I still remember the day Barbara Bowers kissed me under the teeter-totters and changed my life forever. From that day forward, I was through shooting marbles at recess, I had discovered a much nicer activity!

Well, as fate would have it, Barbara and I were not destined to be together. I think it was only a week later that she fell in love with an older, more sophisticated man, and left me heartbroken. But what second grader can compete with a third grade boy who had a Superman lunch box? Love is a fickle thing.

Of course, these days pretty little Barbara would be punished severely for her transgressions. I don’t mean breaking my heart, I’m talking about that kiss. These days a simple kiss, or even a hug between school kids, seems to be forbidden.

A couple of weeks ago, a Brevard County, Florida middle school student received an in-school suspension when the school’s principal observed the 14 year old hug a girl in the hallway between classes. By all reports, it was a mutual hug, the boy did not touch the girl inappropriately, and she did not complain. Still, the school’s policy forbids hugs, to “protect students.” Protect them from what?

Now, a 12 year old Fort Myers girl has been investigated for a “sex crime” after a teacher saw her kiss a boy on the playground at Orange River Elementary School. The teacher reported the kiss to the assistant principal, who called the police and child welfare officials to report what she believed was a possible sex crime.

To their credit, the officers who responded decided that the brief kiss was not a crime and left it at that. But what the hell are we teaching our kids, anyway? Since when could either of these innocent, mutual acts, be considered a crime? When will we ever stop this kind of nonsense?

What’s next, arresting high school wrestlers for “groping” each other on the mat? Charging cheerleaders with indecent exposure if they show a little thigh when going through their maneuvers?

I’m more worried about school officials who see sex everywhere they look than a couple of kids expressing innocent affection. I’m more worried about a society that wants to teach young people that anything and anybody around them is a potential threat. A society that teaches them it is wrong to express affection. How can that be healthy?

I saw a couple of dogs doing what dogs do naturally the other day. Should we call in a SWAT team to arrest them?        

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25 Comments on What’s Next, Arresting Dogs?

  1. Alice Wentz says:

    Im not sure I disagree with this given that teen pregnancy and STDs are at all time highs. Somebody has to enforce some standards because it doesn’t look like kids are getting any at home.

  2. Greg White says:

    Wrestlers have already being charged with Sexual Battery for holds during matches.

    See here:

  3. joe says:

    Nick, I hope you didn’t film the act, you could be arrested for watching porn. And I kissed my wife in high school, I married her 17 years later.

  4. Francis Callahan says:

    After read several incidents like this in the papers I think the people teaching our kids have lost thier marbles seems like the more education some of them get tje less commonsence they have

  5. Julee says:

    Agree Nick…..Most teachers are coming from the bottom 5% of their graduating class now. In the 60s, they came from the top 5% of their classes. So, this type of ridiculous behavior is going to continue. And Alice, teen pregnancy has occurred since the beginning of mankind. Teaching kids not to to even touch will most likely lead to more sexual assaults – when the teenage boys’ testosterone gets the best of them from even being denied a simple hug or kiss. Its bad enough that these kids don’t remember how to have a conversation because they are in texting all day, but now to prevent basic human touching is bizarre.

  6. marty says:

    And welcome back to Florida, funding is being cut to our police and social services, but yet they have to respond to nonsense like this.

  7. Marnin says:

    Unfortunately in these times with all that our children are watching on TV and the movies imitation comes naturally. When this then carries out in school, kids feel it is appropriate to do this there. Especially in middle school and later on in high school, once you allow this to happen it just escalates since kids emulate others to “fit in” and it is not just one student but during passing time, it becomes a common occurrence. For some it does not stop there but escalates. I’m sure you have seen some of these teens in the shopping mall oblivious of others and “hugging”. Is this what you would want your child to see in a public school? Unfortunately the times requires a stricter policy. The notion that these are just children really no longer applies in this day and age. By the way I was an educator for 37 years and have seen how “children” have changed in from the time I first started and by the time I retired. Media has instilled in them knowledge that makes the age of innocence just about gone for so many of them.

  8. Bob says:

    Marnin didn’t have to tell us they were an “Educator” for 37 years. We can tell by the comment. The problem now days is that most teachers are not “Educators” but are “Indoctrinators”. The education system in this country is more interested in teaching PC and liberalism to our children then “Educating” them. And it all started about 40 years ago. The system is broke and needs to be abolished and returned to local control so we can restore some sanity and “Education” to the schools!!

  9. Connie Bradih says:

    And now a teacher of elementary children can not hug a child. Parents can’t discipline their child. Our society is politically correct cray. We are so afraid of child abuse, porn, etc., we are not using common sense. I taught biology for 22 years in college. Humans are by nature a social animal. We touch to show affection and kinship.

    What about Escapees hugs? What about hugging when you greet people? Are we lusting after each other?
    Give me a break. What has happened is that our society has over reacted to the few and it’s very few people who are a problem. And by the way there has always been that bad element in our society not just in modern times.

    What we need to do is separate the really inappropriate behaviors from the normal behaviors of people to share love, affection and touching. Again, where has COMMON SENSE gone in our society?

  10. Connie Bradih says:

    correction:”Our society is politically correct crazy.”

  11. Doug says:

    I agree with Connie! The problem is that the school teachers and administrators have a no tolerance policy which doesn’t allow them to use common sense. Think about the boy who was suspended for bringing a 2″ toy soldier to school and was suspended for bring a gun to school! Hugs and occasional kisses are the same thing. The teachers and administrators should put a stop to kids making out in the halls but not by suspending them. Use some common sense!

