert on the economy. He didn’t even realize we were in trouble until he was ready to leave office. I never vote for a party but rather vote for the best person. I think Obama has done an excellent job with what he has to work with. He will go down as a president who pulled us out of disaster after stepping into a real mess.

  17. david says:

    One of the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like there in any doubt?
    Name a worse one.

  18. My biggest problem with Bachman is that she’s almost as unqualified as Obama was. Like him, she has no significant executive experience. It would be like hiring the owner of a local Ford dealership to run Ford Motor Company. Yes, they may have a few good ideas but they would be totally out of their league with a learning curve that looks like Mt. Everest. I’ve been involved as part of a recruiting team in the hiring process for upper-level executives (VP’s in a fortune 500 company) and I can tell you this is a huge issue. We don’t need another “trainee” as President of the United States.

  19. Judy P. says:

    Yes, I completely agree, Bachman is a twit! I cannot believe she has a following. Also, I think it’s interesting that not one response today has mentioned the fact that our country no longer has to worry about Osama bin Ladin, and that happened under President Obama’s leadership. This fact is rarely mentioned by anyone these days. It’s almost as if it never happened. I think Obama is doing the best he can, given the fact that almost anything he tries to do is knocked down and never supported by any republican in this country.

  20. Suzanne Ashlock says:

    “Part of the problem is, the people who love Obama apparently don’t EVER watch the news.”

    Be careful when you make statements like this. I not only watch the news on TV from several different sources, I also read it from several different newspapers. I’ve even been known to watch Fox News just to make sure that I am fair and balanced even if they are not. And I still believe in Obama!

  21. Rob Fox says:

    Naughty, pot stirring, Bad Nick. Nice non-partisan post to get both sides of the isle worked up.

    However, on this occasion, I thought that the assertion that Mr Obama will go down as the one of the worst presidents as a little lazy. Where are the supporting arguments for that assertion?

    As an outsider, and a citizen from another country, some might be tempted to say to me “it’s none of your damn business who our President is”. And I would fully agree that the free people of a sovereign nation should be the only elector for the highest office in the land. A land that is still the most powerful and successful nation in the World, democratic or otherwise.

    Now take a few steps in my shoes as that outsider and bear in mind that most of those outsiders are from much, much smaller countries. Don’t you think that there would be an enormous interest in the leader of the USA? The primary race is seen all over the World. How do you think the USA is considered given that these candidates are the “best” shot for a future leader of your a great nation?

    Well let me offer my “outsiders” opinion from the perspective of having lived amongst you for the last four years. My opinion comes more in the form of questions that I find myself asking.

    Are these candidates really the best that such a great nation can offer up as leaders?
    Who displays any sense rationality, critical thinking and intellect? – the very qualities that created this great nation.
    Why do they seem so anti science?
    Why do they so disrespect the office to which they aspire?
    Why do they display no humanity?
    Do they not understand that the World is watching?
    Where is the World statesman?
    Who is really pulling the political strings?

    From this “outsiders” perspective, there was not a single candidate that displayed the qualities that such a great nation deserves in a leader. Given the poor state of the economy and unemployment, the odds are well against any sitting President. That will lead to one of the second rate candidates becoming your leader, your President and Commander in Chief. The final nail will be hammered into the coffin of representative democracy.

    Goodbye science and education. Goodbye civil liberties. Good bye “The American Dream”.

  22. Jack Mayer says:

    I watch Fox, CNBC and CNN. You can;’t get much more spread than that. At least IMO. I think that Fox actually does provide a pretty “fair and balanced” perspective on the NEWS shows. On the opinion shows not so much – but you would not expect Hannity to do that. O’Reiley is fairly balanced, though.

    As far as Obama being the worst president ever? Maybe. Time will tell. I do know that the congress we have is probably the worst Congress ever. Both parties. I vote for people of both parties, depending on their merits. But there sure is not much merit floating around these days.

    The debt issue is going to ruin this country – and most off the western world. That needs some serious focus. From both parties.

  23. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Nasty Nick,
    You said a mouthful!! After reading all of the above comments I
    tend to agree with Mac & Rob..There are NO meaningful candidates
    and haven’t been for a long time, because of the lack of RESPECT
    OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FOR EACH OTHER!!! It has gotten to the place where after Viet Nam nobody has any respect for anything,
    unless it furthers their pocket-book.. MONEY DOESN’T BUY RESPECT
    OR INTEGRITY!!!! One man who was going to run and had solid
    ideas on how to solve the problems had his children THREATENED
    WITH DEATH IF HE DID!!! Why don’t we get good candidates???

  24. Linda Sand says:

    No, we do not want her to come home! I almost missed a medical appointment because she invited Bush to come visit and they shut down the freeways two hours before he was due. Have you ever had to do a u-turn and drive back up a freeway entrance ramp?! If they had to close it, why didn’t they do it at the top instead of at the bottom? Government by Michelle; no thanks.

  25. Alex says:

    If you think “Barack Obama is going to go down in history as one of the worst presidents the United States has ever seen” then your knowledge of history and especially politics is pathetic.

  26. Bill Joyce says:

    It is sad that someone like Huntsman is getting discounted since he won’t make stupid pledges and he is not radical enough. Michelle Bachman makes for entertaining TV so she gets lots of coverage.

  27. Bill Daines says:

    Good one Nick, I believe a sign of a good journalist is his or her ability to get people to listen, read and then comment. Right or wrong, it is apparent our elected officials in Washington couldnt agree whether its partly sunny or partly cloudy. It is time for them to do what is right for our country and get off the Democratic V. Republican or Republican V. Democratic bullying we see in their daily bickering back and forth. Thus start acting like educated adults and not children!
    Bill :)

  28. Ron Butler says:

    Sorry Nick, your way off base with calling Obama the “worst President.” You have a very short memory about the previous 8 years!! Do you truly believe that the current President created the current debit? If so, your knowledge of events from the previous 8 years is lacking. Remember, 2 UNFUNDED wars, money borrowed from China WITH tax reductions – which they themselves said should be left to run out as they would adversely affect the defiect – unprecedented violations of not only American law, but international law in rationalizing torture, the shedding of 10 million jobs, secret deals with oil companies and total lack of enforcing business regulations and the virtually collapse of our economic structure. THOSE are the bills that the Obama administration inherited and put back on the public books for us all to be aware of. Now, that’s an example of a candidate for being labeled “worst President”, not the one that has inherited those problems and not able to solve them all in 3 years! As pointed out, the oppositions main agenda is to make him fail- now that is a true love of your country!

    I thought John Huntsman was the only one that made sense among the other 7 dwarfs was when he explained the true cost of our oil.

    Do I support the President with how he has handled things? No, I’m as mad at him and the gutless Democrats as much as I view the Republicans and Tea Partiers with disdain!!

    HOWEVER, I FULLY agree with you that Michelle is a true nutcase!!

  29. Mark says:

    When she claims to have been in “all 57 states” then we’ll know that she is too stupid to be the president.

  30. Ruth Moyer says:

    Oh Bad Nick, I just love how you stir the pot and get everybody all atwitter! Folks just cannot accept that there is ever any middle ground. If you ain’t with us, then you are agin us!

  31. Allan says:

    While I respect the office of the president regardless of my feelings of the person in that office I can agree with you that Barack Obama is going down in history as one of the worst presidents the USA has ever seen. He may be an intelligent man but he is also very misdirected. Most of what he has done has been harmful to the country. It is a sad state of affairs when people can laud him as doing a good job in the office. I surely hope he does not do more damage to the country before he leaves office in 2012. He continues to try to increase spending and taxes.

  32. T & R Martin says:

    Dear William & Mary: Sorry to be late in reading these interesting comments, but perhaps our so-called leaders are being pulled on strings like puppets (George Soros comes to mind). By the way our current Prez (you know who, the one that can talk in ad-nauseum) is the one who said he has been in our 57 states w/one more to go & that was not counting Hawaii & Alaska???!!! I think you may still see him on youtube as it was approx. in 2008. So I guess we can say Michelle Bachman is just as brilliant or just as stupid as he, depending on your outlook. P.S. I did not hear Bachman say we had 57 states, but I might have missed that. Love to you both, “PEGGY.”

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