  12. Linda says:

    OMG…what if a minor had seen those dogs? It could damage their little ids forever!!!(sarcasm there) The political correctness and zero tolerance policies are just crazy and will surely be this country’s downfall in the end. Is teaching children to NOT show affection going to help them, or society, in the end?

  13. Jeanne Kastl says:

    WEll to me this is just crazy. I will tell you one schoo in Indianapolis as went to the lenghts to keep boys and girls separte by putting just boys in one class and girls in the other . They say that it has helped with there grades but isnt this a little to much . Its a natural thing for boys and girls to be attracted to one another. What is the world coming to too. and teaching sex ed in school I really think this should be left to the parents of said child.

  14. Barbara Bowers says:

    First, I was surprized to find out I had been kissing you, but since I have only been Barbara Bowers for 10 1/2 years, I guess it wasn’t me. 😀 I probably would be arrested if I grew up now–my “boyfriend” and I would kiss under his coat on the school bus every Friday. We were in second or third grade at the time.

    It is a crazy world in which we live. I feel sorry for this generation (or two) who have grown up without platonic touch. Humans need physical contact to survive. When children do not get appropriate touch (and this includes innocent hugs and kisses from peers), they often grow to be maladjusted adults. Many times, they may try to get contact in ways that are not appropriate, and often are dangerous.

    I worked as a child care director in a school district for many years. My heart broke to see children that you could tell were not getting affection and encouragement at home. However, I was often leery to put an arm around them, for fear of society’s reaction. Many of these same children would begin fights, just so they could have some physical contact.

  15. Vegas Dave says:

    don’t fell bad folks…We even have those whollyer than thou folks causing problems here in Vegas “SIN CITY USA”
    Ya All Come to the strip….We love your $$$$ We have it all for everyone right out in the open. And the largest percentage of per capita churches in the USA to go along with it !!!

  16. Al Hesselbart says:

    it is so crazy that my son, a local 6th grade teacher cannot allow his nieces and nephew access to his facebook page because they are students. in different schools but still students he has to communicate with them through their parents, his brother and sister. School district rule – he can be fired for communicationg with student relatives on line.

  17. Donya Oakes says:

    My daughter was asked to come see the school counselor about my 5 year old grandson. Another boy had fallen off a slide and skinned his hand and was crying. Rich hugged him and kissed his boo boo. They wanted her to know about his inappropriate behavior, and also to be aware of his “gender identity” and told her he may be gay, and gave her three phamplets about gay children and their special issues.

  18. Kathy Walker says:

    I saw a couple of dogs doing what dogs do naturally the other day. Should we call in a SWAT team to arrest them?

    No we should call animal control and get their dogs spayed and neutered, but that is another subject.

  19. Judy says:

    Bureaucratic insanity and a police state. I miss America.

  20. Bill Daines says:

    I learned in the beginning of my career that it was much to easy for the upper’s to punish all than take the bull by the horns and punish the one who should have been delt harsh punishment, if that makes any sense.
    Rules and regulations usually come as the result of complaints. Complaining results in some dumb decisions however not all are stupid. But what do you do? Ignore or act? Whatever position you hold, you are so easily replaced. School Board members are elected, they hear complaints, question the leaders of the School in question and bingo. No touching what so ever, no exceptions. Right or wrong, its not the Teachers who caused this but parents who complained in the first place! I’ve always said don’t be afraid to tell a complainer, he or she has no complaint and if they don’t like what I’ve said contact my superior. What a good career I had.

    Bad Nick you sure can stir things up. Bill D. :)

  21. Doug Phillips says:

    Too, too stupid. Donya, I’m surprised the school didn’t want your grandson to be tested for blood borne diseases after kissing the other kids boo boo.

  22. Candace says:

    An example of people who are more concerned about being PC (politically correct) than making an intelligent decision. Way too many citizens are not taking responsibility for (1) raising their children properly (by the Golden Rule) and (2) expecting government agencies to cover their lack …. now lumped into the phrase “entitlements”.

    I have no doubt Marnin the educator HAS seen quite a change in his 37 years. The changes I have seen in the past 30+ years is children who are spoiled brats, a lack of parents’ participation in PTA (do they even HAVE a PTA anymore ???) to government regulation over-stepping their bounds AND mostly entitlements to children that can’t even speak English. Yes, school is nothing like school anymore.

    How could anyone expect the children to REALLY get a decent education? No problem, as long as they play great sports, there will be a recruiter out there somewhere ….

  23. Paul Stough says:

    Our schools will not improve until once again our children become important to the continuation of our culture.

  24. Julee says:

    I have been leaning toward home schooling when my 3 year old is school age(not for religious reasons, but for educational quality reasons. This post was the last straw, I would never expose my daughter to these types of small minded people who think hugging is wrong and boys shouldn’t touch each other or they might be gay. I am definitely not going to send any child of mine to public schools!

  25. Allan says:

    My teachers had rules to follow but were allowed flexiblity so that they could use common sense when correcting students. They could determine the difference between appropiate and inappropriate behavior and could act on there decisions. The rules have become stricter in some areas and more lax in other areas. Unfortunately political correctness takes priority to common sense. A persons intelligence has nothing to do with common sense. I believe national politics should not control education. School administrators can not do what is best for the students and also follow federal regulations.

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